location: NW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec 2 Twp 27 R 36, about 3 miles north of old town of Egypt

    Cemetery is located north of Highway 25, 17 miles north of Davenport.

     * = death certificate; + signifies obit on file; !! = supported by Family Bible data

    Unidentified: several metal markers, names gone, & flowers marking graves

                        Visible stones in Oct 1999 are in bold print.


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Cemetery Listings  A through F:


Bair, Sharadee1940-1941

Barnhart, Jay, Aug 13, 1888-May 12, 1908 +

Barnhart, S. W. , May 20, 1854-June 28, 1911 +  , (obit G. W. Barnhard)

Bell, Lulu M.d. Nov 14, 1889 @ 7 y 11 m 16 dy , d/o W. F. & D. B.,  Flower of Love

Bell, Charlotte Lelia,  (d. Sept 30, 1902)+ d/o Chas A.

Bell, Lavina , (b. 1892; d. 1893; d/o Chas A. & Etta; family report?)

Bell, Florence, (b. 1897; b. 1898; d/o Chas A. & Etta; family report?)

Bevis, Charles,   (June 12, 1845-July 12, 1908) +

Blacker, Joseph,  Mar 15, 1856-June 21, 1902 +

(Duncan, Mrs. Mary) , (d. May 21, 1908) +

Duncan, Laura  Nov 19, 1900-Oct 13, 1903 “In Heaven” (1902)+ d/o W. T. Duncan; age 3 yrs.

Englehart, Henry, (b. 12 Apr 1845-d. 20 July 1909) +

Farley, James, d. Sept 14, 1911, age 42 years +

Frans, James David,  Oct 19, 1872-July 31, 1895,  (shared stone) *!!+

Frans, WebsterNov 6, 1875-July 30, 1898 !!+ , (Probate #368) , (shared stone with James David Frans)

Frans, Cardelia J., (Dec 12, 1870-Aug 12, 1927) !!

Frans, Corrie Duncan,  d. Jan 13, 1900 @ 32 y 10 m 12 dy , (w/o W. M.) (#799)+

Frans, Winnifred,  1874-1913  w/o S. A.  !!+

Frans, Oscar,  d. March 17, 1883, age 7 days, son of J. S.  & M. L.  !!+ , (shared stone with Mary L., Bible shaped stone)

Frans, Mary Louise,  July 12, 1848-March 15, 1883,  wife of John S. Frans , (nee Sutherlin) , (shared stone with Oscar Frans)!!+

Frans, John S.,  May 9, 1844-Dec 25, 1916,  Weep not, he is at rest !!+



Obituaries and Histories of Frans Cemetery


Bair, Sharadee 1940-1941 (obit not sought yet)  


Barnhard, S. W. (G. W.)

      “Funeral services over the body of G. W. Barnhard were held here by Rev Blackburn. Mr. Barnhard has been a resident of Egypt for the past 20 years. Interment was at the Frans Cemetery. He leaves a wife and seven children.” (Davenport Tribune-Egypt Column-July 6, 1911) The corresponding tombstone reads: “S W Barnhart  May 20, 1854-June 28, 1911”. Silvester W. Barnhart was found on the Miles Precinct of Lincoln Co on the Federal Census for 1910. This family is shown as:  Silvester W. Barnhart, 56, OH, 2nd marr 21 yrs, carpenter; wife, Meris, 48, OH, 2nd marr, 21 yrs, 9 children born w/ 6 living; dau Rilla, 17, WA; dau Dora, 15, WA; son Dee, 12, WA, dau Gladys, 9, WA; dau Alice, 6, WA; and son Lord/Loid, 4, WA.   


