Mondovi Pleasant View Cemetery  

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Rader: 255 N ½

Rader, baby Orlando;   (no dates; d. 8-08-1896; aged 9 mos); “Orland Rader. Died: 8-08-1896, at Mondovi. Aged: 9 mos.” (Lincoln Co Auditor death ledger);

Reagan, Barney;  (July 27, 1929-Oct 20, 1995; Pvt US Army); “Barney Reagan. Died: October 1995, Cut Bank, MT. Birth: 7-27-1929.” (SS Death Index); “Edward H. Reagan, 41; Mary E. Reagan, 40; Robert E. Reagan, 12; Bertha M. Reagan, 10; Barney E. Reagan, 8 mos.” (1930 Cut Bank, Glacier Co, MT census);

Reagan, H. Ed.;  (1888-1969; shared stone w/Mary); “H. Edward Reagan. Birth 28 June 1888. Died: July 1969, Cut Bank, Glacier Co, MT.” (SS Death Index) “Henry E. Reagan. Died: 6 July 1969, age 81 yrs. Widowed. Residence County: Glacier. Death County: Glacier.” (Montana Death Index #3491)

Reagan, Mary McClure;   (1890-1952; shared stone w/ B. Ed); “Mary Reagan. Died: 23 Dec 1952, age 62.” (Montana Death Index of Vital Statistics) “Groom: Henry E. Reagan, 28, b. TX, residing: Cut Bank, MT. Single. Farmer. Father: M. E. Reagan, born Texas. Mother: Maggie Mann, born Texas. Bride: Mary E. McClure, 26, b. Mondovi, WA, residing Mondovi, WA. Single. Teacher. Father: E. J. McClure, born CA; Mother: Bertha Brink, born MO. Marriage: Dec 25, 1916 at Bride’s Residence. Officiant: S. M. Mathes, Ordained Minister, Edwall, WA. Witnesses: Rosy McClure, Harry McClure, Mondovi, WA.” (Certificate of Marriage: Personal and Statistical Particulars. License #119683, dated: 12-23-1916. Certificate: #2441. Lincoln Co Auditor)

Reagan, Robert E.;   (Sept 13,1917-Aug 7, 1981; daddy)  “Funeral services were held here Monday, Aug 10 for Robert E. Reagan, 63, who died Aug 7 in Davenport.  Reagan was born Sept 13, 1917 in Reardan and spent his early years in Cutbank, MT. He later schooled in Davenport and finished school back in Cutbank.  He was active in raising horses and horse racing. He spent time ranching as well as prospecting for oil and minerals in Montana. He farmed in the Bald Ridge area here with his adopted father, Jim McClure, until his death.  He is survived by his wife, Dorothy, at the home; two daughters, Mrs. Don (Peeps) Rhoades of Medical Lake and Rosemary Reagan of Ronan, MT; one son, Rickey Reagan of Santa Rita, MT; and 10 grandchildren.  He was preceded in death by his adopted father, his mother Mary McClure Reagan, father Ed Reagan, and one sister, Betty Jacobson. He was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Wilbur, Odessa Union Warehouse and Davenport Union Warehouse.  Funeral services were held at the chapel of Strate Funeral Home with Rev Philip Falk officiating. Interment was held at Mondovi Cemetery.” (Davenport Times: 8-13-1981) 

Reynolds: 218

Reynolds, Drucilla C. Engle;   (1877-1967);  “Drucilla C. Reynolds. Died: 2-11-1967, Reardan, WA.  Spouse: widowed.  Father: Samuel Engle. Mother: Sarah Wilelm. Burial: Mondovi Cemetery, Mondovi, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card);

Reynolds, Fay: 181

Reynolds, Fay Rad;   (1879-1949) “Fay Reynolds. Died: 12-16-1948. Birth: 1-11-1879, Iowa. Spouse: Druscilla Reynolds. Father: Logan Reynolds. Mother: unobtainable. Burial: Mondovi, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card);  “Date of License: Oct 27, 1911. Groom: Fay Reynolds, age 31, 1st marriage. Residence: Mondovi, WA. Birthplace: Iowa. Farmer.  Father: Logan Reynolds. Mother: Jane Fay. Bride: Drucilla Engle. Age 32. Second Marriage. Residence: Mondovi. Birthplace: Iowa. Father: Samuel Engle. Mother: Sarah Wilhelm. Marriage: Oct 27, 1911, Davenport, WA. C. L. Gibson, Minister of the Gospel, Davenport, WA. Witnesses: Florie Reynolds, Mondovi; Mrs. M. Moore, Mondovi.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: Marriage Return #1911; #94341)

