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MacDonald, Emma (added: d. 1930) “Mrs Emma MacDonald passed away at her home here Thursday morning May 9th after a long illness. Funeral services were held in the Church in the Valley at Edwall Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. Rev Kittner of Reardan officiating. Burial was in the Edwall Cemetery. Mr MacDonald was a pioneer of this vicinity having lived here for the past 50 years. She is survived by three sons, Archie of Los Angeles, CA; Robert and Keith of Edwall; three daughters, Mrs Flora Haynes of Bassino, Alberta; Mrs Effie Warwick of Spokane; and Mrs Maude DeSpain of Edwall, one sister in the east; and three brothers, Charlie Lemley of Reardan, John and Will Lemley of Coulee City.” (Citizen: 5-16-1930)


MacDonald, John C  (1884-1920)  “John McDonald was born Nov 29, 1887, near Edwall, and died March 8, at Spokane. He was taken suddenly ill Sunday night and was taken to Spokane for an operation but only lived a week. He was an industrious young man and well liked by all who knew him. October 1st, 1918, he was married to Ethel Herman, who still survives him, as well as his mother, four sisters and three brothers. Mrs Hugh Haynes and Mrs Floyd Nail of Alberta, Mrs Elmer Warwick of Montana, Archie McDonald of Bremerton, Mrs Vernie DeSpain, Robert and Keith of Edwall. Funeral services were held Wednesday at two o’clock by the Rev R M Brown, pastor of the ME Church. The IOOF of which he was a member conducted services at the grave.” (Citizen: 3-19-1920) “Ethel Herman and John McDonald, both of Edwall, were married on Tuesday, Oct 1st, at the Baptist parsonage in Harrington, Rev Horace Goodin, officiating. They were here visiting her brother, Dave Herman, and drove over to Davenport that same day to get the marriage license. The wedding was a quiet affair with but a few relatives present. Mr McDonald was in the last registration and expects to be put in class one and thinks that he will be one of the first in the next draft.” (Citizen: 4 Oct 1918)


MacDonald, Robert R  (1899-1961/6)


MacDonald, Sadie  (no dates) d/o AW & Emma; (d. Apr 1906, age 24 yrs) “On Easter morning at 10 o’clock Hugh McNeilly, Charles Service, Frank Hanlon, Will Hanlon, George Mower and Herman Morrison, as pallbearers, emerged from the residence of Mr and Mrs A W McDonald, bearing the earthly remains of Miss Sadie to the hearse to be conveyed to the ME Church South, at Edwall, where funeral services were held. The church building was full and many could not gain admittance. The altar was beautifully decorated with palms, ferns and blooming plants, and when the casket was placed in front of the altar it was soon covered with a mass of flowers which were nicely arranged by the practiced hand of Mr Stone. Amidst the sobs of sorrowing friends surrounded by the habiliments of mourning, Rev J D Lewellyn preached an impressive sermon on the text: ‘I am the way, the truth and the light.’  At the conclusion of the service at the church, Mrs Hugh Hains, a sister of the deceased, was so prostrated she had to be taken to the doctor for treatment. In the procession to the cemetery, some 50 teams  were in line. The bereaved family has the sincere sympathy of all the old settlers. Deceased was 24 years old and died of consumption. She had a lingering sickness of about two years.” (LCT: 4-20-1906) “Miss Sadie McDonald was buried at Edwall, Sunday. Some of our people remember her as an assistant to Miss Mary Kirkendal when that lady was in business here. Miss McDonald at the time of her death was 24 years old, dying of consumption.” (Dav. Tribune 4-19-06) “The funeral of Miss Sadie McDonald took place at 11 o’clock, Sunday, from the ME Church South, the funeral sermon being preached by Rev J D Lewellyn, the pastor. The church building was inadequate to hold the large concourse of friends and neighbors who gathered to pay their last respect to this estimable young lady and a large number were compelled to stand about the windows and doors outside. Undertaker O W Stone, of Davenport, was here with his hearse and directed the funeral after leaving the church. The procession, when the teams were in line, was fully half a mile in length.—Edwall Press.” (Citizen: 4-27-1906) “Miss Sadie McDonald was buried at Edwall, Sunday. Some of our people remember her as an assistant to Miss Mary Kirkendal when that lady was in business here. Miss McDonald at the time of her death was 24 years old, dying of consumption.” (Dav. Tribune: 4-19-1906)


Mahler, Gottleib: “Gottleib Mahler, age 93, is dead in Spokane . Until four days before death he had enjoyed exceptionally good health. The late Mr Mahler was a veteran of the Mexican and Civil wars and had resided in Spokane 25 years, coming here from Edwall. He was engaged in the Indian fighting on the plains and helped to build several of the first telegraph lines at forts in Wyoming .” (Citizen: 2-20-1920)


McCaw, Mary J  (d. Sept 26, 1897, age 16 yr 7 mos 20 dy; d/o RC & EA) “Miss May McCaw, recently of Walla Walla, who was in town a week ago, died at Edwall Tuesday.” (LCT: 10-01-1897) 


McConnell, Andrew P  (1862-1915) 


McConnell, infant (added: d. Oct. 1901)  “The infant child of Mr and Mrs McConnell died last Saturday.” (Edwall Column, Citizen: Oct 11, 1901)


