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We give credit to the Heritage Church, Odessa Historisches Museum and the Odessa Record for assistance in gathering the data.   These have NOT been confirmed by the Odessa City Clerk, but are documentation found within the county that purport to have been buried in Odessa. In many instances (?) will denote that there is some likelihood of error. 

Explanations and Common abbreviations used herein:

TS = Tombstone; OC = specific location to Odessa Cemetery; LL = Christ Lutheran Ledger, data furnished by the Museum

dc = death card; DC = death certificate; Obit = obituary

Suchland = A thorough research of the cemetery was done by Harold Suchland and in some cases his mention is the only available record, with no explanation. From that mention, additional research continues and some records are being documented. Due to the fragile condition of the local copies of the Odessa Record papers which went through a fire in the 1980's, some items are not available.


Dettrich, Alois Vincentt,   (d. 4-23-1962; b. ns; OC; wid; dc; Cong)  “Dettrick, Alois Vincent.  Died: 4-23-1962, Wenatchee, WA.  Mother: Amilia Houk; Father: Julius Dettrich.  Spouse: widowed.  Buried: Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card) “Alois Vincent Deitrich. Age 57. Dated: Apr 26, 1962. Burial: Odessa.” (English Congregational Church ledger-handwritten) “Funeral services for  Alois V. Dettrich, 58, will be held from the English Congregational Church at 2 p.m. April 26 with the Rev John Birchard officiating. Interment will be in the Odessa Cemetery, the Strate Funeral Home in charge.  A long time resident of Odessa, Mr. Dettrich made his home in Wenatchee in recent years. He had been visiting relatives here the past week. Monday, after it was noticed that the Dettrich car was parked at a gravel pit west of town for several hours, an investigation was made.  He was found dead, his upper body shattered by a shot gun blast apparently self-inflicted. Survivors include four brothers, Julius Dettrich of Snohomish; Tony, Clement and Frank Groh, all of Odessa; two sisters, Mary Dettrich, Spokane; and Mrs. Molly Scrupps, Everett.” (Odessa Record: 4-26-1962) 

Dettrich, Amelia,  (d. 1952; b. 1866; TS; OC; Suchland’s listing, C-04-06)

Dettrich, Elizabeth,  (d. 1960; b. 1902; OC; Cong. Suchland’s listing shows this burial in B-07-03) “Elizabeth Dettrick. (Age not given). Dated: Aug 23, 1960. Burial: Odessa.” (English Congregational Church ledger-handwritten) 

Dettrich, Juliuss,h/o Amelia  (d. 1958; b. 1878; TS; OC; burial shown in C-04-07)

Dettrich, Mary Amelia,  d/o J.  (d. 7-23-26; b. 3-10-23; obit; OC; DC; dc; Suchland shows this burial in C-04-05)  “Dettrich, Mary Amelia.  Died: 23 July 1926, Odessa, WA.  Birth: 10 March 1923, Odessa, WA. Aged 3 yrs 4 mos 13 days. Mother; Mary Groh, b. Russia; Father: Joe Dettrich, b. Bohemia; Informant: Joe Dettrich of Odessa; Cause of Death: shock. Duration: 3 hrs; Contributory: Burn. L M Thompson, MD of Odessa.  Burial: Odessa (Cemetery), Odessa, WA. J. E. Turner, Undertaker of Harrington, WA. (WA State Register of Death and Lincoln Co Health death card which shows Odessa Cemetery; Death cert. shows only Odessa. ) “The funeral of Mary Detrich, 3 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dietrich, victim of a gas lamp explosion, was held last Sunday afternoon from the St Joseph Catholic church, Father J. Anthony officiating.” (Citizen: 7-30-1926, Odessa column) The death of Mary Amelia Dittrich is listed in the Archives of the St Joseph’s Church of Odessa, WA, kept in Spokane. Mary Dittrich, residing in Odessa, died July 23, 1926 at the age of 3 years. Burial took place on July 25, 1926 in Odessa (not specified, civil or Catholic) and the cause of death was listed as “shock from burns.” (notes from the Catholic archives in Spokane)  “Mary Amelia Detrich, 3-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Detrich, of Spokane, died about 1:15 o’clock this morning from burns received when a gasoline lamp exploded last night. The accident which led to the little girl’s death occurred at the Daniel Giese home northeast of Odessa at about 9 p.m. when a match was lighted while a gasoline lamp that had burned low was being filled. Just whether the girl was covered by the burning gasoline or whether she ran into the flames is not known, so quickly did the explosion come. The child’s mother immediately ran to her rescue and had her hands, arms and face badly burned in extinguishing the flames. The child was hurried to town and was attended by Doctors Cleveland and Thompson. The child remained conscious and talked almost up to the last minute, when death came to relieve her suffering. The funeral will be held at St Joseph Catholic Church Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock, with Father Anthony Dosch officiating, after which burial will be at the Catholic Cemetery.” (Odessa Record: 7-23-1926)

Dettrick, (see Dettrich)