Reynolds, Jane Fay;  (unconfirmed burial; d. 10-21-1891 in Spokane; w/o Logan Reynolds, who reportedly owned a large plot in Mondovi Cemetery; Logan Reynolds was born abt March 1847 in KY. He remarried about 1893 and appeared on the Reardan Precinct census in 1900 with wife Flora E., son Fay Rad, and daughter Verna. Both children were from his previous marriage.); “Logan Reynolds, 32; Jane Reynolds, 28; Fay R. Reynolds, 6 months.” (details from 1880 Grove, Pottawattamie Co, Iowa census);“Logan Reynolds; Jane Fay; marriage: 6-03-1873 in Council  Bluff, Pottawattamie Iowa”

Reynolds, Florie;  (d. 6-08-1916. aged 46); “Florie Reynolds. Died: 8 June 1916, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Age: 46 years. Father: Henry Stanley. Mother: Marie Gould.” (WA State Death Record: Spokane County) “Elmer Holman and mother and Mrs. N. E. Lair attended the funeral of Mrs. L. Reynolds at Mondovi Saturday.” (LCT: 6-16-1916) “License Date: Nov 1, 1893. Groom: Logan Reynolds, 45, second marriage. Birthplace: Kentucky. Residence: Mondovi. Farmer. Father: William Reynolds. Mother’s Maiden Name: Hart. Bride: Florrie E. Stanley, age 23. Born: Illinois. Residence: Mondovi. First Marriage. Housekeeper. Father: Henry G. Stanley. Mother: Elmina Gould. Date of Marriage: Nov 6, 1893. Place of Marriage: Mondovi. Rev G. G. Mulb… ; Witnesses: Emma Silliman, J. W. Silliman.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: Marriage Return: #174)

Reynolds, Logan Jr.;  (unconfirmed burial); “Logan Reynolds, Jr. Male, white. Stillbirth. 8-05-1907, Davenport, WA. Father: Logan Reynolds, born Kentucky. Mother: Flora Stanley, born IL. Geo Moore, MD, Davenport, WA. Burial: 8-06-1907, O. W. Stone, undertaker, Davenport, WA.” (burial not stated; WA State Board of Health: Certificate of Death);

Rhind, P. A.: 178

Rhind, Percy Albert;   (1874-1909); “Percy Albert Rhind. Died: 16 June 1909, aged 36 yrs 4 mos 12 days. Place of Death: Spokane.” (Spokane Co Death Records); “Orville Horace Rhind. Birth: 25 Oct 1908, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: Percy Albert Rhind. Mother: Cora Torvey.” (Lincoln Co Birth certificate); {Edit: Cora L. Rhind, age 22, with Leta, 3, and Orville H, 2, were residing with the James F. Forney family in 1910 on the Mondovi census, where she was listed as widowed.} “License Date: July 14, 1906. Groom: P. A. Rhind. Age 33. Second Marriage. Residence: Springdale, Wash.; Birthplace: Montreal, Canada. Bookkeeper. Father: William Rhind. Mother: Susan ____ (not legible). Bride: Cora L Forney, age 18. First Marriage. Residence: Springdale. Birthplace: Wash. Father: Samuel Forney. Mother: Susanna Teeter. Marriage: July 16, 1906, Spokane, Wash.  Rev Alfred Lockwood, All Saints Cathedral, Spokane, WA. Witnesses: J. W. Lytton and Estella Lytton, both of Spokane, Wash.” (Marriage Return: A-2997);

Riffe: 59

Riffe, Calvin C.;   (Feb 4, 1861-Dec 5, 1916; Woodmen of the World)  “The funeral of C. C. Riffe, a prominent farmer was held at Reardan Friday and was largely attended. The funeral was in charge of the Davenport camp of the W O W.  Mr. Riffe was for many years prominently identified with the farmer’s union of  Lincoln County. His widow survives.” (Odessa Record: 12-15-1916) “Appraisers appointed by the court in the estate of Calvin C. Riffe deceased, are J. E. Fraser, Fred W. Moe, and C. E. Jenks.” (Citizen: 9-07-1923) {Edit: Calvin C. Riffe and his wife Johanna appear on the 1910 West Davenport census, aged 49 and 45. Calvin was born in California, his parents in Missouri. His father was shown as W. Riffe and his mother as M. Maxwell, on his death certificate. Calvin died at the age of 55.} “Mr .and Mrs. E. O. Sprinkle, together with Mr .and Mrs. A. Hughes, autoed to Cal. Riffe’s last Sunday.” (Davenport Tribune: 7-15-1915)

