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The Seattle Star, April 6, 1901

Oratorical Contest.

The oratorical contest at the University of Washington last night was won by W. T. Laube, 1902, who received the president's gold medal and the responsible honor of representing Western Washington in the interstate contest at Walla Walla. Second prize, a silver medal, given by the registrar, went to L. B. Kenworthy.

The program was begun by the university band, which played for the first time in public. Miss Carrie Raser and Zoe Kincaid sang; U. S. Griggs, president of the oratorical association, introduced the contestants in the following order: A. P. Solliger, "The Altruism of American Expansion;" W. T. Laube, "The Age of Combinations;" Frank Hayek, "Mob Violence;" J. F. Ceis, "Russia;" L. B. Kenworthy, "Law." The judges were President F. P. Graves, Dr. T. F. Kane, Prof. W. J. Meredith, Rev. W. D. Simonds, Hon. F. R. Rowell, Prof. A. B. Coffey.

Mr. Laube is president of the junior class and editor of the Tyee. He is a member of the debating team to contest with the university of Oregon. Mr. Kenworthy is a junior law student and is prominent in track athletics. In the interstate contest Mr. Laube will meet representatives of Eastern Washington, Idaho and Oregon.