Lakeview Cemetery & Obituaries


                                                                  Data Collection by Marge Womach

                                       Located 2 miles NW of Sprague in the SE corner of S 15 T 21 R 38

                                                          abuts the Maccabee City Cemetery of Sprague

                                    Size: 10 acres, apparently abandoned; minimal care by cemetery district(?)

                                Page 87: Lakeview Cemetery contains 10 acres of land in SE corner of 15-21-38

                                                    filed 21 May 1890 by W W Sprague and Louise V Sprague.



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* will denote the 1974 listing of tombstones from Lartigues Tombstone Inscriptions.

+ will denote the 1999 listing of tombstones from internet from Ron Miller’s work.

! will denote obit available; Bold printed name is addition to tombstone listings.

? burial will denote Lakeview only available cemetery non-Catholic at that time

# will denote Funeral Home Ledger

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Cemetery Listing:


MacDonald, Isabella, 1865-9 Jul 1944+*

MacDonald, James, 12 Nov 1848-2 Dec 1921+* , br/o Mary & Thomas

MacDonald, Mary, 1856-29 Dec 1945+*# , sis/o James & Thos

MacDonald, Thomas H. ! , 1847-24 Oct 1900+*br/o Mary & James

MacDonald (see McDonald)

Marsh, Mariva E., 18 June 1813-18 Nov 1882* , b. Conn. d. Ainsworth, WT

Mason, Maria, 18 Feb1845-25 Feb 1896+*    

McAllister, Reatea/Reatha A.,   +* ,   9 m d/o T. & S. A.

McAllister, Sarah A., 2 Sep 1832-10 Mar 1895+*w/o Thomas M.

McAllister, Thomas,   (owner of plot: Blk 10 #34)

McClurkin, Orpha , 25 Mar 1871-27 Jul 1890+*w/o Charles

McDonald, Agnes , (owner of plot: Blk 1 #19) , (Jones Add.)

McDonald, Agnes (Irving)! ,  Dec 1859 -13 Nov 1902+w/o John

McDonald, John !  ,  May  1847 -7 Jun 1900+* ,   h/o Agnes

McDonald, William James,  23 Jan 1893-8 Oct 1918+* ,   s/o John & Agnes,  Co M 308 Inf; killed in action

McElwain, John H.,  23 Oct 1855-5 Jul 1894+*s/o Sarah

McElwain, Sarah A., 8 May 1831-30 Jan 1910+* ,   m/o John H.

McGrath, P. H. !  ,   abt 1854      -21 Jul 1889+*

McPherson, Partheen ,       -18 Jan 1893*  ,  age 42 yr; w/o D. K.,   1857      -18 Jan 1899+ ,  w/o D. K.

Melrose, Pearl J.,  28 May 1891-1 Sep 1891+*d/o James P. & Fannie

Melrose, Raymond,    21 Apr 1889-29 Apr 1891+*s/o James P. & Fannie

Mercer, Mr. !,  d. abt May 1889 ,   (see obit)

Miller, Aaron  #  , 1846-1923+*  ,  IOOF; h/o Ellen

Miller, Agnes Irene,  June 1900-8 Feb 1901+*  ,  d/o Myrtel & Georgia

Miller, Ellen E .,  abt 1849    -19 Mar 1891+*1st w/o Aaron,  d. 19 March 1892 Lincoln Co Probate

Miller, Eugene   !  ,  s/o W. ; obit

Miller, Georgia May,    1879-1919* ,   1875-1919+ ,  d/o Drusilla Thompson

Miller, infant (no dates), +*  ,  Aaron & Ellen E.

Miller, John, owner of plot: Blk 2 #19)

Miller, J. T. (error) ,  *  , Co C 28th WI Inf

Miller, Sarah J.,  1855-1890+*

Milliken, J. F., (d.abt 1902) ,  Co C 28th WI Inf; Corpl

Mills, Idid M.,  19 Jul 1871-17 Nov 1887

Mills, James P.,  abt 1834       -23 Jul 1891+* ,   Co N 90th OH Inf ,  d. 24 July 1891,  Lincoln Co Probate

Mitchell, Thomas Orville d. 26 Aug 1902; 17 months ,  Obit.

