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Casualties of WWII - N Surnames

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DNB - died noncombat related
DOW - died of wounds
DOI - died of injuries
FOD - finding of death (explanation requested)
KIA - killed in action
MIA - missing in action

Name ID Number Rank Status
Nasstrom, Karl W. 01550233 1 LT DNB
Naylor, Robert A. 0-466491 1 LT KIA
Neal, Donald R. 39385528 CPL KIA
Neff, George I. 39178020 PVT DNB
Nelson, Bjarne N. 19060002 T SG KIA
Nelson, Calvin A. 39199714 PVT DNB
Nelson, Carl A. 39478555 PVT KIA
Nelson, John L. 39217479 S SG KIA
Nelson, La Verne O. 39201806 PFC KIA
Nelson, Oscar B. 19030249 S SG DNB
Nelson, Theodore E. 39191028 SGT DNB
Nelson, William H. 39473358 PVT KIA
Nestor, Francis E. 0-412525 CAPT FOD
Neuroth, Wilfred W. 37124042 SGT KIA
Newell, Kenneth H. 39208274 CPL DNB
Newman, Wayne L. 39375810 PVT KIA
Nicholas, James N. M. I. 39386965 PFC KIA
Nicholas, William C. 39199260 S SG KIA
Nielson, Lloyd K. 6559991 PFC KIA
Nilsen, Harry P. 39197524 PFC DNB
Noble, Paul E. 39468256 PVT KIA
Noel, Louis C. 39206379 PVT KIA
Noland, Francis E. 6914449 PVT KIA
Noonan, James D. 0-538058 1 LT DNB
Norris, Raymond L., Jr. 19095738 PFC FOD
Northup, Harry L., Jr. 19147148 PVT DNB
Noyes, Joseph H. T-000041 FL O KIA
Nysen, Louis S. 39209082 PFC DNB