Wilbur Cemetery Obituaries A through G


This is a compilation of obituaries of Pioneers and others who lived and died in Lincoln
County.  The spouse has been included where possible, as have a few of their infant children.
The spellings on the headstones is sometimes different than the one in the newspaper obituary, needless to say I don't know which is correct, so I left them as is.  The Obituaries were typed in by Daryll Bahr and only slightly edited by me.
Daryll provided much of this information because of the many headstones of these pioneers that recorded "no information" on them and had no dates. Information in parenthesis was provided.   These obituaries were taken from the Wilbur Register, Wilbur, Washington

Submitted by Daryll Bahr and  transcribed by Rella Gleaton
NAME                          BIRTH/DEATH      INFORMATION  Block/Lot

ALDERSON, CORA C.              1882-1944        (Kaufman)     85/9
ALDERSON, GEORGE       (Jul 25,1881-1929)                       85/9
          Died: GEORGE J. ALDERSON: He lived here for 30 years.
          Married MISS CORA KAUFFMAN, daughter of MR. & MRS.
          ADAM KAUFFMAN, Pioneers in 1900.  For several years he
          lived at Creston where he farmed.
          A year ago they moved to Palouse country & from there he
          was moving to Colville when stricken with pneumonia.
          MR. ALDERSON was born in Virginia on July 25,1881. He went
          with the family to Texas & in 1899 came to Wilbur. He is
          survived by his widow. Two daughters MRS. MABEL SAMMONS
          & MRS. GRACE KEAD, of Spokane. Two small sons LEONARD
          ALDERSON & LONNIE ALDERSON. Five sisters: Two in Wash.
          MRS. MAGGIE DUVALL, Creston & MRS. GEORGE BANDY of
          Wilbur.  One brother KING ALDERSON, Wilbur.

ALDRIDGE, D. W.               1849-1914                        35/3
ALDRIDGE, NELLIE L.           1858-1915        s/w Alvin       35/4

  Died: MRS. D. W. ALDRIDGE: MR. & MRS. D. W. ALDRIDGE came
          here  in 1899 & a son filed a homestead down near the Columbia

ALDRIDGE, J. A. MRS.           No information                   35/10
ALDRIDGE, J. A.                ( -1929 @70y)                    35/10
          Died: JACK ALDRIDGE, Pioneer, found dead in Cabin: Body
          found by neighbor, OTIS MARTIN in his little ranch house
          in Grand Coulee, near Steamboat Rock.  A victim of an
          accidental shooting. The entire top of his head having
          been blown off from a rifle shot. He was a pioneer
          having lived in Wilbur, Keller, & Coulee at intervals of
          over 40 years. His nephew SHORTY ALDRIDGE was in Wilbur
          making arrangements today. His only daughter is expected
          to arrive tonight from her home in Oregon. He was
          70 years old.  Brother to D. W. ALDRIDGE who was employed
          several years with The Wilbur Register.

ALLEN, WILLIAM J.              1880-1925                        48/6
       Died: WILLIAM JESSE ALLEN who lived at Gadsby, Alberta.
       Accident by a horse, when the horse stepped in a badger hole,
       fell & rolled on him. Born in Rainier, Oregon, on May 28,1879.
       Came to where Wilbur is located in 1880 when still an infant.
       Married HULDA SMITH of Krupp on Apr 25,1908. Four children
       were born. Farmed until 1913 when he moved to Alberta, where
       he still owns a large farm. His immediate relatives, wife &
       children & mother MRS. Alice ALLEN PARKER of Spokane,& brother
       FRANK, of Vernonia, Or & a sister MRS. V. S. MILLER of
       St. Ignatius, Mont.

ANDERSON, LOUIS             1855-1909        "Friend & bene- 115/8
                                              factor of James Short"
          Death of Pioneer Rancher: LOUIS ANDERSON
          LOUIS lived 10 miles Southeast of Wilbur. He died from
          pneumonia. Born in Sweden on Oct 24,1853,the son of ANDREW
          & LENA (CHRISTENSEN) ANDERSON. Arrived in Kansas in 1869
          & worked with railroads & wrought thru Kansas, Texas, Arizona,
          & New Mexico, until 1883 when he came to the Big Bend &
          worked a while on the N. P. R. R. In 1884 he located a
          homestead. He had two brothers CHARLES A., a Bishop of the
          Lutheran church in Sweden,& SEVAN J., a farmer in Sweden.
          He had no relatives in this country.
          All his property goes to JAMES FLASCO, son of J. HENRY SHORT,
          according to his will. JAMES FLASCO is a student of medicine
          in Spokane.

