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                                                                                  OBITUARIES AND DOCUMENTATION

Bold print signifies tombstone data; Underscored items signifies burial in Old Odessa Catholic Cemetery, but no visible tombstone. 

KADLEC, G.. (etched into cement curbing)

CADLAC, GEORGE,  s/o Joseph & Katherine,  Oct 14, 1902-Nov 23, 1920

The death of George Cadlac was listed in the Roman Catholic Church of Odessa with their Missions records. George Cadlac, residing at Chewelah, WA, died on Nov 23, 1920 at the age of 18. He was born in Odessa. Burial occurred on Nov 27, 1920 at Odessa (not specified, civil or Catholic). The cause of death is listed as appendicitis. (Spokane Catholic Archives) “George Cadlac died at Chewelah where he has resided for several years. He was 18 years old on Oct 14 and died in the hospital at Valley, WA after an operation for appendicitis. He had only been ill 3 days. His brother, James and his uncle, Louis Horak, left for Valley on Wednesday and made arrangements to ship his body to Odessa for burial. It arrived last night and funeral services will be conducted tomorrow morning at the Catholic Church, the Rev Father Hayes officiating, after which his remains will be laid to rest beside those of his mother in the Catholic Cemetery.” (Odessa Record-Nov 26, 1920.


KADLEC,  Mrs. Katherine Kadlec ,w/o Joseph,  Nov 21, 1878-Aug 28, 1915

“Mrs .Kate Kadlec was taken to the Sacred Heart hospital in Spokane yesterday by D. Ganson where she is under care of physicians. Gall stones and other complications are the cause of her serious illness.” (Odessa Record-Aug 27, 1915) “Mrs Katherine Kadlec, well-known resident of Odessa, died early last Saturday morning at the Sacred Heart hospital in Spokane following an operation on the previous afternoon. The cause of death was obstruction of the bowels. The body was brought down from Spokane Saturday night, accompanied by Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Shimek, and the funeral services were held on Monday morning at 10 o’clock from St Josephs Catholic Church, the Rev Karl Phillip conducting the last sad rites. Interment was made in the Catholic Cemetery and the funeral was very largely attended by many friends of the deceased. The pall bearers were the six brothers-in-law of the deceased residing here. At the time of death she was aged 36 years, 10 months and 4 days. Katherine Zicha was born at Silver Lake, McCloud Co, MN, on the 21st day of November, 1878. In 1899 she was married to Joseph Kadlec at Minneapolis and to this union two sons were born, George and James. In 1905 she moved to Odessa where she has since made her home. Besides the two sons, she leaves to mourn her loss a husband, James Kadlec in Minneapolis, a mother, Mrs. Mary Zicha of this place, eight sisters, Mrs. F. L. Kucera, Mrs. J. F. Shimek, Mrs. James Wostrel, Mrs. Louis Horak, Mrs. John Svoda, Mrs. Al Michaelson, of Odessa, and Mrs. Anton Wraspir and Mrs. Ohmer Davis of American Falls, ID, and three brothers Louis and George Zicha of this place and Frank Zicha of American Falls. A host of friends extend fond kindest sympathy to the relatives in their loss.” (Odessa Record-Sept 3, 1915)


KUCERA, JOSEPHINE ,  1900-1904

{The family history of Frank L. Kucera documents the births of ten children. Josephine Kucera was the ninth child born to Frank L. Kucera and his wife, Mary Zicha. Josephine was born in 1900 in the Odessa vicinity. She was said to be a beautiful and loving child. She died quite suddenly and reportedly was buried on Louis Zicha’s land and later moved to the Odessa Cemetery when it was organized, according to Father Paul. This is ambiguous since the Kucera family is not known to own a lot in the Odessa City Cemetery and since the Old Odessa Catholic Cemetery was recognized in the news as an established cemetery prior to 1904. Further, the Kucera family owns a lot in the Old Odessa Catholic Cemetery. Little Josephine was the granddaughter of Joseph and Mary (Navratil) Zicha.}



The Catholic records from the Odessa church for 1924 consist only of a list of names of deaths, Paul Laclef died Aug 13, 1924. There is no indication of the burial location. (Catholic Archives in Spokane) “Paul Laclef, age 45, a resident of the Wilson Creek district, died at the Grand Hotel here Wednesday night from a complication of heart and kidney trouble. He had been ill for about 7 months and for several months had made occasional trips to Odessa for treatment from Dr Thompson. He was a bachelor and owned a place south of Wilson Creek. He had no relatives in the west and two days before he died his condition became so serious that a sister living in Massachusetts was wired as to his condition, but a return telegram asked that in case of his death he be given a decent burial here. The body was taken into the Stone undertaking parlors where it now lies and funeral services will be held tomorrow morning from the Catholic Church, with Father Dosch officiating after which interment will take place at the Catholic Cemetery.” (Odessa Record-Aug 15, 1924) (Possible burial in the plot purchased by Thompson.)



