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Casualties of WWII - I Surnames

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DNB - died noncombat related
DOW - died of wounds
DOI - died of injuries
FOD - finding of death (explanation requested)
KIA - killed in action
MIA - missing in action

Name ID Number Rank Status
Ide, Ira C. 0-739953 2 LT KIA
Ihrig, Theodore M. 39204550 S SG KIA
Ilger, Charles P. 39375849 S SG DNB
Imberg, Ralph R. 0-727471 1 LT KIA
Ingraham, Gene A. 39616705 PFC FOD
Ingraham, John S. 0-916976 CAPT DNB
Ingstad, Robert H. 0-805627 1 LT FOD
Isaac, William B. 39212924 PFC KIA
Iseri, Mitsuo M. 19075143 PFC DOW
Ishida, Haruo 39380759 TEC4 KIA
Israel, Albert A. 39203187 PFC DOW