Barnhart, Jay

      “Word was received early Wednesday morning of the accidental drowning of Jay Barnhart, the young son of Mr. & Mrs. George Barnhart who live on the Spokane River near the Detillion Bridge. The accident occurred Tuesday about noon, while Jay and his brother were fishing just above the bridge. They were climbing over the large rocks on the banks and upon stepping on a very slippery one Jay fell in and immediately sank out of sight only to rise again in a few minutes many feet out in the river, beyond the reach of his brother. The alarm was immediately given and the sawmill located near the scene of the accident was shut down and the entire crew turned out and united in the effort to recover the body. Mr. Barnhart, who was several miles up the canyon, at the home of a neighbor was sent for and upon his arrival took charge of the searching party, which had been much enlarged from all the surrounding country. Coroner Dean arrived during the afternoon, and the body was recovered about six o’clock the same afternoon. An inquest was unnecessary and the body was immediately taken to the home of friends and the funeral was held Wednesday afternoon. Jay Barnhart was born in Davenport Aug 13, 1889, and departed this life May 12, 1908, aged 18 years 8 months and 29 days. The funeral was held at his home near Rays sawmill and attended by a large number of friends. Thirty-five teams followed the remains to the France (Frans) Cemetery where the body was laid to rest. The parents kindly thank the many friends who assisted in the hour of need. The funeral service was conducted by M A Sheldon.” (LCT-May 15, 1908)  


Bell, Charlotte L., (daughter of Charles A.)

    “The little daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bell, who live near Mold, died Tuesday evening, Sept 30, of dysentery. The child had only been sick a few days, and its death is a sad blow to the parents. Mr. & Mrs. Duncan, parents of Mrs. Bell, who live at Egypt, were sent for, but did not arrive until after the little one had passed away. The body was taken to Egypt for interment. The child of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bell died Monday, and Mrs. Hampton, mother of Mrs. Bell, died last week from the same disease. The two families have the sympathy of their many friends and acquaintances in their sad bereavement.” (LCT-Oct 7, 1902-Tuesday) A family report from R. E. Corkins shows this child as born in April 1899 in Douglas County and dying also in Douglas County, with burial in Frans Cemetery. Oct  9, 1902 Daughter of Chas Bell

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bell, of Mold, Douglas County, brought their little three year old daughter to Egypt last week for burial. The child had a severe attack of dysentery from which she failed to recover. A little sister who died a few years ago, was buried in the Egypt graveyard, and the sorrowing parents laid the little one in its long rest beside their first-born. (Frans Cemetery) Dav. Trib)  Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Bell came up from Coulee City Thursday of last week with the remains of their little three year old daughter, which were brought here for interment in the Frans graveyard. Quite a number of old-time friends attended the funeral, and much sympathy is expressed for Mr. & Mrs. Bell in their sad affliction, this being the third child laid to rest, and all about the same age. Mrs. Bell is a daughter of Widow Duncan, and a niece of Mr. J. S. Frans. (LCT)   


Bell, child of Frank, (deleted from Frans Cem to Mold?)  


Bell, Florence,   b. 1897; d. 1898

    A family report suggests that Florence Bell, daughter of Charles A. and Etta Bell, was interred in the Frans Cemetery. Data for this era is difficult to locate to confirm or evidence birth or burial.


Bell, Lavina,  b. 1892; d. 1893  

     A family report suggests that Lavina Bell, daughter of Charles A. and Etta Bell, was interred in the Frans Cemetery. Data has not been found locally on this child.


Bell, Lulu M.,  d. Nov 14, 1889  TS

      Lulu M. Bell was the daughter of William Franklin Bell and his wife Dora B. Hampton, as shown by her tombstone, having died on Nov 14, 1889 at the age of 7 years, 11 mos and 16 days. This would establish her birth as Nov 30, 1881. The family reports that she was born in Kings Point, Dade Co, MO. { Many of the Bell and Hampton ancestors are buried in the Mold Cemetery, Douglas County, WA.  “The child of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bell died Monday, and Mrs. Hampton, mother of Mrs. Bell, died last week from the same disease.” (LCT-Oct 7, 1902) This “same disease” was dysentery as shown in the obituary of the daughter of Chas Bell. The child of Frank Bell in this quotation is actually the child of Wm Franklin Bell and Dora Hampton, and has been identified as George Albert Bell (1900-1902) with tombstone in the Mold Cemetery. Dora B Hampton Bell, mother of Lulu M. and George Albert, was the daughter of Phebe Jane Richardson Hampton (1840-1902). Phebe Hampton is presumed buried at the Mold Cemetery in Douglas Co and a new search is needed to locate the Hampton stones. 2004}


