Obituaries of Whatcom County, WA

If you have an obituary that pertains to a resident of Whatcom County and would like to have it posted on this website, please e-mail Susan . Some of these obituaries have been posted on the Rootsweb Whatcom County Board.

     Whatcom County Cemetery Records and Every Name Index on CD


A   Ba    Be-Bi   Bj-Bo  Br-By Ca-Cl   Co-Cy Da-De  Di-Dy E
F Ga-Gi   Gl-Gw Ha    He-Hy I J
Ka-Ki   Kl-Kw La-Le   Li-Ly Ma   Mc
Pa-Ph   Pi-Py   Q Ra-Rh   Ri-Ry Sa-Sc   Se-Sj 
Sk-Sp   St-Sz
U V Wa-Wh  Wi-Wy Y Z

Some Funeral Notices from the Whatcom Genealogical Society Collection.
The date range here is 1945 - 1980 with a few exceptions.

Aa - Ada

Adc-Ales Alex - Allyn     Alm - Andersen A-H  Anderson     I-Z  Anderson

Andr - Ant

Ap-Ar As At-Az
Ba-Baj Bak-Ban Bar Bas-Bay Be-Beg Beh-Bel Ben Ber-Bh Bi -Bl
Boa-Boo Bor-Boz Bra Bre-Bri Bro-Brou Brown-Broz Bru-Bs Bua-Buo
Bur Bus-Buz By
Ca-Cal Cam-Cap Car-Carl Carm-Cary Cas-Caz Ce Cha-Chap Char-Chay Che_Cho
Chr Chu-Ci Cla Clark Clarke-Clem Clen-Cly Co-Cole Coleman-Coly Combee-Conn
D Misc E Misc Flint-Flynn Fob-For Fos-Fox
G Misc H Misc J Misc
Ka Kea-Kem


Ki-Kit Kiv-Kn Ko-Kor Kos-Kr Ku-Ky L Misc M Misc
Na-Nelms Nelson Nem-Ney Nib-Nix No-Ny Oa-Ok Ola-Olo Ols-Olu Om-Or Os-Oz
P Misc R Misc S Misc T Misc U Misc V Misc W Misc Z Misc

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