Mohs, Elizabeth Morris , 11 Mar 1865-7 Nov1885+d/o Fred & Phoebe Mohs

Mohs, Phoebe  !4 Sep 1853-25 Dec 1899*  w/o Frederic,  4 Sep 1844-25 Dec 1890+  w/o Frederick (obit)

More, Mrs. Amelia! (TS Prescher),  d. 8 April 1901,  w/o George More

Morey, A. J.,  (owner of plot: Blk 10 #17)     (S ½ N ½ )

Morris, Elizabeth E.,  d. 7 Nov 1885*  d/o Fred & Phoebe Mohs

Morris, Fred,  1898-1900 , Lincoln Co Death Cert. d. 24 Jan 1900; 1 yr 7 mos  male infant

Morris, Lucy A.,  24 Jun 1871-24 Apr 1890+* ,   w/o Grant

Murray, Henry Peter ,  d. 13 Dec 1886 ,  Cath. Territorial Ledger

Murray, James , d. 24 Nov 1892 ,  Cath. Territorial Ledger

Neal, Charles A. !,  26 Apr 1882-17 Nov 1893+*s/o Chas H. & Sadie (DC)

Neal, Charles H., 1858-1930+* , “Dad”

Neal, Charles Henry, 10 May 1913-20 June 1927+*

Neal, Fred T., 1888-1918+*s/o Chas & Sadie, OBIT

Neal, Harry G. !, 29 Aug 1885-29 June 1898+*s/o Chas H. & S. M.

Neal, Sadie M. ! , 1853-1929+*“mother”; w/o Chas H.

Newman, Sam !, Feb 6, 1894; 46 yrs, obit & Death Cert.

Newton, Florence (see Bauder)                                    *

Newton, Florence,  22 Jan 1880-8 May 1882+

Nixon, Mary L !, 11 Jan 1849-2 Dec 1900+* , w/o J. W.

Nolan, James !, d. Jan 29, 1887 , obit



Data Collection:

MacDONALD, James: (Hist. of Big Bend-1904, excerpt) “James MacDonald dwells about 14 miles southeast from Sprague and is occupied in farming and stock raising... James MacDonald was born in county Antrim, Ireland, on Dec 12, 1848, the son of Alexander and Isabella (McCapin) MacDonald, natives also of that county, where they both died, the father in 1867 and the mother in 1894. In April, 1870, James sailed from Glasgow, Scotland, to New York by way of Quebec, Canada. (He worked in PA, NH, and finally for the Northern Pacific in the Big Bend, and then took a homestead where he now resides. He has one brother and two sisters, Isabella and May, living with him, and Thomas A, deceased, who was a machinist on the Northern Pacific for 15 years. Fraternally, he is a member of the Masons, while in religious persuasions he belongs to the Episcopal church....”  " James Macdonald, a resident of the Sprague community for almost 40 years passed away at his home here last Friday afternoon.  Death was due to a hemorrhage of the brain.  Mr. Macdonald suffered a relapse of memory about two years ago and had been an invalid since but lately he had shown signs of improvement and those nearest to him had hopes of his speedy recovery.  However on Monday of last week a spirit of drowsiness later known to have been due to the hemorrhage, began to set in and he slept most of the time from then until the end came on Friday afternoon Dec. 2, at 2:30 o'clock.   Mr. Macdonald was born in Ireland, September 12, 1848.  His people however were Scotch and he was a descendant of a well known Highland clan, the Macdonalds of Glen Ceo.   When a young man he engaged in business in Glasgow but in 1870 bid farewell to his home folks and sailed for America.  For 10 years he was time keeper for the Carnegie Iron Works in Pittsburg and later worked for 2 1/2 years for the Flather Engineering Works at Nashua N. H. and then as an accountant in Boston, Mass.   In 1882 he came to Washington and joined his brother Thomas who was an engineer in railroad construction work.  But in coming west he had conceived the idea of going into farming and in 1884 began stock raising and later wheat raising.  At the time of his death he owned a stock ranch of 640 acres 5 1/2 miles south of Sprague and a wheat ranch of 1150 acres 15 miles south of Sprague.  Eleven years ago he rented his farms and built a fine residence in the western part of Sprague where he has since resided with his two sisters.  Thos who knew him speak of him in the highest terms- a good neighbor always obliging and accommodating, a man of the keenest sense of integrity whose word was as good as his bond, public spirited and liberal minded, highly respected by his neighbors and associated.  His life, like his death, was pacific.  If he had an enemy in the whole world it is not known.  He was a member of Sprague Lodge No. 40 F. & A. M. and Sprague Chapter No. 6, R. A. M. and had passed thru the chairs in the latter.   The funeral was held at the Masonic Hall Sunday afternoon Dec. 4, and the services were in the chare of the Masonic order.  Rev. Clay Palmer delivered the sermon.  A large crowd of sorrowing friends were present to pay their respects and witness the closing rites both at the hall and at the grave.  Burial was in the Lakeview cemetery.  Mr. Macdonald is survived by two sisters, Miss Mary Macdonald and Miss Isabelle Macdonald both of  Sprague and two brothers-(Sprague Advocate, Dec 8, 1921)Submitted by Barbara Curtis.