Dobson, Mrs. C. C.,  (added; d. March 1918 with infant; Suchland’s listing shows the ownership of 4 graves in the early section of the cemetery, A-04-graves 25-28 with no names ascribed other than the surname. This burial did not occur in the Harrington cemetery.) “After the Record was all ready for press the announcement of two deaths reached the office. The first case that of Gus Zabel, a pioneer of the Odessa country, who died at a Spokane hospital yesterday afternoon of hardening of the arteries. The second was that of Mrs. C. C. Dobson, who passed away early this morning after the birth of a little son. Funeral arrangements cannot be learned at this time and obituaries of these two worthy Odessa citizens will appear in next week’s issue.” (Odessa Record of 3-16-1918; this would be the first wife of Claus C Dobson, see also)

Dobson, Claus C.,   (d.  1947; b. 1877; TS; OC; obit; Suchland’s listing shows this burial in E-04-16) “Claus C. Dobson, pioneer meat dealer of the Odessa community, died at a Spokane hospital on Sunday, after a short illness. He had recently been hospitalized and returned home, only to return to the hospital.  Mr. Dobson was born in Wisconsin, June 3, 1877 and came to the Harrington area in 1898. About 1900 he and his brother, George, started a meat market in Odessa, which later became the individual property of Mr. Dobson. A progressive merchant, Mr. Dobson kept up with meat handling developments and was the first in Lincoln County to install an ice manufacturing plant. In about 1907 he started developing an irrigated tract just east of town at his home, now one of the show places of the project. A few years back he sold his business and retired to the ranch. Survivors include his wife, Mary, at the home here; one son, Leon; two daughters, Mrs. Bert Woolson, Dayton, WA; and Mrs. James Lyons, Odessa; four grandchildren and 2 brothers, George Dobson, Greenacres, and Oliver Dobson, of California.—Odessa Record. Complying with the request of the late Mr. Dobson, private funeral services were held Friday, Dec 12, at 1 p.m. in the Alvin Chapel of the Hazen & Jaeger Funeral Home in Spokane, with Rev M. Salle officiating. Cremation followed. Mr. Dobson was a member of the Rosicrusian society. Those from Harrington who attended the services in Spokane were Mr. and Mrs. Leon Dobson and Terrance and Claudia, Mr. and Mrs. George Kloster, Mrs. Emma Dobson, and Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Schoonover.” (Harrington Citizen: 12-19-1947; 1st wife died 1918 in childbirth)

Dobson, James, (added; assumed to be in one of the early Dobson graves of A-04-25-28)  “James Dobson, 18, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Dobson of Odessa, died Wednesday at Deaconess Hospital in Spokane of meningitis. Jimmie was a sophomore at Odessa High School and prominent in school activities, especially athletics. News of his death came as a great shock to the community.” (From the Odessa Record of Jan 25, 1929 in 2-05-2004 OR)

Dobson, male s/o Geo & Hallie,  (11-30-1909) “Dobson, male. Birth: Nov 30, 1909. Father: George I. Dobson, residing Odessa, white, age 28, b. WI, drayman.  Mother: Hallie Davis, residing Odessa, white, age 28, b. MO, housewife.  Number of child of this mother: 1; Number of children of this mother now living: 0. Birth occurred at 5:30 p.m. Nov 30, 1909, Lee Ganson, MD. Filed Dec 3, 1909. Lee Ganson, registrar.” (WA State Board of Health: Register of Births)  (Burial not specified)

Dobson, Mary A.,  w/o Claus  (d. 1962; b. 1887; TS; OC; Cong; burial not shown in Suchland’s listings, however, he shows a Mary C. with varying dates, see also) “Mary A. Dobson. Age: 76. Dated: May 13, 1962. Burial: Odessa” (English Congregational Church ledger-handwritten) “Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Dobson were held from the English Congregational Church on Sunday, the Rev John A Birchard officiating. Committal services were held at the church and burial was in private on Monday.  Mrs. Florence Stout played the organ music for the services. Pallbearers were W. M. Richardson, Frank E. Wraspir, Frank W. Groh, Leonard Mills, C. H. Scrupps and Kenneth Porter.  Mary Antionette Haubenschild was born in Odessa, Russia, and came to America with her parents as an infant, locating in Minnesota. At the age of 18 she came to the Odessa area, and became the wife of Claus C Dobson, pioneer Odessa Meat Market operator in March 1919. This has been her home since. Mr. Dobson died in 1947. A month ago she moved from her home here to the Hillcrest Manor in Ritzville, for nursing care. She died there.  Mrs. Dobson had a progressive personality. She came west as a young woman to stay with the family of Mr. and Mrs. Wade Detillion, and made her home there for some time. She saved her money to take in the Alaska-Yukon Exposition at Seattle in 1909, but used the money for a cabin on a homestead instead. Her homestead was just north of Nemo station and the present Lamona highway runs through it. She was believed to have been the first woman in Lincoln County to hold a driver’s license, in the days when women did not drive cars as generally as they do now.  Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Florence Woolson, Dayton, and Mrs. Claudine Lyons, Odessa; one son, Leon Dobson, Spokane; four grandchildren; three sisters, Mrs. Theresa Hondle, Pratt, MN; Mrs. Frances Rush and Mrs. Edith Vaith, Blooming Prairie, MN; three brothers, John Haubenschild, Blooming Prairie, IL; Paul, Crosley, MT, and Tony, Terrace, BC.” (Odessa Record: 5-17-1962) 

Dobson, Mary C.,  (1877-1947 shown only by Suchland in E-04-16-AC with the omission of Mary A. Dobson, whose dates were 1887-1962. No data was found to substantiate this listing.)

