Lakeview Cemetery & Obituaries


                                                                   Data Collection by Marge Womach

                                       Located 2 miles NW of Sprague in the SE corner of S 15 T 21 R 38

                                                          abuts the Maccabee City Cemetery of Sprague

                                    Size: 10 acres, apparently abandoned; minimal care by cemetery district(?)

                                Page 87: Lakeview Cemetery contains 10 acres of land in SE corner of 15-21-38

                                                    filed 21 May 1890 by W. W. Sprague and Louise V. Sprague.



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(March 2001-work in progress)

* will denote the 1974 listing of tombstones from Lartigues Tombstone Inscriptions.

+ will denote the 1999 listing of tombstones from internet from Ron Miller’s work.

! will denote obit available; Bold printed name is addition to tombstone listings.

? burial will denote Lakeview only available cemetery non-Catholic at that time

# will denote Funeral Home Ledger

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Cemetery listing:


Aebly, Daniel !,  d. Sept 1, 1888; 3 yr 9 moss/o Fred & Ida

Aebly, Mary Faith, 5 June 1889-20 June 1889+

Anderson, ____,  d. Nov 13, 1895; age 30 yrs  ? burial

Anderson, Matilda !__ May 1888-20 Oct 1888 , d/o O. P. & Cecelia

Anderson, Walter Chas,   d. Mar 25, 1897; 43 yrs  , , ? burial; death cert.

Avery, Ira W.,  abt 1856     -5 Apr 1893+*  , h/o Sarah

Bacon, Ellen (see White)*

Bacon, Elmer ! ,  d. 14 Nov 1888s/o Ella

Bacon, father of Elmer

Bankson, Arthur C.,  4 Feb 1823-16 Apr 1890+*

Bankson, Lydia,  (owner of plot: Blk 1 #1)

Bassett, H. S.,  (owner of plot: Blk 10 #45)

Bassett, Stella (Mate) !d. 23 Dec 1895; age 40 yrs  w/o C. F.

Bassett, Edwin Fisk,   d. 9 Sept 1894; aged 4 mos 11 days

Bauder, (Mrs.) Frederikaabt 1829     -16 Oct 1883+*

Bauder, Christian11 Mar 1831-21 Jan 1885*Probate record of letters

Bauder, Louis Eversonabt 1869     -13 Nov 1883*

Bauder, Florence Newtonabt1879      -8 Mar 1882*  age 2 yr 3 m 16 dy

Beeman, Sylvia D.,  8 May 1882-15 Mar ____+*  , (broken) d/o J. & L.

Bennighoff, Carrieabt 1861      -27 Sept 1891+*Lincoln Co Death Cert. (obit)

Blackwell, Carrie E., 1880-1883+*

Blackwell, George R.,  (owner of plot: Blk 8 #29)

Blackwell, Vera L.,  1877-1883+*

Boehl, E.,  (owner of plot: Blk 1 #14)  (purch 3-26-1930)

Bonk, Fred, 1897-1902+*

Boyer, baby,  +  (no dates on stone)

Boyle, Francis,  d. 17 Apr 1891,  probate

Bruce, Kate A., !,  abt 1869       -12 Jan 1890+*w/o James

Bryant, Sammie B.,  27 Aug 1890-16 Nov 1891+* , s/o J. W. & Matilda

Buchanan, Victor ! , abt 1832      -5 Apr 1911+*, Co K 1st Neb Cav.

