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Casualties of WWII - J Surnames

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DNB - died noncombat related
DOW - died of wounds
DOI - died of injuries
FOD - finding of death (explanation requested)
KIA - killed in action
MIA - missing in action

Name ID Number Rank Status
Jackson, Alvin J. 39207823 PVT KIA
Jackson, Harold H. 02065562 2 LT DNB
Jackson, Harold W. 39212543 PFC KIA
Jackson, Roger W. 39195519 T SG KIA
Jacobs, David E. 0-748662 2 LT DNB
Jacobsen, Jacob 39383703 PVT DNB
Jacobsen, Ralph G. 02056322 2 LT KIA
Jacobson, Leroy E. 01323574 2 LT KIA
James, Martin 39465780 PVT KIA
Jameson, Elmer W. 39461294 TEC5 KIA
Jemison, Thomas R. 0-431887 CAPT DNB
Jennings, William F. 39179254 PVT DNB
Jensen, Clark H. 01011266 1 LT KIA
Jensen, David A. 39207400 SGT KIA
Jerrue, Harold T. 39375894 PVT DNB
Jett, Walter M. 38507172 CPL DNB
Johnson, Andrew N., Jr. 39615159 S SG KIA
Johnson, Andy W. 39178092 PFC KIA
Johnson, Carl N. 39380383 PFC KIA
Johnson, Fay C. 39178176 T SG DOW
Johnson, Harold E. 19146763 SGT KIA
Johnson, Harold W. 39204547 SGT KIA
Johnson, James A., Jr. 39477673 PVT KIA
Johnson, Richard H. 37309779 S SG KIA
Johnson, Robert S. 39452575 CPL DNB
Johnson, Samuel C. 19148530 S SG FOD
Johnson, William R. 39476543 PFC KIA
Johnson, William J. 39215455 PVT KIA
Johnson, Vincent L. 39206052 PVT DNB
Johnstone, Henry 39376106 SGT DOW
Jones, Daniel G. 39211863 PVT DOW
Jones, Frederick M. 0-001150 COL DNB
Jones, Leo C. 39196414 PFC KIA
Jones, Robert E. 39206055 SGT KIA
Jones, Victor 39377143 SGT KIA
Jonientz, Max J. 39200177 TEC4 DNB
Jull, Christy R. 39195394 CPL DNB
Jumper, Charlie F., Jr. 39375290 PFC KIA