MacDONALD, Mary: “Miss Mary MacDonald; residence: Sprague; Died St. Lukes Hospital; Born: 1856, date unknown; Age 89 yrs; Died: 12-29-1945; Born: Clantocken, Scotland; housekeeper; Father = Alexander MacDonald born Scotland; Mother = Isabella MacAlpin, born Scotland; Cause of death: Coronary Thrombosis; Secondary: pneumonia; Physician: Dr. J. P. Caldwell of Cheney; Funeral service at Lutheran Church; Burial at Sprague’s Lakeview Cemetery on 1-02-1946. Total amount of Bill = $1103.64.” (Sprague Funeral Home Ledger of 1937-1947, #160)

MacDonald, Thomas H.: “Thomas H. MacDonald, aged 52 years, died at his home 14 miles southeast of Sprague on Wednesday, Oct 24th.  Mr. MacDonald had been in poor health for several years and death came as a relief to his sufferings. The funeral services were conducted by the Masons of the Masonic Hall in this city yesterday afternoon. Mr. MacDonald was a respected pioneer and a member of the Masonic and Maccabee lodges.” (Sprague Times-Oct 26, 1900) 

McDONALD, Agnes: “Will Irving, who accompanied the remains of his sister, Mrs. Agnes McDonald, from Canada to this city, left Wednesday morning for his home in Scottstown, Quebec.” (Sprague Times of Nov 28, 1902) “The funeral of Mrs. Agnes McDonald, who died from appendicitis at Scottstown, Quebec, on Nov 13, was held in the Baptist church in this city (Sprague) at 2 o’clock Saturday afternoon. A large crowd of friends and neighbors of this estimable lady attended the services and heard the eloquent eulogy of Rev. Schlauch and later followed the body to its last resting place in the Lakeview Cemetery. Mrs. McDonald was 45 years of age at the time of her death. She resided in this locality for about 16 years and was well loved by the many friends who knew her. Her husband was killed by a train two years ago. Four children, Willie, John A., Mrs. G. A. Henkel and Mrs. T. A. Sirginson, all of Sprague, and her aged father and mother and several brothers and sisters in Canada survive her and mourn the loss of one whom they deeply loved.” (Sprague Times of Nov 28, 1902)  “Lincoln Co Census of 1892”: The household of John McDonald:  “John McDonald, m, 49,  Scotland, farmer; Agnes, f, 30, Scotland; Mary, f, 14 , Canada;  Jno, m, 12, Canada; and Jessie, f, 10, Canada.” Lincoln County Probate file #599, John and Agnes McDonald, (dual estate probated; filed on Jan 2, 1903) shows the following: “John McDonald died 7 June 1900 at Sprague; Agnes McDonald died 13 Nov 1902, a resident of Lincoln Co.; they owned property in Sec 21 Twp 21 R 38. Notes of interest from the file include: Bill of R. R. Jones, undertaker, $25. Monument $160. Bring body of Agnes McDonald from Sherbrooke, BC to Sprague, WA, $404. G. A. Henkel, son-in-law of deceased, exec. Heirs: Mary Sirginson, 25, Sprague; John A. McDonald, 23, Sprague; Jessie Henkel, 21, Sprague; Millie McDonald, son, age 9, Sprague.”