The death of Emil Millithauler, residing at Ephrata, occurred on Feb 10, 1920 at the age of 55 years. He was born in Germany. Cause of death was listed as influenza. Burial occurred on Feb 14, 1920 in Odessa (not specified, civil or Catholic).


NICHOLS, JOSEP,  d. Feb 15, 1913

“The funeral of Joseph Nichols, the eleven year old son of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Nichols, who died last Friday at the family home, north of Odessa, was held from the Catholic Church Monday, interment taking place in the Catholic Cemetery south of town. Death was due to paralysis, from which the lad had been a cripple since earliest childhood.” (Odessa Record of Feb 21, 1913)


PICHA, ROBERT.   Tuto odpociva Robert Picha jenzzemrel Dne 8 ho Ledna 1902

                                       Vestary Jedin inesic

                                       (Robert Picha died 8 Jan 1902; age 1 mo)


PICHA, JOSEF,   Tuto odpociva  Manzel uprimny  Josef Picha Vestari

27 Roku 6 dni a 4 Mnesyce jenz zemril Dne 10 ho Listopadu lp 1904 Odpocivej v hrobe chladnem Ty muj choti rozmyli  vzdyt se spolu opet sejdem az se Bohuu zalybi! O.K RySTE -JEZPSP

(Joseph Picha died 10 Nov 1904; age 27 yrs 6 mos 4 dys)

“Joe Picha returned yesterday with a bride from Silver Lake, MN, Anna Navratil.” (Odessa Record- Feb 28, 1902) “Joseph Picha died at his home seven miles southeast of Odessa Thursday morning of consumption. He contracted the disease several years ago and has been gradually growing weaker ever since, and a few weeks ago he was attacked with hemorrhages with such frequency that it was plain that the end was near. He leaves a wife to mourn his loss. The funeral was held at the home, Saturday, Rev Father Van de Ven of Sprague officiating.” (Lincoln County Times-Nov 18, 1904) “Jos. Picha arrived from Silver Lake, MN, last Thursday to attend the bedside of his son Joe, who is at the point of death from consumption. Frank Navratel accompanied him.” (Odessa Record-Nov 11, 1904.)


RHUBY, JAMES & MARIE,- (see Odessa City Cemetery- Catholic Section)



The Odessa Catholic records for 1924 as submitted to the Spokane Archives consists of a list of the deaths occurring that year. Christina Schumacher died Nov 16, 1924. This data gives no indication of the burial location.



The Odessa Catholic records for 1924 consist only of a list of the deceased; George Smith died on Jan 23, 1924. There is no indication of the burial location.



Stadler, Child of Louis,

The Catholic ledger of 1918 of the Odessa parish, page 12, describes the cemetery lots, and the ownership of the lots. “11. Louis Stadler—N—Where his child lies buried.”


VOSTRAL, HELLEN,  Born Mar 2, 1902, Died Mar 4, 1902


VOSTRAL, JAMES,  Born Apr 10, 1901, Died June 1, 1901


Wastrel, INFANT OF Mr. & Mrs. James WastrelDied Dec 17, 1902

The three weeks old son of Mr. and Mrs. James Wastrel, living eight miles south of Odessa, died last Tuesday. Interment took place at the Catholic Cemetery yesterday. (Odessa Record-Dec 19, 1902


WOSTREL, HELEN Apr 1907 - July 20, 1909

Helen, the little daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Wostrel, died Sunday evening at 5:30 at the Wostrel home between Odessa and Ritzville. Little Helen died after an illness of but a few days, aged 2 years, 3 months. The cause of death was poisoning from eating strawberries that had been bitten by a rattlesnake or some poisonous insect. Mrs. Wostrel was taken sick at the same time from the same cause, but has since recovered. Rev Father MacAleer of Harrington conducted the funeral from the Catholic Church Tuesday afternoon, the interment being at the Catholic Cemetery, a couple of miles southwest of town. (Odessa Record of July 23, 1909)


VOSTRAL, VACLAV,  Jan 5, 1840- April 12, 1919

The Latin record of the death of Vaclav Vostral, Sr. of Odessa shows that he died on April 15, 1919 at the age of 79. He was born in Bohemia. Cause of death was “aetas.” Burial occurred on April 15 in Odessa (not specified, civil or Catholic).VOSTRAL, VENSLAR

