Deaths in Spokane in 1889



                       Excerpts from The Spokane Falls Review


                                                submitted by Marge Womach





Davis, Charley:  “A Fatal Leap. Charley Davis Jumps From a Window and Is Killed.  When the fire reached the Arlington block that handsome structure was quickly enveloped in flame. The crowd in the street was terrified at the sight of a man attired in his night robe at a second story window that was curtained with a fiery sheet, while volumes of smoke pouring outward plainly told that the man’s retreat within had been cut off. AS they stood appalled and powerless to rescue him he plunged through the fiery barrier and fell prostrate in the street. He was picked up and placed upon a mattress and borne a way to the Sisters’ hospital where he lingered in great agony until morning, when he died. His body was terribly lacerated and he was shockingly burned.” (Spokane Falls Review: 8-06-1889; excerpt from the large article on the Spokane Fire)


“Died. Currier, Herbert G, only child of Walter S and Sadie C Currier, aged 3 years. Funeral at the Baptist church Thursday morning, Aug 8, 1889, at 10 o’clock. Ridgway, PA, papers please copy.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-07-1889)


“Died. Cansey.—Our fellow townsman C E Cansey, of the firm of Todd & Cansey, dairymen, died Sunday morning of typhoid fever. He was buried Monday afternoon. He will be greatly missed in the city and the Christian church of which he was a member. His family, wife and five children, have the sincere sympathy of a large circle of friends.” (Spokane Falls Review: 8-07-1889) 


“Died. Johnson, Benjamin Harrison, son of Mr and Mrs Frank Johnson of this city, Aug 5, 1889. Funeral today at 2 p.m. at residence in Sapro Addition.” (Spokane Falls Review: 8-07-1889)


“Five Funerals. Yesterday there was an unusual mortality in this city, as the following list of deaths show:  Herbert G Currier, 3 year old son of Mr and Mrs W S Currier. His funeral services are to be held in the Baptist church, Aug 8 at 10:30 a.m.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-07-1889)


“Five Funerals. Samuel Brown, aged 81 yrs, father of F L Brown. The deceased was a resident of Ottowa, Kansas, and the body was embalmed by Bicksler & Webster and will be shipped to that place.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-07-1889)


“Five Funerals. Annie Weston, age 6 years, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ole Weston.” (Spokane Falls Review: 8-07-1889)


“Five Funerals. Minnie Butt, daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles Butt. The funeral will occur at the house this afternoon at 2 o’clock.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-07-1889)


“Five Funerals. Jessie Naegele, wife of Joseph Naegele. The body was embalmed by Bicksler & Webster and is to be forwarded to Denver, Colorado.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-07-1889)


“The sad news was received yesterday that Mrs William W Watson of Geneva, NY, mother of T O (or T G) Watson and City treasurer Watson of this city, had died Wednesday. Mrs Watson was quite well known in this city, having visited here not long ago.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-08-1889)


C S Branch, solicitor for the Minneapolis Journal, occupied room 15 at the Arlington on the night of the fire. He had on his person about $200 and was to have called at the Bellvue house on Monday to meet L W Kimvall and close a real estate trade with E H Galbraith. He has not been seen since 7 o’clock Sunday evening, although a vigorous search ahs been made by his friends and members of the GAR.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-08-1889)


“Information has been received in this city that Charles A Inkster, one of the proprietors of the Spangle Record, died suddenly on the 6th inst., at his home in Egypt, Lincoln County. His brother, Mr Lawrence A Inkster, and a partner in the paper, was in the city at the time the news was received, and left hurriedly for Egypt to obtain particulars of his brother’s sudden demise and to look after the interests of the firm.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-09-1889)


“Mortuary. The following burials yesterday are reported by Bicksler & Webster, undertakers:  Herbert G Currier, three year old son of W S Currier. Funeral from First Baptist church at 10 a.m. Rev May C Jones preached the funeral sermon.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-09-1889)