Doering, Amelia,   (d. 1963; b. 1884; TS; OC; Obit) “Funeral services were held on Monday afternoon from the United Congregational church for Mrs. Emelia Doering, 78, Odessa resident who died in a Spokane nursing home where she had been since 1961. The Rev B. M. Schafer officiated, with burial in the Odessa Cemetery under the direction of the Strate Funeral Home. Acting as pallbearers were A W Jessett, William Wenz, Paul Gross, Ed Salo and Sam Homberg, Odessa and Paul Schulz, Quincy. Favorite hymns were sung by a quartet made up of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Walter, Mrs. Marcus Weber and Robert Hoefel, with Mrs. R. E. Suchland at the organ. Emelia Schmidt was born on May 22, 1884, at Parkston, SD. She married John Doering there on Jan 30, 1908. They lived in various parts of the west and came to Odessa in 1941 to make their home. Mr. Doering died in 1949. Survivors include two sons, Walter A. Doering, San Leandro, CA and Gene Doering, Gardena, CA; 3 sisters, Mrs. Alex Smith and Mrs. Sophia Winter, Parkston, SD, and Mrs. Helen Fortener, Morgantown, KY; two brothers, Otto Fischer, Sioux City, Iowa, and Nathaniel Fischer, Parkston, SD.” (Odessa Record: March 14, 1963)

Doering, John, h/o Amelia  (d. 2-21-49; b. 5-14-1886; TS; grave 18 Row 3 OC; Strates; Cong) “John Doering. Birth: 14 May 1886; Died: 21 Feb 1949” (Congregational Church ledger by Eslinger) “John Doring. Residence: Odessa, WA. Death: Feb 21, 1949, at Odessa, WA. Birth: May 14, 1886. Age: 62 yrs 9 mos 7 days. Male, white, married-Amelia. Physician: L. J. Bonney. Burial: Odessa, Grave 18? Row 3 (sic). Funeral: United Cong., 2 p.m.. Interment on 2-28-1949” (Mortuary Ledger) “Sudden death struck John Doering, 62, at his family home here on Monday night. He had been in apparently good health went up town during the late afternoon of the same day. Born in South Dakota, he had come here early in life. In 1919 he returned to Parkston, SD, where he and his family lived until 1943, returning to Odessa at that time. He purchased a home here and worked for the Odessa Trading company and others. Mr. Doering came to Washington with his parents in 1902, and returned to Parkston to be married, and on Jan 30, 1908, was united in marriage to Miss Amelia Fisher at Parkston. They returned to the Odessa area at that time and lived here until they returned to Parkston in 1919. He is survived by his widow, Amelia, at the home; two sons, Eugene Miller Doering, of Saude Arabia, and Walter Albert Doering, Oakland, CA; one brother, Solomon Doering, Spokane; three sisters, Mrs. Henry Melcher, Portland; Mrs. Alma Martin, Beckley, WV;; and Mrs. John Schultz, Quincy. Funeral arrangements have been completed for Sunday afternoon, at 2 o’clock, from the UCC, the Rev E. J. Eslinger officiating, it was announced just before press time.” (Odessa Record: 2-24-1949)

Doran, Lee,  (d. 1-13-37; b. 5-22-1852; TS; OC; Strates; obit) “Lee Doran. Residence: Odessa, WA. Death: Jan 13, 1937, 5 p.m. at Sacred Heart Hospital at Spokane, WA. Informant: Lola Strate of Odessa, WA. Birth: May 22, 1852, Kentucky. Aged: 84 yrs 7 mos 21 days. Male, white, widowed, common laborer. Last employed: Jan 1917. Father: James Doran, born KY; Mother: Marie Ingram, born KY.  Relatives: 1 son: at Coral Springs, IL; 1 daughter: Mrs. Lola Strate, Odessa, WA. 5 grandchildren; 4 great grandchildren.” (Mortuary Ledger) “Funeral services for Lee Doran, 84, who died at Spokane last Wednesday, were held form the English Congregational church on Friday afternoon, with the Rev M. J. Galle officiating. Mr. Doran, who ranged the west during its earliest days as a government Indian scout and who had roamed over much of the world in an adventurous life, including a period in which he accumulated large holdings in Mexico, only to have all confiscated during the revolutionary troubles, had spent the past nine years living with his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Strate of Odessa. He had been taken to a Spokane hospital during the week end, where he died. Pallbearers were selected from friends of the family and included F. B. Totusek, L. C. Weik, C. A. Bragg, J. C. Jantz, J. C. Michaelsen and G. A. Weber.” (Odessa Record: 1-21-1937)

