The fence around a cemetery is odd, for those inside can't come out and those outside don't want to get in!

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         All of our Obituary listings are a work in progress...

         The majority of these obituaries were contributed by MARGE WOMACH <>

         If you have any corrections/additions for any of these files her wishes are that you would please email her.                      

         If you have a family obituary you would like to add please let us know....The Lincoln County Co-Ordinator

         Note! Our obituaries contributor's information and email addresses at bottom of page.



       Almira Cemetery Obituaries, Almira, Washington*  


              Obits A- G   Obits H-L   Obits M-S   Obits T- Z  


      Bohemian Cemetery Obituaries,  Odessa, Washington* 



      Calculating Birthdates with only death dates   



      County Burials of Unknowns*  



      County Pioneer Obituaries  Page 1    Page 2  


         County Miscellaneous Obituaries 1887 through 1907*    

              Obits 1887- 1893   Obits 1894 - 1896   Obits 1897  - 1899   Obits 1900 - 1901 

              Obits 1902     Obits 1903    Obits 1904     Obits 1905    Obits 1906    Obits 1907


    County Miscellaneous Obituaries 1908 through present...File 1 * 

              Obits A        Obits B       Obits C      Obits D-E    Obits F-G   Obits H 

              Obits I-K     Obits L       Obits M     Obits N-Q    Obits R       Obits S  

              Obits T-U    Obits V-W  


              County Miscellaneous Obituaries 1908 through present... File 2 *

              Obits A-B     Obits C      Obits D-F    Obits G-H    Obits I-K    Obits L   

              Obits M     Obits N-Q    Obits R    Obits S    Obits T-Z


              County Miscellaneous Obituaries 1908 through present... File 3*  

              Obits A-B   Obits C-D   Obits E-G  Obits H   Obits I-J  Obits K   Obits L

              Obits M   Obits N-P   Obits Q-R   Obits S   Obits T-V   Obits W-Z 


                County Miscellaneous Obituaries 1908 through present... File 4* 

              County Miscellaneous Obituaries 1908 through present...File 5*  

              County Miscellaneous Obituaries 1908 through present...File 6 *  

              County Miscellaneous Obituaries 1908 through present...File 7* 

              County Miscellaneous Obituaries 1908 through present...File 8* 

              County Miscellaneous Obituaries 1908 through present...File 9*   

              County Miscellaneous Obituaries 1908 through present...File 10*   A-L   M-Z   

              County Miscellaneous Obituaries 1908 through present...File 11* 

              County Miscellaneous Obituaries 1908 through present...File 12*   

              County Miscellaneous Obituaries 1908 through present...File 13*  

              County Miscellaneous Obituaries 1908 through present...File 14* 


              County Miscellaneous Obituaries 1920 thru 1960*  

              County Miscellaneous Obituaries 1960s*           


         County Poor Farm Cemetery Obituaries* 


        Creston Cemetery Obituaries, Creston, Washington * 

               Obits A   Obits B   Obits C   Obits D-E   Obits F   Obits G   Obits H   Obits I-K

               Obits L   Obits M   Obits N-O   Obits P   Obits R   Obits S   Obits T-V  

               Obits W-Z

      County Line Cemetery Obituaries of Immanuel German Congregational Church                

      Davenport Catholic Cemetery Obituaries, Davenport, Washington*

             Obits A-L   Obits M-Z      


      Edwall Catholic Cemetery Obituaries, Edwall, Washington *            


        Edwall Area Obituaries, Edwall, Washington *  

               Obits  A-C    Obits D-H    Obits I-L    Obits M-R    Obits S-Z


      Edwall Cemetery Obituaries, Edwall, Washington*    

              Obits A-B   Obits C-F   Obits G-I    Obits J-L   Obits M   Obits N-R   Obits S-T     

              Obits U-Z 


      Egypt/ Reinbold Cemetery Obituaries, Egypt, Washington*

              Cemetery listings     A-P    Reinbold A-Ja    Reinbold Jo- W     Reinbold items


      Frans Cemetery Obituaries, Egypt, Washington*    Obits A-F   Obits G-Z


      Freedensfeld/Quast Cemetery Obituaries, Odessa, Washington   



        HAASE-DELTZER Cemetery Obituaries, Odessa, Washington*     



      Hillcrest Cemetery Obituaries, Harrington, Washington*: 

               Hillcrest Cemetery 1879-1898 Introduction & History        

               Obits A        Obits-BA-BO     Obits BR-BU     Obits C    Obits D    Obits E-F    

               Obits G        Obits H     Obits I-J    Obits K    Obits L     Obits M   Obits N

               Obits O-Q    Obits  R    Obits S       Obits T    Obits U-V  Obits W    Obits Y-Z


