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         Details pertaining to the cemetery "Before Hillcrest" at a different location.

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The filing of the earliest homesteads in the Harrington, Lord’s Valley, Bluestem and Mohler areas began in 1879. Others purchased their lands from the railroad. In many cases the men of the family would seek out an area for a homestead, establish living quarters, and send for the remainder of the family. Inevitably death would remove members of each family and names disappeared from the census records. Obituaries of these early homesteaders are difficult to obtain, and in some cases may never have been written.  Death certificates prior to 1898 filed in Lincoln County are few. In many cases wooden markers or homemade cement markers were placed on the resting place of the loved ones. “Final resting place” is a phrase not to be used with these pioneers. Some were apparently buried on the homestead. In some cases the deceased was shipped “back home”.  Some were buried in the original Harrington Cemetery, reportedly 1 ½ miles south of the southeast corner of the present school property (1998). There exist today 32 tombstones which pre-date the burial of Georgia Bethel (May 25, 1898), the first body interred in the new cemetery, later named Hillcrest.

Additional names without tombstones can be added to the roster due to essays, obituaries and data in the History of Big Bend (1904). These sources when coordinated with the existing cemetery records of Harrington City Hall verify the additional names. It is not known that each of the graves that preceded the burial of Georgia Bethel were first buried in the old Harrington cemetery. The following article does not indicate the number of bodies moved, but heresay indicates that the body of Jane Kerr (died 25 Feb 1896), wife of Thomas Kerr, had been interred northwest of Harrington, on top of a hill near a tall old tree.




 CITIZEN  11-25-1898

Byron Tinsley, who has been here for several days attending to the removing of remains from the old cemetery to the new one, left for Spokane Monday.  Mr. Tinsley is an old resident of Harrington and was one of the few who “struck it” in the mines during the excitement several years ago.



The 1892 Census shows the following data on the members of the Tinsley household: 

A. J.  male, 29, b. MO, married

A. F. female, 29, b. MO, married

Clifford, male, 5, b. WA, single

Richard, male, 2, b. WA, single

Eliza, female, 56, b. MO, single

Byron, male, 18, b. CA, single

The Tinsley family own a plot in Hillcrest without  markers. There is no known record of the death of Byron’s father, however, the obituary of his mother denotes that he, too, was buried in the original cemetery and moved by his son in 1898.



December 11th, 1895-Harrington

Mrs. Dysart was called to Spokane, Sunday, December 1st, by the illness of her mother, Mrs. Tinsley. The remains of Mrs. Tinsley were brought here from Spokane on Tuesday last and buried Wednesday beside her husband.



Several cases of diphtheria had proven fatal prior to the two little Unbewust girls contracting the disease. Katie, three years old, succumbed, while Lizzie, a toddler, rallied and recovered. Nine persons attended her funeral in spite of the dread of the disease; the minister offered a prayer atop the hill as dusk. Katie was the daughter of John (1858-1936) and Catharine (1858-1937) Unbewust. According to one report, there were six previous mounds, then little Katie.



February 25, 1896-Harrington

The infant daughter of Cal Petrie was buried on Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Hurd died on Wednesday, Feb 19th, from a stroke of paralysis. She leaves a son, and a daughter Mrs. Kane to mourn her loss. The interment took place at 3 o’clock on Thursday afternoon.



April 25, 1896

Mrs. H. Durie, of Harrington, wife of the station agent at that point, died at her home last Sunday of consumption after a lingering illness. She leaves a family of eight children, and was a lady highly esteemed in the community.




Petree, Mrs. Cald. 17 Dec 1895, age 35, at Lord’s Valley, cause typhoid fever.

Petree, August M.,   d. Feb 1896, single, at Lord’s Valley;  father was C. R. Petree, born Tenn; mother was Clara Petree, born Walla Walla.

Haynes, Mary,   d. 30 Nov 1896, age 9 days, at Harrington; father was H Haynes, born Mich; mother was E. E. Wilkinson, born Mich.