Dormaier, Emanuel, h/o Mary  (d. 10-15-1988; b. 9-23-1896; TS; OC) “Emanuel Dormaier, a long-time area farmer who moved to Spokane from Odessa after the death of his wife in 1984, passed away Oct 15, (1988), at Holy Family Hospital, victim of congestive heart failure. He was 92.  He came with his parents, Jake and Katrina Dormaier, to Odessa at age two from Java, South Dakota and lived here throughout his life.  He is survived by a son Dusty in Spokane, and by two sisters, Margaret Rammage of Seattle; and Emma Kuest at the Convalescent Center here. Interment took place October 20.” (Odessa Record: 11-03-1988) 

Dormaier, Jacob,  h/o Kath.  (d. 2-10-39; b. 6-08-1857; TS; (OC); Strates; obit) “Funeral services for Jacob Dormaier, pioneer, were held on Tuesday afternoon from the Odessa Baptist church, the Rev J. G. Rott officiating, assisted by the Rev F. W. Muller of Portland. The Baptist choir presented special music. His five sons and a son-in-law, Herb Kuest, acted as pallbearers. Burial was in the Odessa Cemetery, with the Strate Funeral Home in charge. Jacob Dormaier came to the US as a young married man with one son, 57 years ago, farming for a time in South Dakota. In 1903 the family moved to Washington, locating in the Wheeler area. In 1916 they left the farm, settled for two years at Quincy and in 1918 moved to Odessa, where they remained. Survivors include his widow, Katherine; six daughters, Mrs. Katherine Kraft, Lind; Mrs. Christine Frome, Lancaster, WA; Mrs. Caroline Resdelinger, Wiley City, WA; Mrs. Margaret Ramage, Seattle; Mrs. Emily Heimbigner, Puyallup, WA; Mrs. Emma Kuest, Odessa; five sons, Jacob R., Odessa; John, Sprague; Christ, Hartline; Emanuel and Henry, Odessa; 50 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren.” (Odessa Record: 2-16-1939) “Jacob Dormaier. Residence: Odessa, WA. Death: Feb 10, 1939, 11:30 p.m., at home in Odessa. Informant: Katherine Dormaier of Odessa. Birth: June 8, 1857, Russia. Age: 81 yrs 8 mos 2 days. Male, white, married, retired farmer. Last worked: June 1916. Total time in occupation: since 1881. Length of residence in Odessa: 20/21 yrs. In US since 1884. Previous residence: Quincy, WA. Father: George Phillip Dormaier, born Russia; Mother: Christina Kurtz, born Russia. Leaves wife, Katherina Dormaier; 6 daughters: Katherine Kraft, Lind; Christina Fromm, Landcast, WA; Caroline Riedlinger, Willy City, WA; Margaret Ramage, Seattle, WA; Emily Heimbigner, Puyallup, WA; Emma Kuest, Odessa; 5 sons: Jacob R. Dormaier, Odessa, WA; John Dormaier, Sprague, WA; Christ Dormaier, Hartline, WA; Emanuel Dormaier, Odessa, WA; Henry Dormaier, Odessa, WA; 50 grandchildren; 25 great grandchildren.” (Mortuary Ledger)

Dormaier, Jacob R.,  h/o Johanna  (d. 1975; b. 1882; TS; OC; obit) “Jacob R. Dormaier, son of Jacob Dormaier Sr and his wife, Katherine Huether, was born Oct 2, 1882 in Odessa, South Russia, and passed away Sunday morning, Feb 2, (1975) in the Odessa Nursing Home.  Funeral services were held Thursday afternoon, Feb 6, at 1:00 from the English Congregational Church of Odessa, with the Rev A Hausauer officiating. The funeral service was under the direction of Strate Funeral Home. Concluding services and vault interment was in the Odessa Cemetery.  Ruth Suchland was the organist and Mrs. Donna Schafer sang: ‘When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder’ and ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’. Casket bearers were: Jake Dormaier, Paul Dormaier, Albert Dormaier, Fred Dormaier, Ben Dormaier and Herbert Dormaier. All six of the casket bearers were his sons.  The deceased came to the United States with his parents when he was a lad of two. He was baptized in the old country and grew up in a Christian home. His parents settled in Yankton, SD. When he was 18 years of age he came to Wheeler, WA.  In 1904 he married Johanna Bischoff, which union was blessed with 12 children. In 1930, his wife Johanna passed away. Two years later he was married to Katie Schaal. She passed away in 1959.  At the beginning of their married life he farmed near Wheeler, until 1929 when they moved to Harrington where he farmed for ten years, when they moved to Odessa.  For eight years he drove one of the Odessa School buses and also worked as school custodian. Then he also worked for the Town of Odessa, after giving up the school bus driving and custodian positions. He was a member of the Odessa Grange for 32 years. On Feb of 1963 he entered the Odessa Nursing Home where he lived until his death, reaching the age of 92 years, 3 months and 10 days. His parents, one son, three sisters and three brothers preceded him in death. He is survived by 6 sons: Fred Dormaier of Wasco, OR; Jacob, Ben and Paul Dormaier of Spokane; Albert Dormaier of Portland; and Herbert Dormaier of Ritzville, WA; 5 daughters: Katie (Mrs. Reinhold Schuh) of Odessa; Martha, (Mrs. Carl Meyer) and Esther Hainline of Spokane; Mrs. Caroline Reese of Dryden; and Alma (Mrs. Lavine Cook) of Wilson Creek; one brother, Emanuel Dormaier of Odessa; 3 sisters: Mrs. Caroline Reidlinger of Yakima; Mrs. Margaret Ramage of Seattle; and Mrs. Emma Kuest of Spokane;  25 grandchildren; 2 step-grandchildren; 38 great grandchildren; 3 great grand step-children; and 3 great great grandchildren.” (Odessa Record: 2-13-1975)

