Rockdale Cemetery & Obituaries


Location: contains 5 acres in center of Sec 22 Twp 23 N Range 39

16 miles south of Reardan; plat map filed 3 Oct 1895

Established and deeded: 1891 from D. K. McDonald to trustees of ME Church:

J .J. Brown, A. W. Holland, J. W. Crew, Geo H. Dundan, J. B. Robinson, filed March 31, 1891; $5;

“revert back to grantor if not used for burial and  church purposes” clause (ME Church)

Bold type below signifies tombstone data as viewed Oct 1999.

 *  signifies death certificate    + signifies obit on file  

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-Ableman, Christina                                 1855-1894 *  38 yrs (d. Jan/June? 20, 1894)

Ableman, infant                                         family report, buried w/Christina

Ableman, Amanda                                    Jan 8, 1828-Jan 11, 1908 & footstone

-Ableman, Lillian L.                                 Oct 16, 1859-Dec 15, 1891 * Gillione, 32 yrs

Collier, Norman  s/o E. A. & Mary        Mar 4, 1903-Feb 2, 1904

-Depew, Isaac            +                               d. 12 Oct 1894 age 76 yr 9 mo (no visible stone)

-Grimes, Bertha E .                                    d. Apr 13, 1894; 16 yr 7 m 23 dys

______, ______                                        (empty base  near Grimes’ stone)

-Keaton, J. E.                                               Co B 51st  Illinois Inf. Civil War

(Kelly, E. J. – owner in Blk 42)

Logan, Nelson Delbert                             Mar 21, 1901-Oct 20, 1903 s/o D. B. & M.

-Logan, Harriet                                          1844-1900 * (d. Jan 16, 1900, 56 yrs) +

                                                                     “w/o John H. Logan”

Logan, Josephine                                      (wooden marker, pre-1900) daughter of Harriet

-Logan, George*                                        (wooden marker, data gone) d. 1890; s/o Harriet

Logan, Carrie                                               (wooden marker, data gone) daughter of Harriet

(assume Logan)                                          (Large empty base, no stone, near Harriet)

-Mack, Mrs. Jennie                                     (March 23, 1856-June 25, 1902) + d/o J. B. Robinson

-Misner, Christopher                                 (burial, possible removal; no stone)

-Oakely, Hannah (added)                           d. Apr 13, 1896

-Oakely, John (added)                                d. Jun 18, 1902

Oakely, Louise E.                                      Jan 26, 1882-Oct 27, 1896

-Oakely, Leo                                                (reportedly here, no visible stone)

Peterson, Anna Krestina                         Sept 14, 1889-June 9, 1904

Rew, Evaline C.                                           1857-1919

-Rew, John C.              +                              Nov 18, 1852-Feb 20, 1914

Rew, Homer                                                 (1913-1928; per local report)

-Robinson, Sarah (added)                          d. Apr 24, 1895

-Scott, Job Winfield            +                    (d. Aug 1889; age 5 mos)

Sistling, infant                                             (reported by Lartigues: no name, no dates, no stone)

Storke, J. Oscar                                        Oct 7, 1897-June 24, 1898 “8 mo 17 dys”  

Vest, Charles (added)                                  d. Jul 16, 1900

-Wood, Hattie                                               d. ca 1890  d/o O. G. & Peninah Wood

-Wood, O. G.                      +                        Jun 01, 1830-Nov 03, 1891

-Younie, George                                          Nov 19, 1844-Mar 5, 1902; 58 yrs; “father”

-Younie, Florence C.                                 Jan 7, 1858-July 27, 1903; aged 45; “mother”

                                                                       (George & Florence have a shared stone)

Younie, George (Jr.)                                    Nov 19, 1883-Aug 15, 1977 (metal marker)

                                                                        Pvt Co M 14th Regt US Inf  (cremated)

                                                                        (tombstone ready to place, viewed in garage)




Obituaries & Death Certificates


Ableman, Christina:  Lincoln Co Auditor’s office has a death certificate for Christina Ableman, died Jan 20, 1894, age 38 years, died at Rockdale. Christina appears on the 1892 Census: Leroy Ableman, 42, WI; Christina, 36, WI; Stella, 17, WI; Clara, 15, WI; Wesley, 11, WI; Lee, 8, WI; Louis, 6, WI; and Loyd, 2, WI.  LeRoy received a patent from the Bureau of Land Management  on Nov 16, 1898 for 80 acres in the E ½ of NE ¼ of Sec 10 Twp 23 Range 39.