Adams, Aloysius,   d. 1 Dec 1896, age 7 months, at Harrington, cause pneumonia; father was Marion L. Adams, born KY; mother was Lula K. Wade, born KY.

Kuepers, Catherine,   d. 3 Oct 1897. A handwritten letter from Mohler, dated Oct 7, 1897,  addressed to Lincoln Co Auditor, Davenport, WA. “Sir: My wife, Catharina Kuepers died between 8 & 9 o’clock PM, Oct 3, 1897 at the age of 60 years, the cause of death being apo-plexis. If this statement should not be sufficient to go on record, please notify at once. Yours very respectfully, H. H. Kuepers.”(Though signed by the man himself as Kuepers,  the correct spelling is Kupers,)



Brown, Edmund C., d. 13 July 1884

Burgess, Elizabeth, d. 3 Aug 1891

Cameron, Naida, d. 3 Mar 1897

Charlton, Madison S., d. 26 Sept 1897

Davis, William H.,  d. 1890

Davis, Mary, w/o Wm C.,  d. 29 July 1894

Harper, Andrewd. 13 Feb 1886

Haynes, infant,  d. 1896

Hollopeter, Harriet A., d. 21 Mar 1898

Kerr, Jane w/o Thomas, d. 25 Feb 1896

Kupers, Catherine, d. 3 Oct 1897

Mecklenburg, Eva O., d. 16 Jan 1895

Mitchum, Anna Altha,  d. 6 Jan 1887

Moore, Sarah J., d. 11 Nov 1888

Moore, Wm E.,  d. 7 Nov 1888

Page, Emma Cameron, d. 4 Sept 1895

Petree, Clara L., d. 1895

Petree, Baby Mamie, d. 25 Nov 1895

Sandygren, infant, s/o Albert ,d. Aug 1892

Shields, Lydia L.,  d. 14 Feb 1898

Sirginson, Waldo Wayne, d. 1 Sept 1896

Strickler, Mabel Ella , d. 14 May 1895

Swenson, infant, s/o Peter, d. 9 Feb 1894

Trumble, William M., d. 5 Aug 1888

Trumble, Eldora,  d. 7 Aug 1884

Warwick, Ned ,  d. 31 Jan 1884

Warwick, Mattie E ., d. 31 Oct 1896

Warwick, Walter M., d. 13 Jan 1896

Williams, Raymond G., d. 1895

Williams, Tillie M., d. 28 Nov 1896

Williams, Wayne H., d. 17 Jan 1898

Yarwood, Catherine S., d. 13 Feb 1887

Yarwood, Mary L.,  d. 5 Oct 1884

Yarwood, Hannah,  d. 25 Mar 1891


“Harrington 100 Years”

by Marciel Armstrong Cronrath

(by permission)

“The first grave at Harrington was that of Georgia May Bethel, 13 year old daughter of Charlie and Belle Bethel. Born September 29, 1885, she contracted diphtheria and died May 23, 1898. There was no existing cemetery at Harrington at that time so land was acquired and town residents subscribed to pledge money. Seventy-five persons pledged from $5-$20. Eighteen other graves were moved to the site in 1898 and the city had the site surveyed at a cost of $25 and the remainder built for $228. This included fencing and landscape work.”

Marciel gathered some of her details from local old-timers prior to 1980, one of her resources was Frank Gateley. The 18 graves mentioned above may be those that were moved strictly from the old cemetery south of town by Byron Tinsley. Byron, “the old resident,” was 24 years of age at the time he moved the remains.