The death certificate of Venslar Vostral was filed with Lincoln County Health. Venslar was born Jan 5, 1840 in Bohemia and died April 12, 1919. His father was Frank Vostral born Bohemia; his mother was Janet Konin, also born Bohemia. The cause of death of Venslar was listed as a cerebral hemorrhage. Informant for this certificate was James Vostral of Marcellus. The burial location was not specified. “Vaclav Vostral, an old time resident of the Odessa country, died at his home in north Odessa Saturday morning after a lingering illness of cancer and other complications. Mr. Vostral was 79 years, 4 months and 7 days old at the time of his death. He was born in Bohemia where 52 years ago he married and emigrated to this country, settling in Minnesota. To Mr. & Mrs. Vostral nine children were born, six of whom are living. They are Mrs. B. J. Williams, Frank Vostral, Joe Vostral and James Vostral of Marcellus, Mrs. Chas Wilcox of Ritzville and Mrs. R. J. Ahern of Morris, South Dakota. His wife also survives him. Thirty-six years ago the family moved to Washington and settled upon a homestead 15 miles southeast of Odessa where Mr. & Mrs. Vostral lived until a few years ago when they retired and bought a home in Odessa. In 1917 Mr. Vostral had suffered a stroke of paralysis and later contracted a cancer which caused him much suffering and gradually weakened his once strong constitution until two weeks ago he began to fall fast and the end came Saturday. Funeral services were conducted at the Catholic Church Tuesday morning, the Rev Fr Philip officiating, after which his remains were interred in the Catholic Cemetery south of town. Thus passed from our midst another pioneer who was a faithful husband, a kind father, a good neighbor and an excellent citizen. May he rest in peace.—Odessa Record. (Journal Times-April 24, 1919)


VOSTRAL, KATHERINE, Nov 16, 1844-May 10, 1935

Mrs Katherine Helen Vostral, 90, died at her home here on Friday night, after a day’s illness. Funeral services were held from the St Josephs Catholic Church on Monday morning, with burial in the Catholic Cemetery. Born in Bohemia, at the age of 20 she married James Vostral and came to this country in 1880, with their family. After 12 years they moved to Washington, locating on a ranch near Odessa. In 1917 they purchased a home in town and retired, where Mr. Vostral died two years later. Mrs. Vostral has continued her residence here, where a daughter, Mrs. Emma Aherin, cared for her during the past six years. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. S. J. Williams, Ritzville; Mrs. Kate Wilcox, Ritzville; and Mrs. Emma Aherin, at home; three sons, James and Joe Vostral of Odessa and Frank Vostral, Scappose, Oregon; 21 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. The Rev Father John Glaser officiated at the funeral services and pall bearers were chosen from friends of the family including Louis Horak, Julius Dettrich, Frank Groh, Albert Minard, J. V. Simas and Ed Ring, Sr. (Odessa Record-May 17, 1935)


ZICHA, JOSEPH (Jr.), 1877-1901

 “Joseph Zicha died at three o’clock today at his home 4 miles south of town of appendicitis. He leaves a wife and one child.” (Odessa Record-Dec 20 1901.)(The child’s name is Theresa.) “Joseph Zicha died last Friday after a short illness. Interment Monday.” (Harrington Citizen-Dec 27. 1901) Josephum Zicha, born Silver Lake, MN, 25 yrs ago, died 20 Dec 1901, burial Odessa Catholic Cemetery. (Catholic Territorial Ledger)


ZICHA, JOSEPH,  Father, 1840-1908  

ZICHA, MARY,   Mother, 1850-1934

“Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Zicha, 83, early Odessa pioneer, were held from the St Joseph’s Catholic Church on Friday morning, the Rev John Glaser officiating at the church service and the Rev Anthony J. Dosch officiating at the grave side. Burial was made in the Catholic Cemetery. Pall bearers were selected from friends and relatives and included James Vostral, Joseph Vostral, Tony Groh, Frank Groh, Louis Horak  Sr. and Henry Vostral. Mrs. Zicha was one of the early pioneers of the region, coming here in 1897, to live on a ranch near town. During late years she has maintained her own home in town, following the death of her husband. Survivors include eight daughters and three sons: Mrs. Mary Kucera, Tacoma; Mrs. Annie Shimek, Tacoma; Mrs. Christina Vostral, Odessa; Mrs. Josie Svoboda, Puyallup; Mrs. Emma Horak, Odessa; Mrs. Alice Michaelsen, Colfax; Mrs. Agnes Wraspir, American Falls, ID; Mrs. Frank Davies, Pocatello, ID; L. L. Zicha, Odessa; Frank Zicha, American Falls, ID; and George Zicha, Kennewick, and by 49 grand children and 18 great grandchildren.” (Odessa Record-Mar 30, 1934)




Odessa Catholic Cemetery, Odessa, Lincoln County, Washington

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