Riffe surname:  “Floye Gertrude Riffe. Died: 12-23-1956, Reardan, WA. Spouse: Widowed. Father: William Avenell. Mother: Elizabeth Surber. Burial: Cemetery unknown, Reardan, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card; This burial was in the Reardan City Cemetery with Richard A. Riffe.);

Robertson, G.: 173

Robertson, Charles Henry;   (1886-1920); “Female Robertson. Birth: 9-06-1908, Spokane. Father: Charles H. Robertson. Mother: Gertie Zeimantz.” (Spokane Co Birth Index); Charles Henry Robertson was born Aug 9, 1885, the son of Charles H. Robertson and his wife Nancy.  “Christopher, 47; Nannie B., 42; Maggie B., 18; Charles H., 13; Vandy E., 4.” (1900 Kiowa, Barber Co, Kansas census) His mother’s maiden name was Nancy I Patton. Chas H. Robertson was born August 9, 1885 in Lyons County, Kansas. “License Date: 6-12-1906, Lincoln Co, WA. Groom: C. H Robertson of Lincoln Co; Bride: Gertie Zeimantz of Lincoln Co, WA. Officiant: Theoph. Pypers, Catholic Priest. Marriage: June 14, 1906 in Davenport, WA. Witnesses: Victor Schreder and Anna K. Zeimantz.” (details from Certificate of Marriage: U-1131; #66700); They had four children: John Hamlin, b. 12-22-1906; Ellen May, b. 9-06-1908 in Lincoln Co; Ara Dee, b. 5-30-1911 Troy, Latah Co, Idaho; and Fern Adoree, b. 9-19-1912 in Troy. Charles Henry Robertson died Feb 6, 1920 in Troy, Latah Co, Idaho. 

Robertson, Gertrude Zeimantz; legal name at death: Sontag;   (1888-1968); Gertrude Zeimantz was born May 11, 1887 in Bristol, Day Co, South Dakota. She first married Charles Henry Robertson on June 14, 1906 and had four children by him. Following his death on 2-06-1920 in Troy, Idaho, Gertrude married John S. Cook. Gertrude Cook then married Peter Paul Sontag. “This is to Certify, that the undersigned, an Ordained Minister by authority of a License bearing the date the 13th day of August, AD 1936 and issued by the County Auditor of the County of Spokane did, on the 15th day of August, AD 1936, at Spokane in the County and State aforesaid, join in Lawful Wedlock Peter P Sontag of Spokane, State of WA and Gertrude Cook, of Spokane, State of WA, with their mutual assent, in the presence of Inez Ferguson and H. G. Sontag, witnesses. In Testimony Whereof, witness the signatures of the parties to said ceremony, the witnesses and myself, this 15th day of August, AD, 1936. Officiating Clergyman: Henry Winkle, Central Christian Church, Spokane, WA.” (Spokane County Auditor: Marriage Certificate #52952; filed August 21, 1936)

Robertson, Ellen M.;  see Bannak, Ellen Robertson.

Rogers: 172 (next to Robertson: 173 

Rogers, William;  (1844-1920);  “William Rogers. Died: 21 March 1920, age 79, Davenport, Lincoln Co, WA.” (WA State Death Records); “William Rogers, head, Jan 1843, 57, married 18 yrs, b. NY, farmer.  Ida Rogers, wife, Feb 1862, 38, 3 children born, 1 living child, b. IN. Bessie Rogers, daughter, Mar 1891, 9, MI.” (Mondovi Twp 26 Precinct, 1900 Census); {Edit: Ida Rogers, widow of William, married John Kloberg in 1923, under which name Ida is buried in the Mondovi Cemetery.}

Rouse surname;  {Edit: There is no indication of the burial of Sarah Rouse in this cemetery. However, filed in the Lincoln County Auditor’s Misc. Ledger was an affidavit for the following: “Mrs. Sarah Oregen Rouse. Certificate of death filed Nov 11, 1910 at request of John Rouse. WA State Board of Health Certificate of Death. Place of death: Town of Cedonia, Co of Stevens, WA. Female, white. Born: June 10, 1845. Age 65 yrs 2 mos 18 days; died: 28 Aug 1910. Married. Born at Sinclair, VA. Father: Andrew Bishop born VA; Mother: Mary Bishop born VA. Occupation: Homewife. Informant: John Rouse: address Cedonia.”}

Rouse surname 2:  Research for the Frans Cemetery resulted in acquiring the family history of the Sutherlin family. William P. Sutherlin was born 23 Oct 1870 in Ellis Co, Texas. He married Margaret Rouse on June 27, 1896 in Idaho. She was born June 1873 in Wolcott, Wayne Co, NY and died 11 May 1955 in Boise, Ada Co, Idaho. The family was listed on the Spokane County census for 1900. No research was done to determine if Margaret was related to the Rouse family in Mondovi Cemetery. Data furnished by the Williston family.