ANDERSON, NEAL                     1888-1937                   195/9
          NEAL ANDERSON Killed in Auto Crash Friday: On Road No.4.
ANDERSON, MARY ANN            1884-1963                        195/9

ANGSTROM, ALBERT                   1903-1930                   163/10
          Died: ALBERT ANGSTROM, age 27. Married MISS ELLEN FOLEY,
          a native girl of another pioneer family. They lived in the
          Smythe District. Appendicitis. Survivors are widow & 17
          year old daughter IRENE. MR. & MRS. JOHN ANGSTROM, are
          the parents; sister MRS. HENRY MILLER; brothers: FLOYD,
          ROBERT & VERN ANGSTROM, all of Wilbur.

BANDY, ROBERT H. (HILL)       1856-1935        Father          113/6
BANDY, AMEY E.                1857-1921        Mother          113/5
       Passing of MRS. R. H. BANDY: She was born AMY ELIZABETH BEAL,
       at Newton, N.C. on Apr 11,1857. She married R. H. BANDY
       there on Apr 30,1877. Came to Wash in 1887 to Harrington,
       & in the spring of 1888 to Wilbur. Survived by husband & four
       sons. DR. W. G. BANDY, of Maiden, N.C.; EDWARD BANDY of Ovado,
       Mont.; GEORGE & ROBERT both of Wilbur. One daughter
       preceded her in death, MRS. MARY JOHNSON.

BAUER, ANNIE                 No information                   169/12
BAUER, AUGUST                1851-1924                        169/12
       BAUER Funeral: AUGUST WILLIAM BAUER age 76.
       Born in Saxony, Germany & came to America in 1856. He came
       to Wilbur from Sprague, a little more than 20 years ago.
       Survived by wife & five children; JOHN BAUER, & MRS. HERMAN
       of Los Angeles; & AUGUST BAUER JR. of Post Falls, Id. Several
       grandchildren & three great-grandchildren.

BAUER, ADDIE                Feb 08,1888-1978 Jun 25 s/w John
BAUER, JOHN                 Jun 17,1884-1938 Mar 21
       JOHN BAUER passes: Age 53,native of Canada, came with his
       parents some 40 years ago.  Married MISS ADDIE HADEN.
       Three children; BUELAH AXTELL, DALE BAUER, & BARBARA.

BEAN, FRANCINA       Feb 21,1861-1913 Jun 13 w/o J. N.       90/12
BEAN, JASPER N.      Apr 20,1857-1927 Nov 20 Father          90/12
      Died: J. N. BEAN - Another pioneer - Born in Illinois on
      April 20,1857 & in 1883 he came west. He stopped for a short
      time in Cheney before locating his homestead near Wilbur.  He
      made the trip from Cheney in the primitive way, behind a
      team of oxen.
      He & MRS. BEAN endured many pioneer hardships & inconveniences
      of homesteading in the a Big Bend having been among the very
      first but he succeeded. In 1904 he had a well equipt farm home
      & was operating 2000 acres of land.
      Old time friends were his pallbearers. J. J. BILLINGSLEY,
      BRITTON, & H. E. HADEN.  MRS. BEAN died several years ago.
      Survivors are two sons R. W. BEAN, Wilbur & ROY BEAN of Creston.
      Four daughters; MRS. ETHEL LEWIS, Coeur d Alene, Id.; MISS GRACE
      Spokane & several grand children.

BENDER, ANNA                1843-1926                          6/6
        Died: GRANDMA BENDER: Daughters are MRS. LILLY BROWN, MRS.
        HENRY ODENRIDER of Govan, MRS. ORSA DEERY of Seattle &
        the boys are JOE of Colville, & FRED, CHARLIE & ED.

BENEKE, HARRIET             1875-1932                          168/6
BENEKE, HERMAN J.             1885-1937                        168/6
        Died: HERMAN J. BENEKE, of Nespelem. A land & base clerk
        for 19 years in Indian Agency offices. Age 52. Buried
        beside his wife in the Wilbur Cemetery.