McDonald, John:  (Spokane Chronicle of June 7, 1900) “A horrible accident occurred about 8 o’clock this morning at Sprague. John McDonald, a respected farmer, drove across the Northern Pacific track near the town in front of an on-coming train. The train struck the wagon and McDonald was instantly killed.  The North Coast Limited of the Northern Pacific arrives in Sprague about 8 o’clock every morning. This morning as it was nearing a crossing north of the town the accident occurred. John McDonald was coming to town from the north and started across the track, not noticing the flying train. There is an open stretch of country, and no reason can be assigned why he did not see the danger ahead, except that he must have had his mind on something else. He had driven on the track far enough for the cowcatcher of the engine to strike the front wheels of his wagon. The wagon was smashed in a twinkling. McDonald was thrown on the cowcatcher. Here his body hung. He was carried along for a block before the flying train could be stopped. Men rushed up to see what could be done for the prostrate form by the side of the track. They were too late. McDonald was dead. His body was not mangled, but the blow had killed him. Coroner McKinley from Edwall has been called and an inquest will be held. It is not thought that the engineer will be held responsible. It is claimed he did not ring the bell. Mr. McDonald was a highly respected farmer of about 50 or 60 years of age, and had lived in that vicinity for many years. He leaves a family.”

McElwain, John H.: (Census of Lincoln Co-1892)   J. H. McElwain age 36, born MO, farmer.  Maude F. McElwain, age 32, IN.  James McElwain, age 12, MO.  Clarence McElwain, age 6, MO.  Pearl McElwain, age 3, WA.

McElwain, Sarah A.: “Mrs. Sarah A. McElwain died Sunday, Jan 30th at the F. D. Nichols home in Sprague. The funeral was held Tuesday at 2 o’clock p.m. from the Methodist church, Rev Robinson officiating. The remains were laid to rest in Lake View Cemetery. Sarah Jennings was born near Odessa, MO, March 8, 1831, where she married James Henry McElwain  and where also he died Oct 18, 1896. Of the union was born John H, who came to Washington 21 years ago. This lonely woman, widowed and childless, came to Sprague four years ago to live with her daughter-in-law and beloved grandchildren, Jas H., Clarence and Claude McElwain and Mrs. Pearl Eason. Had grandma lived to see the spring flowers again, which she so much loved, she would have been 79 years of age, almost the allotted time of human life. She leaves her grandchildren, relatives and friends the testimony of her life. She was a Christian and a zealous member of the Baptist Church, honored the Sabbath day which is appointed for us to keep. She now enjoys that rest which remaineth for the  people of God.” (Sprague Advocate of 2-04-1910)

McElwain, children   (Lincolin Co probate file #393; filed 24 Aug 1899;  Guardianship)  Father = John (H. or W.) McElwain;  Mother = Maude F. McElwain Nickles; Grandfather = Henry McElwain, deceased.  Children: James Henry, 19; Clarence Lee, 12; Pearl Ann, 10; Claude Earnest,  age 6.

McGrath, P. H. (Sprague Herald of 25 July 1889)  “On last Sunday morning at 8:25 o’clock Conductor P. H. McGrath breathed his last after an illness of one month. Mr. McGrath complained of feeling ill for several days before he was confined to his house when finally compelled to remain at home for treatment it was generally supposed that he was merely suffering from a bilious attack from which there was no occasion for alarm. Dr. R. M. Houck was called to attend the sick man and soon announced that he was to have a run of the typhoid fever. An experienced nurse was secured and together with the constant attention of a loving wife and skilful physician, the battle for life was fought from day to day. While hope never died as long as a breath of life existed, there were for many days grave doubts as to whether the sick man would recover. On Sunday morning in the presence of his wife and attendants, all that was mortal of P. H. McGrath passed into the great hereafter. Conductor McGrath was 35 years of age, was born in Buffalo, NY, and leaves a devoted wife to mourn his untimely taking off. He was a member of the order of Knights of Pythias and received every attention during his illness from the lodge in this city, as well as from his associates in the railroad employ, and other friends. On Monday afternoon the funeral services were conducted under the directions of the Knights of Pythias, the remains being interred in Lake View Cemetery. The Herald but voices the sentiment of all who were acquainted with Mr. McGrath when it says that a true and noble brother has fought his last fight and gone to his eternal reward respected by all.”