Bevis, Charles,  June 12, 1845-July 12, 1908

       “Charles Bevis was born in Indiana, June 12, 1845, and died of Bright’s disease at Stettler, Alberta, July 12, 1908. Mr. Bevis was a pioneer of Lincoln County, having settled here in 1880, where he resided until a few years ago when he went to Alberta, where he passed away. He was always a well respected citizen and was ever ready to give a willing hand and a kind word for everybody he met. He leaves besides one sister, Mrs. F. M. Johnson of Mold, and 5 brothers, Joseph and Henry of Mondovi, Jasper, Samuel and John of Oregon. Mr. Bevis always led a moral life and the news of his death was a shock to the community. He was laid to rest beside his mother at the Frans Cemetery. The respect was shown him by all the old settlers who paid their tribute to the remains.” (Dav. Tribune-July 30, 1908) (Edit: Charles Bevis had only these half brothers and sisters. He was the only known child of George P. Bevis and Julia Ann Williams, who were married Oct 5, 1843 in Bartholomew County, IN, family records furnished by R. E. Corkins. Julia, mother of Charles, is buried in Frans Cemetery as Julia Ann Williams Bevis Shook.  No marriage record for Charles has been found, and he consistently reported that he was single. He had been in Alberta, Canada working his claim when he became ill and died. His half-brother, Henry Morgan Shook, was with him and the Canadian government gave Charles’ claim to Henry. Henry brought his remains to the Frans Cemetery for burial. Henry reportedly died much later in Oregon and was buried there, per family report.)  


Blacker, Joseph, 

      “Joe Blacker, who was shot in the head and stomach by Charles Hartman last week, near Miles, died Saturday last from the injuries received. The attending physician kept the officers informed as to his condition, and last Friday, Prosecuting Attorney Caton and Sheriff Gardner were notified that he could not live long, and they drove down to get his dying statement. The attorney secured the services of a stenographer, who took down the entire story as he told it. He knew that he had not long to live, and gave instruction for the disposition of such things as he had. He said in substance that he had never had trouble with Charley Hartman or his wife. He had never been in Hartman’s house but once in his life. He had passed their place the day before, spoke to both of them; she offered him some lettuce which grew inside the garden fence, which he accepted. While he was there Mr. Hartman excused himself and went to work, and immediately after he took departure. Late that night his dog awoke him, and suddenly he heard a shot fired, which struck the house. He jumped up to get his own gun, and more shots were fired into the building, some of them hitting him. The man appeared at the window with his gun, and he saw that it was Hartman. He appealed to him not to shoot, but to come in and tell him what was the trouble, but that Hartman’s only reply was another shot. His story was a long one, but this is about the substance of it. He stated that he had been married, and that he had a daughter living. He informed the officers that he had enough means to provide for his burial. Hartman and wife have a bad name, and she had evidently had a terrible beating, and presented a fearful sight. Hartman is in the county jail, and is now held for murder in the first degree.” (LCT-June 24, 1902) Blacker, a bachelor, aged 45 to 50, worked for Denny Moylan of Davenport. Blacker lived in a shanty 12 X 14. (item notes: LCT-June 24, 1902) “This whole community was greatly worked up over the Hartman-Blacker shooting scrape. This is a terrible affair in a civilized country. Joe passed away last Saturday evening, surrounded by sympathizing neighbors. Joe has no relatives here, but his friends are legion, and not one of them will believe that he did any wrong to Hartman’s family or any one else. Joe has resided in and around here for 15 years, and the whole community disbelieves the charges, and denounces the act as cold-blooded murder. People outside cannot help but find fault, not knowing the truth; let them wait and hear the evidence before passing their opinion. Joe has a daughter living somewhere in California, and we learn she has been notified of his death. The county coroner, Dr Moore, came down Monday and held an inquest on the body, being assisted by Dr McKee, of Miles, who attended the wounded man during his suffering. The doctor decided that the remains could not be kept any longer, and advised immediate interment. Joe was a quiet, sober, industrious man, but had not accumulated much wealth,--so a subscription was taken up to buy him a coffin. The amount was very quickly raised,--several putting $5. A carpenter was secured and a coffin made, and burial took place at the Frans Cemetery Sunday evening at 5 o’clock. Although but few knew of his death, quite a number gathered at the ground to see him laid away in his last resting place. Dr McKee, who is held in very high esteem here, followed his remains and read the burial services at the grave. After all had dispersed but a few, who remained to finish up the grave, one old friend suggested that they start a fund to buy a headstone as a token of respect. In less than five minutes $25 was raised by those that were present, and Ed Hume and J. M. Harris were appointed to solicit for that purpose. Mr. Hume said that he would have no trouble to raise $100 to $125 in a few days. W. G. Duncan was appointed to look up a place to purchase the head-stone.” (LCT-June 24, 1902-Was Much Respected) Joseph Blacker was found on the 1900 Federal Census in the Miles Precinct (dated 26 June 1900). He was a boarder with the Harvey DanBuckirk household and reported his age as 44, born in Indiana, both parents born PA, and his marital status as divorced. His occupation was shown as a farm laborer.  