BIRCHILL, BESSIE M.    Jan 06,1899-1928 Apr 23                 167/4
BIRCHILL, HENRY L.     Jul 07,1897-1933 Feb 08                 167/4
          Died: HENRY BIRCHELL, age 35, Mother is MRS. NETTIE
          BIRCHELL. Surviving are his wife at the home & two sons
          LOREN & JACK BIRCHELL. Parents are MR. & MRS. ANDREW
          BIRCHELL. Four sisters; MRS. ROY FORTUNE, of Spokane; MRS.
          E. J. KRAMER, of Almira; & MRS. MARK PENCE, of Seattle,
          One brother JOHN, of Greenacres.

BLENZ, VERNA H.               1910-1925                        123/3
       MR. & MRS. ADAM BLENZ, youngest daughter died. Age 15.
       Mr. BLENZ is the youngest son of ADAM BLENZ SR. a pioneer
       stockman near the headwaters of Wilson Creek.

BODEAU, CATHERINE            1861-1931        Mother          196/11
        Death Angel calls MRS. THEODORE BODEAU, beloved Pioneer. Nee
        MISS KATHERINE NEY, was born at Luxenburg.  Age 70.  She came
        to the U.S. as a young woman & married THEODORE BODEAU in 1889
        & was one of the first marriages in this region. Four children:
        W.W. McCORMICK of Spokane. Three sisters in Europe & a brother,
BODEAU, THEODORE             1854-1933        Father          196/10
        Died: THEODORE BODEAU, age 78, pioneer. He was born in
        Luxemburg. Died of cancer, came to U.S. in 1872,first settling
        in Minnesota.  He came to the Big Bend in 1881. In 1891 he
        established a hardware store in Govan,& has resided with his
        son on the farm. Married KATHERINE NEY in 1889. She passed away
        in 1931. Survived by three sons: ALFRED, ERNEST & ORLANDO, &
        one daughter; MRS. CHESTER ARMBRUSTER, all of Wilbur.
        Catholic Church, Wilbur Cem.


BOTTS, MRS. LOUISE (d. 1904) “Mrs Louise Botts dies at north ranch home.” 

(Black Rock Country: 1889-1909, page 12, burial not specified) 

 “Lillian V Bott. Died March 8, 1904, age 37 yrs. Krupp.” 

( Lincoln Co Auditor: Death Certificate)

 Wilbur Cemetery Listing:  Bott, Lillian, no information, B-43/L-11; added by Marge Womach, 2/11/2008

CAMPBELL, NEIL               1867-1946                        9/10
          Obituary: NEIL CAMPBELL, born in St. Thomas, Province of
          Ontario, Canada on Oct 31,1833. Died at home on the
          Columbia River 11 mi N of Wilbur on Feb 30,1907. Married
          MISS ANNABELLA SINCLAIR of Southdld, Prov. of Ont. Can.
          on July 18,1857. Born were 5 sons & 4 dau. of which three
          died in infancy, two being twins.
          The wife & mother died Jan 12,1875 & two years later
          another dau. CATHERINE. Living are JOHN, DUGALD, SINCLAIR,
          NEIL & ANNA. SINCLAIR & DUGALD are twins. They moved to
          Nebraska in 1869 in Lancaster, Co. near Lincoln.  In 1872
          they moved to Smith Co. Kansas & homesteaded. His second
          marriage was to MISS ELLEN LANDERS on Oct 3,1880 who
          survives him. No children in the second marriage.
          Moved to Wash in 1885 landing at Tyler on the
          Northern Pacific Railroad. In 1886 they came to the
          Big Bend on the Columbia River.

CAMPBELL, EDWARD              1876-1929                          167/6
          Died: EDWARD RAYMOND CAMPBELL. Age 53. Died on June 16th.
          He came 32 years ago to Wilbur & farmed south of town.
          Born in Minnesota.

