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Casualties of WWII - F Surnames

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DNB - died noncombat related
DOW - died of wounds
DOI - died of injuries
FOD - finding of death (explanation requested)
KIA - killed in action
MIA - missing in action

Name ID Number Rank Status
Fallon, Arthur G. 01031460 1 LT KIA
Faust, Martin 0-442327 1 LT KIA
Fawyer, Orvall A. 39213697 PVT KIA
Felice, Anthony T. 39210097 PVT KIA
Fellipone, John 39167888 PFC KIA
Fennessy, Floyd O. 39095461 PVT DNB
Ferguson, Francis W. 39212467 PVT DNB
Feuerstein, Robert 0-738542 2 LT FOD
Fidlier, Harold E. 39204361 PFC FOD
Fielder, B. E., Jr. 19147850 PFC KIA
Finley, Jack N. 0-728987 2 LT DNB
Fisher, David D. 02044928 2 LT KIA
Fisher, Pearl A. 01294117 2 LT KIA
Fisher, Ralph B. 39192621 TEC5 KIA
Fisk, Joseph M. 19030239 PFC KIA
Flahive, Robert J. 39212329 SGT KIA
Fleming, Allman J. 39100860 CPL KIA
Flinn, Thomas F. 39480614 PVT KIA
Floodeen, Paul E. 19112778 PFC DNB
Flower, Leland J. 0-419390 2 LT DOW
Flowers, Ralph L. 39203011 PFC KIA
Forbes, James S. 0-574607 CAPT DNB
Forrest, Arnold A. 39380535 S SG DOW
Forslin, Henry E. 37560065 SGT FOD
Foss, Clayton E. 37543904 PVT DOW
Foster, Roy D. 39182867 TEC4 KIA
Franklin, Joseph W. 0-737402 1 LT M
Franz, Arthur 39210686 PFC DNB
Frasl, Tony S. 6570558 PVT DNB
Frederick, Cecil E. 1919516 CPL FOD
Frodenberg, Norman L. 0-756095 2 LT DNB
Froelich, Adolph T. 39202571 PVT DNB
Fryer, Lloyd S. 39199015 CPL KIA
Fuhrmann, James E. 39216291 PVT KIA
Jujiwara, Peter K. L. 19017843 PVT DNB
Fuller, Harold A. 19016344 M SG DNB
Furse, Robert E. 19111809 PVT DNB