McDonald, Alex Wallace  (added: d. 1919)  “Alex Wallace McDonald was born in Scotland, June 28, 1844, and died Oct 16, (1919), in Edwall of heart failure. In early childhood he came to America. At the age of 17 he enlisted in the union army serving under Sherman. On Christmas Day, 1879, he was married to Emma Lemly to whom 11 children were born, eight of whom are still living, Mrs Hugh Haynes, Mrs Floyd Nall of Canada, Mrs Elmer Warwick of Montana, Archie W of Bellingham, Mrs Vernie DeSpain and John, Robert and Keith of Edwall, besides the widow are left to mourn his loss. In March of 1878 he came west and settled on a homestead four miles north of Edwall where he lived until a year ago when he moved to town. He was a member of the GAR and the Masons. Funeral services were held Sunday at 2 p.m. at the ME Church. Rev Brown conducted the services. Burial took place in Edwall Cemetery.” (Citizen: Oct 24, 1919) See also History of the Big Bend, 1904: Alex was born in Glasgow, Scotland, June 28, 1844, the son of Daniel and Mary McDonald. He enlisted in the First Wisconsin Infantry on Oct 8, 1861 and also served in the navy.  He was married in Black Hawk Co, Iowa to Miss Emma Lemley, a native of Wisconsin. By this 1904 writing, ten children were mentioned: Flora Haynes, Sadie, Archer, John, Jessie, Effa, Daniel, Mabel, Maude and Robert.


MacDonald, Mrs Emma: “Mrs Emma MacDonald passed away at her home here Thursday morning, May 9th, after a long illness. Funeral services were held in the Church in the Valley at Edwall Saturday afternoon at 2 PM, Rev Kittner of Reardan officiating. Burial was is the Edwall Cemetery. Mrs MacDonald was a pioneer of this vicinity having lived here for the past 50 years. She is survived by three sons: Archie of Los Angeles, CA; Robert and Keith of Edwall; three daughters: Mrs Flora Haynes of Bassino, Alberta; Mrs Effie Warwick of Spokane; and Mrs Maude DeSpain of Edwall; one sister in the east; three brothers, Charlie Lemley of Reardan; John and will Lemley of Coulee City.” (Citizen-May 16, 1930)  


McDonald, infant   d. Aug 15, 1915, one day; s/o IB & __


McDonald, John: “John McDonald was born Nov 29, 1887 near Edwall, and died March 8th, at Spokane. He was taken suddenly ill Sunday night and was taken to Spokane for an operation but only lived a week. He was an industrious young man and well liked by all who knew him. Oct 1st, 1918 he was married to Ethel Herman, who still survives him, as well as his mother, four sisters and three brothers. Mrs Hugh Haynes and Mrs Floyd Nail of Alberta, Mrs Elmer Warwick of Montana, Archie McDonald of Bremerton, Mrs Vernie DeSpain, Robert and Keith of Edwall. Funeral services were held Wednesday at two o’clock by the Rev R M Brown, pastor of the ME church. The IOOF of which he was a member conducted services at the grave.” (Burial Edwall Cem) (Citizen-March 19, 1920)  


McMahon, Frank  (added: obit date June 9, 1955)  “Funeral services were held Thursday morning at the Catholic Church in Reardan for Frank McMahon. He died on Memorial Day in a Spokane hospital following a five day illness from which he never regained consciousness. Burial was in the Edwall Cemetery.” (Dav Times: June 9, 1955; family plot in Edwall Catholic Cemetery, check)  

McNeilly, Alice (added; d. 1904)  “His (Hugh S) wife died at Edwall 19 years ago and is buried there.  Mr McNeilly was formerly a Lincoln County Commissioner, serving two terms from 1898 to 1902.” (scrapbook item: penciled Feb 2, 1924) “Mrs Alice McNeilly, wife of ex-county commissioner H S McNeilly of Edwall, WA, died Dec 8, at St Luke’s hospital in Spokane. Mrs McNeilly had only been in the hospital a few hours, and death was the result of a complication of kidney and bowel trouble. The remains were shipped to Edwall for burial. Mrs McNeilly was 48 years of age.” (Sprague Times: 12-16-1904)


McNeilly, Arty R (added: d. 9-15-1919) “Arty R McNeilly. Died: 9-15-1919. Married.” (Davenport Methodist Church ledger; burial not specified, no TS in Davenport, no investigation to determine burial location)