Duncan, Lora,

       About one week ago the second daughter of Mrs. W. T. Duncan was taken down sick with dysentery, and at first no bad results were feared; but Sunday and Monday she gradually grew worse, and about 8 o’clock, Monday, Oct 13th, passed away. The funeral took place at 3 o’clock PM, Tuesday, Oct 14th, at the Frans burying ground. A large number of friends were present to assist, and much sympathy was expressed for the sorrowing parents. Lora was a very bright child of about 3 years and was much loved and prized by her parents and grandparents, with whom they were stopping. Mrs. Duncan is a daughter of J. S. Frans, and cousin of Mrs. C. A. Bell, who lost their child one week before with the same disease. This makes the fourth death from dysentery in this family circle inside of two weeks. (LCT-Oct 21, 1902)


Duncan, Mrs. Mary,  d. 5-21-1908

       “Mrs. Mary Duncan, wife of W G Duncan of Egypt, died at home Wednesday, May 21, 1908, aged 52 years. For the past two years Mrs. Duncan had been an invalid, but bore her affliction with patience, fortitude and Christian forbearance, ever having a kind word and a pleasant smile for her family and friends. She was born in Ontario, Canada, and moved with her husband to Washington in 1884, and settled on the home in Egypt, where she resided continually until her death. She leaves a husband, three sons and five daughters to mourn her death. The funeral will be held at the home tomorrow. Dr Fred Teter of Davenport will preach the sermon and the remains will be laid at rest in the Frans Cemetery. A consistent member of the Methodist Church for nearly 30 years; a beloved mother and neighbor who will be sadly missed from a community in which she has long resided, loved and respected.” (Davenport Tribune-May 21, 1908)  


Englehart, Henry,  12 Apr 1845-20 July 1909

      “Henry Englehart, an old pioneer of the Sandflat country died at his home early Tuesday morning from asthma and a complication of diseases. Mr. Englehart was born in Germany April 1845, being 66 years old and lived on his present home place for the past five years having traveled extensively in the past for the benefit of his health. He first came to this country when he was 21 years of age, residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mr. Englehart leaves the following relatives to mourn his loss: his wife, Mrs. Henry Englehart; and sons Joe, living in the east;  Mike living in Egypt; Lambert and Matthew, in the east; and Frank, Henry, Louis, and Richard living at Egypt; and one daughter, Mrs. Nettie Allen, who lives at Egypt. All of the boys but the last four named are now married. Burial was made in the Franz Cemetery near Egypt Wednesday afternoon, Dr F. B. Teter of this city conducting the service.” (LCT-July 23,  1909)  


Farley, James,  d. 9-14-1911

      “James Farley, a well known farmer living two miles north of the Egypt store, died last Thursday afternoon after an illness of several weeks. Mr. Farley was 42 years old and had been a resident of this section the last six years. He was a member of the Modern Woodmen and was insured for $1000 in that order. Funeral services were held in the German Lutheran Church by Rev Blackburn. The remains were laid to rest in Frans Cemetery. Mr. Farley was a highly respected citizen and leaves besides a host of friends, a wife and three children to mourn his loss.” (Davenport Tribune-Sept 21, 1911)  


Frans, Cardelia J.,    12 Dec 1870-12 Aug 1927

     Cardelia J. Frans, as shown in the Frans Family Bible, was born Dec 12, 1870 and died Aug 12, 1927. Labeled “Burials in Frans Cemetery, in order of deaths” this shows only the family members buried in the cemetery, with Cardelia as the 6th family member to be added to the roster.