Ableman, Lillian L.:  Lincoln Co Auditor’s office has a death certificate for Gillione Ableman, died Dec 14, 1891, age 32 years, died at Rockdale. (Edit: This is assumed to be the death certificate of “Lillian L. Ableman” whose tombstone shows birth as Oct 16, 1859 and death as Dec 15, 1891.  Lillian appeared on the 1887 Lincoln Co census: Wm Ableman, 25, WI; Lilly, 27, WI; Guy, 9, IA; Maud, 7, WI; Madge, 2, IA; and Amanda, 55, Canada. In 1892 this family was shown on the Lincoln Co census as Amanda Ableman, 63, NY; William, 33, WI; Guy, 15, IA; Maude, 12, WI; Madge, 8, IA; and Gilbert, 4, WA. Amanda M. Ableman received a patent on Jan 21, 1893 for 160 acres within Sec 2 Twp 23 Range 39. Wm L. Ableman also had received a patent for 160 fractional acres in 2-23-39 on Nov 23, 1891.

Depew, Mr. Isaac: “Mr .Isaac Depew died at his home near Edwall in Lincoln County, WA, on Oct 12, 1894, aged 76 years 9 months. Mr. Depew was born in New York State, and has been a resident of Lincoln County for the last 12 years, he having made his home with his daughter and her husband, Mr. John Logan and wife. The deceased has been in poor health for some time, being badly afflicted with asthma and dropsy. He was buried the 13th at Rockdale Cemetery.”  (LCT-26 Oct 1894)

Grimes, Bertha: Her tombstone reveals that she was born about 1877, died April 13, 1894, aged 16 yr 7 mos 23 days. She is found on both the 1887 and 1892 Lincoln Co Census: (1892) George G Grimes, 46, OH; Tunia, 43, IL; Bertha, 14, WA; Frank, 13, OR; Charles, 10, OR; and George Jr., 7, WA. The family structure was the same in 1887. In 1900, Geo G. Grimes and wife were found in the town of Davenport, where he was the County Assessor: Geo G., 54, OH, marr 23 yrs; Tunia, 51, IL, 4 children/3 living. George received two patents from the Bureau of Land Management of 160 acres each: on 2-19-1891, in SW 1/4 of Sec 8 Twp 23 R 39; and on 12-07-1899, in NE ¼ of Sec 8 Twp 23 R 39. 

Keaton, J. E. :  The tombstone for J. E. Keaton was a military one with meager information, Co B 51st Illinois Inf. Civil War. The Bureau of Land Management shows a patent of 160 acres in NW ¼ of Sec 8 Twp 22 Range 39, issued on March 12, 1890 to Joshua E. Keaton. It is assumed that the tombstone represents this person. The Lincoln County 1887 census shows J. E. Keaton’s family as:  J. E., 49, OH; Rosanna, 44, MO;  Minnie, 18, MO;  Jas B., 11, MO; Albert, 8, MO; Arthur, 5, IA; and Susan, 3, IA. In 1892 the family consisted of Rosanna, 53; James, Albert, Arthur and Susan. (No search was made for Minnie.)

*Logan, George W.: Three gravesites near Harriet Logan were marked with a wooden markers, the data no longer legible; and another grave near by is marked with a base, the tombstone of which was not located. (Probate Lincoln Co #131; filed 29 Sept 1890; died 23 Sept 1890 in Lincoln Co.) George W. Logan was born in Illinois about 1851, per census data, and was shown with wife Frances, son G.. D., daughter, Minnie B., and son Ben W. on the 1887 census.