McNeilly, Hugh Samuel: d. 1924  “Hugh Samuel McNeilly, 81 years, greatly enjoyed a service held in his honor by the IOOF of Edwall Saturday night, at which time he was presented with a medal of honor of his 41st anniversary as an Odd Fellow. With his son he returned home in high spirits after the ceremony, was taken ill and died a few minutes later. McNeilly was born in Ireland and came to Pennsylvania when a small boy. In 1870 he came to Boise, Idaho, where he engaged in packing supplies to the mines, and he took pack trains into the Coeur d’Alenes n the early’80s. Forty-one years ago he took up a farm in Edwall, and excepting a short period while he was blacksmithing in Spokane at the time of the great fire in 1889 had lived at Edwall continuously. His body was received yesterday by Hennessey   & Calloway and funeral services will be held at their chapel Mr McNeilly is survived by his son, Hugh, at Edwall; a daughter, Mrs W H Weaver of Spirit Lake, Idaho, and a sister in Pennsylvania. His wife died at Edwall 19 years ago and is buried there.  Mr McNeilly was formerly a Lincoln County Commissioner, serving two terms from 1898 to 1902.” (scrapbook item: penciled Feb 2, 1924) “H S McNeilly, a real pioneer of Lincoln County, and the ‘Grand Old Man of Odd Fellowship”, of Edwall, died at his farm home just West of Edwall at 2:15 a.m. Tuesday, Feb 5th at the ripe and venerable age of 81 years. He and his son, Hugh had been in attendance upon Artesian Lodge No. 263, at Edwall, where that night honors had been conferred upon him when his lodge pinned upon his breast a 45-year Veteran’s Odd Fellow jewel. In company with his son he had just returned home and he reached down and took off one of his overshoes, threw his hand to his head and fell over dead. The funeral was held at Edwall Thursday, Feb 7, at 2:30 where his brethren and friends from over the country gathered to pay their last tribute in his memory. Interment was in the Edwall Cemetery. He leaves to mourn his loss, in immediate relatives, a son Hugh, of Edwall, and a daughter, Mrs W H Weaver, of Spirit Lake, Idaho, and a sister in Pennsylvania. His wife departed this life 19 years ago, and it is beside her in the little home cemetery that his remains were placed to await the resurrection morn. Mr McNeilly served Lincoln County as one of its commissioners for two terms, from 1898 to 1902, and became well known for his sound logic, clear reasoning, and square dealing with men and corporations. He has always been a tower of strength in the Order of the Three Links, and knew all the charges in the ritualistic work he gave, letter perfect. He was born near Belfast, Ireland and came to the United States, locating in Pennsylvania when a small boy. In 1870 he came to Boise, Idaho, where he engaged in packing supplies to the mines, and he took pack trains into the Coeur d’Alenes in the early ‘80s. Forty-one years ago he took up a farm near Edwall, and excepting for a short period, while he was blacksmithing in Spokane at the time of the great fire in 1889, had lived at Edwall continuously. He was possessed of all the cardinal virtues of a gentleman and a loyal, true American citizen, and friends and acquaintances without number, inside and outside of fraternal circles, will miss him from life’s circle of fondest friendships, as few others are missed. He was possessed of the soul of a poet and rarely ever allowed a humorous incident to slip from his attention until he had composed a humorous poem covering it. These poems, dozens of them, he committed to memory and could recite any one of them at a moment’s notice. He was always the center of a gathering and the life of it. The night before his death, at the banquet, he recited a poem which dealt with his initiation 45 years before in the lodge, bringing in the name and occupation of every man in the initiatory team, and closed with ‘I have closed many an eye in death, but they haven’t got me yet.’  But right then the Grim Reaper was hovering about waiting for the appointed time, place and hour. AS an illustration of his poetic ability we reprint a few lines he once wrote several years ago in honor of Billy Waltz, a harness-maker once in the employ of J E Williams of Harrington, and who later took up a summer abode on Crab Creek, near Edwall: ‘I will tell you a story of Billy, for Billy lives under a tree, Away from the smoke of the city where the winds blow fresh and free. He has built him a rustic castle by the side of a murmuring stream, And oft in his midnight slumbers it murmurs in his dreams. So come you from valley or mountains, come you from anywhere, You may visit his rustic castle and sit in his rustic chair. He has planted his garden of Eden, a garden than Eden more fair Than ever the Garden of Eden, for no devils or serpents are there. And Billy can fish for fishes and Billy can shoot as before, Although you could scarcely believe me, his age it is eighty-four.’” (Citizen: Feb 8, 1924) Hugh S McNeilly, age 64, of Edwall, appeared in the Lincoln Co Probate File #424 of Mary McNeilly, who died in Sept 1899 in PA, and papers of which were filed 28 Apr 1900. This Mary NcNeilly was married to John McNeilly, residing in Monroe Co, PA. In addition to Hugh, other relatives were listed in Whitman and Stevens counties, others in PA. (notes from file) 


McNeilly, Hugh S Jr. (added: d. 3-21-1951) “Hugh McNeilly was taken to the Sacred Heart Hospital Sunday evening when his heart condition became worse. Week-end visitors at his home were the Howard McNeillys of Moses Lake, and Mrs Pearl Weaver and Ruth of Cheney.” (Citizen: ‘crowded out last week’ 3:30-1951; obituary not found in this paper)


McNeilly, Louise (added: d. 1973)  “Louise Mary McNeily. Died: 4-02-1973. Birth: 9-20-1892, Arizona.  Widowed.  Father: Fred Ernst. Mother: Emma Stark. Burial: Edwall Cemetery, Edwall, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health Death card) “Louise Mary McNeilly, an Edwall resident since 1918, died in Davenport Monday.  Mrs McNeilly, born in 1892 in Tucson, AZ, graduated from the Sacred heart School of Nursing in 1918, when she and Hugh McNeilly married and moved to their farm west of  Edwall.  He died in 1957.  Services are being held today;  Father Anton Flour will officiate at the 1 p.m. funeral in the chapel of the Strate Funeral Home, Davenport , and burial in the Edwall Cemetery will follow. Mrs McNeilly is survived by two sons, Howard, Auburn , and Robert, Edwall, several grandchildren and a sister, Anna Fuller, Steilacoom.” (Davenport Times:  4-05-1973) .