Dormaier, Johanna Bishof,  w/o Jacob  (d. 1930; b. 1887; TS; OC; obit) “Johanna Dormaier was born April 16, 1887 at Old Frendenthal, Southern Russia. She came to this country in 1903 with her parents, Friedrich and Carolina Bishof. The family lived first at Ruff, WA, where they homesteaded. In 1905 she was married to Jacob R. Dormaier, Jr., of which 12 children were born. One of the children died in infancy. Mrs. Dormaier was sickly with heart disease for the past four years and the last two years she was unable to do her housework. The last few months she was with the parents of her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Dormaier of Odessa. She was called to her reward on May 22, 1930. Her end was a peaceful slumbering over the Heavenly regions for which her heart was set and for which she had the blessed hope. The names of the eleven living children are as follows: Katherine Schulr, Freiderich, Caroline, Martha, Esther, Benjamin, Jacob, Paul, Herbert, Alma and Albert. The family is living near Harrington on the George Knapp place. The funeral services were held at the English Congregational Church of Odessa on Sunday, May 25th at 2 p.m., Rev C. E. Schoenleber of the German Baptist church officiating. The body was laid to rest in the Odessa Cemetery. May she rest in peace until the great Resurrection Morning. The sorrowing husband and children have the sympathy of their many Harrington friends.” (Harrington Citizen: May 30, 1930)

Dormaier, Katharina Huether,   (d. 9-20-46; b. 4-08-1861; TS; OC; Strates) “Katherine Dormaier. Residence: Odessa. Birth: 4-08-1861, Russia; Death: 9-20-1946, Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane. Age: 85 yrs. Female, white, widow, housewife. Father: Paul Huether, born Russia; Mother: Margaret Christianson, born Russia.  Cause of death: heart failure. Funeral: Baptist Church, Sept 22, 2 p.m., Rev Fowl; Interment: 9-22-1946, Odessa Cemetery. Paid by check of Chris Dormaier.” (Mortuary Ledger) “Funeral services were held for Mrs. Katherine Dormaier at the Odessa Baptist church on Sunday, the Rev A. Foll officiating, with burial in the Odessa Cemetery. Mrs. Alfred Foll and Mrs. Nath Koth sang special numbers. Burial was in the Odessa Cemetery, with the Strate Funeral Home in charge.  Pallbearers were chosen from her grandsons and included Johnny Dormaier, Jacob Dormaier, Paul Dormaier, Harry Dormaier, Albert Dormaier and Lawrence Dormaier. Katherine Huether was born in Russia, April 8, 1861, and was married there Dec 27, 1881, to Jacob Dormaier. Three years later they came to America, homesteaded in South Dakota, and came to Washington Nov 3, 1903, locating at Wheeler. In 1915 they moved to Quincy to retire and two years later moved to a home in Odessa. Mrs. Dormaier held her membership in the Odessa Baptist church. Survivors include five sons, Jacob R and Emanuel, Odessa; Chris, Hartline; John, Espanola; and Henry, Edwall; 5 daughters, Mrs. Christina Fenwick, Spokane; Mrs. Caroline Reidlinger, Yakima; Mrs. Margaret Ramage, Seattle; Mrs. Emily Heimbigner, Tacoma; and Mrs. Emma Kuest, Odessa. There are 50 grandchildren and 55 great grandchildren.” (Odessa Record: 9-26-1946) 

Dormaier, Katie,  (d. 1959; b. 1892; TS; OC; burial shown by Suchland in E-06-32)  

Dormaier, (Lena) Mary, w/o Emanuel  (d. 2-13-1984; b. 9-17-1904; TS; OC; obit) “Funeral services were held on Friday, Feb 17, 1984 from the UCC in Odessa for Lena Mary Dormaier. Pastor Randy Middleton officiated. Lena Mary Dormaier was born Sept 17, 1904, the daughter of Marie Paulie and Henry Hardt. She was married to Emanuel Dormaier on Feb 14, 1926 in Odessa. She was baptized, confirmed and married in the Odessa area.  For many years, she helped her husband with farming land north of Odessa before retiring and moving to town. Preceding her in death were Annie, Katie, Molly and Sam Hardt.  Survivors include her husband, Emanuel at the home; brothers, Clarence, Al, Bill and Henry Hardt and one sister, Freida Hardt Hille; one son, Dusty Dormaier and daughter-in-law, Mary Louise Dormaier; two step grandchildren, David Low and Vicki Low Enlert, and 5 step great grandchildren. Burial was in the Odessa Cemetery with Strate Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.” (Odessa Record: 3-01-1984)