CARBARY, FRANCES D.           1865-1921                          151/5
         Died: MRS. FRANCIS D. CARBARY, daughter of MR.& MRS.
         WILLIAM C.& JOSEPHINE BRITTON, born in Birmingham, Mich. on
         May 31,1863. Married PHILLIP CARBARY on July 3,1892 & came
         to Wilbur in 1900. Survived by one sister MISS HARRIETT
CARBARY, PHILIP                1853-1935                        151/6

CARPENTER, GERALD N.         1921-1940        s/w LEONARD K.   89/10
           Young Man Loses Life Under Tractor: GERALD CARPENTER,19,
           son of PHILLIP CARPENTER was employed at ROSCOE JENSEN
           farm. He did not come for lunch & JENSEN went to
           investigate supposing he had had some trouble.
           He discovered that the tractor motor was
           still running & that the heavy machine had part way over
           the boys body. It appears that the lad had dismounted the
           tractor to fix the coupling that held the plow to it &
           that the machine had backed just enough to throw him down
           & crush the life out of him.
             MR. JENSEN at once summoned DR. GEORGE CONOVER. It was
           found that the boy's arm, was broken & cut badly but there
           was no bleeding, indicating that death had been
           instantaneous. The accident occurred several hours before
           the body was discovered. Survived by two brothers IRVEN &
           MARION CARPENTER, & two sisters. Lutheran Ch.

CHRISTENSEN, JAMES           No information                   167/7
CHRISTENSEN, SUSAN              (-1928 Dec    @39y w/o James) 167/7
             Died: MRS. SUSAN CATHERINE CHRISTENSEN. Born at
             Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. Age 39. Wife of JAMES
             CHRISTENSEN & he & children & her mother
             MRS. NATHANIAL KEARUS survive.

CLARK, LUCINDA         Dec 23,1858-1955 Apr 30                 33/4
CLARK, ARGALEOUS N.    Apr 13,1851-1913 Jul 01                 33/
       Died: A. N. CLARK  1851-1913. He left Illinois & located in
       Iowa in 1875. In 1877 he married LUCINDA FISHER of Webster
       City, Iowa. Ten children were born. Twenty-five years ago he
       came to Wash., locating at Clark P.O.
       His wife & eight children survive.

CLARK, H. ARNEL       Oct 28,1899-1932 Aug 16 h/o Lucinda      33/6
       Died: H. ARNEL CLARK, age 33. Survived by his mother MRS.
       LUCINDA CLARK, three sisters: MRS. MYRTLE JOHNSTON, of Wilbur;
       MRS. NORA COMER, of Colville; MRS. DELLA COMER, of Wenatchee,&
       two brothers; CUE CLARK*,of Sprague; & GLEN CLARK of Colville.
       Died of creeping paralysis.

COMER, VIOLA MAY             1903-1919                     10/
       Died: MISS MAY COMER, age 16, of the flu.

CONDON, CHARLIE          No stone                         111/8
CONDON, SAMUEL WILBUR            -1895 Jan 21 Aged 62 yrs
                                     (Founder of Wilbur)  111/7

CONNERY, NORA         Apr 15,1866-1906 Jan 11 (w/o THOMAS)120/11
         NORA (OILEARY) CONNERY, Born in County Kerry, Ireland
         in 1866. Married THOMAS CONNERY at Tacoma in 5/l/1889.
         Settled near Wilbur in 1893. She died of brain fever.
CONNERY, THOMAS   May 14,1854-1916 Oct 19  s/w Nora       120/12
         Died: THOMAS CONNERY, of Spokane. Born in 1854, Irish. Came
         to Wash in 1876 & left, then came back in 1882. In 1893 he
         came to Wilbur.

CONNOLLY, JAMES           1859-1920                            122/6
          Died: JAMES CONNELLY who was born in Ireland in 1861 & at
          age 16 he went to England for 10 years. Immigrated to the
          U.S. landing in Dover, N. H. & then came to Wash.  He
          homesteaded 10 miles from Wilbur in 1891. He retired
          in 1907.
CONNOLLY, JOHN            1861-1922                            122/6
          Died: JOHN CONNOLLY - suffering from a tick bite. Among
          the papers of the deceased is a diary which he kept, since
          some time in 1893.  He located in the Kenneway near the
          old "PORTUGESE JOE ranch.  He came direct from Ireland
          with a brother JAMES, who had already homesteaded in the
          old Union Valley neighborhood.  JIM died two years ago.
          His sister MRS. LIZZIE FOX of Cheyenne, Wyoming came & is
          the administrator. Age 65.  No heirs to either JAMES
          or JOHN.