Burke, Thos!, d. 31 Oct 1886 ,  ,  Cath. Territorial Ledger

Burnes, Grace15 Aug 1890-24 May 1891+* ,d/o John  J. & Mary

Burns, J. J .,  (owner of plot: Blk 15 #1)

Burnes, Mary A.,  2 Nov 1860-18 Jul 1891+*, w/o John J. Burns; probate

Burnes, Ralph, 20 Jul 1887-28 Feb 1888+*s/o John J. & Mary

Burrow, Benjamin L., 27 Jun 1891-8 Sep 1891+* ,s/o Chas & Sarah

Burrow, Charles S. #,  21 May 1849-18 Oct 1925+h/o Sarah

Burrow, Sarah A. (Leigh) !# , 8 Oct 1850-5 Mar 1916+ , w/o Charles

Butler, Catherine !, d. March 24, 1931w/o James; obit                

Butler, James

Butler, John H. !_____ 1857-25 May 1889,  (has brother)

Butler, Wm J., (owner of plot: Blk 2 #17)

Cady, Floyd ! , 1906-1906+ , s/o Myron (d. Aug)

Cady, Lloyd ! , May 1906-Aug 1906 ,  s/o Myron; & T. S.

Cannon, G. W .,  #! , , (owner of plot: Blk 10 #3) , , (could be #31, reck)

Cannon, Kittie,  27 Oct 1893-23 Nov 1894d/o Geo & Sarah

Cannon, Sarah E., 1861-1900 , w/o George

Chandler, A. E., d. Oct 15, 1896; 60 yrs? burial

Chandler, Sarah , (owner of plot: Blk 2 #15)     (w/o WE; 2 Charbonneau)

Chandler, William ,  (no dates) (same man Wm E.) , Co C or G, 211th PA Inf

Chandler, William E.!,  20 Sep 1837-23 Dec 1889+* , (Probate; h/o Sarah)

Chandler, William R.,   22 Dec 1834-14 Oct 1896+* , (h/o Amanda

Charbonneau, Mrs. Sarah !d. 23 Sept 1902; age 72 Obit; w/o Louis

Conley, Gertrude P., 1885-1945+*d/o Wm & Belle Ridout

Conley, Roy E., 16 Feb 1885-29 Nov 1947+*h/o Gertrude P.

Cortright, Mart ,  (owner of plot: Blk 10 #52)

Cowing, Thos C. ! ,  d. Dec 6, 1892; 8 mos ,   ,   ? burial

Craven, Walter,  d. Feb 19, 1890, Obit

Crowell, Garland, 29 Apr 1888-5 Apr 1891+*, s/o W. J. & L. F.

Dannon (see Cannon) ,   shown by Lartigues

Davis, Nathaniel Lee18 Sept 1852-20 Oct 1895+*, “error on stone” Lartigues

                                        22 Sept 1850-20 Oct 1894*  correction by Lartigues

Dills, Flora J.,18 May 1891-17 Dec 1891+* ,d/o E.  & Rhoda , Lincoln Co Death Cert.                                                               

Dorton, Perry C., 1861-1945 *“a Mason”

Evans, infant, 3 Jun 1900-3 June 1900+*s/o Wm & Gina

Evans, Janed. July 21, 1900; 72 yrs ,  ,  ,  ,  ? burial

Evans, William Harry   ! , 22 Aug 1898-11 Aug 1902+*s/o Wm & Gina

Everson, Louisabt 1869       -13 May 1883+     

Ewart, George !abt 1825       -19 Nov 1889      



Data Collection:


Aebly, Daniel,  d. Sept 1, 1888; 3 yr 9 mos s/o Fred & Ida

"Died on Saturday, Sept 1st, 1888, Daniel Aebly, aged three years and nine months, son of Fred and Ida Aebly. The remains were interred in Lake View Cemetery this city." (Sprague Herald: 6 Sept 1888)


Aebly, Henry:  Homestead application filed May 11, 1889 in Sec 18 Twp 22 R 35.


Anderson, _____ (? Nelson):  “Anderson, died Nov 13, 1895 , age 30, at the Real Estate Block, cause unknown; born Denmark; resided Sprague, occupation = blacksmith; no other data.” (Spokane Death Record)


Anderson, Matilda: “On Saturday the 20th, Mr. & Mrs. O. P. and Cecelia Anderson were called upon to mourn the death of their little five months old daughter, Matilda. The remains were interred in Lake View Cemetery, Sunday, Rev Edward Davis officiating.” (Sprague Herald of Oct 25, 1888)


Avery, Ira W.:  The family of I. W. Avery is listed on the Lincoln Co 1892 census: I. W., male, 36, b. NY, a teamster;  wife Sarah, female, 34, b. PA; and two children, Mabel age 12 and Elsie age 10, both born NY.


