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Casualties of WWII - L Surnames

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DNB - died noncombat related
DOW - died of wounds
DOI - died of injuries
FOD - finding of death (explanation requested)
KIA - killed in action
MIA - missing in action

Name ID Number Rank Status
Lagozzino, Mike 39383910 TEC5 KIA
Lake, Melvin F. 39477757 PVT KIA
Lamoreaux, Donald 36463382 PFC KIA
Lang, Glenn J. 39205594 PFC DOW
Lang, Jacob L. 39383041 S SG DNB
Langston, Loyce E. 39215688 PFC KIA
Lankford, Ralph H. 0-765266 1 LT KIA
Larsen, Edward 39203154 PVT DNB
Larsen, George C. 39479706 PVT KIA
Larsen, John W. 39388030 1 SG DOI
Larson, Edward M. C. 19017373 PFC DNB
Larson, Herbert 20940680 PFC KIA
Larson, Robert L. 37566468 CPL KIA
Lassok, Stanley M. 39472421 PVT KIA
Laursen, Carl M. 39383940 TEC3 DNB
Lawrence, Clyde M. 39381781 S SG KIA
Lawrence, Irvin H. 39174725 S SG KIA
Lawver, Ernest B. 39383297 CPL DNB
Le Land, Edwin N. 39200686 PVT KIA
Lee, Robert E. 39178180 S SG KIA
Lee, Thomas H. 0-729027 2 LT DNB
Lee, Thomas J., Jr. 39207249 PVT KIA
Lee, Wilmon G. 39192828 PVT KIA
Leffelman, Ralph J. 19112019 S SG KIA
Lemmel, Douglas E. 0-689867 2 LT DNB
Levy, Isaac M. 0-669339 2 LT KIA
Lewis, James M. 39206831 S SG DNB
Lewis, Raymond F. 39216016 CPL DNB
Lida, Kenneth T. 19120789 AV C DNB
Lilley, William J. 19096201 T SG FOD
Lindjord, Norman 39212097 PFC DNB
Lindsay, Bernard E. 19113733 PVT KIA
Lindsay, Raymond 19074968 PVT DNB
Lindsay, Robert A. 39198162 CPL KIA
Lindsay, Stacey J. 39174914 PVT KIA
Lindstrom, Emily R. A-910102 PFC DNB
Little, Benjamin H., Jr. 01309762 2 LT KIA
Lobdell, Glenn A. 39480624 PVT KIA
Loehrl, Frederick A. 0-432079 2 LT KIA
Lombardy, Albert C. 39479859 PFC DOW
Lonner, Henry 39479047 PVT KIA
Louie, Yeu NMI 39204308 PVT KIA
Loveland, Donald E. 6538575 CPL DNB
Lowe, James W. 39201552 PVT KIA
Luce, Richard L. 02056016 1 LT DOI
Ludwig, Robert E. 39129060 PFC KIA
Luther, Gerald G. 19095159 SGT KIA
Luthy, David M. 39184805 PVT KIA
Lybbert, Charles R. 39191216 PFC KIA
Lyle, Lester E. 19095256 CPL DOW
Lyman, David 39182841 SGT DNB