       Homestead Burials in Lincoln County, Washington  


       LaFollette Cemetery Obituaries, Almira, Washington


       Lakeview Cemetery Obituaries, Sprague, Washington*  

             Lakeview Block Ownerships    Obits A-E     Obits F-L    Obits M-N  

                                                                   Obits P-R     Obits S-Z

       Lentz Cemetery Obituaries, Odessa, Washington  


        Lamona/Lamona Lutheran Cemetery Obituaries, Lamona,Washington*


       Maccabee Cemetery Obituaries, Sprague, Washington*

               Obits A     Obits Ba-Bi   Obits BL-Bu    Obits C   Obits D    Obits E-F    Obits G     

               Obits H-I   Obits J    Obits K    Obits L  Obits Ma-Mc    Obits Me-My   

               Obits N-O  Obits P-Q    Obits  R   Obits Sa-SL   Obits Sm-Sw  Obits  T-V  

               Obits W-Z   Owners, Deeds & Lots   


      McMillen Cemetery Obituaries, Earl Dist., Washington*  


       Miscellaneous Obituaries: Nearby Counties   


       Mountain View Cemetery, Davenport, Washington*    

               Obits Aa-AL   Obits An-Az   Obits Ba   Obits Be   Obits Bi-BL   Obits Bo 

               Obits Br   Obits Bu  Obits Ca   Obits Ch-CL   Obits Co-Cz   Obits Da-De 

               Obits Di-Dz   Obits E   Obits F  Obits G   Obits Gr-Gz   Obits Ha-Han 

               Obits Har-Hay   Obits He   Obits Hi   Obits Hol-Hoo   Obits Hor-How

               Obits Hu  Obits I   Obits Ja   Obits Je  Obits Jo    Obits Ka   Obits Ki  

               Obits Kl-Kn   Obits Kr-Kz   Obits La   Obits Le   Obits Li   Obits Lo  

               Obits Lu-Lz   Obits Ma   Obits Mc   Obits Me-Mi  Obits Mo   Obits Mu-Mz    

               Obits N   Obits Oa-Oe   Obits Ol-Oz   Obits Pa   Obits Pe-Q  Obits Ra  

               Obits Re   Obits Rh-Ri   Obits Rob-Roe   Obits Rog   Obits Rol   Obits Ru-Rz  

               Obits Sa   Obits Sc   Obits Se-SL   Obits Sm-Sp   Obits St-Sz   Obits Ta-Th    

               Obits Ti  Obits To-U   Obits V   Obits Wa   Obits We   Obits Wh   Obits Wi    

               Obits Wo-Wz   Obits Y-Z


        Odessa North Baptist Cemetery/ Schiewe/Mayer/ Obituaries, Odessa, WA


       Odessa City Cemetery Obituaries, Odessa, Washington*      

             Special thanks from Marge Womach to the families of the Janke, Heimbigner and Lobe relations and

                 the Odessa Museum for assisting in clarifying names and adding obituaries, and to Rich for clarifying   


                Obits A    Obits Ba-Be   Obits Bi-By   Obits C   Obits Da-Der   Obits Det-Dz    

                Obits E   Obits Fa-Flo   Obits Fo-Fz  Obits Ga-Ge   Obits Gi   Obits Go-Gra 

                Obits Gre-Gz  Obits Ha-Ham   Obits Han-Heh  Obits Heim   Obits Hein-Hi    

                Obits Ho-Hy   Obits I  Obits J    Obits Ka-Kinz    OBits Kir-Kl   Obits Kn-Kr       

                Obits Ku   Obits La-Lay    Obits Le    Obits Li-Lo   Obits Lu-Ly   Obits Ma-Me    

                Obits Mi-My  Obits N-O   Obits  P-Q   Obits Ra-Rh   Obits Ri-Ru  Obits Schaf    

                   Obits Schau-Sche   Obits Schi-Schl   Obits Schm-Schn Obits Schoo-Schor  

                Obits Schot-Scrup   Obits Se-Sm   Obits Sn-Ste    Obits Sto-Sz   Obits T-V   

                Obits Wa-Wai    Obits Wal-War  Obits Web   Obits Wei-Wer

                Obits Wh-Wi   OBits Wo-Wr  Obits X-Y   Obits Za-Ze   Obits Zi-Zo


           Odessa Vicinity,  unspecified burial locations, Odessa, Washington*

                Odessa Vicinity File 1:  Obits A   Obits B   Obits C-D   Obits E-F   Obits G  

                                                       Obits Ha-He   Obits Hi-Hy  Obits I-J   Obits K   Obits L 

                                                       Obits M  Obits N-O  Obits P-Q  Obits R   Obits Sa-Schu 

                                                       Obits Schw-Sy  Obits  T-V   Obits W-Z

              Odessa Vicinity File 2:  Obits A-C   Obits D-I   Obits J-L   Obits M-R 

                                                       Obits  S-V  Obits W-Z

              Odessa Vicinity File 3:   Obits A-L  Obits  M-Z

              Odessa Vicinity File 4:  Obits A-G   Obits H-K   Obits L-P   Obits Q-Z

              Odessa Vicinity File 5    Odessa Vicinity File 6    Odessa Vicinity File 7 

              Odessa Vicinity File 8    Odessa Vicinity File 9    Odessa Vicinity File 10 

              Odessa Vicinity File 11   Odessa Vicinity File 12   Odessa Vicinity File 13  

              Odessa Vicinity File 14   Odessa Vicinity File 15   Odessa Vicinity File 16

              Odessa Vicinity File 17   Odessa Vicinity File 18   Odessa Vicinity File 19 

              Odessa Vicinity File 20  Odessa Vicinity File 21   Odessa Vicinity File 22 

              Odessa Vicinity File 23                                                                                                              


           Old Odessa Catholic Cemetery Obituaries, Odessa, Washington*:   