Bacon:  Excerpt from Harrington Citizen of 7-06-1934 quoting J. C. Crane of  St John.

            “... The next settlement was north on Crab Creek, some 18 miles, and was composed of the following: Jack Harding, Noah Willey, the Bacons, consisting of two brothers and a sister, who kept the Crab Creek post office, and a man called Grizzly—if he had any other name I never heard it.” (edit: Grizzly was Isaac Revenaugh)


Bacon, R. M.: Excerpt from 7-09-1937 Harrington Citizen by Minnie Melcher.

            “R. M. Bacon settled in this community in 1871 and was the first postmaster of the       

            Crab Creek post office.”


Bacon, Elmer C.: “The remains of Elmer C. Bacon of Crab Creek, aged 14 years and son of Mrs. Ella Bacon, were brought to this city yesterday and interred in the Lakeview Cemetery by the side of the deceased’s father yesterday, Rev E. Davis officiating.” (Sprague Herald of Nov 15, 1888)


Bacon, father of Elmer and husband of Ella: (?Russel Bacon...homestead 1877)


Bankson/Bankston, Lydia M.: grantee; W. W. Sprague, grantor; date Dec 15, 1890; Deed K-183; for Lot 1 of Block 1 in Lakeview Cemetery.


Bassett, Stella (Mate): “Death of an Estimable Woman. Mrs. Stella Bassett of Sprague Has Departed This Life. Sprague, WA, Dec 23.—Mrs. Stella Mate Bassett, wife of C. F. Bassett, died this evening, after two years’ suffering from paralysis. She was in her 40th year. Mrs. Bassett was a member of the Rathbone Sisters and an officer in the Rebekahs. The funeral services will take place from the Baptist church at 2 PM, Dec 24th. A large concourse of friends will mourn her departure from this world.” (LCT of Dec 27, 1895)


Bassett, Edwin Fisk: Lincoln Co Auditor’s Deeds show that H S Bassett purchased Lot 45 in Block 10  which was filed on Apr 11, 1896. Their “Family Records” book shows: “Edwin Fisk Bassett, their first child was born at Sprague, Washington, on the 29th day of April 1894 at 2 o’clock and 15 minutes p.m., attending physician W D Buchanan. Dropsy of the scrotum. Consumption of the bowels. Was baptized by Rev C E Alford of M E Church of Sprague, at Sprague, Wash., Sunday Sept 9th, 1894 at 3 o’clock a.m. at home. Died of consumption of the bowels on the ninth day of September at Sprague, Washington at 4 o’clock, aged 4 months and 11 days. Was buried at Lake View Cemetery-Lot 45, Block 10 on the 10th day of Sept 1894.” This same book identifies the parents of Edwin Fisk Bassett as Herman Sherman Bassett born Fairfax Co, Virginia on Oct 27, 1869 and Nettie Adelaid Judd  born Horicon, Wisconsin on the 17th of June 1870. Nettie married Herman on 14 June 1893.


Bauder, Christian:  “Christian Bauder. Died 21 Jan 1885 at Sprague. Daughters: Christina Bauder, 18; Philopaena Newton, 34.  Coffin $60, dig grave $5, L. Hagers, of Sprague.” (Probate of Estate #22, Lincoln Co Superior Court,  filed 21 Feb 1885)