Mercer, Mr. ,  (Sprague Herald of 9 May 1889)  “Funeral services will be conducted by Rev. W. T. Koontz at the Masonic Hall next Sunday morning at 11 AM, upon the decease of Comrade Mercer. The deceased arrived here lately from Indiana, and left his family here while he visited the Big Bend; while absent he was taken sick and died. A son who accompanied him brought the remains to this city, where they were immediately buried in the Lake View Cemetery, it not being possible to preserve them in condition to hold services over them on account of the weather. As Mr. Mercer was a member of the Grand Army his comrades in this city have taken the necessary steps for the funeral services to be held as above. The members of the Post will march to the Masonic Hall in body as also will troop A, WNG.”

Miller, Aaron: (Census of Lincoln Co-1892)  Aaron Miller, 45, MI, farmer.  Fred Miller, 20, MI, farmer.  Myrtle Miller, 14, CA. Mabel Miller, 11, CA. Mary Miller, 9, CA.

MILLER: Aaron Miller was born Feb 17, 1846 in Michigan to James Miller and Polly Himburgh (?), both born PA. Aaron was the husband of Mary McLeod. He died June 17, 1923 in Sprague. The funeral was held at the Community Church with clergyman Clay E. Palmer. Burial was in Lakeview Cemetery. (Sprague Funeral Ledger of 1914-1927) Tombstones and burial records show that Aaron Miller’s first wife was Ellen (d. March 19, 1891 at the age of 42 yr 11 mos 12 dy); his second marriage was to the widow Mrs. Drusilla Thompson; and his third wife was Mary McLeod. His natural children were all mothered by Ellen.

MILLER:  Georgie Mary Miller was born June 23, 1879 in MO to George and Drusilla Thompson. George was born in Canada; Drusilla was born in MO. Georgie M. was married to Myrtle Miller who survived her, residing west of Sprague on Crab Creek. She died at the home from influenza and pneumonia on Jan 5, 1919. The funeral was held at Lee Parlors in Sprague.  (Sprague Funeral Ledger of 1914-1927) (Her father was buried in Hillcrest, having died when she was a child. Some years after the death of Georgie’s father and several siblings, Drusilla married Aaron Miller, and she was buried in Maccabee. Georgie Mary Thompson married her step-brother, Myrtle Miller. Her tombstone is in Lakeview Cemetery.)

Miller, infant of J. A.:  Sprague Herald of Apr 6, 1892 “Born: A 12 pound boy to the wife of Engineer J. A. Miller, Monday night, but only lived a few hours.”

Milliken, James F.:  J. F. Milliken reportedly died in the fall of 1902. He was first married to  Charlotte V. Rugg, and she died in 1878. She was buried in the Damascas Cemetery, Damascas, Oregon, near Oregon City. She was buried near her parents, a brother and a sister. At the time of Charlotte’s death, Grace Milliken was about a year old. Charlotte had a brother, known in the Sprague vicinity, E. L. Rugg. Known children of J. F. Milliken were: Earnest E. (a teacher in 1892), Charles E., William R. (Willis) and Grace. Gracie Milliken, 16, of Harrington and Willie E Morton, 28, of Whitman Co, applied for their marriage license on June 3, 1893. J. Milliken’s second wife was the widow, Georgeannah Harper; they married in 1888. They appear together on the 1892 census as J. F., age 48, b. ME; and G., age 49, b. ME. She survived James F, and died on January 20, 1904, with burial on the 22nd in the Harrington Hillcrest cemetery. Georgeannah was born in Maine and came to Washington in 1884. Mr. Harper died in 1886. (Collected family trivia.) Her probate was filed in Lincoln Co, #691, filed on Mar 20, 1905. (Milliken, James F.:  Lincoln Co Auditor’s records show James A. Milliken as grantor, on April 24, 1899 and Hetty J. Taylor, grantee, for lots with the City of Davenport. Milliken, J. F.:  List of Persons Liable to Military Duty in Lincoln Co For the Year 1891: Milliken, J. F. age 45, residence Willow Springs, farmer; & Milliken, W. R., age 19, residence Harrington, farmer.  Milliken: List of Persons Liable to Military Duty in Lincoln Co For the Year 1894:  Milliken, E. E., age 25, reside Hesseltine, farmer; Milliken, W. R,. age 22, Hesseltine, farmer; & Milliken, C. E., age 23, Hesseltine, farmer.)