COOK, MERTON PAUL          1897-1926                             162/4
      Killed at Ferry: MERTON COOK killed by a wheel on the ferry.
      ALBERT ECKLE had resigned from the position of ferryman &
      young COOK who left the merchandising business of his father
      in law GEORGE TRAVENER at Keller had taken his place on the

CORRIGAN, THOMAS SR.         No information(1908?)             44/11
          Old pioneer Gone & Picture: of THOMAS CORRIGAN
CORRIGAN, THOMAS JR.             (-1908 Sep    @24y)           44/12
          Death of TOM CORRIGAN, son of CORRIGAN who died last spring.
          No relatives. He drank heavily for several months &
          developed delirium tremors. Died of alcoholic nephritis.

CRAMER, ELSIE B.              1908-1937        Mother          162/9
        Died: MRS. E. CRAMER, age 28, niece of E. T. COOPER, of Govan.

DALTON, W. P.                   (-1906 Feb 15)                151/11
        Died: WILLIAM PICKETT DALTON Born in Clinton, Missouri in
        1874 & came to Washington in 1899. Married BESSIE ROBERTSON
        on 11/27/1901. Died at Tucson, Ariz. of tuberculosis.

DEATHERAGE, CHARLES M.        1869-1928        s/w Sally C.    79/3
DEATHERAGE, SALLY C.          1871-1907                        79/3
            Died: SALLIE C. (EDGMON), wife of C. M. DEATHERAGE. Died
            of paralysis at home near Clark, Wa.

DECATER, CLARISSA      Sep 29,1832-1903 Dec 17 s/w Andrew      39/2
DECATER, ANDREW        Mar 17,1826-1909 Dec 19                 39/3
         A. J. DECATUR buried: Age 82. Sons are CHARLES & G. P.
         DECATUR & one daughter MRS. SHUFELDT.

DEFREECE, GILPIN              1849-1933                        200/9
          Died: GILPIN DEFREECE: age 84. Born in Missouri & came
          west by wagon train to Oregon in 1876. In 1888 he settled
          on land near Wilbur. Survived by a son HENRY, & a
          brother JOSEPH, of Wilbur.

DEFREECE, JOSEPH  P.           1851-1936                       200/8
DEFREECE, MARY A.              1851-1937                       200/8
          Died: MRS. JOSEPH DEFREECE

DEJARNETT, GEORGE              (-1934 Aug    @83y)             11/6
           Aged Pioneer Died: GEORGE L. DEJARNETTE. Age 83. Govan

DERRY, CATHERINE MONA BEAN     1917-1939                       90/2
       Funeral: MRS. MONA DERRY; wife of C. E. DERRY, age 23.
       Daughter of MR. & MRS. ROY BEAN. She fell from a horse
       during Seattle parade & hit by a car, plus having pneumonia
       & heart trouble.

DREGER, HENRIETTA W.*         1842-1925        *Wilhelmine   46/4
DREGER, LEOPOLD       (Jun 06,1843-1916 May)                 46/4
        Died: LEOPOLD DREGER: Died at home of son RUDOLPH, a few
        miles southeast of Wilbur on Wed. of last week. He was
        buried in Wilbur Cem. on Fri. following. Deceased was
        born in Germany on June 6,1843.
DREGER, ADOLF                 1907-1908        s/o Rudolph& Lena 52/6
        Died-Three year old boy of RUDOLPH DEAGER (DREGER) 7 mi. S.
        of town. Diphtheria.
DREGER, RUDOLPH A.     Dec 22,1870-1949 May 19               52/6
DREGER, LENA  F.       Sep 29,1877-1970 Apr 04               52/6

