MARY QUEEN OF HEAVEN



                                       SE corner of 12-21-38, Sprague, Lincoln County, Washington


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 Data from a wide range of sources has been included in this cemetery file. Inclusion in this file is no guarantee that the body of the deceased is indeed in this cemetery. For the first section of the listing of the burials, Bold print signifies tombstone and tombstone data and flat print signifies other sources:

            CTR = Catholic Territorial Records from Spokane  OBIT = Local newspaper obituary   CSL = Catholic Sprague Ledger    

            RCL = Ritzville Catholic Ledge         TS = Tombstone (followed by location in cemetery)  

As usual this is still a work in progress...



cement slab,  TS-SE-114 (buried)

cement tombstoneeroded (between Pereira & Flaherty) TS-SE-18,   see Brectfelder

Campana, Nicola  !(CTR-d. July 30, 1897; b. Italy abt 47 yrs ago)

Campbell, Jessie Agnes ! , (CSL: d. Nov 30, 1944; d/o Michael Hilger; w/o Wm T.)

Chisholm, Duncan ,  1895-1912 brother , TS-SE-90 (near exterior fenceline)

Clinton, Mary C. ! d. Feb 8, 1892; 11 y 8 mo 6 dy TS-SE-129 shared stone, daughter of John & Mary Clinton (3 ft white)

Clinton, Lenora L .! ,  d. Feb 19, 1892; 2 yr 10 mo 6 dy TS-SE-129 shared stone

Connor, Simon ! ,   Mar 17, 1848-Mar 20, 1915  TS-NE-158

Connor, (assumed) , tin marker, paper gone     TS-NE-159

Connor, Patricus  !(CSL: d. Apr 21, 1928; 73 yrs)

Cooper, Trausdell Metz Francis ,  Aug 17, 1889-Jan 10, 1890 , TS-NE-70 angel stone, Child of TM & Alice Cooper 5 ft; BB holes in it

Corcoran, Jacobus ,   (CSL: d. Oct 11, 1914; 68, b. Hibernia)

Corcoran, Michael ,   (CSL: d. Dec 18, 1918; 17 yrs 5 mos; s/o Jacob Corcoran), OBIT

(Corcoran, Susanna)(burial Holy Cross in Spokane)

Costello, Richard Raymond ,  ! May 9, 1917-July 13, 1917TS-NE-160

Costello, Edmund ! ,  Dec 25, 1904-Sept 11, 1905 , TS-NE-161 shared stone

Costello, Mabel ! , Dec 25, 1904-Sept 12, 1905 ,  TS-NE-161 shared stone, son & daughter of P.R. & E.A. Costello

Costello, Annie E . ! ,  1841-1923    TS-NE-162; (CSL: d. Mar 6, 1923)

Costello, John ! ,   Jan 5, 1840-Apr 23, 1903    TS-NE-164 (6 ft with a cross)

Costello, Edith A.   ! ,  1883-1941    TS-NE-163 (shared stone)

Costello, Paul R. ! ,   1875-1953    TS-NE-163 (shared stone)

Crowe !  (no data) ,  TS-SW-13 (family plot marker-2 ft high)

Crowe, Andrew J. !(CSL: d. May 4, 1943; 55 yrs 3 mos 1 dy; s/o Wm)

Crowe, Catherina  !(CSL: d. Nov 14, 1916; 58 yrs 2 mos; d/o Jacob Brophy)

Crowe, Charlotte Ann   !(CSL: burial June 2, 1960)

Crowe, Daniel Joseph !(CSL: d. Aug 25, 1948; 62 yr 5 mo 18 dy; s/o Wm Crowe)

Crowe, Mary Frances ! , (CSL: d. Oct 2, 1940; 58 yr 4 mo 25 dy

Crowe, Walter  !(CSL: d. Dec 27, 1965; 75 yrs)

Culligan, Katharine A. ! , 1884-1943    TS-SW-2; w/o Michael Culligan

Culligan, Michael H .  ! , 1876-1951; (CSL: d. May 8, 1951; 75 yrs; widower)

Culligan, Celestine  ! ,  1913-1945    TS-SW-3; (CSL: d. Aug 26, 1935)