Logan surname: The Lincoln Co 1885 census shows all the Logan names together on the census: George B., 24, IA; Mary, 23, CA; Jno. H., 45, OH; H., fem., 39, OH; Q. R., fem, 23, IA; T. E., male, 19, I. A.; L .M., fem, 14, I. A.; D., male, 8, N. E.; N., fem, 6, N. E.; D., fem, 2, WA Terr; G. W., male, 36, IL; T. M., fem, 29, IL, G., male, 3, N.E.; M. B., fem, 2, WA Terr. This listing is followed by Isaac Depew, age 63, b. NY.  In 1887, the families are separate. John and Harriet then have the following listings: Otis, Fred, Dill, Nettie, Dora and Carrie O. George B. and wife, Mary, are shown as 25 & 27. George W. and family are shown: Geo W., 38, IL; Frances, 33, IL; G. D., male, 6, NE; Minnie B, 4, WA Terr; and Ben W., less than a yr, WA Terr.  For the 1892 census, the only family of these that was found was Geo B., 29, IA; Mary A., 29, CA; and Otis R., 27, IA. Other Logans, surnames with births shown as WI, were on the 1892 census.

Logan, Mrs. Harriet: “Harriet Logan, wife of John Logan, was born in Ohio and died at her home near Edwall, WA, on Jan 16, 1900. She suffered with dropsy for some years, which finally caused heart failure and death. Mother Logan was a good Christian lady, and bore her pain and sorrow patiently and with a will resigned to God. She was a good wife and a loving mother, and also well spoken of by all who knew her. A husband, 4 sons and 2 daughters mourn her departure. One son and two daughters preceded her in death. She reached the age of 65 years, 5 months and 2 days. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev Geo Koch of Edwall, in the presence of the relatives and a large gathering of friends from far and near. Interment was made in the Rockdale Cemetery, where three of her children are buried.”  (Death certificate is on file in Lincoln Co Auditor’s office, age shown as 56 years.)  Probate file #160 for Harriet Logan was filed in 1900.

Logan, child of Mr. Logan:  “A child of Mr. Logan died on last Monday, and was buried in our new cemetery, it being the second burial in it. Mr. McDonald should, and doubtless does, receive the thanks of the people for the gift of so beautiful a lot for the cemetery.” (Thursday, May 23, 1889-Sprague Herald) (The deed to the Rockdale Cemetery was not recorded until March 1891, and was deeded by D. K. McDonald to the trustees of the ME Church.) Three children of Harriet were reportedly buried with wooden markers, Josephine, George and Carrie.

Mack, Mrs. Jennie: “Mrs. Jennie Mack died at her home near Cheney, June 25, 1902. She was buried at the Rockdale Cemetery, the funeral being held at the home of her father, Mr. J.  B.  Robinson. Mrs. Mack was born in Henry County, Iowa, March 23, 1856, removed to Case Co, Iowa in 1876, thence to Washington in 1883. She united with the Methodist Church at the age of 14. She leaves a husband and four children to mourn her loss.” (LCT-July 4, 1902)

Misner, Christopher:  “Mr. C. Misner, of the firm of Misner & Holland, this city, died at his residence about ten miles from Sprague Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Misner had been suffering from heart trouble for the past two years, but had been able to be around the most of the time up to about a couple weeks ago. Deceased was about 58 years of age and had been a resident of Washington Territory for over twelve years. He was a man of strong religious impulses and has always been an active worker in God’s vineyard. The funeral services will be held today at 10 o’clock from the late residence of deceased, Rev W. T. Koontz officiating, and the remains will be interred in the cemetery of his neighborhood.” (Sprague Herald of 4-11-1889) (Edit: “Sprague-Lamont-Edwall, 1881-1981” contains family information, see page 812 of that text, where his burial is reported to have occurred in Spokane. No research was done to confirm that allegation.)  Lincoln Co Probate file #135 for C. Misner was filed in 1890.