ELWELL, JAMES          No dates on stone  Co. G? (or C?)
                                          5th Indiana Cav    67/8
        A Sad Death: JAMES ELWELL found dead last Sunday. JAMES
        EDWARD ELWELL was born in Ohio, Oct 7,1835 & died on Mar 29,
        1908 at his home in Wilbur. He had been in feeble health for
        a long time & was found dead in his stable where he had been
        doing his evening chores. Heart failure.
           In early childhood he moved with his parents to Indiana &
        when grown to Arkansas & Missouri. He was married in Missouri
        to NANCY JANE MANESS in 1859 on the breaking out of the Civil
        War, he returned to Indiana & enlisted in 1862 serving until
        June 1865.
        After the war he returned to his family & then came westward
        by Missouri, Minnesota, & finally to Wash. in 1889 where they
        have since lived. He leaves a wife( Nancy Jane), one son &
        five daughters, the eldest son & dau. having died before the
        father. At this writing the time of funeral is indefinite as
        the children have not all been heard from.  He will be buried
        from the Baptist church of which his wife & one dau. MRS. R. H.
        HANKEL, are members. (note he was the father of MILLIE DUNN, &
         MRS. BILL CONDIN also Civil War.)

ELWELL, DOC                     (-1926 May)                  67/9
        Died: "DOC" ELWELL - ROBERT HANKEL called to Medical Lake,
        because of death of brother-in-law "DOC" ELWELL. Deceased had
        been an inmate of Medical Lake Asylum the past two years. Cause
        of insanity being the softening of the brain. Remains brought to
        Wilbur. REV. WALLACE of Community Church off. Wilbur Cem. Out
        of town relatives attending were - MRS. MARTHA HARRY & daughter,
        MRS. REEDER, both of Kahlotus, & MRS. BELLE RASCH, of the Methow
        valley, wife of "WAL" RASCH, a resident of Wilbur in his boyhood.
        Two sons, one of whom lives in Spokane arrived an hour late for
        the funeral.  Thirty years ago the deceased was a resident of
        Wilbur, where both his parents lived.

ENGLE, JOHN FRANKLIN        1880-1925                       43/7
       Died at Shoshone, Id.: J. F. INGLE early pioneer of Broadax.
       His sister MRS. S.C. MARS, brother JOHN C. INGLE, of Marlin.
       Wilbur Cem.

ERICKSON, L. ROSANNA         1874-1926                        164/8
          Died: MRS. ROSE ERICKSON: Danish Lutheran Church. She
          leaves her husband E. O. ERICKSON, Daughter MRS. HERMAN
          HAGEN, her mother, MRS. CHRISTINE KRAABEL, two sisters,
          MRS. 0.HOLMES & MRS. V. E. JURGENSEN.

ETTENBOROUGH, JOSEPH ALONZA  1881-1917  Father And Sons      111/3
              Died: JOE ETTENBOROUGH: Born in 1881.  His father
              settled on Batchelor Prairie, Creston. Died of the flu.
ETTENBOROUGH, ADELINE ANN          1857-1924        (Mother)  111/1
ETTENBOROUGH, JAMES MARION    1879-1938        And Sons       111/3
ETTENBOROUGH, LOUIS NAPOLEON  1849-1936        (Father)       111/1

FILES, JACKSON  G.      Jan 17,1823-1901 Apr 02               84/11
       Files 78 yrs crossed the plains in 1854 from Tennessee.
       He was an Indian War Veteran of the Cayuse War.

FISHER, GEORGE  S.    May 22,1851-1913 Mar 27                 36/12
FISHER, LUCINDA JANE  Jan 01,1856-1919 Mar 28 s/w George S.   36/12
        Died: MRS. GEORGE S. FISHER: LUCINDA J. BROCK was born in
        Iowa on Jan 1,1856 & died on Mar 20,1919. Survived by C. H. &
        G. W. & A. A. & R. L. FISHER. MESDAMES; F. M. ALLEN; J. R. LEE; J. J.
        BILLINGSLEY; C. P. SMART & MISS MINNIE FISHER. Christian Church.

FLOHR, MICHAEL               1866-1925                        162/6
       Died: MICHAEL FLOHR: Native of Ohio. Came to Wilbur in 1887
       with a crew of surveyors running out the route of the Central
       Wash. R.R. - aggressive personality. He knew no fear & at times
       was deputy sheriff & constable or town marshal. Survived by
       three brothers. GEORGE A. of Northport, MRS. MILLS of Chewelah.