Benninghoff, Catherine: b. Jul 29, 1861, d. Sep 25, 1891" Perhaps the largest funeral procession that ever paraded the streets of Sprague was that which followed the remains of Mrs. Andrew Bennighoff to the Lake View cemetery last Sunday afternoon.  Every available  vehicle in the city was made to do duty and then hundred of pedestrians were left behind.  A very touching but simple funeral ceremony was held in the parlors of the Commercial Hotel at 1;30 p. m. by Rev. Dr. Allen of the Christian church....a brief prayer was uttered by the Rev. Dr. Allen when all that was mortal of a beloved wife and mother was consigned to the grave.  Obituary: Died Friday night, Sept. 25, 1891 at the Commercial hotel, Sprague, Washington, Mrs. Caroline Bennighoff, wife of Andrew Bennighoff.  The deceased was born in Germany, July 29, 1861, and when three years of age come with her parents to the United States.  In 1881 she was married to Andrew Bennighoff and died leaving to mourn her loss, besides her husband, four children, all daughters, the eldest nine years of age and the youngest an infant only two months old.  She died of typhoid fever was sick only a few days., and her sudden and unexpected death was a most crushing affliction to her husband and children.  The writer was called to conduct the funeral services which were held Sunday afternoon in the parlors of the Commercial Hotel.  The attendance was immensely large filling the rooms at the hotel and  the street outside, showing the high esteem in which the deceased was held by her neighbors and many friends in Sprague...The deceased was a member of the Lutheran church and had lived a worthy and faithful Christian life.  She was a devoted wife, and affectionate mother, a kind and helpful neighbor, and a true woman in all the relations of life.  She has gone to wait on the other shore, the coming of the loved ones in the "Sweet by and by".(The Sprague Herald, Sep 30, 1891) Submitted by Barbara Curtis


Benninghoff, Geo F: Lincoln Co Census of 1892.

            Benninghoff, Geo F. , male,  41, b. Germany, hotelkeeper

            Benninghoff, Julia ,  f , 30, b. Germany.

            Benninghoff, Andrew,  male, 37, b. Germany.

            Benninghoff, Carrie, f, 10, b. NY (not this Carrie)

            Benninghoff, Sophia, f , 8, b. NY

            Benninghoff, Amy, f ,  5, b. NY

            Benninghoff, Julia, f , 1, b. WA


Boehl, E.:  Lincoln Co Auditor records show that R R Jones, grantor, sold Lot 14 Block 1 of Lakeview Cemetery on March 26, 1930 to E. Boehl.  On the 1892 census, Adolph (25) and Anna (19) Boehl are listed without children. In the R. L. Polk listing of 1908-09, Adolph Bohel, a carpenter, is listed. Also shown on the 1892 census for the surname Boehl (as individual entries) were: F. J., male, age 31, b. NE, a farmer;  O. J., male, 25, b. NE, a farmer;  Lena, female, 21, b. NE, a waitress. The 1902 census shows the household of Adolph and Anna with 7 children, although Adolph is listed as Ed and Anna as N. E.. 


Boyer, infant female: “Infant female Boyer; stillborn; Died: 24 Dec 1925 at Sprague; Father = Boward Boyer born WA; Mother = Gladys Mildred Bennett born North Dakota; Burial: Lakeview Cemetery, Sprague, Washington” (Lincoln Co Health Death cards) 


Boyle, Francis:  “Francis Boyle. Died April 17-18, 1891 in Lincoln Co.  Property in Sec 6 T 21 R 36; adm = E .G. Pendleton. Bill from R. R. Jones of Sprague: Cem Lot $5, coffin $50.  Honorable discharge US Navy dated Sept 2, 1867 ‘This is to certify that #12469  Francis Boyle, Landsman, late of ‘Juanita’ enlisted Sept 5, 1864 at NY for 3 years, 21 years of age, 5 ft 5 in high, blue eyes, dark hair, dark complexion, born at Ireland; discharged from US Receiving Ship Potomac at Shela’.” (Lincoln Co Probate #139 filed June 1, 1891)


Bruce, Mrs. Jennie:  Sprague Herald of 16 Jan 1890:  “Mrs. Jennie Bruce died suddenly on Sunday last. From the attending physician, Dr R. M. Houck, we learn that strangulation, super induced by a heavy attack of influenza, was the chief cause of her demise. Mrs. Bruce was buried from the Congregational church Tuesday afternoon. Engineer Bruce has the sympathy of the community in the loss of his young wife.”  (The surname and dates match the tombstone of Mrs. Katie Bruce.)