January 3, 1896

Died—Mrs. Clara Petre, wife of Mr. Cal Petre, of Lord’s Valley, Lincoln County, on Tuesday morning, December 17, 1895. Mrs. Petre was born December 15, 1864, and was married to Mr. Cal Petre November 14, 1882, which union was blessed with six children; two boys and four girls, the eldest eleven years and the youngest a baby of four weeks. She came to Lord’s Valley with her husband several years ago, and was among the early settlers of that valley. Her husband was a man of sturdy habits, and they succeeded in making for themselves a comfortable home, and it was a happy family circle that death invaded and deprived of a mother’s care. A kind father and six little children are left behind to mourn for the departed. This sad death has cast a shadow of gloom over this entire community. During her illness the beloved mother and wife was given every care and attention. The best medical skill was secured, and kind neighbors rendered every assistance they could give.**To her family Sister Petre was a thoughtful parent, ever looking after her children and administering to their wants with a mother’s love.** The funeral was attended by a large number of friends and neighbors, who followed her remains to their last resting place to pay a last tribute of respect to the dead. After a sermon from Rev 2:10, the casket was opened and a last view of the remains taken by those present, after which the husband and family paid a sad farewell to all that was earthly of their loved one.** Sister Petre was admired for her kindness and hospitality, and was honored and beloved by all who knew her, and her death is a great loss to her family and greatly deplored in the neighborhood.** The burial services were read in the home, after which the remains were quietly conveyed to the Harrington cemetery and peacefully submitted to the cold earth to await the resurrection morn.

(Rev) W. N. O’Kelley, Edwall, Wash.




November 5th, 1895

HARRINGTON—Robert Moulds buried a daughter Thursday, Oct 31st. This is the second death in the family from typhoid fever within a few weeks. Three other children are sick with the fever, one of which is not expected to live. (See next article: This infant is likely Edna Moulds.)





Nov 12; 1896

There has been several typhoid victims near Moscow during the last few weeks. Mattie Warwick, aged sixteen, died Oct 31st , and another sister is reported very low. Edna Mowlds also died Oct 30th, which was the second death that had occurred in the family during the month, and three more of the children are still very sick.



Sarah J. Moore, beloved daughter of W. A. and N. H. Moore, died Nov 11, 1888 aged 5 yrs 11 mos 23 days. This same tall stone has William E. Moore, aged 3 years 3 mos 13 days, died Nov 7, 1888.


CENSUS  1892


The children of Rob’t (age 41) and wife, L. (age 31, b. MO) Moulds were listed as: Edna (11), Lula (9), Rodell (8), Mattie (6), Cecil (3), and Edward (1). All of these children were born in Utah.

The M. S. Charlton family is listed as: M. S. (53, b. VA), his wife, C. (45, b. IL), and children Della (19, b. OR), Frank (15, b. OR), and Ruth (6 months, b. WA). A separate listing for Ira Charlton (age 23, b. OR) falls under the Harry Glasscock name with his other laborers.


The H. M. Warwick household is listed as follows: H. M. (37, male, b. TN), his wife, S. J. (33, female, b. TN), V. S. (12, female, b. OR), E. .J. (10, female, b. OR), J. L. (8, male, b. WA), H. C. (6, male, b. WA), and G. B. (4, male, b. WA). (Mattie was the daughter of James Warwick, not Horace Warwick.

The C. R. Petree household is listed as: C R (34, male, b. TN) and his wife, Clara (27, b. WA), F. Bessie (8, b. WA), G. C. (7, male, b. WA), W. E. (5, female, b. WA), L. A. (3, female, b. WA) and a male infant of 3 months also born WA.

The surname Trumble occurs on the 1892 census, however, the death years for William and Eldora preceded the census, 1888 and 1884. The George Trumble household is listed as: George (68, b. OH), his wife, Mary (56, b. OH), Jose (20, b. IL) and Hanora (18, b. IL). The J. E. Trumble household is listed as: J. E. (36, b. IN) and his wife, Rosa (29, b. IO), and their children Ruben (9, b. OR), Myrtle (8, b. WA), Mabel (6, b. WA), and Clyde (4, b. WA).