Drazan, Francis,   (d. 5-13-1913;  TS; OC; dc) “Frances Drazen. d. 13 May 1913. Birth: Unknown. Spouse: Joseph Drazen, born Bohemia. Burial: Odessa Cemetery.” (Lincoln Co Health death card) Edit: see also probate data under: Drazan, Joseph. “Rancher’s Wife Takes Poison. Mrs. Joseph Drazen, wife of a rancher living five miles north of Odessa, committed suicide Tuesday by poisoning.  The husband was at work in the field when the tragedy occurred and one of the children ran out to him crying, ‘Mama is dead.’  He at once rushed to the house and found his wife lying on the bed, apparently dead, and hitched up his team and came to town for Dr Mitchell, who, when he reached the scene, found the body cold and stiff, indicating that life had been extinct for several hours.  In the meantime a letter had been found, written by the woman in Bohemian and addressed to her husband, in which she admonished him to be good to the children, gave instructions for her burial, forgave him and asked to be forgiven, and said goodbye.  The body was placed in charge of Undertaker Gordon Stone, but was left untouched until the arrival of the county coroner, Dr Flanigan of Creston, Wednesday morning, who empaneled a jury, consisting of A. A. Bok, Jos Nechanicky, J. P. Cox, Fred Grauman, Henry Praetorius and Gordon Stone, which, after a short deliberation, returned a verdict to the effect that the deceased came to her death by poison administered by her own hand. The unfortunate woman, we are told, was 26 years of age and had been married to Drazan for six years. Their married life has not been happy and they frequently quarreled, according to the neighbors, and at different times he had been known to beat and abuse her. In the letter she wrote before taking the poison she forgave him for his cruelty to her, and asked for his forgiveness, but gave no reason for taking her life.  Drazan is severely condemned by the neighbors for his conduct toward the poor woman, which it is believed made her life unbearable and caused her to put an end to her troubles, leaving three small children, the oldest five years old, without a mother’s care. Muriatic acid, which was used by Drazan in welding iron in his blacksmith shop, was the only poison kept about the place and apparently was the means used by the woman to encompass her end. The funeral will be held from the residence today.” (Odessa Record: 5-16-1913)

Drazan, Joseph,   (d. Jan 1, 1930, Probate; DC)  “In the matter of the estate of Joseph Drazan and Frances Drazan, his wife, the Honorable W. M. Nevins, Judge of the Superior Court: The petition of Joseph Nechanicky respectfully shows: that he is a resident of Lincoln County, WA, That Joseph Drazan died on or about the first day of January, 1930, near Odessa in Lincoln County, WA; that Frances Drazan, his wife, died on or about the 15th day of May, 1913, being then a resident of Lincoln County, WA, and that both parties were husband and wife and their property is community property; that Drazan is sometimes spelled Drazen. That the said decedents at the time of their death were residents of the County of Lincoln, State of WA. That so far as known to your petitioner, said decedents left estate in the county of Lincoln, State of WA, consisting of community property as follows: About $14,500.00 in cash. Personal property amounting to about $2000.00, and the North one-half of the North one-half of Sec 22 Twp 22 Range 33.... Heirs: Gerald, son, 19, residing Odessa; Miss Helen Drazan, 16, daughter, of Spokane; Miss Elizabeth Drazan, 21, daughter, of Tacoma. No will....” and notes from the file ... “files contains a board bill for Gerald, residing with Fred A. Scrupps, July 1929-Jan 1930, amount of $150; bill for Joseph’s last illness for services by Dr Thompson, $15; Funeral Service of Joseph Drazan, $15, to St Joseph Church of Odessa, Fr. M. R. Helfenstein, pastor; Strates Furniture Store, funeral for Joseph Drazan, totaling $360.85, including casket, cemetery lot, open and closing of grave, suit, flowers; and bills for tuition and board for Helen Drazan, and her medical bills to Sacred Heart Hospital, $190, Dr Rohr, $230, for health and welfare, following Helen’s accident which seriously injured the right limb necessitating the amputation of a portion of that limb.” (Lincoln County Probate file #3120; file #3129 consisted primarily of consent for Joseph Nechanicky to represent the children, each of whom received 1/3 the value of the estate following the payment of the expenses, including a fee to Nechanicky).  “Joseph Drazan. Male, white, widowed, farmer. Birth: unknown, age 65, born Bohemia. Father: unknown, born Bohemia; Mother: unknown, born Bohemia. Informant: Gerald Drazan, Odessa, WA. Death: 12-25-1929, Odessa, Lincoln Co, WA.  ‘Found dead in house’. Primary Cause: Heart failure. Confirm diagnosis? ‘coroner viewed conditions’. Physician: Thompson of Odessa. Burial: not specified. Undertaker: H. H. Strate, Odessa, WA.” (WA State Board of Health-Certificate of Death)