Buchanan, Victor:  “Victor Buchanan, of Sprague, a veteran of the Civil War, died April 5th, aged 79 years. He has been a resident of Washington for 27 years. He served in Co K, 1st Nebraska Infantry.” (Harrington Citizen of 4-14-1911)  “Victor Buchanan, a veteran of the civil war, died at his home in Sprague last Wednesday at the age of 79 years.” (Dav Trib of 4-13-1911)


Burns, Mary: “Mary Burns. Wife of John J. Burns. Two children: Robert Emmett Burns and Mary Grace Burns.”  (Lincoln County Probate #154 filed Aug 3, 1891. Will included in probate, dated Apr 30, 1891)


Burrow: (see also Leigh) Sarah Ann Leigh, born Oct 8, 1850, in England, died in 1910, in Sprague. She married Charles Burrow in Bristol, England, Dec 24, 1874. They are both buried in the old part of Maccabee Cemetery (edit: Lakeview Cemetery). (more in Sprague Lamont Edwall book)


Burrow: Charles: Charles Burrow was born in England and died Oct 18, 1924, at this residence at Fred Brown's, north of Sprague.  The cause of death was shown as diabetes mellitus.  He was the son of James Burrow and Martha Harvey, both born in England.  Funeral services were conducted at the Sprague ME Church with burial in Lakeview Cemetery. ( Sprague Funeral Ledger of 1914-1927)


Burrow, Sarah Ann Leigh in Sprague Advocate of Mar 10, 1916 “Mrs. Charles Burrow departed this life on Sunday last aged 65 years, 4 months and 26 days. She has been a sufferer for some time with diabetis and Bright’s disease. Her condition became serious about a month ago and has been such that the call has been expected any time. A period of improvement preceded her death as we reported last week. The funeral was held on Wednesday from the Congregational church, Rev Jonathan Edwards of Spokane officiating. The funeral was largely attended showing that she was held in high esteem by her many friends and neighbors. Burial was made in Lakeview Cemetery. Sarah Ann Leigh was born in Wedmore, Stoughton Somersetshire, England, on Oct 8, 1850. On Dec 24, 1874 she was united in marriage to Chas Burrow in Bristol, England. The couple came to America in 1879 and located in Iowa where they resided until 1886 when they came to Washington and located in Lincoln County. They have resided here continuously ever since, almost 30 years. Twelve children were born to them, two of which are dead. The living are:  Mrs. Leslie Brown, Squire, Mrs. Nels Truedson, William, Mrs. Fred Brown, James, Mrs. Ame Dechenne, Mrs. Walter Jones, George and Nancy, all of Sprague, except James who lives in Spokane. Mrs. Burrow was a woman of splendid qualities as scores of people in the community whom she has aided can testify. She was a faithful helpmeet and a patient loving mother finding her greatest comfort in ministering to the wants of others. She was confirmed in the English Church.”  Sprague Funeral Ledger of 1914-1927 confirms much of this obituary. It gives the cause of death as diabetic coma. Her parents were William Leigh and Maryanne Willish (?), both born in England. The only discrepancy was the cemetery had erroneously been identified as Maccabee. “The will of Sarah A Burrow was filed at Davenport last week. Her share of the estate said to be worth $17,000 in real estate and $9,000 in personal property is willed to her husband during life after which it goes to the 10 children in equal parts. A portion is also left to two grandchildren. Mr. Burrow was named as executor of the will.” (5-05-1916 of Sprague Advocate)


Burrow:  Sprague Herald of June 10, 1891: “Little Christina Burrow, the eight year old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Burrow of this city, died on Wednesday, the 27th, from diphtheria. Her remains were interred upon the home place Thursday.”