Frans, Corrie Duncan, (Mrs. William Frans)

        “A correspondent at Egypt, under the date of the 15th, says: We write you tonight of a sad event which occurred in this community a few days ago. We refer to the sudden death of Mrs. Wm Frans. The lady left home one day last week in her usual good health to visit her sister, Mrs. Wm Hart, of Larene. Soon after her arrival at the house of her sister she was taken ill. At first nothing serious was apprehended, but she rapidly grew worse and next morning a doctor was summoned. Nothing seemed to relieve the suffering of the patient, and a second physician was called in consultation. Medical assistance was of no avail, and she passed away quietly Saturday morning. The remains were interred in the Frans burying ground Sunday at 2 PM, the ceremony being conducted by Rev Williams of Crescent. The funeral was the largest ever held in this place. The deceased submitted to her suffering with the fortitude of a Christian. By the death of Mrs. Frans this community loses a valuable and highly respected member. She was held in the highest esteem by everyone. She was a loving wife, a devoted mother and a kind hearted neighbor. She leaves a husband and three children, the youngest only seven months old. It is a sad blow to the husband and family, and an irreparable loss to the neighborhood.” (LCT-Jan 19, 1900) Corrie Duncan was born March 1, 1867 to William B. Duncan and Minerva Jane Sutherlin.  She married William M. Frans, son of John Frans and Mary Sutherlin; William was born in Fort Davis, Stephens Co, TX on Nov 10, 1866. Their known children were: Charles L. Frans (b. June 1887), Myrtle Frans (b. Nov 1894) and Ora E. Frans (b. June 1899). Corrie died Jan 13, 1900 with burial in the Frans Cemetery. (Family data as furnished by John and Kathy Williston (2004).)  


Frans, (James) David ,

      “Dave Frans, son of J. S. Frans, of Egypt, aged about 22 or 23 years, died at the hospital in Spokane, Wednesday afternoon, and was buried in the Frans Cemetery, Egypt, Thursday evening. Death ensued from Bright’s disease of the kidneys contracted in the fall of ’93 while following a thresher and sleeping out on wet straw stacks. Deceased had been an exceedingly strong, robust young man, and since the disease had fastened itself upon him, everything that medical skill could suggest to arrest its progress had been tried, but in vain. His death will be sincerely mourned by a wide circle of friends, and the afflicted family have the sympathy of the community in their sorrow.” (LCT-Aug 2, 1895) The records of the Spokane City and County death records on microfilm shows the following data pertaining to James D. Frans: “Date of death: 7-31-1895, age 22 years; Cause: pyaemia; born: TX; resides: Lincoln County; Occupation: Rancher; Father = John S. Frans born IL; Mother = Mary Southerland born IL.” The family Bible shows his birth as Oct 19, 1872; his name was the 3rd to be placed in their family death register of burials at the Frans Cemetery.  


Frans, John Stephen,

      “John Stevens Frans, for 36 years a resident of Lincoln county, died at his home in Davenport on Christmas Day. Mr. Frans came to Washington in 1879 and settled on a homestead four miles north of Egypt in 1880, where he lived until two years ago when he sold his farm and moved to Davenport. Mr. Frans was born in Jefferson County, Missouri on May 9, 1844. He later moved to Texas where he was married to Mary Sutherlin, who died in 1883 and is interred in the Egypt Cemetery. One sister, who has been his house-keeper since coming to Davenport, six children and many grandchildren survive him. The children are are William Frans of Boyd, WA; Mrs. William Sillman and S. A. Frans of Spokane; Mrs. William Stone of Coeur d’Alene, ID; C. H. Frans of Davenport and Mrs. Henry Mints of Otis Orchards, WA. All the children were present at the funeral, which was held Wednesday at the Methodist Church in Davenport, Rev F. E. White preaching the sermon. Interment was at the Egypt Cemetery.” (LCT-Dec 29, 1916)  John S. Frans was born in St Charles County, Missouri, May 9, 1844. He was the son of James M and Frances (Farmer) Frans, natives of Virginia.  (see also History of Big Bend, 1904)  