Obituaries and Church Records for Sprague Catholic Cemetery

All names will appear in bold print in this section; inclusion in this file does not ensure burial. Mention is made of some removals, no effort was expended to confirm or deny these allegations. In some instances the burial is cited to have been elsewhere, and the tombstone has appeared in the Sprague Catholic Cemetery. These could be errors in the original records or could mean that at some point the remains were brought here. Without the original mapping of the cemetery, many questions will remain unanswered.


cement slab,   TS-SE-114 (buried)


cement tombstone, eroded (between Pereira & Flaherty) TS-SE-182 see Brectfelder


Campana, Nicola,    (CTR-d. July 30, 1897; b. Italy abt 47 yrs ago)


Campbell, Jessie Agnes, (CSL: d. Nov 30, 1944; d/o Michael Hilger; w/o Wm T) “Jessie Agnes Campbell, residence Sprague, WA; Place of death: Sprague Home, fell over & died in coal shed; Birth: Feb 22, 1883; Death: Nov 30, 1944; Aged: 61 yrs 9 mos 8 days; female, white; Maiden Name = Jessie Hilgers born St Thomas, Potosi, Wisconsin; Father = Michael Hilgers born Duesseldorff, Germany; Mother = Matilda Sickle born St Thomas Potosi, Wisconsin; Physician: Dr G H Howard of Sprague; Burial Sprague Catholic Cemetery; Funeral: Mary Queen of Heaven Church. Interment on 12-04-1944.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)  


Chinese graves, (local hearsay of 3-4 graves) “A couple of Chinamen who were burning punk sticks and holding religious ceremonies Saturday over the graves of some departed chinks, accidentally set fire to the dry grass in the cemetery and before citizens from town could extinguish the fire several lot fences and a part of the main fence were burned. Considerable damage was also done to the trees and shrubbery.” (Sprague Times of 8-26-1904)


Chisholm, Duncan,  1895-1912 brother,  (TS-SE-90; near exterior fence line) “Duncan Chisholm, 17 years old, of Sprague, died from the effects of internal injuries received when he slipped and fell against the depot platform.” (Citizen of 5-31-12) “Duncan Chisholm, the eldest son of Mr. & Mrs. John Chisholm, died Wednesday afternoon at 4 o’clock, aged 17 years, 1 month and 15 days. The boy’s death resulted from a simple fall while in play with some companion. On Monday afternoon, Duncan and some of his friends were playing about the NP depot, one of the boys chased him to recover some thing from him, and in an attempt to run across the track and leap upon the station platform his foot slipped upon the rail, which was wet, precipitating him violently upon the edge of the structure across his abdomen, his face also striking heavily on the wood. He lost consciousness but was revived at the Mead blacksmith shop. His condition becoming serious he was removed to Myrtle Hospital where he suffered hemorrhages from a ruptured liver which caused his death as noted above. His father and two sisters, Margaret and Mamie, residing at Kellogg, Idaho, came yesterday. As we go to press funeral arrangements have not been completed.” (May 24, 1912 of Sprague Advocate)  


Clinton, Mary C.,  d. Feb 8, 1892; 11 y 8 mo 6 dy,  (TS-SE-129 shared stone) daughter of John & Mary Clinton (3 ft white)

(The following obit pertains to the burial in CA of a brother to John Clinton.  "Pat Clinton a pioneer of Rock Creek, formerly residing 12 miles north of Sprague, died in a sanitarium  at San Diego, CA, on Nov 28, and was buried in that city.  He has been in the sanitarium there the past 8 years.  Paralysis caused his death.  He was a brother to the late John Clinton of this city.  Mr. Clinton was born in Ireland in 1837 and came to America when a small boy.  He spent his boyhood days in Wisconsin and came to this western country when a young man, leaving Sprague about 15 years ago.  One brother residing in Sand Diego survives him.  He was a bachelor and a man highly respected by all who knew him"  (Sprague Advocate of 12-21-1917) (Sep 17, 1890-notes "Born- Sep 13, a boy to Michael Clinton") Sep 24, 1890,- Sprague Herald notes: John Clinton purchased the McGreevy lodging house and will conduct the same in a first class manner.)


