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The Seattle Star, June 13, 1903

SUED FOR $20,000

Anna Sampson, the little girl who was injured and made a cripple for life a few months ago by being run over by a Ballard car, brought suit against the Seattle Electric Company in the superior court today to recover $20,000 damages.


Warrant Out for Lieutenant Bushfield's Arrest

Information charging forgery was filed in the superior court this morning and a warrant of arrest issued against Lieutenant I. N. Bushfield, Seventeenth United States infantry, who was recently tried by court martial at Vancouver, Wn., on a charge of conduct unbecoming an officer.

Lieutenant Bushfield is alleged to have forged the name of S. A. Campbell, a brother officer, to a check on the First National bank for $35. Lieutenant Bushfield's fault, it is alleged, has been fast living.


Horace B. Dunbar, a proprietor of the Rainier-Grand hotel, who was released on a charge of conducting a swindling gambling game by Judge Bell yesterday, is still in the toils of the law.

An information charging grand larceny was late yesterday afternoon filed against him by Prosecuting Attorney Scott. He was released on $3000 bail. The bond was filed today.

The complaint is made by Herman Beckman, who claims to have lost a large sum of money in the Rainier-Grand club rooms last December.