                  Catholic Cemetery Introduction   Obits A-J    Obits K-Z


         Old Tombstones, Miscellaneous  


         Peach Cemetery Obituaries, Lincoln, Washington*  


         Pleasant Valley Cemetery Obituaries, Edwall, Washington*   


         Pleasant View Cemetery Obituaries, Mondovi, Washington* 

                 Obits A   Obits B   Obits C   Obits D-E   Obits F-G   Obits H   Obits J-K  

                 Obits L   Obits M   Obits O-P   Obits R   Obits S   Obits T-W   Obits Z


         Reardan Cemetery and Obituaries, Reardan, Washington ~~

                Obits A-B     Obits C-F    Obits G-L   Obits  M-R    Obits S-T   Obits U-Z


         Rockdale Cemetery Obituaries, Reardan, Washington* 


         Sassin Cemetery Obituaries, Lincoln County, Washington*    


         Sherman Cemetery Obituaries, Lincoln County, Washington*  


         Sprague Obituaries Burial Elsewhere*  Obits A-D     Obits E-K  

                                                                                        Obits L-N    Obits O-Z

         Sprague Catholic Cemetery Obituaries, Sprague, Washington*  


                Obits  A-B    Obits  C   Obits  D-F    Obits  G-H  Obits  I-K   Obits  L-M

                Obits  N-S    Obits  T-Z

       "Sprague Advocate" Obituaries, Sprague, Washington    Page 1     Page 2

             "Sprague Times" Obituaries, Sprague, Washington


       Spring Canyon Obituaries, Grand Coulee, Washington


        Spokane County Deaths 1889 


        Spring Creek Cemetery, Reardan, Washington *  

               Obits A-B    Obits C    Obits D    Obits E-G   Obits H 

               Obits J-L     Obits M-P   Obits R-S   Obits T  Obits U-Z


       St. Francis Cemetery, Harrington, Washington*  

              Obits A-F    Obits G-L    Obits M-P    Obits R    Obits S    Obits T-Z    


       Swedish Lutheran Church Obituaries, Lincoln Co, Washington*   



        Wheatridge (Fairview) Cemetery Obituaries, Fairview, Washington * 



        Wilbur Cemetery Obituaries, Wilbur, Washington#  by Darryl Bahr 

                Obits A- G   Obits H-L   Obits M-R   Obits S-Z


       Wilbur Cemetery Obituaries, Wilbur, Washington* by Marge Womach   

              Obits A   Obits B  Obits C-D   Obits E-F  Obits G  Obits H  Obits J    Obits K    

              Obits L   Obits  M    Obits N-Q   Obits R   Obits S   Obits T-V   Obits W-Z

        Zion German Methodist Cemetery Obituaries, Rocklyn, Washington *   

               Obits A-B  Obits C-G  Obits H   Obits Ka-   Obits Kr-L   Obits Ma 

                Obits Mi    Obits N-Z

       Zion -Rocklyn German Methodist Affiliates Obituaries, Rocklyn, Washington *    

              Obits A-C    Obits D-J   Obits K    Obits L-P   Obits R-W




* These Cemetery Obituaries files were submitted by Marge Womach <>.

 If you have any additions or corrections to these files, please contact her or me, Rella Gleaton <>


~~ Thank you to Sandra Brommer for submitting the Reardan Cemetery & Obituaries <>


#Thank you to Darryl Bahr for submitting the Wilbur Cemetery Obituaries.


Thank you to Barbara Curtis for her many Sprague, Lincoln County Obituaries, <>

Thank you....

William Ifft, publisher of the Davenport Times,  kindly consented to the posting of obituaries, biographies and historic items from the Davenport Times.  We heartily thank him for his contribution and support of this project. The Davenport Times over the course of time had purchased the Davenport Tribune, Davenport Times-Tribune, Harrington Citizen and Lincoln County Times, all papers now considered dissolved.


Thank you.....

Don Walter, owner of the Odessa Record, graciously consented to our use of obituaries found in the Odessa Record.  The paper continues to be published weekly, always carries the 25 yrs ago, 50 yrs ago and 100 yrs ago columns, as well as an historic item "This Week in History".  Many of these are a specific news item  which focused on a fire, business, new highway, flood, school, or other special item he had from his files. We regret that Don has passed away recently.

Thank you.....

Frank Stedman, Publisher of the Wilbur Register , generously granted permission to use any biographies, obituaries and historic news items from his newspaper.  We say a big thank you for his support!





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