Clinton, Lenora L.,  Feb 19, 1892; 2 yr 10 mo 6 dy,  TS-SE-129 shared stone;

“The little two year old girl of Mr. John Clinton died Friday forenoon last. The funeral was private. This is the second child Mr. & Mrs. Clinton have been called upon to mourn in the last ten days.” (Sprague Herald of Feb 24, 1892)


Connor, Simon,  Mar 17, 1848-Mar 20, 1915,   (TS-NE-158) (CSL: d. Mar 17, 1915; age 67) (see Lincoln Co probate #1670) “Simon Connor, Irish; bachelor; charge to his estate; Order by Mike Brislawn; Funeral Mar 22, 1915 at Catholic Church; Death: Mar 20, 1915; Birth: Mar 17, 1848; farmer; single; Catholic; aged 67 years 3 days; Father = Patrick Connor born Ireland; Mother Elizabeth Dunn born Ireland; Interment at Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)


Connor, (assumed) tin marker, paper gone; TS-NE-159;

Connor, Patricus,  (CSL: d. Apr 21, 1928; 73 yrs; s/o Patricii Connors & Elizabeth Dunn Connors) “Pat Connor; white; born Behredere, IL; Order given by Geo Brislawn; Funeral Apr 23, 1928 at Sprague by Father Buckley; Residence: Sprague; Death at Sprague; Cause: Influenza; Death: Apr 21, 1928; retired; single; Catholic; Birth: Mar 10, 1853; Father = Pat Connors born Ireland; Mother = Elizabeth Dunn born Ireland; Interment at Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)  


Cooper, Trausdell Metz Francis,  Aug 17, 1889-Jan 10, 1890,  (TS-NE-70 angel stone; 5 ft; BB holes in it);  Child of T. M. & Alice Cooper;  “Death of Baby Cooper. It is with unusual sadness that the editor of the Herald feels in being called upon to chronicle the sudden death of the infant son of County Auditor T. M. Cooper at the family residence in this city about 4 o’clock last Friday morning, after a short illness of the prevailing complaint, which developed into congestion of the lungs, despite the strenuous efforts of mother and physician.” (Sprague Herald of Jan 16, 1890


Corcoran, James William, (CSL: Jacobus Corcoran; d. Oct 11, 1914; 68, b. Hibernia) “James W Corcoran Dies. One of Sprague’s Oldest Residents Answers Final Summons. James William Corcoran, a pioneer citizen widely known in the community, died at the family residence on First Street in this city, Tuesday evening shortly after 10 o’clock, following a stroke of apoplexy received a few days previous which resulted in paralysis. Mr. Corcoran was in an unconscious condition during nearly the entire time of his illness. Born in County Cork, Ireland, Mr. Corcoran first came to this country as an immigrant in his early manhood and resided in the Sprague country for nearly 30 years. Previous to this time he was engaged in the mining business in Montana, later going to California and Nevada, where he was engaged in the same occupation. About 1887 he arrived in Sprague with the advance guard of railroad builders who were then pushing the Northern Pacific road to completion, and it was here that he married Miss Susan McCann and located on a homestead south of the city.  Five years ago Mr. Corcoran moved to this city from the home ranch and retired. He was in apparent good health up to the week previous to his death.  Funeral service was held from the Catholic church at 10 o’clock Thursday morning and interment made in the Catholic Cemetery. The funeral was attended by nearly the entire population of the community.  Besides a host of friends who knew and loved him, Mr. Corcoran leaves a wife, five daughters and three sons: Mrs. Curtis Cooper of this city; Mrs. Joseph McCutcheon of Winona, WA; the Misses Mayme, Josie and Nellie, who reside at home, and Ben, Mike and John Corcoran, all of this vicinity.  Out-of-town relatives who attended the funeral were: Mrs. Jack Kelley and Francis O’Connor, cousins of Anaconda, MT; Mrs. Tom McCormack, a niece, of the same city; William Corcoran , a brother, of Cheney; Denny Corcoran, another brother, of Colfax; and H. C .McCann, a brother of Mrs. Corcoran of Ritzville.”  (Sprague Advocate of 8-21-1914)