Butler, Mrs. Catherine: (see Sprague Catholic file, moved from Sprague Catholic to Cheney) “Mrs. Catherine Butler, a pioneer resident of the Edwall region, passed away late Tuesday evening, March 24, at the home of her daughter, Mary Logan. The funeral services were held Thursday morning at the Catholic Church in Edwall, Father Blake of Cheney officiating. Interment was in the cemetery at Sprague, beside her husband. Catherine Butler was born at Nespelem, WA, the date of her birth being unknown but it is supposed that she was about a hundred years old at the time of her death. She went with her parents to Mariposa, in California territory where she grew to young womanhood and married James Butler. Fifty years ago they moved with their family by wagon train to the Edwall community. In the early days, they endured many hardships and Mrs. Butler often related many interesting tales of their early pioneer life. After the death of her husband Mrs. Butler stayed with her daughter Mrs. Mary Logan, where she was in good health until the latter part of last December, when she began to weaken. She had seven children and is survived by four. They are Mrs. Ellen Moomaw, of Manse, WA; John Butler of Inchelium, WA; and Joe Butler and Mary Logan of Edwall. There are also 15 of her grandchildren, 37 great grandchildren and 3 great-great grandchildren.” (Dav Times-Tribune-April 2, 1931)


Butler, John H.: “Died.—At his residence in Sprague the 25th of May 1889, of blood poison, resulting from amputation of leg and inward hurts occasioned by his fall on the 2nd of this month, John H Butler, aged 32 years.  Mr. Butler was born in Davis County, Missouri, in 1857, and with his now surviving brother, came to Washington Territory in 1884 and has resided at his late residence till his death. He was a member of the ME Church and was much interested in the erection of the new church. He was an honest, industrious young man and one that was highly respected by all, especially those who knew him best. In his long and sore affliction he was patient and gave assurance of his trust in God and died in full hope of everlasting life. He leaves three sisters also to mourn his death. His funeral was among the largest ever in Sprague; the services were held by his pastor and his remains laid away to rest to await the union of friends that now mourn where sorrow will be no more. Rev W T Koontz, Pastor, M E Church.” (Sprague Herald of 30 May 1889) “Memorial services to the memory of Mr. John Butler, deceased, will be held in the new Methodist church on next Sunday at 11 a.m.  Everybody invited.” (20 June 1889-Sprague Herald)


Butler, John:  (not buried here) “John Butler, formerly night yard master in Sprague, was killed by a train in Leadville, Colorado, July 3rd. He was buried on the 7th inst.”  (LCT of 7-27-1894)


Cady, infants:  Harrington Citizen of 8-10-1906 “Mr. & Mrs. Myron Cady suffered the loss of their 3 months old twin babies this week. One died Monday and was buried Tuesday in Lakeview Cemetery. The other one died Thursday morning and interment will  be in the same cemetery. The cause of death was from dysentery. The bereaved parents will have the sympathy of a host of friends in the loss of their loved ones.”-Sprague Independent.


Cannon, G. W.:  Sprague City Census of 1902 of Lincoln Co.

            Cannon, G. W. 50, b. TN, farmer, widower. (prob. h/o of Sarah E)

            Cannon, Mabel, 19, b. TN

            Cannon, Fannie, 17, b. TN

            Cannon, George, 14, b. WA (abt 1888)

            Cannon, Frank,  6, b. WA


Chandler, A. E.:  Register of Deaths in Spokane City:  A. E. Chandler, died Oct 15, 1896, age 60, white, married, died at S H Hospital from paralysis agit.; Resided Sprague, no other data.


Chandler, Wm: (Probate of estate #490, Lincoln Co Superior Court:) “William Chandler.  Filed: Apr 13, 1901. Died: 21 Dec 1889 in Lincoln Co. Property: Lot 3 Blk 20 in City of Sprague & land in 14-21-36. Petitioner = widow, Sarah Charbonneau, age 70; no children.”