Mills, James P.: (Probate of Estate #285; Lincoln Co Superior Court. #285, filed 26 Dec 1895; estate)  James P. Mills. Died 24 July 1891, in testate. Property. Adm: widow, Lucy A. Underhill, of Stevens Co by 1895 filing. 

Mitchell, Thomas O.:  (Sprague Herald of Aug, 29, 1902) “Thomas Orville Mitchell, the 17 months old child of Mr. & Mrs. A. W. Mitchell died Tuesday morning from a spasm caused by teething. The little one was buried Wednesday morning in the Lakeview Cemetery.”

Mohs, Mrs. F..: (Sprague Herald of Dec 31, 1890) “The remains of Mrs. F. Mohs, who died in Spokane, were brought to Sprague. The funeral was held at the Baptist church here today.”

Neal, children:  (Harrington Citizen of 6-06-1919) “Mrs. C. H. Neal of Okanogan, wife of Judge C. H. Neal formerly of Davenport, now presiding judge of Okanogan County, visited at the home of Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Grant with her little grandson, Master Charles Neal, last Friday. They had been to Sprague to attend the Memorial exercises, Mrs.. Neal having three children buried there, and passed through Harrington on their way home.” (These three children are Harry, Fred and Charles A. Neal.)

NEAL:  Fred L. Neal died on Dec 20, 1918 at Trail, BC, Canada from pneumonia. He was listed as age 31 years. He was the son of Judge C. H. Neal. The funeral was held at Lakeview Cemetery by Rev. Faulkner on Dec 24, 1918. (Sprague Funeral Ledger 1914-1927) (The Sprague Advocate, December 27,1918, Funeral of Fred F. Neal) Another former Sprague resident has succumbed while yet a young man and the body arrived here for burial Tuesday morning.  FRED T. NEAL was born in Milton, W. Virginia Jan 25,1888, and departed this life Dec. 20.1918 aged 30 yrs. 10mo. 25 days.  When a child his parents, JUDGE C.A. NEAL and wife, came to Sprague Wash. in 1889 where he lived until Jan.1897 when he removed to Davenport. After finishing the common schools he attended school at the State College at Pullman Wn. and at the state University where he took a course in law and located in Okanogan country and was elected County attorney.  In 1911 he married Miss MARY C. GORMLEY of Okanogan country.  To this union were born two boys now age 5 and 3.   He leaves besides a wife and 2 children a father and mother.  Because of his health failing he quit the law and removed to Trail, B. C. where he had charge of the electrical power of the Trail Smelter.  He died at Trail and the remains were brought to Sprague for burial.  Services were conducted by REV. O. E. FAULKNER of the Methodist church and burial took place on Dec. 24 at the Lake View Cemetery where two brothers of the deceased are buried. * submitted by Barbara Curtis

Neal, Charles A.: “The eldest son of County Attorney Neal is sick with the fever, but is said to be improving. D. Buchanan is in attendance.” (LCT Nov 3, 1893) “The eleven year old son of C. H. Neal, who has been sick for several weeks, died last Friday (Nov 17, 1893). The funeral took place at the residence, Sunday at 10 o’clock.” (LCT of Nov 24, 1893)  