Corcoran, Michael,  (CSL: d. Dec 18, 1918; 17 yrs 5 mos; s/o Jacob Corcoran) “After a brave struggle of ten days against influenza & pneumonia, death overpowered Michael Corcoran early Wednesday morning, Dec 18th. Michael was the son of Mrs. James Corcoran and was born near Sprague July 24, 1901. The family are pioneers here and Michael lived here all his life.  A private funeral service will be held this morning at the Catholic church. Michael is survived by his mother, two brothers, Dennis of Sprague and Jack in the Navy and five sisters, Mrs. Margaret Ciioer of Benge, Wash.,; Mrs. Tillie McCutcheon of Winona, Wash.; Mrs. Mamie Williams, Seattle; and Misses Nellie and Josephine of Sprague.” (Sprague Advocate of Dec 20, 1918) “Michael Corcoran, white, born Wash; son of Mrs. Susan Corcoran; Funeral: Dec 20, 1918 at Catholic Church by Father Ferland; Death: Sprague; Cause of death: pneumonia & influenza; Death: Dec 18, 1918; Birth: July 24, 1901; farmer, single; Catholic; Aged 17 yrs 5 mos 24 days; Father = James Corcoran born Ireland; Mother = Susan McCann born WI.” (Burial not shown; Sprague Funeral Home ledger)


(Corcoran, Susanna)(CSL: d. Feb 29, 1944; 79 yrs 9 mo 21 dy; w/o James) (edit: daughter of Joseph McCann and sister to Peter, Grant, Ida and HC.) “Susan Corcoran, residence Sprague; Died at home; Birth: May 8, 1864; Death: Feb 29, 1944; Aged 79 yrs 9 mos 21 days; female, widowed, white; birthplace: Richland, Wisconson; housewife; Father = Joe McCann; Mother = Mathila Snider; Burial: Spokane Holy Cross Cemetery; Interment 3-03-1944” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)  


Costello, Richard Raymond, May 9, 1917-July 13, 1917,  (TS-NE-160) (CSL: s/o Paul & Edith nee Underwood Costello) “Raymond Richard Costello; white; born Wash.; son of Paul & Edith Costello; Funeral July 15 at Catholic Church Sprague by Father Ferland; Physician Dr J. E. Bittner; Residence: North of Sprague 10 miles; Cause of death: Whooping cough; Death: July 12, 1917; Birth May 9, 1917; Father = Paul Costello born CA; Mother = Edith C Underwood born Wash.; Interment Sprague Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)

"Raymond Richard Costello, one of the twins born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Costello on Mary 9th of this year, died on July 13th, of whooping cough, aged two months and four days. The funeral was held Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock, from the Catholic Church and burial was in the Catholic Cemetery." (Sprague Advocate: 7-20-1917)


Costello, Edmund,  Dec 25, 1904-Sept 11, 1905,  (TS-NE-161 shared stone; CTR: Paulum Edmundum d. 11 Sept 1905) “Born.—On Sunday, Dec 25, 1904, to the wife of Paul Costello, twins, girl and boy.” (Sprague Advocate of 12-30-1904)


Costello, Mabel, Dec 25, 1904-Sept 12, 1905; son and daughter of P. R. & E. A. Costello; (TS-NE-161 shared stone; CTR: Edith Mariam Costello d. 12 Sept 1905)  


Costello, Annie E., 1841-1923,  TS-NE-162 (CSL: d. Mar 6, 1923; 82 yrs; w/o John Costello) “The last Will and Testament of Annie Costello who died March 6, 1923 at Sprague has been admitted to probate and Paul Costello appointed the executor of the estate, bond being fixed at $1500.00.  Mr. D R Cole and Mr. Costello were also present as witnesses, in the matter.”  (un-dated news item) (see Lincoln Co probate #1535, file dated 1913 & guardianship file rather than estate) “Mrs Annie Elizabeth Costello; white; born Ireland; wife of John Costello; Funeral Mar 8, 1923 at Catholic Church by Rev Father Mertz; Physician: Dr J. E. Bittner; Cause (illegible); Death: Mar 6, 1923; retired; widow; Catholic; Aged: 82 yrs; Father = Felix Donahue born Ireland; Mother = Bridget McCruphue born Ireland; Interment: Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)  