McNeilly, Robert ‘Mac’ (added: d. 5-06-2003)  (b. 3-29-1931; d. 5-06-2003) “Robert ‘Mac’ McNeilly.  Edwall.—Concluding services and interment took place Monday, May 12, for Robert ‘Mac’ McNeilly, 72, who died May 6 at his Edwall home.  Pastor Ted Broadway officiated at the Edwall Cemetery and at the prior funeral at the First Presbyterian Church in Davenport.  Born to Louise Ernst and Hugh S McNeilly on March 29, 1931, in their home west of Edwall, he attended school in Edwall, graduating in 1949, and drove school bus for several years afterwards. He married Janice Scott on Dec 27, 1954.  He farmed and raised cattle for many years and also worked for Edwall Grain Growers  as a maintenance foreman.  He belonged to First Presbyterian Church in Davenport and the National Rifle Association and served in the Washington Army and Air National Guard. He started Mac’s Electrical Co in 1978, was its owner for 25 years, working from Colfax to the Canadian border.  He also was a charter member of the Edwall Lions Club (recognized as a 43-year member), was a volunteer firefighter in the Reardan-Edwall department and served on the Lincoln Hospital Foundation Board. He also enjoyed woodworking and attending to a large flower garden.  ‘If you drove through Edwall around 6 weekday mornings, you’d be sure to find Mac, having opened up the restaurant and made the coffee, waiting for the regulars to join him,’ one family member recalled.  He leaves his wife, Jan, at the home; three sons, Rob (and Lisa) McNeilly of Hillsboro, OR; Scott McNeilly of Edwall, and Lowell (and Karen) McNeilly of Otis Orchards; 7 grandchildren: Jacob, Christopher, Stephanie, Emily, Sarah, Joe and Sam; and a brother, Howard McNeilly of Sumner. Services were directed by Strate Funeral Home in Davenport.” (Davenport Times: 5-22-2003)


McNeilly, infant of H (added: d. 1930) “The four months old baby boy of Mr and Mrs Hugh McNeilly passed away Tuesday morning at the Deaconess hospital in Spokane. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at the ME Church. Interment was in the Edwall Cemetery.” (Reardan Gazette: 3-20-1930)


Menkel, Anna M  (1872-1949 “sister”)   


Menkel, Carrie  (see Huchinson) 


Menkel, Henry  (1839-1926 “father”) 


Menkel, Mary Kimble  (1846-1911 “mother”)  “The angel of Death has again visited this community and saddened the hearts of Henry Menkel and family. Mrs Mary Menkel, after a brief illness of four days with pneumonia, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs E R Hutchinson at Spokane, Thursday, Jan 19th, aged 62 years, and was laid to rest in the Edwall Cemetery Jan 22, the Rev Jans conducting the funeral services. She is survived by a husband, two sons and three daughters. Her funeral was very largely attended, as she was a pioneer in this community.” (Citizen: 1-27-1911) “Order to Show Cause. In the Superior Court of the State of Washington in and for the County of Lincoln. In the Matter of the Estate of Mary Menkel, deceased....Henry Menkel, Administrator of the estate...” (Citizen: 5-24-1912) “Mrs Mary Menkel, of Edwall, aged 62 years, died Friday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs E R Hutchinson, in Spokane. She went from her home in Edwall week before last to visit her daughter and was stricken with pneumonia, which with uremia, caused her death. Mrs Menkel was born in Ohio and had lived in Washington 33 years. She is survived by her husband, H Menkel; a daughter, Anna, and two sons, William and George at Edwall; a daughter, Mrs Hutchinson of Spokane; and a daughter, Mrs O G Devenish, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The body was shipped to Edwall for interment.” (Odessa Record: 27 Jan 1911)


Menkel, William H  (1871-1926 “brother”)  “W H Menkel, age 54, a resident of the Edwall district many years, was found dead underneath his car in his garage on the farm, two miles from Edwall last Friday morning, after his sister-in-law, Mrs George F Menkel, had found a note in his room saying his body would be found in the garage. Mr Menkel, who had been despondent for some time, evidently left his car engine running, crawled underneath and inhaled the fumes from the exhaust. Mr Menkel was last seen about 9 p.m. Thursday, the day before. He had driven to Davenport that same day and filed a deed awarding all his land and personal property to his brother, George L Menkel. He is survived also by three sisters and his father. Coroner C M Phillips and Deputy Sheriff C V Fisher and Ray Kurtz investigated, but no inquest was held, as death was clearly the result of suicide, they reported.” (Citizen: Edwall Column: 6-18-1926)  “William Henry Merkel. Died: 10 June 1926, Reardan, WA.  Birth: 21 June 1871, Missouri. Father: Henry Merkel, born Germany; Mother: Kimball, born Missouri. Spouse: single. Buried: Edwall Cemetery, Edwall, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card)  

