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Casualties of WWII - T Surnames

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DNB - died noncombat related
DOW - died of wounds
DOI - died of injuries
FOD - finding of death (explanation requested)
KIA - killed in action
MIA - missing in action

Name ID Number Rank Status
Tanaka, Matsusaburo 39092625 PFC KIA
Taylor, Donald G. 39171903 PVT DNB
Taylor, John P. 0-335272 1 LT FOD
Taylor, Russell G. 39196030 SGT KIA
Taylor, Sanley C. 01015659 2 LT KIA
Taylor, Walter F. T-004092 FL O DNB
Thompson, Archie R. 6630357 TEC4 DNB
Thompson, Arnold W. 39209360 CPL KIA
Thompson, George J. 39183987 PVT DNB
Thomposon, Richard R. 0-763407 2 LT KIA
Thumlert, Daniel A., Jr. 0-925984 1 LT FOD
Tibbatts, Charles H. J. 19194861 S SG KIA
Tjostelson, Harvey M. 39181712 S SG DOW
Todd, Charles R. 39204140 PFC KIA
Tollenaar, Glen E. 20946031 TEC5 DNB
Tomcheck, Donald J. 39185567 PFC DNB
Tompkins, Bruce E. 39208947 PFC DOW
Tost, George 39472138 PVT KIA
Townsend, Talbot 39216435 PVT KIA
Tracy, Robert C. 39301194 AV C DNB
Traphagen, L. F., Jr. 39387981 PVT DNB
Traughber, Maurice G. 39208128 PFC KIA
Tremblay, Charles H. 6815488 PVT FOD
Triplett, James M. 39202130 T SG FOD
Trowbridge, James F. 39205173 PVT KIA
Tusty, Gilbert A. 39204843 CPL KIA
Twitchell, Robert R. 0-742913 CAPT DNB