Costello, John,  Jan 5, 1840-Apr 23, 1903,  (TS-NE-164; 6 ft with a cross) (CTR: b. Illinois 62 yrs ago) (See also page 764 of Sprague-Lamont-Edwall 1881-1981)


Costello, Edith A.,  1883-1941,    TS-NE-163 (shared stone) (CSL: d. Sept 27, 1941; 58 yr 7m 7 dy; w/o Paul Costello) (d/o Willard Underwood & Catharina nee Bruce) “Edith Alma Costello; residence: Sprague; Died: Sacred Heart Hospital; wife of Paul Costello; Birth: Feb 10, 1883; Death: Sept 17, 1941; Aged: 58 yrs 7 mos 7 days; female; married; white; housewife; Maiden name: Edith A Underwood; Birthplace: Sprague, Wn.; Father = Willard Underwood born Chester, NY; Mother = Georgiana Bruce.; Cause of death: embolism, sudden; secondary: operation; Physician: Dr Flaherty of Spokane; Burial: Sprague Catholic; Funeral: Mary Queen of Heaven; Interment on 9-20-1941” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)


Costello, Paul R., 1875-1953,   TS-NE-163 (shared stone) (CSL: d. Oct 18, 1953; 77 yr; widower)  


Crowe (no data),  TS-SW-13 (family plot marker-2 ft high monument) (for informational purposes only: CTR: Crowe, Wm C: d. 25 Sept 1902 at Lind-private cemetery at Lind; born in Iowa 47 years ago)


Crowe, Andrew J.,  (CSL: d. May 4, 1943; 55 yrs 3 mos 1 dy; s/o Wm; Burial: Catholic Cemetery) “Andrew J Crowe, residence Sprague, wash.; Place of death: Sacred Heart Hospital; Birth: Feb 2, 1888; Death: May 5, 1943; Aged: 55 yrs 3 mos 1 day; male, single, white; Birthplace: Masonville, Iowa; stockman; Father = William Crowe born NY; Mother = Brophy born NY; Cause of death: broken bones; Secondary: accident; Physician: Dr Flaherty of Spokane; Burial: Sprague Catholic; Funeral Catholic Church; Interment on 5-07-1943” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)


Crowe, Catherina,   (CSL: d. Nov 14, 1916; 58 yrs 2 mos; d/o Jacob Brophy & Maria DuChanly?; Burial: Sprague Catholic Cemetery) “Mrs. Crowe Dead.  Mrs. Katharine A. Crowe, mother of the Crowe Bros., died at the home of her sons on the Crowe ranch about 16 miles southeast of Sprague, on Wednesday last. Her age was 58 years, 1 month and 26 days. She leaves three sons and three daughters to mourn her loss. The funeral will be held Friday morning at 9 o’clock from the Catholic church and burial in the Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Advocate of 11-17-1916) “Katharine A. Crowe; white; born Iowa; widow; charge to A. J. Crowe of Lamont, WA; Funeral: Nov 17, 1916 at Catholic Church Sprague by Father Ferland; Residence 16 miles SE of Sprague; Cause of death: Intestinal nephritis; Death: Nov 15, 1916; Birth: Sept 19, 1858; retired housewife; widow; Catholic; Aged: 58 yrs 1 mo 26 days; Father = James Brophy born Ireland; Mother = Mary Dehenly born Ireland;” (burial not shown; Sprague Funeral Home ledger)


Crowe, Charlotte Ann,  (CSL: burial June 2, 1960 Sprague Catholic Cemetery, no personal identifying info in record)


Crowe, Daniel Joseph,  (CSL: d. Aug 25, 1948; 62 yr 5 mo 18 dy; s/o Wm Crowe; Burial Sprague Catholic Cemetery) “Daniel J. Crowe, white, born Masonville, Iowa; single; Funeral: Aug 27, 1948 at Catholic Church by Rev Fr H. Loeffler of Sprague; Place of death: Sprague Hospital; Physician: C. G. Smick of Sprague; Date of death: Aug 25, 1948; retired farmer; single, Catholic; Birth: Mar 7, 1886;  Aged: 62 yrs 5 mos 18 days; Father = Wm C Crowe born Syracuse, NY; Mother = Catherine Brophy born Dubuque, Iowa; Interment: Catholic Sprague.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)