Merkel, Harold B  (1906-1962) See Sprague Lamont Edwall 1881-1981 pages 495-6: He was a son of John B Merkel and Sophia Shaffer. In 1928 he married Myrtle Schirr and their three children were: Dolores Mae (1931), Gorden Henry (1933), and Kenneth Harold (1935). “Harold Bernhardt Merkel. Died: 7-11-1962. Birth: 3-22-1906, Edwall, WA.  Married.  Father: John Merkel. Mother: Sophia Schafer. Buried: Edwall, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card)


Merkel,  John  (1865-1931; shared stone w/ Sophia C)  “Despondent over failing health and worried by an insanity hearing set for Monday in Spokane, John Merkel, about 65, left his farm home near Edwall Monday, wandered about a field much of the day and then leaped to his death in six feet of water in Downs Lake, where ice harvesters had left a stretch of open water. His body was recovered at 11 a.m. Tuesday and taken to the W R Lee mortuary at Sprague, by orders of the Spokane County Coroner and a deputy sheriff. Merkel, a native of Germany, came here from the Puget Sound region about 35 years ago and began farming in Lincoln County. Some years ago he moved to Spokane, where he lived several years, returning to the farm about five years ago. Some months ago his mind began to falter, resulting in actions which were regarded as menacing, it was reported. One day this winter he compelled Mrs Merkel to leave the house and walk more than a mile through snow, in her bare feet and otherwise lightly clad. Thursday he was taken before a Lincoln County court on a sanity hearing, but was released on bond posted by neighbors Saturday. At a second sanity hearing scheduled for Spokane Monday, he was to have been represented by a Ritzville attorney. When the attorney called for him at his home and learned of his disappearance, search was begun. About 75 men of the Edwall, Rodna and Sprague communities started to comb the Rodna district, and a group of men dragging the lake bottom found the body after a few minutes, 100 feet from shore.  Mr Merkel in 1897 was married to Miss Sophia Schafer at Chester, WA. He is survived by his widow, two sons, Harold B, Edwall, and Joseph A, Sprague, and three brothers and a sister in Germany. Funeral services were held at the Methodist Episcopal church at Edwall at 10L30 a.m. Thursday, the Rev J C Harvey officiating.” (Citizen: 16 Jan 1931) “John Merkel. Order: Jan 13, 1931. White. Born: Germany. Husband of Sophia Schafer. Charge to Mrs Sophia Schafer (sic), Edwall. Funeral: Jan 15, 1931, 10:30 a.m. at Edwall. Death: Jan 12, 1931, Downs Lake, Spokane County, WA. Cause of death: drowning. Physician: Dr Barnhart, Coroner. Farmer. Married. Protestant. Birth: Nov 15, 1865. Aged: 65 yrs 1 mo 27 days. Father: Philip Merkel, born Germany; Mother: -Bell, born Germany. Interment at Edwall Cemetery.” (Sprague Mortuary Ledger) “John Merkel. Died: 2 Jan 1931, Sprague, WA. Birth: 5 Nov 1866, Germany. Spouse: Sophia, nee not stated, Schafer. Father: Phillip Merkel, born Germany. Mother: ____ Bell, born Germany. Burial: Edwall Cemetery, Edwall, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card)


Merkel, Joseph A  (1885-1935 “father”)  “Joseph A Merkel. White. Order Date: Oct 5, 1935. Husband of Lena Moss. Charge to his estate, Sprague, WA. Residence: Farm home NW of Sprague.  Order given by Mrs Merkel. Funeral: Oct 7, 1935 at Edwall ME Church, 2 p.m. Physician: Dr Howard, Sprague, WA. Death: Oct 5, 1935, at home NW of Sprague. Farmer. Married. Protestant. Birth: Oct 15, 1885. Age: 49 yrs 11 mos 20 days. Father: John Merkel, deceased, born Germany. Mother (no data). Interment: Edwall Cemetery.” (Sprague Mortuary Ledger) Joseph A Cristanelli was adopted at age 12 by John Merkel and his wife Sophia Shaffer. He married Lena Moos and their children were: Norma (1916-1917), Mildred (1919-1919), Paul (b. 1922) and Ruth Carol (b. 1932). (Photo of Joseph Merkel and his wife, page 497 of Sprague Lamont Edwall 1881-1981.) “Joseph A Merkel. Died: 4 Oct 1935, Edwall, WA.  Birth: 15 Oct 1885, WA. Spouse: Lena, nee not stated. Father: John Merkel, born Germany. Mother: Sophia Schafer, born WA. Burial: Edwall Cemetery, Edwall, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card)


Merkel surname:  Leone Lois Merkel, b. 9-22-1911, d. 6-29-2004, widow of Harold, was buried in Spokane Memorial Gardens in Spokane. The family of Christ Merkel moved to Lincoln Co’s Zion Rocklyn district in July 1914 from East Pittsburg, PA.


Merkel, Mildred  (d. Mar 16, 1919 aged 27 days)  “Mildred Elsie Merkel. White. Born: WA. Order: March 14, 1919. Daughter of Joseph and Lena Merkel. Funeral: March 16, 1919. Place of death: North of Sprague. Funeral services: Edwall, 11 a.m. Rev Wiegle. Age: 25 days. Physician: Dr D M Strang of Sprague. Father: Joseph Merkel, born ?WA; Mother: Lena Moos, born NE. Interment: Edwall Cemetery.” (Mortuary Ledger)


Merkel, Norma M  (1916-1917)  Norma Merkel was the first born child of Lena Moos and her husband Joseph Merkel. No details were given in the text. (Sprague Lamont Edwall 1881-1981, page 495)


Merkel, Rose B  (d. Jan 27, 1901 aged 2 y 1 m 25 dys; d/o John & Sophia) “Rose Merkel. Died: Jan 28, 1901, at Edwall, WA, age 2 years, La Grippe; Father: John Merkel, born Germany; Mother: Sophy Schafer born Kansas.” (Lincoln Co Auditor’s Death Certificate #128) The birth of Rose Merkel on Dec 2, 1898 was recorded with the Lincoln County Auditor in the birth register, showing her parents as John and Sophia.


