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Martin Dickinson

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Seattle Daily Times, June 16, 1900


Martin Dickinson Has His Skull Fractured in a Runaway and May Die

Martin Dickinson, a well-known and elderly resident of the city, was thrown from a wagon drawn by two horses about noon today, and probably fatally injured. His skull was fractured, and he was otherwise bruised and mangled. The attending physician dispairs of his life.

Mr. Dickinson was driving his team along Seventh Avenue, near Lenora Street, when the horses became frightened at something and commenced to run. When the corner was reached, the wagon partially tipped over on the curb, throwing Mr. Dickinson out on his head. The horses ran on, but were stopped.

The patrol wagon was hurriedly summoned, and the injured man was taken to Providence Hospital, where he was given every possible medical attention. His age and the severity of the injuries, however, will in all probability cause his death.

Mr. Dickinson has lived in the city a number of years, and has been engaged in the horse business. He has a wife and two sons. He is 57 years of age.