Crowe, Mary Frances,  (CSL: d. Oct 2, 1940; 58 yr 4 mo 25 dy; single; d/o Mr. W. Crowe; b. May 7, 1882 Masonville, IA;  Burial: Sprague Catholic) “Mary Francis Crowe, residence Sprague; Place of death: Sacred Heart Hospital; Birth: May 7, 1882; Death: Oct 2, 1940; Aged: 58 yrs 4 mos 25 days; female, single, white; housekeeper; Maiden Name: Mary F. Crowe; Birthplace: Masonville, Iowa; Father = William C. Crown born Syracuse, NY; Mother = Catherine Brophy born Dubuque, Iowa; Cause of death: cerebral hemorrhage;  Burial: Sprague at St Mary’s Cemetery; Funeral: Mary Queen of Heaven; Interment on 10-05-1940” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)


Crowe, Walter,  (CSL: d. Dec 27, 1965; 75 yrs; nieces & nephews; Al Culligan; Burial Sprague Catholic)       


Culligan, Katharine A., 1884-1943,    (TS-SW-2) (CSL: d. Nov 23, 1943; 59 yr; w/o Michael Culligan;  d/o Mr. & Mrs. Wm Crowe) “Mrs. Catherine Culligan, residence Sprague, Wash; Place of death: Sacred Heart Hospital; wife of Mike Culligan; Birth: Feb 13, 1884; Death: Nov 23, 1943; female, white, married; housewife; Birthplace: Masonville, Iowa; Father = William Crowe born NY; Mother = Catherine A. Brophy born Buffalo, Iowa; Cause of death: bronchial pneumonia; Burial: Sprague Catholic Cemetery; Funeral Mary Queen of Heaven church; Interment on 11-26-1943.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)


Culligan, Michael H., 1876-1951,    (CSL: d. May 8, 1951; 75 yrs; widower)  


Culligan, Celestine,   1913-1945,  (TS-SW-3) (CSL: d. Aug 26, 1935; 22 yrs 4 mos; single) “Celestine Culligan; white; born Lind, WA; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Culligan; Funeral: Aug 21, 1935 at St Mary’s Church in Sprague by Father Moscop; Death: Sacred Heart Hospital; Cause of death: Heptic Toxemia Pregnancy; Death Aug 19, 1935; Occupation; domestic; single; Catholic; Birth: Apr 4, 1915; Aged 22 yrs 4 mos 15 days; Father = Michael Culligan born Iowa; Mother = Catherine Crowe born Iowa; (burial not shown; Sprague Funeral Home ledger). In his younger days he was a farmer and stonemason. The body was removed to Sprague for burial.  It is believed that the aged man arose to smoke, as he was known to do at times, and the fire started from his pipe. Those that reached the fire first could see the outline of the bed where Mr. Garrey was sleeping and they thought he was still in the bed from the roll of blankets that was across the foot of the bed. The body was found on the opposite side of the room laying by a partition. It is thought M. Garrey awakened by the fire and made an effort to get out of the burning building, but failed to find the door before he suffocated.—Review. The body arrived here on Monday and the services were conducted Tuesday morning from the Catholic church and burial was made in the Catholic cemetery. Mr. Garrey was Mrs. Dan Brophy’s father.” (a Sprague paper of 11-24-1916) “Michael Garry; white; born Ireland; order by son; Funeral Nov 21, 1916 at Sprague by Father Ferland; Cause of death: suffocation from burning house; Death: Nov 19, 1916; retired farmer; Catholic; Aged: 86 yrs; Names of near relatives: son, Wm Garry; daughter Mrs. Dan Brophy.” (Burial not shown; Sprague Funeral Home ledger)



Sprague Catholic Cemetery, Sprague, Washington, submitted  October, 2005 

to the Lincoln County Washington GenWeb by Marge Womach

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