Rouse surname 3:  “Funeral for Eugene A. Rouse, 83, a longtime Spokane resident, was Wednesday, July 26, at Hazen & Jaeger Funeral Home in Spokane. Interment followed at Holy Cross Cemetery. Mr. Rouse died July 19, (2006). He was born Dec 9, 1922, in Davenport and raised at Bald Ridge and Mondovi prior to moving to West Spokane.  He attended Cheney High School and served as corporal in the US Marine Corp during WW II.  He retired from the Carpenters Union and was a longtime member of the Springhill Grange. He also was an avid fisherman and enjoyed camping.  He was preceded in death by two wives, Rose in 1975 and Shirley in 2005; and a brother, George Edward Rouse. He leaves a sister, Ellen Heinemann; two sons, Ray Rouse and John Rouse; and numerous grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces and nephews.” (Davenport Times: 7-27-2006) 

Rouse, A. E.: 141

Rouse, Aaron Eugene;  (1846-1919; h/o Arlina Miller);

Rouse, Allen Plummer;   (Feb 3, 1901-Nov 27, 1901; s/o Julia & G. M. Rouse);

Rouse, Arlina Miller;  (1844-1904; w/o Aaron);

Rouse, Beatrice Marian;  (July 9, 1908-Sept 8, 1908);

Rouse, George Edward;   (Dec 24, 1924-Nov 5, 1987;  MM3 US Navy WW II); {Edit: Edward G. Rouse appeared on the 1930 Mondovi census, age 5 yrs 4 mos, a son of Romyre E. Rouse and his wife Mildred E..

Rouse, G. M: 140

Rouse, George Miller; (1870-1929; s/o Aaron & Arlina Rouse);  “A decree of settlement of the estate of George M. Rouse, deceased, was signed by the Court June 4th and R. E. Rouse of Mondovi discharged as administrator.” (Citizen: 6-13-1930) “George Miller Rouse. Died: 2 March 1929, Davenport, WA.  Birth: 15 April 1870, Stuyvesant, New York.  Spouse: Married, name not given. Father: Aaron Eugene Rouse, born Stuyvesant, NY. Mother: Arlina Miller, born Herkimer, New York.  Burial: Pleasant View Cemetery, Mondovi, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card);

Rouse, Julia A Plummer;   (1880-1950; w/o G. M. Rouse);  “George M. Rouse, Groom; Julia A. Plummer, both of Lincoln Co; Marriage: Aug 2, 1896 at Mondovi. License bearing the date: July 28, 1896 of Lincoln Co Auditor. Officiant:  J. M. Brink, Minister of the Gospel. In the Presence of: A. N. Plummer and A. E .Rouse. Signed: Geo M. Rouse, Groom. Julia A. Plummer, Bride.” (details from Lincoln Co Marriage Certificate: U-92);

Rouse, Mildred E. Steven;  (1905-1958; grandmother; shared stone w/ Connie Heinemann, granddaughter); {Edit: The 1930 census for Mondovi shows Romyre E. Rouse, age 30; Mildred E., 24; Eugene A., 7; Edward G., 5 yrs 4 mos; and Elan M., 3 yrs 4 mos.}  “Certificate of Marriage. I Hereby Certify That on the 30th day of Nov in the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and twenty-one at Davenport, in the County of Lincoln, and State aforesaid, I, the undersigned, a minister of the Gospel, by authority of a license bearing the date Nov 30, AD, 1921, and issued by the County Auditor of Lincoln County, did on the 30th day of November, AD, 1921, join in lawful wedlock Romyne E Rouse, of the County of Lincoln, State of Wash., and Mildred Stevens, of the County of Lincoln, State of Wash. David W. Ferry, Minister of the Gospel. Romyne E. Rouse, Groom; Miss Mildred Stevens, Bride. In Presence of Mrs. Arlina Dietrich, Geo E. Smith.” (Certificate of Marriage: U-2800; 142077, Lincoln Co Auditor); {Edit: The Death Index shows that Romyne Rouse was born 5-07-1899 and died 11-04-1991.}

Rouse, Romyne E.;   (May 7, 1899-Nov 2, 1991); h/o Mildred Stevens;


Mondovi Cemetery Obituaries, Lincoln County,

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