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Stiles Nettleton

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The Seattle Star, February 28, 1902

Judge Cann Justifies Him in Defending His Sister

Stiles Nettleton, a young man who lives at Houghton, just across Lake Washington, was brought up before Judge Cann this morning on an assault and battery charge simply because he defended his sister. The judge saw the point and let the young man go.

According to the testimony adducted, Miss Nettleton, a sister of the defendant, has had, until Feb. 20, all kinds of trouble with the pupils of the school which she teaches at Houghton. After school each night when she is returning home, a few of the mischievous boys amused themselves by lassooing her and playing different kinds of malicious pranks.

A week ago yesterday Stiles Nettleton, the brother of the school teacher, came in a carriage and took his sister home. The same pranks were played by one young fellow, Henry Fosnaugh, who secured for himself the cut of a buggy whip across the face. The injured boy's father, S. H. Fosnaugh, took up the matter and had Mr. Nettleton arrested. When Justice Cann heard the facts in the case, he promptly discharged the defendant and severely reprimanded the boy who had been whipped.