The children of John (33) and his wife, C. E. (32) Unbewust were listed as Libbie (5) and Emma (2). (Little Katie had previously died;  George not yet born.)


The household of George Trumbull was reported as follows: George Sr. (56, b. OH, his parents born in Scotland), Mary (44, b. OH, her father born DE, her mother born OH), and their children James E (22, b. IN), William (12, b. IL), George (10, b. IL), Josephine (8, b. IL) and the twins Eldora A (6, IL) and Honorah (6, IL).



Two apparent brothers named J. L. (age 28, male, b. Maine) and Z. F. Burgess (age 24, male, b. Maine) were listed near the Tinsley name on the census. 

Lydia Shields is listed with her husband and their children: Z. W. (29, b. OR), L. L. (29, b. MO), D. D. (5, male, b. CA), C. V. (2, male, b. OR) and R. C. (1, male, b. Wash. Terr.).



Lydia D. Ludy Shields was the daughter of Adam and Amanda Ludy, early pioneers of Lincoln County. According to one family report, Lydia married Zacharius W Shileds in 1878 in Iowa. This has not been confirmed. On the 1889 Lincoln Co Census four children are listed to Lydia and Z. W.: DD (9), Chas (6), R. C. (3) and R. F. (3). Lydia was born December 22, 1853 and died February 14, 1898. Zacharius preceded her in death, leaving her to raise the four or more children. With her demise we find the following 1900 Census listings for the household of N. Robert Shields, brother of Zacharius: N. Robert (b. Dec 1849, MO), wife S. Rebecca (b. 1863, AR), C. Robert (nephew, b. Feb 1885, WA), F. Roy (nephew, b. Feb 1888, WA), C. Alice (niece, b. May 1891, WA). An obvious discrepancy exists between the two census reports. Charles likely became known as C. Vance Shields, the attorney from Indiana (see Harrington History: Volume 1 Wagon Wheels). A Vance Shields was listed as age 18 on the Harrington 1901 school census, an apparent laborer for John Brantley. This same year with R. N. Shields as guardian, in school district #71, Cold Springs, the listing of Robert C. (16 yrs), Roy F. (13 yrs) and Alice C (11 yrs) occurs.



The obituary of William Shields may be found in the August 16, 1895 Lincoln County Times. The pertinent details in it are: William Shields, father of the late Z. W. Shields and of R. N. Shields, died at Cottage Grove, Oregon on August 11, 1895. The deceased was born in Kentucky on April 7th, 1799, hence was at the time of his death over 96 years of age.  William Shields, though a lover of the South, moved to Oregon in 1851 and selected a home on which most of the little town of Cottage Grove was built. The deceased leaves five children, many grand and great grand children to mourn his loss.



In the Hillcrest Cemetery of Harrington the 3-foot tombstone for Elizabeth Burgess was engraved with the date of death as August 3, 1891, aged 24 years, 5 months and 22 days. Nearby is the stone of John L .Burgess, 1856-1941. J. L. Burgess (age 31) was listed alone on the  1887 Lincoln Co Census.



Her stone reads: “Anna Althea, Infant daughter of A. C. and M. E. Mitchum. Born Oct 25, 1886. Died Jan 6, 1887.”


The 1889 Census for Lincoln Co lists four children to J P (37) and Rebecca (36) Warwick. These were: Walter (13, b. OR), Martha (9, b. OR), Thurston (4, b. Wash Terr) and Elmer (2, b. Wash Terr). Walter M died at 19 yrs 7 mos 20 dys on Jan 13, 1896. Martha (Mattie) died at 16 yrs 12 days on Oct 31, 1896. The 1892 Census lists the family as: J. F. (40), R. F. (39), W. M. (15), M. E. (11), T. A. (6), Elmer (5), Tennessee (2). Family records show the children, by age, as: Thurston, Elmer, Tennessee, Pearl, and Charlie. Pearl and Tennessee survived their childhood and married. Charles died in California on Jan 27, 1934. The 3-foot tombstone unites Ned, Walter M. and Mattie as siblings although Ned did not survive long enough to be caught on a census. Ned died at age 1 year 20 days. In 1901 the five children of J. F. Warwick were using an Edwall address on their school census in District #36.