*Oakley, Hannah:  Lincoln County Auditor’s office has the death certificate for Hannah Oakley, died April 13, 1896, age 64, at Davenport. This data is included herein without research regarding burial. Lincoln County Probate file #298 for Hannah Oakley was filed in 1896. Oakley, Mrs. John:  “Mrs. John Oakley, one of the first settlers of northern Lincoln County, passed away at her home in Davenport at 10 o’clock Monday forenoon, after a short illness of a few days. She was taken sick with pneumonia last week, and although quite sick, her condition was not thought to be dangerous, and her sudden death was a surprise and a shock to many of her immediate friends. The funeral services were held in the ME church Tuesday at 2 PM, and were conducted by Rev. Eakin, quite a number from Larene and Egypt being present. Mr. & Mrs. Oakley came to the state of Washington in the fall of ’80 and located on a prairie farm in the Egypt country, being one of the very first settlers in that section. There they have resided continuously ever since, until a couple of years ago when they moved into Davenport. Deceased was well known among the early pioneers of the northern part of the county, and enjoyed the esteem and respect of all. She was always a most zealous church worker, and took an active part and was the leading spirit in the organization of the first ME church in the Egypt and Larene districts, and in her death the church loses one of its most active and devoted members. A husband and foster son and daughter survive to mourn her loss. Mrs. Hannah Oakley was born in Chemung County, NY, Feb 12, 1832. She was married to John Oakley Nov 24, 1852. She was born again over forty years ago, and died April 13, 1896….Only last year her husband, then over 62 years old was re-claimed, and only a few months ago her son Bert was converted…..Her funeral was attended by the writer in the ME church of Davenport of which she has long been a member. The sermon was preached from I Samuel 20:18.—W. B.  Eakin.” LCT- April 17, 1896 (Excerpt from Davenport School Sketches, “The attendance last Tuesday afternoon was diminished by one half, the scholars having attended the funeral of Mrs. Oakley.”) LCT- April 17, 1896

Oakley, John: “John Oakley, who located in the Egypt country 23 years ago and was one of the first to take up a homestead there, died in Medical Lake, June 18, and was buried in the cemetery near Davenport.” (July 4, 1902 obit) ….resided in Davenport the past 6 or 7 yrs. Funeral from ME Church. Born Tioga Co, NY in Feb 1830; married 1st wife 1852 and she died in Davenport 5 yrs ago (1897); had resided NY, MN, IA, CA, and to WA in June 1880. He married his 2nd wife in Sept 1897. She survives him, as do two foster children, one in CA and the other, H. E .Oakley, in Davenport. (June 27,  1902 obit) The Bureau of Land Management shows that John Oakley received a patent on Nov 23, 1891 for 160 acres in NW ¼ of Sec 32 T 27 R 37.

Oakley, Leonard:  Reportedly shared a stone with Louise, however, in rechecking the stone there is no Leo or Leonard on her tombstone. An article dated April 21, 1905 in the LCT reports an accident: “That Leonard Oakley, the 18 year old son of S. A. Oakley, of Waukon, met with a serious accident Friday morning while driving some horses. His saddle horse fell and broke his neck and cut a large gash in the boy’s head. He is now recovering.”

Rew, John Cooley:  “J. Rew, who has been a great sufferer for some time died Friday, Feb 20.  The flowers which were presented by the business men and friends of Tyler were beautiful. Mrs. Rew and family wish to thank the neighbors and friends who assisted them in this great hour of sorrow.  John Rew of Tyler, WA, died of cancer of the stomach on Feb 20, 1914. John Cooley Rew was born at Rippen, Wisconsin, Nov 18, 1852, died at Tyler, Feb 20, 1914. Brother Rew was married to Miss Evaline Cindona Selden, May 17, 1882. There were born to them seven children, five boys and two girls. The two girls died in early childhood. The remaining members of his family were present with his only living brother when he fell asleep. We laid him to rest in the Rockdale Cemetery to await the sounding of the trumpet of God at the last day, when those that sleep in Jesus will come forth to Eternal Life and Immortality. Words were spoken to a large gathering of friends and neighbors from Rev 14:14. Brother and sister Rew were held in high esteem by all, they being members of the Advent Christian church of Tyler, WA. No better words can be said of a brother or neighbor than ‘He sleeps wrapped in the mantle of his Faith.’  Eld. J. D. Norman, Pastor, Tyler, WA.” (Sprague Advocate of 2-27-14)

Robinson, Sarah: The Lincoln County Auditor’s office has the death certificate for Sarah Robinson, died April 24, 1895, age 64, died at Rockdale. (Edit: Burial may have occurred here or perhaps in Pleasant Valley Cemetery.) The 1892 Lincoln Co census shows: J. B. Robinson, 64, PA; Sarah, 61, MD; Clara, 21, IA; Nellie, 19, IA; Fannie, 17, IA; and J. B., male, 29, IA. In 1887 their family was larger: J. B., 59, PA; Sarah, 56, MD; Jennie, 25, IA; Emma, 21, IA; Luella, 19, IA; Clara, 16, IA; Nellie, 14, IA; and Fannie, 12, IA.  (Jennie Robinson listed on this 1887 census became Mrs. Jennie Mack, also reportedly buried here.)