Merkel, Sophia C  (1877-1957) “Articles of Agreement, filed 14 March 1902, German Methodist Episcopal Church of Edwall, WA” Sophia Merkel was one of the 15 signatures. (Misc. B-334, Lincoln Co Auditor) Sophia Shaffer of Chester, WA, married John B Merkel, a native of Germany. John homesteaded in the Edwall district. Their daughter Rose B was born in 1898. Their son Harold was born there in 1906. They had previously adopted Joseph Cristanelli, when he was age 12, hence about 1897. Joseph was born in Carbonado, WA in 1885. In 1929 John and Sophia moved in with their son Harold and his wife. Following John’s suicide in 1931, Sophia continued that residence until her marriage to Herman Koch in 1932. Herman preceded her in death in 1955.


Mielke, Mrs  (added: d. 27 Oct 1941)  “Mrs Mielke. Died: 27 Oct 1941. Edwall burial.” (Edwall Methodist Ledger) see Charles Mielke  


Mielke, Charles  (added: d. 10-23-1941)  “Charles Mielke of W 423 Dalton, Spokane passed away Thursday of last week at a Spokane hospital. Funeral services were held Monday and burial in the Edwall Cemetery. Surviving him are his widow, Marian, at the home and daughter Marie of California; sisters, Mrs Augusta Miller and Mrs Marie Britsch, both of Sprague; Mrs Anna Jans, Edwall; Mrs Lena Geddis of Marion, Ohio; and brothers, Harry of Los Angeles and Louis of Sprague; also cousins, Mrs H A Maurer and Ed Mielke of Rocklyn. Rev E M Filbert officiated. He was a resident of Spokane 20 years.” (Citizen: 10-31-1941) See also History of the Big Bend, 1904: Charles A Mielke was born in Prussia, Germany on Sept 17, 1868, the son of Michael and Caroline (Hollatz) Mielke. The family came to the US in 1873, residing in Iowa, Indiana and Minnesota prior to their 1883 move to Lincoln County, Washington. In 1898 he married Martha Itzenhauser, daughter of John. Charles and Martha had two children born to them before this 1904 writing: Marie and Helen.


Mielke, Clarence H  (Aug 16-27, 1902; s/o Harry & Anita) Clarence H Mielke was the infant son of Harry and Anita Mielke. Harry Mielke was one of the nine children of Michael Mielke and his wife Karoline Hollatz. Harry was born in 1883 and married Anita Fortanier on 22 Feb 1901.


Mielke, Michael  (1840-1923) “Michael Mielke, Pioneer, Dies. Michael Mielke, a pioneer of this community, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs Annie Jans of Edwall, last Tuesday, Aug 21, at the age of 83 years, 7 mos and 3 days. He was born in Germany, Jan 18, 1840. He was married to Karolienne Hollatz in 1865. They came to the United State in 1872 and remained in Iowa for one year, going to Indiana in 1873. In 1877 they moved to Minnesota and from there came to Washington Territory in 1883 and settled on a ranch 12 miles north of Sprague where he lived thru the pioneer days of the Big Bend Country. He still owned the ranch at the time of his death. His wife died Aug 18, 1904. Their family consisted of 9 children, 6 girls and 3 boys, 7 of whom survive him: Mrs Jacob Miller of Sprague, Chas Mielke, Edwall; Mrs Anna Jans, Edwall; Marie Britsch, Louie Mielke, Sprague; Mrs Lena Geddis, Marion, Ohio; and Harry Mielke of Los Angeles, CA. Mrs Bertha Miller died at the age of 18 and Minnie Mielke died in infancy. He is also survived by 21 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. He retired from the ranch about 20 years ago. Funeral services will be held at Edwall this afternoon and the remains will be laid to rest in the Edwall Cemetery.” (Sprague Advocate: Thursday, August 23, 1923) “Michael Mielke. Order: Aug 23. 1923. White. Born: Germany. Charge to his estate, Edwall, WA. Order given by Mrs Britch. Funeral: Aug 23, 1923, at Edwall, 2 p.m.  Residence: Edwall, WA. Death: Aug 21, 1923, at Edwall, WA. Cause of death: Arterio Sclerosis. Physician: Dr Geo Howard of Sprague. Birth: Jan 18, 1840. Ages: 83 yrs 7 mos 3 days. Retired farmer. Widower. Protestant. Parents: (no data). Interment: Edwall Cemetery.” (Sprague Mortuary Ledger) See also Sprague-Lamont-Edwall 1881-1981: Michael Mielke was born in Sittnov, Germany. His known siblings were: Lena (died young), Paula, August (died in German war), Gottlieb (of the Zion district of Lincoln Co, WA), and Wilhelmina (who married Carl Rux Sr, resided at Sassin). Michael and Karoline and three children emigrated to America, where five more children were born. Karoline died in 1904 and several years after her death, Michael married his housekeeper, Louise Gonder, who also preceded him in death.


