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  • The Story of Gladys
  • Murder of Child Bride, Agnes McCombs Covington
  • The almost-forgotten Seattle story that may inspire a movie: 1944 lynching at Fort Lawton led to longest and largest World War II court martial
  • Don't miss this well-written and interesting article: Doc Maynard, the Unlikely Founder of Seattle. Also, a photograph of Doc Maynard is on the home page of this site in the slide show.

  • A wonderful online collection of King County Biographies is available at Rootsweb, by Jenny Tenlen.

    The following names are included in the collection:

    Albertson, Alderson, Allen, Anderson, Andrews, Arthur, Bagley, Baillargeon, Baker, Ballard, Balliet, Ballinger, Barash, Barnard, Barnes, Battle, Bayley, Bergstrom, Bigelow, Bissett, Blekum, Bogle, Brace, Brady, Bremer, Briggs, Brown, Bullitt, Burke, Burkheimer, Burlingame, Burnett, Butterworth, Byers, Caldwell, Cameron, Campbell, Carrico, Carson, Chadwick, Chavelle, Chester, Chilberg, Chittenden, Churchill, Clark, Clise, Cole, Colman, Colvin, Condon, Conover, Coombs, Cosgrove, Coyne, Crawford, Croson, David, Davis, Day, Denny, Diller, Dodge, Dolby, Donworth, Dudley, Duggan, Duhamel, Dyer, Dyke, Eagleson, Earling, Eggerman, Elich, Embree, Emery, Fairfield, Findley, Fishback, Flick, Fortson, Foss, Frater, Frink, Frye, Fulton, Furth, Gasch, Gates, Gawley, Gay, George, Gillespy, Gordon, Gorin, Gormley, Grambs, Graves, Green, Greene, Grinstead, Guie, Hadley, Hall, Hanford, Hardman, Hardy, Hartman, Heilbron, Hemrich, Herr, Herren, Higgins, Hill, Hinckley, Hoar, Holmes, Horton, Hulbert, Hull, Humes, Hunt, Hutchinson, Ingraham, Jackson, James, Kirkham Jenner, Kane, Keene, Kelleher, Kellogg, Kerr, Kiefer, Kilbourne, Kirschner, Kummer, La Roche, Lafromboise, Lamping, Latimer, Laube, Leonard, Levy, Lewis, Lichtenberg, Derwent Llwyd, Lowman, Lundin, Lynch, Lyons, Mackintosh, Main, Martin, Mason, McAllep, McCord, McDonald, McElroy, McGilvra, McGrath, McGraw, McLaren, McNaught, Mercer, Merritt, Metcalfe, Miles, Miller, Moore, Morris, Muldoon, Munday, Myers, Niedergesaess, Nossaman, Ogden, O'Neill, Oldham, Osgood, Osner, Ostrander, Overlock, Paul, Payne, Peters, Peterson, Petkovits, Pettit, Pinkiney, Pixley, Powell, Pratt, Prescott, Preston, Prosch, Pusey, Ramsay, Rathbun, Redden, Reed, Reeves, Reich, Remsberg, Revelle, Reynolds, Rice, Riddle, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rohlfs, Ronald, Rummens, Rumsey, Runkel, Semple, Shannon, Sheafe, Shelton, Shepard, Shipley, Shorett, Skoel, Sloan, Smith, Smithers, Snipes, Spauling, Spencer, Spriggs, Starwich, Stedman, Steffen, Steiner, Stone, Stoneman, Sweeney, Tallman, Tammany, Tanner, Taylor, Thomas, Thomson, Trefethen, Tucker, Turner, Twichell, Tworoger, Van Asselt, Wald, Walsh, Wheeler, White, Whittlesey, Whitworth, Willis, Winders, Wingate, Winslow, Wittler, Wood, Woodin, Woods, Wright