This William Davis was born in 1829 and died in 1890. He applied for a homestead Nov 18, 1889 in Sec 6 Twp 22 R 34. The 1889 Lincoln Co Census does list a family of William H. Davis. It is not known  of a surety that this is the same individual buried in Hillcrest. From the census, William H. Davis was age 60 and born in Canada. The wife is listed as Sarah, age 45, born Canada. Three children born in Canada are listed: Minnie (21), Mabel (17) and Charles (19). On the census this Davis family is listed near Kals, Patty, Cormana, Warwick and Polson.



Harriet (Ingle) Hollopeter was born Feb 10, 1825. In 1848 she married Daniel W. Hollopeter, near Covington, Ohio. To this marriage nine children were born, 5 sons and 4 daughters. One of these daughters died in infancy. In 1854 the family moved by team to Iowa County, Iowa, in 1859 returned to to Ohio, and back to Iowa in 1868. On March 23, 1898 she died in Moscow, Idaho. In July of 1913 her remains were removed from the cemetery in Moscow and escorted by J. W. Hollopeter and J. E. Turner on a train to the Harrington Cemetery where they were placed beside her husband, D. W. Hollopeter, who had died Aug 26, 1912.  



For the Harrington Cemetery

Abbott, J. H.

Allen, L. B.

Anderson, J. W.

Ball, J. L.

Billings, A. C.

Billings, H. S.

Brenchley, R.

Brown, C. H.

Brown, Frank

Buck, M. D.

Cameron, G. W.

Cameron, J. J.

Cardwell, T. J.

Chisholm, M. F.

Clithero, J. B.

Cormana, J. J.

Crisp, F. G.

Crowell, W. L.

Curl, J. J.

Davis, C. M.

Davis, C. W.

Faulding, C.
Finnell, J. E.

Fulner & Pratt

Glascock, W. F.

Graff, Fred

Green, J. F.

Harper, S. E.     

Hayes, D. C.                           

Haynes, H.       

Hill, W. P.

Johnson, Davis

Johnson, T. J.

Kitt, E. J.

Kupers, H. H.

Lacey, J. B.

Lakin, T. C.

Luce, A. E.

Luper, L. T.

McKay, Frank

Mathews, G. A.

Miller, Druscilla

Miller, S. H.

Mitchum, A. G .            

Moore, W. A.

Morehouse, D. W.     

Ochs, H.

Olson, Gus      

Page, S.

Petre, C. R.

Samuels, C.

Sandygren, A.

Schafer, E. E.

Scott, A. J.

Scott, S. E.

Strickler, D. B.

Swenson, S. P.

Talkington, James

Talkington, W. E.

Taylor, J. S.       

Tierney, James

Tinsley, J. B.

Torrey, F. E.

Turner, L. P.

Veits, J. A.

Warwick, R.

Watson, James

Whitaker, J. R.        

Williams, O. G.

Witt, G. M.

Witt, Natt                          

Yarwood Bros   


*"The above information gives details pertaining to the cemetery before Hillcrest at a different location. 

   Those bodies and others from homesteads were moved into the new cemetery after the burial of the Bethel girl.  The above information aids in understanding why some of the burial information is vague. The alphabetical listing of the obituaries does not include the census data.

   If YOU have an obit that is not posted, please mail a copy to: Clerk,  Harrington City Hall, Harrington, WA. 99134 or email it to me, whichever is easier. Quite a number of the descendants of the pioneers have their remains or ashes shipped back to Harrington for burial, and there are no local records except burial date.  This cemetery is maintained by the city and beautifully kept."



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Hillcrest Cemetery, Harrington, Lincoln County, Washington

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