Drew, Margaret Jane,  (Bone)  (d. 2-18-20; b. 4-18-1891; TS; OC; DC; obit) “Margaret Jane Drew.  Female, white, married, housewife. Birth: April 18, 1891, Canada.  Aged: 28 yrs 9 mos. Father: W. J. Bone, born Canada.  Mother; F. R. Salter, born Lowden, England. Informant: W. J. Bone, Odessa, WA. Died: Feb 18, 1920, Lincoln County, Town of Odessa. Cause: Pneumonia, bronchial. Contributory: Flu and confinement. L. M. Thompson, MD of Odessa, WA. Burial: Odessa, WA on Feb 20, 1920. Undertaker: None.” (WA State Register of Death)  “Odessa: Mrs. F. N. Drew died at her home at Odessa Thursday, Feb 19, from the results of flu shortly after giving birth to a daughter. She was born at Sault St Marie, Ontario, Oct 18, 1891. She was married to Norman F. Drew Oct 30, 1906. The family went to Odessa to reside, three years ago. The husband and two children, the baby and a little girl three years old, survive. (Dav. Times-Tribune: Feb 26, 1920) “The death of Mrs. F. N. Drew of influenza early yesterday morning brought a decided shock to the entire community. She was a young woman in the prime of life and in her case, death came before many of her friends realized that her condition was even critical.  Mrs. Drew contracted the influenza about a week ago and on Sunday gave birth to a baby daughter. It is claimed in medical circles that a case of flu in early maternity is almost invariably fatal and her case was no exception to the rule. With her lowered powers of resistance, she gradually grew weaker until the end came. Margaret Jane Drew was born in Salt St Marie, Ontario, October 18, 1891, but spent most of her life in  the United States. On October 30th, 1906 she was united in marriage with Norman F. Drew at Rock Falls, IL. Two children were born to the union, one a girl of three years of age and the little babe, which survived its mother and is now in excellent health. With her husband, who has been head mechanic at the Odessa Hardware service station, she came to this city three years ago, and though she was a member of no church, she was a woman who never wearied in well doing. She was an active worker in the Red Cross, the Congregational Ladies Aid and was a woman that performed many kind acts and neighborly offices.... Survived by her children and heart broken husband, ...Mrs. Leonard Bone of Wenatchee, and a sister, Mrs. A. R. Smith of Grady, MT. Funeral services were held today at the home, the Rev J. C. Evans officiating after which her remains were laid to rest in the Odessa Cemetery.” (Odessa Record: Feb 20, 1920; damaged paper)

Durland, Adrean F.,  (Civil War)  (d. 1-01-1911; b. 8-20-1841; TS; OC; DC; obit) “More than 200 people, many of them pioneers of the Odessa country, and including the Masonic lodge in a body, attended the funeral of A. F. Durland, father of Mrs. Emily R Finney, and related to a number of other Odessa residents, which was held from the Methodist Episcopal church, Wednesday afternoon. At least ten of those present were related, directly or indirectly, to the deceased. Rev Geo W Bradley, pastor of the ME church, conducted the services, both at the church and at the cemetery. The coffin was banked with floral tributes by relatives and friends and a number of carriages followed the body to its last resting place in the cemetery, where it was laid beside his wife, whose death had occurred three years previous. Adrian Francis Durland was born in Pennsylvania, Aug 27, 1840 and died at the home of his daughter in this town, after a prolonged illness, Sunday, Jan 2, 1911, at the age of 70 years and 4 months. When four years of age his parents moved from PA and made their home in the then newly settled country near Crown Point, Indiana, and while residing there he enlisted in the army, in the year 1861 and served with the Ninth Indiana Infantry until peace was declared. At the close of the war the deceased made his home in Sigourney, Iowa, where Feb 14, 1866, he was married to Rebecca Clary, who passed away in her Odessa home, March 7, 1907. In 1889, he left Iowa and became one of the early settlers of Washington, making his home in the Ritzville country, and continued a citizen of this state until the time of his death. Five of the six children remain to mourn the loss of their father, as follows: Otho Francis of Ritzville, Mrs. Emily R Finney of Odessa, Dewitt H of Odessa, Mrs. Mary Low of Palouse, and Mrs. Clara Post of Lowell, Indiana. Floral tributes were sent by the Masonic and IOOF lodges, the Methodist Aid Society, and Messrs and Mesdames Finney, L. P. Zimmer, O. A. Stone, H. C. Phillips and C. M. Smith.” (Odessa Record: 1-06-1911)  “Adran F. Durland.  Male, white, widower, farmer. Birth: Aug 27, 1840, PA; Father: Jno Durland. Informant: D. H. Durland.  Death: 1-01-1911, 7 p.m., Odessa, Lincoln County.  Cause of death: Heart failure from sub-acute nephritis, unknown duration; Contributory: la grippe, 8 days duration. H Mitchell, MD, Odessa, WA. Burial: Odessa Cemetery, Jan 4, 1911. Undertaker: Stone & Son, Odessa.” (WA State Certificate of Death) 