Scott, Job Winfiele:  “Last week, Mr. A. M and Mrs. Martha Scott of Rockdale were called upon to mourn the death of their little son, Job Winfield, aged five months. The remains were buried in the Rockdale Cemetery, Rev W. T. Koontz of this city officiating.” (Sprague Herald-15 Aug 1889; page 1)

Vest, Charles Edwin:  Lincoln County Auditor’s office has the death certificate of Charles Edwin Vest, died July 16, 1900, age 26 years, died at Rockdale. (Edit: No research was done to ascertain the location of this burial.) Lincoln Co Probate file filed in 1904 for C. E. Vest is #743.

Wood, Hattie:  d. ca. 1890 d/o O. G. & Peninah Wood (Info from O. G. Wood obit)

Wood, O. G.: " O. G. Wood died at his home in Sassin, Tuesday, Nov. 3, 1891.  The cause of his death was consumption from which he had suffered about seven months.  Mr. Wood was born in Oneida county, N. Y., Jun 1, 1830, and at his death was sixty-one year of age.  He moved to California in 1856.  On November 3, 1856, at Humboldt, California, he was married to Miss Peninah Devenish.  He lived in California ten years and emigrated to Idaho, where he lived six years.  From Idaho he moved to Washington settling on the farm where he died.  He has lived in this state nearly twenty years , and in that time he has seen wonderful changes take place in the once wild country.  Mr. Wood will always be remembered as one of the old landmarks, one of the hardy pioneers, who paved the way to the settlement of this portion of Eastern Washington. Like other pioneers of that day, Mr. Wood was a man of steady nerve, calm self-possession, bravery that knew not fear, ambition, self-reliance, and all other things that go to make up the true frontiersman.  A curious coincidence is that fact that he died on the 32d anniversary of this wedding day, and at the same hour that the ceremony was performed.  The funeral services were held at the residence, Rev. St. Clair officiating.  The remains were followed to Rockdale cemetery by a large concourse of people where he was laid to rest beside his daughter Hattie who proceded him in death about a year.  Mr. Wood leaves a wife, two sons and a daughter to mourn his loss. (Sprague Herald, Nov 11, 1891)   Died: Mr. O. G. Wood, one of the pioneers of the northwest and a long inhabitant of Lincoln county, passed "unto the other side" at 11 a.m. Tuesday.  Mr. Wood is the father-in-law of Lou A. Conlee.  He was ailing for an entire year, most of which time he was confined to his bed.  The funeral will take place at Rockdale at 2 o'clock p.m. today. Mr. Wood was one of the oldest inhabitants of Lincoln county  He was postmaster at Sassin for sixteen years.  He migrated to California in 1843 and was aged 67 years at the time of his death. (Sprague Herald, Nov 04, 1891)Submitted by Barbara Curtis.

Younie, Florence Catherine:  “Florence Catherine Uney, an old settler of the Rockdale neighborhood, died at Medical Lake last Monday. The remains were buried in the Rockdale Cemetery Wednesday.” (Sprague Times of 7-31-1903) Her tombstone shows birth on Jan 7, 1858 and death on July 27, 1903, aged 45, “mother”. This is a shared tombstone with George Younie. Probate #652 in Lincoln County is indexed as Florence Yonnie in 1903.

Younie, George:  Tombstone shows: Nov 19, 1844-March 5, 1902; age 58 years; “father”. The Bureau of Land Management shows the patent dates of 4-17-1890 (80 acres in W ½ of SW ¼ of Sec 24 Twp 23 Range 39) and of 6-19-1893 (160 acres in NE ¼ of Sec 26 Twp 23 R 39). Probate #544 in 1902 is indexed as George Yonnie.  Of possible interest is the “Guardianship” file #1191 in Lincoln Co for Leona Hattie Yonnie filed in 1909. The family was shown on the 1892 Lincoln Co census: George, 48, Canada; Florence, 34, OR; Leona, 10, OR; George, 8, WA; and Arthur, 4, WA.  In 1887 they were a family of four: Geo, 44, Florence, 29, Leona, 5, and Geo Jr., 3.

(notes: indicates obituary is listed.)


Rockdale Cemetery Obituaries, Lincoln County, Washington

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