Mielke, Karoliene  (Apr 24, 1844-Aug 18, 1904; w/o Michael) “Mrs Caroline Mielke, of Sprague, aged 60 years, died in Sacred Heart hospital Wednesday after undergoing an operation for the removal of gall stones the day previous. She has been in poor health for some time and the operation was used as the last resort but from which she had not the strength to rally.” (LCT: 26 Aug 1904) Karoline Hollatz Mielke, wife of pioneer Michael Mielke, was the mother of nine children: Augusta Mielke Miller (1866-1948), Charles A Mielke (1868, h/o Martha Itzenhauser), Bertha Mielke Miller (1870-1888), Anna Mielke Jans (1874-1971, Marie Mielke Britsch (1876-1948), Louis Mielke (1878-1969), Lena Mielke Gettys (1880-1948), Harry Mielke (1883, h/o Anita Fortanier), and Minnie Mielke (1887-1889). Karoline and Michael Mielke donated the land for the first Sassin Evangelical Church and gave $200 toward the building of a place of worship. See also Lincoln Co Probate File #733, filed in 1904.


Mielke, Marion (added: d. 12-22-47)  “Marion Mielke. White. Born: MN. Order date: 12-22-1947. Wife of Charles. Charge to OAA. Death: 12-22-1947 at Spokane. Cause of death: broncho-pneumonia. Funeral: Edwall, 3 p.m. Physician: Milburn, of Spokane. Housekeeper. Widowed. Birth: Sept 5, 1879. Age: 68 yrs 3 mos 17 days. Parents: unknown. Interment: Edwall Cemetery.” (Sprague Mortuary Ledger)


Mielke, Minnie L  (Apr 19, 1887-Nov 30, 1889; d/o M & KM)  Minnie L Mielke was born in the Sassin vicinity of Lincoln County on April 19, 1887. Minnie was a daughter of Michael Mielke and his wife Karoline Hollatz. She was the second of their children to die, and the only infant death to occur. Minnie died Nov 30, 1889 with burial in the Edwall Cemetery. (collected notes)


Moos, Howard Willard (added: d. 6-27-2000)  “Howard W Moos.  Edwall—Funeral services for Howard W Moos, 82, will  be Friday, July 7, at 11 a.m. at the Edwall United Methodist Church with interment at Edwall Cemetery.  Mr Moos died June 27, (2000) at the Issaquah, WA, Care Center, where he had resided for the past three years.  Visitation is schedules today (Thursday) from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Hazen & Jaeger Funeral Home, 1306 N Monroe, Spokane.  Dr Ralph Reynolds and Rev Bruce Smith will officiate at the Friday service.  Mr Moos was born Dec 6, 1917, to Clara and Will Moos and raised in the wheat farming community of Edwall. After high school, he attended EWC of Education in Cheney, graduating in 1938 with a bachelor’s degree in music education. He began his teaching career in Grand Coulee as the school’s first band director.  He married his college sweetheart, Mildred Louise Gay of Spokane, on June 8, 1940. They continued to live in Grand Coulee for two years while he taught school and moonlighted in the evenings on Grand Coulee Dam.  They moved in 1943 to Spokane, where he worked for Kaiser Aluminum during WW II. Between 1945 and 1947 he was employed by Hazen & Jaeger Funeral Homes.  In 1948 he began a life-long love affair with the automobile industry, beginning as a used car manager for Utter Motor Co and advancing to Cadillac sales manager. He purchased his own dealership in 1957 and formed Moos Motor Co in Moscow, Idaho. The dealership was sold in 1966 and the family moved to Tacoma where he reunited with co-workers from Utter Motors.  A year later, at age 49, he suffered a massive stroke which left him unable to speak and paralyzed on his right side. He was a 50-year member of the Spokane Lodge No 34 F &AM, Scottish Rite of Free Masonry and the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, director of the El Katif Shrine Band and BOF Band, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and the Spokane Lilac Parade Greeting Committee.  He served as president of the Idaho Automobile Assoc., the Latah County chapter of the University of Idaho Boosters Club and the Moscow Chamber of Commerce.  He belonged to the El Katif Temple of Spokane, Calam Temple of Lewiston, Idaho, and the Afif Temple in Tacoma. He was a 1960 Republican state senate candidate from Latah County.  His wife of 40 years, ‘Mickey’, preceded him in death in 1979.  He leaves four children, Gaylene and Jim Pope of Wenatchee, Parmalee and Dick York of Troutdale, OR, Jerry and Terry Moos of Kirkland, WA, and John and Helen Moos of Seattle; two brothers, Don Moos of East Wenatchee, and Lester Moos of Edwall; 4 grandchildren; 4 great grandchildren; numerous nieces and nephews and cousins; and an aunt, Irma Zellmer, age 104, of Davenport.” (Davenport Times: 7-06-2000)  “Spokane.—Funeral arrangements for Howard W Moos, 82, are pending under the direction of Hazen & Jaeger Funeral Home, Spokane.  Mr Moos died Tuesday, June 27, in Issaquah, WA. A complete obituary is expected to be published in next Thursday’s Times.” (Times: June 29, 2000)