Durland, Dewitt H.,   (d. 6-08-37; b. Aug 20 (1871); OC; Strates; obit) “Dewitt Durland. Death: 6-08-1937, 6:15 p.m. Birth: Aug 20th. Age: 65 yrs 9 mos 18 days. Informant: George W Finney. Male, white, married, common laborer; Last worked: June 4, 1937. All his life in same occupation. Wife: Emma C. Durland. 22 yrs at residence (not specified) Father: Adrian F. Durland, born PA; Mother: Rebecca Clary born Iowa. Previous residence: 6 miles east of Odessa. Leaves: wife, Emma; one daughter: Montana Hewiett; one step-daughter: Nellie Kareen; sisters: Clara Post, Hubron, IN; Alice ______, Wheeler, WA. one brother: Otto Durland, Los Angeles, CA; 3 grandchildren. Habituary: De Witt H. Durland, age 65, passed away at his home here on Tuesday evening, following a short illness, of pneumonia. He was one of the town’s earliest pioneers, he had spent the greater part of his lifetime in this area and was identified with the town’s growth. Born in Iowa in 1871, he came west with his parents in 1889, located with them on a homestead in the Ritzville area. In 1894 he took up his own homestead in the Lauer region, remaining on it for about 7 years during which he also operated a business in town. During latter years he developed a small irrigated tract near Odessa, where his present home stands. He was a kind and loving husband and father. He leaves to mourn his loss, his wife, Emma; one daughter, Mrs. Montana Hewitt; both at home; a step-daughter, Mrs. Nellie Curene, of Alaska; two sisters, Mrs. Alice Low of Wheeler; and Mrs. Clara Post of Indiana; and one brother, Otho, Los Angeles.” (Both items: Mortuary Ledger; edit: the habituary appears also in Odessa Record: 6-10-1937) “Funeral services for Dewitt H. Durland, Odessa pioneer, were held from the English Congregational church on Friday afternoon, with the Rev Kenneth D Claypool, Harrington, officiating, and the members of the Odd Fellows lodge taking part in the church services and the Masonic ledge taking charge of the cemetery service. A host of floral tributes made a beauty spot of the church, and the ritualistic work of the lodges added to the solemnity. All unreserved seats were taken by the many friends of the pioneer rancher and business man. Mr. Durland had died following a three day illness of pneumonia on Tuesday night. He had lived the greater part of his life in the Odessa area, coming here with his parents as a young man, taking his own homestead when he reached the age of manhood. During later years he lived in town, engaging in business for many years, at one time operating a cigar store and later a real estate office. During the past two years he had worked as foreman of the Odessa projects of the WPA, retiring from this work a year ago. Active in lodge work he had held high offices in the Masonic and Odd Fellows lodges. During the spring months he had been awarded a special past master’s jewel at a meeting of the Odessa Masonic lodge. At the church the ritualistic work was handled by Chester Gilbert, master of the Harrington Odd Fellows lodge. At the cemetery the work was handled by L W Lee as master of the Odessa Masonic lodge, assisted by J P Keller, chaplain. Survivors include his widow, Emma; one daughter, Mrs. Montana Hewitt, both at home; a step-daughter, Mrs. Nellie Kareen of Alaska; two sisters, Mrs. Alice Low of Wheeler; and Mrs. Clara Post of Indiana, and one brother, Otho, Los Angeles.” (Odessa Record: 6-17-1937)

Durland, Emma Katherine,  (d. 5-17-41; b. 1-20-1883; w/o DeWitt; (OC); Strates) “Emma Katherine Durland. Residence: San Bernadine, CA. Death: May 17, 1941, 11:15 a.m., San Bernadine, CA. Informant: Mrs. Monte Voorhees of Seattle, WA. Birth: 1-20-1883, PA. Age: 58 yrs 3 mos 27 days. Female, white, widowed, house work. Shipping Funeral Director: J Russell Babbitt, San Bernadine, CA. Husband, if deceased: Dewitt Durland. Length of residence in city where death occurred: one yr. Father: Askey, birthplace unknown; Mother: unknown. Cause of death: cerebral hemorrhage. Physician: A. E. Gilbert.” (Mortuary Ledger)

Durland, Rebecca Clary,  (d. 3-07-1907; b. 7-05-1844; TS; OC) “Mrs. A. F. Durland, an old and highly respected citizen of this place, passed the portals of death at her home on Fifth street yesterday morning at 3 o’clock of a complication of heart and lung trouble. For several years Mrs. Durland has been in poor health but her condition was not thought serious until Monday and her sudden demise came as a great shock to her relatives and friends. She was born in Park County, IN, July 15, 1844, was married to Mr. Durland in Iowa Feb 14, 1866, and at the time of her death had been his faithful helpmate for 41 years. Five children were born to bless the union—Mrs. G. W. Finney, D. H. and Ortho Durland, who reside here, Mrs. Alice Lowe of Palouse City and Mrs. Clara Post, now residing at LeRoi, IN. Mrs. Durland was a woman of much strength of character, generous and sympathetic, and well loved by all who knew her. The bereaved relatives have the heartfelt sympathy and condolence of this entire community, in which they have the universal respect. The funeral will be held from the residence at 2 p.m. today.” (Odessa Record: 8 March 1907, page 1)


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