Frans, Mrs. Mary Louise & Oscar ,(wife & son of John S. Frans)

      “Mrs France died at her home, six miles south of Fort Spokane, on the 15th inst, and her infant babe died on the 17th inst. Mrs. France was one of the first women that came to this region; was a member of the Methodist Church, was a kind lady and beloved by all. She leaves eight children and a husband to mourn her loss. Her death was sudden and unexpected, and everyone is grieved at the sad news. Great sympathy is felt for the bereaved husband and family.” (Northwest Tribune-March 30, 1883) “Everyone will be grieved to hear of the death of Mrs. Frans, one of the pioneer women of this section, which took place the 15th ult.” (NW Tribune-Egypt Column: Apr 13, 1883) Family records of Elmer Compton of Sarasota, FL (in 2004) show that Mary Louise Sutherlin Frans was the daughter of William Sutherlin and his wife, Mary Melissa Young Sutherlin. Family history provided by the Williston’s shows the children of Mary Louise Sutherlin Frans with John were:  William M Franz (b. 10 Nov 1866), Stephen A Franz (b. abt 1869), Cordelia A. Franz (b. 12 Dec 1870), James David Franz (b. 19 Oct 1872), Webster S. Franz (b. 6 Nov 1875), Francis Arminta Franz (b. 2 Feb 1878), Carroll Hawden Franz (b. 30 Nov 1879), Cora Lilia Franz (no birth data), Oscar Franz (b. 10 March 1883). This was the first burial on the Frans property.  


Frans, Oscar,   d. 3-17-1883

    Oscar shares the tombstone, an open Bible, with his mother, Mary Louis Sutherlin Frans. He survived but 7 days and was the second burial in the Frans burying ground, as shown in the Frans Family Bible.


Frans, Webster

    “Last Saturday the startling word was received here that Webster Frans, a young man well known in this community, had lost his life by drowning in Crab Creek, a few miles south of this city. The particulars of the sad affair are secured from parties who were at the scene of the accident. Frans was working on the ranch of E J McKee. About noon the deceased, in company with two fellow laborers on the same farm, walked over to Crab Creek to a point designated as the second crossing of that stream, for the purpose of fishing. When they reached the creek it was proposed that the party go in swimming. Frans’ two companions entered the water first up to their arm pits. Frans jumped into the stream and laughingly swam out around the other two into deep water. Suddenly, and only a few moments after entering the water, Frans threw back his head and with the single exclamation “Oh!” sunk out of sight. The terrified companions hastened for assistance, but it was some time before the necessary grapplings could be procured. The body was easily recovered in about 15 feet of water some four hours after the drowning. Frans was a good swimmer, but the water was very cold and it is supposed that the unfortunate young man was taken with cramps and was powerless to help himself. Webster Frans was a son of J. D. Frans, an old settler of the Egypt country. He was 24 years of age, a steady, industrious young man and his sudden death was a great blow to the family and a shock to the whole community. The funeral took place from the residence of the parents Sunday afternoon and the remains were buried in the Egypt Cemetery.  (LCT-Aug 5, 1898)


Frans, Winifred ,

      “Mrs. I. W. Frans, a sister-in-law of C. H. And J. S. Frans of the Egypt country, died at her home in Spokane Wednesday of last week. The body was brought to Davenport Friday for burial in the Egypt Cemetery.” (Aug 14, 1913-Davenport Tribune) Winifred Inez Frans was shown in the family Bible as the 7th relative to be buried in the Frans Cemetery. Winifred Frans was buried August 6, 1913. She was the wife of Stephen Alex Frans.



Frans Cemetery, Egypt, Lincoln County, Washington

Submitted by Marge Womach, April 4, 2004.

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