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Casualties of WWII - E Surnames

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DNB - died noncombat related
DOW - died of wounds
DOI - died of injuries
FOD - finding of death (explanation requested)
KIA - killed in action
MIA - missing in action

Name ID Number Rank Status
Eckhoff, Ervin C. 39217113 PVT KIA
Eddy, Thomas L. 20940657 TEC5 DNB
Edmunds, Charles W. 39213563 PVT DOW
Edwards Charles W., Jr. 0-406915 CAPT KIA
Eggers, Virgil J. 39208399 PVT KIA
Robert D. Ekins 39181912 TEC4 KIA
Elliott, Russell J. 0-890374 1 LT KIA
Ellis, George 0-108200 MAJ DNB
Ellis, Robert L. 39202121 PFC KIA
Elsberry, Philip H. 01695417? 2 LT KIA
Elwell, Norel E. 39197923 SGT KIA
Enderson, Dale M. 39214165 S SG KIA
Endert, Morton K. 39214553 TEC4 KIA
Engdal, Raymond G. 39197270 PFC KIA
Engeldorf, Hadley R. 39469603 PFC KIA
Ericksen, Christian V. 19095617 PFC FOD
Erickson, Charles N. 19169650 SGT KIA
Erker, Bill L. 39204003 PFC KIA
Etkin, Mayer 0-664296 2 LT KIA
Evans, David G. 39477875 PVT KIA
Evans, John G. 0-413639 MAJ DNB
Evans, Thomas M. 0-885175 2 LT KIA