Neal, Charles H: "Pioneer Judge Across The Bar. The body of Superior Judge Charles H Neal of Okanogan, who died at h is home Wednesday, was brought to Davenport Sunday night and taken to Sprague Monday for burial. The Rev A F Kroneman of Davenport officiated at the cemetery services at Sprague. Most of the lawyers of Davenport attended. Judge Neal formerly was superior court judge of Lincoln County and had lived in this county from Pioneer days until he moved to Okanogan in 1912. His wife and three sons and a grandson are buried at Sprague." (Citizen: 1-31-1930)

Neal, H. G.:  (LCT of July 1, 1898) “Gernie, eldest son of Judge and Mrs. C. H. Neal, died Wednesday morning at 10 o’clock, after a severe illness extending over the past two or three months. His indisposition began early in the spring and he had been steadily growing worse ever since. He was taken to Spokane for treatment when the nature of the disease (enlargement of the liver) became fully known, and all that medical skill could do for him was tried, though without avail. A few days since it was reported that he was improving and his parents entertained the hope that he was  going to get well, but a relapse followed on Tuesday and next day the young sufferer was dead. Gernie was a bright, manly little fellow, the pride of his family and beloved by his playmates. His demise is a sad blow to his parents, so greatly were they attached to him, and the whole community sympathizes deeply with them. Funeral services were conducted at the residence yesterday morning by Rev. T. H. Fertig, six lads, companions of deceased, acting as pall-bearers. The remains were then taken across the country to Sprague, to be buried there beside those of a brother who died about two years ago.”

Neal, Sadie:  “Wife of Judge Neal Dies. Matron, Pioneer of State, Unconscious More Than Two Years.  Okanogan, Wash., June 27.—Death ended a long illness yesterday for Mrs. Sadie M. Neal, the wife of Judge C. H. Neal. Except for a few brief periods, Mrs. Neal had been unconscious since February, 1926, with paralysis of the nerves. In 1889 she came with her husband from Huntington, W Va., and settled at Sprague.  Mrs. Neal is survived by her husband, two brothers, Henry N. Martine and James Martin, Hunters, and two brothers in Ohio.  Theodore Neal of Oroville is a grandson. Burial will be at Sprague Saturday, services to be held  here Friday afternoon.” (Scrapbook item-undated)

Newman, Samuel:  (LCT of Feb 9, 1894) “Sam Newman, one of the oldest and best known merchants of Sprague, was run over and instantly killed by the cars last Friday (Feb 2, 1894). The train was moving when he attempted to get on. His foot slipped and he fell headlong underneath, the wheels mangling his head and shoulder. No blame was attached to the company.”

Nixon, Mary L.:  “Mary Louisa Nixon, wife of James W Nixon, died last Sunday afternoon after an illness of two months. The funeral services were held in the Baptist church at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, interment being in Lakeview Cemetery. Mrs. Nixon was a typical western woman; one of those motherly, lovable women who was everybody’s friend and she in return was loved by her every acquaintance. She was born at Salem, Oregon, 52 years ago and had spent all her life in the West. Mr. & Mrs. Nixon moved to this locality in 1883 and settled on a farm about 15 miles southeast of Sprague. Their long residence in this section made them known to nearly everyone and the death of this estimable lady is mourned by a host of friends. While visiting relatives in Pendleton, about two months ago Mrs. Nixon was taken sick with pneumonia. After a short time she was well enough to be brought to Sprague where she was taken care of by her daughter, Mrs. J. S. Lucas. After coming here she only seemed to hold her own in health and in fact did not seem to be much worse a short time before death, thus it came as a great surprise to the many friends who had daily inquired after her health. She leaves, besides the husband, a grown son, Jesse, and a married daughter, Mrs. J. S. Lucas, all of whom were with her during her illness. The funeral service was attended by a large concourse of friends from both city and country. Among the relatives who attended from abroad were: Miss Mattie Nixon, of Spokane; Mr. & Mrs. Joe Nixon and Mr. Hugh Nixon of Farmington; and Mrs. Wm Scott of Pendleton, Oregon. (Sprague Times of Dec 7, 1900)


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