Calculating a birth date when you only know a death date.


Many times a tombstone or other source will only have a death date followed by years, months, and days the person lived.

To find their birth date:


That's not an error: It's the number to remember
when you want to find the birth date of someone
when you only have the date of death and age.
How do you figure the birth date? Suppose the
person died May 6, 1889,
at the age of 71 years, 7 months, 9 days.
****Write the year, month, day as:->18890506
****Subtract the age at death:------->710709
****This gives the figure:--------->18179797
****Now subtract 8870:----------------->8870
****The result is:----------------->18170927

Year 1817, 9th month (Sept), 27th day or 27 Sept,

WAGenWeb December 10, 2005.