Chandler, Wm E.  ( Sprague Herald of 26 Dec 1889)  “Another Veteran Has Disappeared From Amongst us to Muster in the Mysterious World Beyond. Comrade William E Chandler suddenly passed away Saturday last at his residence on Second near E Street, in the city. Mr. Chandler had been ailing for a number of years from that dreadful disease, consumption, and to his wife and other intimate friends his passing away was not a surprise; but to those who did not intimately know him he appeared a healthy old man. Mrs. Chandler is left alone in the world, having no children to assist her in carrying her burden of grief. The deceased served in the 211th regiment of Pennsylvania volunteer infantry in the war of the rebellion, and was an honored soldier. He was born in Warren County, PA, Sept 20th, 1827, and was raised in the same neighborhood with Mrs. Chandler. He moved to Michigan after the close of the war, and came to Washington in 1877, and located on Crab Creek, in this county, where his home has since been until a short time since when they moved to this city. Philo Buckman Post GAR of which he was a member took charge of the last obloquies of the deceased, and were followed to the cemetery by many citizens. Rev Mr. Koontz officiated, and delivered a most suitable sermon upon the occasion.”


Chandler, William R.:  (Page 793 of Sprague-Lamont-Edwall book),  


Charbonneau, Mrs. Sarah:  (Sprague Herald of Sept 26, 1902:) “Mrs. Sarah Charbonneau died at her home Tuesday at the age of 72 years. The funeral services were conducted in the Congregational Church Thursday. The remains were laid to rest in the Lakeview Cemetery.” The paper also contained a “Thank-you acknowledgement” for the assistance and sympathy in the loss of his wife, signed by Louis Charbonneau. (Sarah Charbonneau was the former Mrs. Wm Chandler, Wm having died in 1889. She is identified in his probate papers.) Lincoln Co Poor Farm records show Louis Charborneau, 81, born Montreal, Canada; had farm on Crab Creek; single; Admitted Dec 13, 1927. Birthday was March 10th. Died Jan 23, 1930. Two sets of records, one showing burial in Davenport’s Mt View Cemetery and the other showing burial in Spokane. Interesting to note that his name remained on the roster of the Poor Farm for the entire year of 1931 and 1932.


Cowing, Thos C.:  (Register of Deaths in Spokane City:) “#506, Thos C. Cowing, died Dec 6, 1892, age 8 mos; died at Spokane Hotel from broncho-pneumonia; born Sprague; reside Sprague; Father = W. J. Cowing; Mother = Ellen H. Scott (both parents born NY).”


Craven, Walter:  “Walter Craven, died at his residence in this city from consumption last Thursday. Funeral services were conducted at the late residence of diseased on Friday by Rev. W. T. Koontz. Deceased left to mourn his loss a wife and two children, besides a large number of relatives and friends in Iowa, from which state he came to Sprague.” (27 Feb 1890-Sprague Herald) (burial not confirmed)


Davis, Nathaniel Lee:  Page 227 of Sprague-Lamont-Edwall book, Born 9/22/1850 (birthplace not known). Married 12/23/1877 at Mt Hope, Franklin Co, MO.  Died: 10/20/1894 at Sprague, WA, burial LakeView Cemetery.  Occupation: Flour Miller-Farmer. Spouse: Harriet Ann Boyer


Dills:  Lincoln Co Census of 1892

Dills, E. m  30  VA engineer

         ,Rhoda ,f  , 27,  VA

         ,Minnie, f ,  8,  VA

         ,Elsie, f, 5 , VA


Evans, Jane:  (Register of Deaths in Spokane City:)  “Jane Evans, died July 21, 1900 at age 72; white, married, died from cirrhosis; born Wales; resided Sprague.”


Evans, son of Wm H.:  (August 15, 1902 edition of Sprague Herald) “Died.—Evans, on Monday, August 11, 1902, the 4 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. William H Evans.”


Ewart, George:  (Sprague Herald of Nov 21, 1889) “Mr. George Ewart, an old gentleman, who has been engaged in the fruit and confectionery business in this city for some time, expired suddenly while sitting in a chair in his store Tuesday evening. He was past 64 years of age. Heart disease was the cause of his death. The funeral was held in the Methodist church yesterday and the remains were laid away in Lake View Cemetery.”



 Lakeview Cemetery of Sprague, Washington, submitted  to the Lincoln County 

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