Moos, Mildred ‘Mickey’ Gay (added: d. 10-25-1979) “Miss Mildred Gay, daughter of Mr and Mrs John Gay, W Providence (Spokane),  became the bride of Howard W Moos, son of Mr and Mrs Henry Moos of Edwall, at an 8:30 ceremony Saturday evening in the First Presbyterian Church. Miss Gay was attended by Miss Marjorie Harman. Bridesmaids were Miss Mary Heaton of Seattle... and Miss Jane Richardson. Little Norma Jean Ogilvy, daughter of Mr and Mrs T W L Ogilvy, was flower girl. Donald Moos, brother of the bridegroom, acted as best man. Ushers were Lt. John E Gay..., and Robert E Gay, brothers of the bride; John Kingslund and Arthur Payne. Miss Ernestine Polwarth was soloist, and George E Barr of EWC was organist...” (Citizen: 6-14-1940)


Moos, Henry  (1849-1923 “father”) d. 7-25-1923 “Edwall Man Dead. Henry Moos, age 74, of Edwall, died yesterday. He was the father of seven sons and two daughters. He had lived in Edwall for six years. The funeral will be held tomorrow at 10 o’clock in Edwall.” (Reardan Gazette: 7-26-1923) See also Sprague Lamont Edwall 1881-1981: “Henry and Amelia Moos and their seven sons and two daughters had lived in Nebraska, Missouri and Alabama, before filing for a homestead...” in the Edwall district.


Moos, Amelia   (1854-1934) See also Sprague Lamont Edwall 1881-1981: “There are no records saying where Henry Moos and Amelia Bertz met and were married.” A portion of the story states that Amelia was adopted by the Bertz family. One son, Arthur Moos (b. 1885 in NE), has a lengthy article on pages 521-530. The 9 children were: Carrie Strait, Lena Merkel, John, Arthur, Will, Henry, Phil, Walter and Bert. “Grandma Moos, 80, passed away in Spokane Monday evening after a long illness. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs Carrie Strait of Orofino, Idaho and Mrs Joe Merkel of Sprague; 7 sons, Phillip of Spokane; Albert of Newport; Arthur and Walter of Sprague; Henry, Will and John of Edwall; 21 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.” (Citizen: Edwall Column: 11-30-1934)


Morse, Orrie N (d. 8-29-2009);  “Orrie Morse, age 85.—Passed away August 29, 2009 in Davenport , WA ; his home Davenport , WA . He is survived by his wife, Marciel Morse at the home. Three children, Randy (and Susan) Morse of Edwall , WA ; Candy Hannum of Spokane , WA , and Claudia (and Ross) of Belgrade , MT , along with 8 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. He also has four step-children, Sherry, Kathy, Julie and Susan and four step grandchildren along with numerous nieces and nephews and friends. He is preceded in death by his first wife, Shirley, in 1988, two brothers, Ray and Floyd, and one sister, Julia Neubauer. He is a WW II US Marine veteran, member of the Zion Lutheran Church , WAWG, and Boy Scout Council, Edwall Lions Club. Former board member of Edwall Chemical, Edwall Grain Growers, Wheatland Bank and Lincoln Hospital . Memorial Services, Friday, Sept 4, 2009 at 11 a.m. at the Zion Lutheran Church , Davenport , WA . Mr Morse will lie-in-state at the Strate Funeral Home, Davenport , WA on Thursday, Sept 3, 2009 from 12 noon till 2 p.m.  Strate Funeral Home, Davenport , WA , is caring for the family.” (Spokesman Review: submitted)   


Morse, Shirley K (added: d. 1988) “Shirley Kingsbury Morse.  Died: 2-16-1988, Davenport, WA.  Spouse: Orrie Norman Morse; Father: Arthur Saxton; Mother: Laura Goode.  Burial: Edwall Cemetery, Edwall, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health Death card) 

“Shirley Kingsbury Saxton Morse died Feb 16, 1988 in Davenport. She was 61.  Mrs Morse was born April 10, 1926 in Walla Walla , WA, to Arthur and Laura Saxton. She attended high school in Prescott, WA and college at WSU in Pullman. On Dec 6, 1947 she married Orrie Norman Morse of Davenport.  She was a member of the Edwall United Methodist Church and also the Washington State Quilters and Country Samplers.  Survivors include her husband of 40 years, Orrie, of Davenport; a son, Randy Morse of Edwall; two daughters, Candy Fazio and Claudia Leake, both of Spokane; four sisters and seven grandchildren. Services were held Friday, Feb 19, in the Davenport-Edwall United Methodist Church, Davenport. Rev Roger Barr officiated. Services and vault interment were at the Edwall Cemetery. Casket bearers were Reuben Batt, Bob Simpson, Dee Reilly, Cecil Telecky, L E Bundy and Tom Ledgerwood. Honorary bearers were Janet Paul, Gwen Beck, Joann Schultz, Betty Landreth, Joyce Nonnemacher, Doris Wegner and Cindy Duenwald. Strate Funeral Home was in charge.” (Davenport Times:  2-25-1988) 




 Edwall Cemetery Death Records, Edwall, Washington submitted 

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