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Cad Johnson and Many Others

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The Seattle Star, November 15, 1902


On the charge of larceny from the person, Cad Johnson, a woman well known to the police, was arrested last evening by Patrolmen Chipman and Bannick. She is accused by Alexander Marsketes of stealing $67.90 from him. The man spent the greater part of yesterday afternoon in the woman's company. When he left her, he says the money and pin were gone. At the station a considerable sum of money and the pin were found on the woman's person. Both the accused and the accuser were locked up in the city jail.


The Seattle Star, July 16, 1903

Under sentence of two years in the penitentiary but at liberty on an appeal bond of $1,500, Cad Johnson, the most notorious woman in Seattle's tenderloin, was arrested by Detective Hubbard Monday for the theft of $62 [blurry] from the pockets of F. H. Hayes, a 62-year-old man. When she was arrested and brought to the police station $50 [blurry] of the money was found on her person.


The Seattle Star, August 5, 1903

Cad Johnson was discharged by Justice George yesterday, after waiting two weeks for a hearing on a charge of larceny from the person. Sam Hayes, who made the complaint that she robbed him of $60, did not appear, and the discharge was on motion of the prosecution. The Johnson woman was recently sentenced to two years in the penitentiary, but is out on bonds pending an appeal of her case to the supreme court.


The Seattle Star, September 25, 1907


The notorious "Cad" Johnson, who has just been released from the state penitentiary, where she served a term for larceny from the person, was arrested again yesterday afternoon, charged with stealing $70 from John Green in a saloon on Washington st. Officers Herperlinck and Harden caught the woman in the act.