FOLEY, JOHN A.               1864-1940                         76/7
       Died: JOHN FOLEY, age 76, son of MR. & MRS. JOHN FOLEY SR.
       came from Minnesota to Washington about 50 years ago. He
       farmed near Wilbur for a time. He operated a fruit &
       vegetable tract NEAL CANYON. Survived by his wife & three
       OLLIE DAVIS, of Florida. Three brothers; ERNEST,& ARTHUR
       FOLEY* of Wilbur,& WALTER FOLEY of N.Y. City.
FOLEY, MARY C.               1869-1962                         76/7

FOLEY, WILLIAM A.            1862-1930                         34/2
       Died: WILLIAM FOLEY, age 68. Born in Henderson, Minnesota
       on 7/21/1862. Son of JOHN FOLEY SR. He moved to Wilbur in
       1888. Survived by five brothers-JOHN P. & ART of Wilbur;
       WARD, Davenport; WALTER S. of N.Y.; & ERNEST of Cashmere.

FORREY, ABAGAIL J.           1834-1923                          49/1
        Born in Newcastle, Indiana, on June 2,1834. Her father was
        JOHN PARKER.  Married SAMUEL FORREY in 1860 in Leon, Iowa.
        MRS. FORREY, son CLAUDE, & daughter EDNA, emigrated to the
        Pacific Coast in 1880. Came to the Big Bend in 1889
        settling in Sherman.
FORREY, OTAS             No information                         49/1

FRANK, MAURICE B.    May 20,1862-1910 May 04 B/ in Alabama      38/9
       Death of M. B. FRANK, at his Columbia River farm home
       of a heart attack

GEER, JOSEPHINE M.     Dec 25,1877-1916 Jan 01 w/o W. T.         31/5
GEER, W. T.                      No information                  31/5
                      One of earliest settlers

GEER, FRED                       (-1892 Mar 05)                 38/10
      18 Years Ago:-Death of FRED GEER: Mar 5th,had consumption
      about a year.
      A dreadful disease known as la grippe caused the trouble.

GEHRIG, RICHARD                   -1908 Jul 14 @9y    No stone
                                 (Drowned in Columbia River)20/5

GEIB, JOHN                   1852-1932                         200/4
      JOHN GEIB funeral held Wed. in Catholic Church. He was born
      in 1852 in Luxemborg, brother of ET GEIB, & NICK GEIB is a
      nephew. Two sisters live in Europe.
GEIB, NICK CARL        Nov 02,1888-1964 Sep 02 PVT Co D 38 BN
                                               US Guards WWI   200/4

GENT, HARVEY                1884-1939                           129/9
GENT, ELMER                 1904-1926                           129/3
      Died: ELMER GENT: Seventeen year old son of HARVEY GENT of
      spinal meningitis. The young man had roomed with his
      grandfather, MR. L.A. LARRICK & attended W. H. S.

GOODLAKE, EDWARD A.         1865-1947        Father             65/7
GOODLAKE, FORTUNIA          1873-1940       Mother & Infant     43/2
          MRS. FORTUNIA GOODLAKE dies suddenly age 67. Her husband
          husband EDWARD GOODLAKE.  She was born in North Carolina.
          Three children are in Los Angeles, one in Olympia, and two
          in Wenatchee.

GOODMAN, DANIEL S.     Jan 16,1875-1945 Jan 13 s/w Iona  73/11
GOODMAN, IONA  E.      Nov 02,1879-1915 Jul 30           73/11
         Died: MRS. DAN GOODMAN: Her father was JAMES KINER,
         and sister of MRS. BERT DRAPER. Infant

GOODMAN, EDITH  M.  Mar 23,1901-1902 Sep 18 ch/o D.S.& I.E.     73/10
         Edith fell into pan of hot fruit juice.
GOODMAN, LILA  L.       Jun 30,1904-1906 Oct 20 ch/o D.S. & I.E.73/10

GYORFI, MARTIN LUTHER Nov 26,1920-1940 Dec 02 Beloved Son       191/1
        Died: MARTIN LUTHER GYORFI, age 20, son of MR. & MRS.
        MICHAEL GYORFI suffered from diabetes. Died at Mullan, Id.
        Survived by his parents, two brothers & four sisters:
        FRANKLIN GYORF, of Yakima; ALBERT GYORFI, of the U.S. Navy;
        MISS MARGARET, Spokane,& BARBARA, MARIE,& LORRAINE at the home.



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