“Mortuary. The following burials yesterday are reported by Bicksler & Webster, undertakers:  The remains of Mrs Josie Naegele were embalmed and sent to Denver, Col., on the 11 a.m. train.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-09-1889)


“Mortuary. The following burials yesterday are reported by Bicksler & Webster, undertakers:  The funeral of Mrs Ella McNier took place from her residence on East Second street at 4 p.m. Rev Jonathan Edwards officiating.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-09-1889)


“Died.—Schoen, Agnes, the daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles Schoen, 9 months old, at 9 a.m. yesterday. Funeral will be held at 3 p.m. today, from the residence, corner of Third and Howard.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-10-1889)


“Sacred Heart Hospital. No new cases are reported. The hospital contains 120 patients. Miss Merling died yesterday of fever after an illness of four weeks. Mr Stevenson, the steward, is very sick with fever. There are only four sisters in attendance, the other five having gone to Vancouver…”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-10-1889)


“Died. Rodolph.—At Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Friday, Aug 9, 1899, Bertha Frances, daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles Rodolf, aged 6 months.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-11-1889)


“Injured.  Ed Burse, a man employed at the 1XL, fell from a scaffolding and suffered a scalp wound and internal injuries. Dr Van Zandt was called to attend him, and after an examination ordered him sent to the hospital.” (Spokane Falls Review: 8-11-1889)


“Lamentable Death. J Warren Russell died at the residence of R M Russell, No. 23 East Third street, at 2:10 p.m. yesterday, after an illness of two weeks. The remains were embalmed by Bicksler & Webster and will be sent to Savannah, MO, his former home, for interment.  The deceased was a young man of excellent business attainments and admirable social qualities, and was highly esteemed by all who knew him. At the time of his death he was vice president of the Washington Loan and Investment company, and his business prospects were exceedingly brilliant. His unexpected summons is a severe blow to his relatives here, and the announcement that went over the wires last night doubtless caused deep grief in the Missouri town where he was born and raised.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-15-1889)


“Died. Edna Julia Crosby.  Died Aug 19, 11 p.m., age 9 months and 13 days.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-22-1889) 


“Died. Edward William Crosby. Died August 20, 7 a.m. age 9 months and 13 days.” (Spokane Falls Review: 8-22-1889)


“Died. Jas Kirtley Mead.—Infant son of Mr and Mrs W H Mead, aged 4 months and 20 days. Funeral at residence, corner Second and Howard streets, at 3 p.m.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-22-1889)


“The Death Roll. Andrew Anderson, age 29 years, was buried in Fairmount Cemetery at 10 a.m. yesterday.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-13-1889)


“The Death Roll. John Stevenson, age 26 years, died Sunday morning and was buried from All Saints Episcopal church at 3 p.m. yesterday. Rev C B Crawford preached the funeral sermon.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-13-1889)


“The Death Roll.  Infant daughter of Mr and Mrs G C Blakerlee, died yesterday at 7 a.m.  Funeral from residence of Harry Baer, corner of Third and Pine streets, at 4 p.m.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-13-1889)


“Burned. Mrs H M Fletcher, who was reported burned in the Van Dorn and Bently building, can be found at 205 West Second street, and is improving rapidly under Dr Russell’s care.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-13-1889)


“Died. Wilson.—Infant son of W J Wilson, on Aug 12, aged 10 months 24 days. Funeral at residence of family, corner of Chestnut and Second streets, today at 3 p.m.  Friends of family invited.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-13-1889)


“Died. Rodolf.—Infant daughter of C D Rodolf, on Aug 10 at Coeur d’Alene City. Funeral took place from residence at Forest Park last Sunday afternoon.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-13-1889)


“Died.  Murphy.—At the residence of J M Armstrong, at 11:30 a.m. Aug 4, 1889, Charles Murphy aged 68 years and 6 months. The deceased was the father of Mrs J M Armstrong of this city. Funeral will be from the residence of J M Armstrong on Tuesday, Aug 6 at 10 a.m.”  (Spokane Falls Review: 8-06-1889) 




 Spokane Deaths, Spokane County, Washington

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