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Casualties of WWII - C Surnames

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DNB - died noncombat related
DOW - died of wounds
DOI - died of injuries
FOD - finding of death (explanation requested)
KIA - killed in action
MIA - missing in action

Name ID Number Rank Status
Caffee, Thomas M. 20945951 PFC DNB
Cain, Norvell A. 19147805 S SG KIA
Cambridge, Donald L. 39194428 CPL KIA
Cappelletti, Mike J. 39190019 S SG FOD
Caprai, Warren J. 39205647 PVT KIA
Capron, Joseph R. 0-703696 2 LT FOD
Carey, Clark A. 861840 SGT DNB
Carlisle, Carl 102032 S SG DNB
Carlock, Albert F. 39455785 T SG KIA
Carlson, Howard F. 36913052 PFC KIA
Carlson, Robert 0-710662 2 LT DNB
Carman, Merle E. 0-496842 2 LT DNB
Carosino, Carl F. 39212340 PVT KIA
Carson, Clarence W. 39190252 PVT DNB
Carton, Richard E. 39208530 S SG KIA
Casco, Frederick E. 39474265 PVT DNB
Cashin, Robert J. 37553432 T SG FOD
Cattron, Lester A. 0-733607 2 LT DNB
Caverly, Jack M. 39216905 PVT KIA
Chamberlain, Paul R. 0-806407 2 LT KIA
Chambliss, C. M., Jr. 0-774021 2 LT DNB
Chandler, Charles H. 6307648 S SG DNB
Charbonnier, Marcel H. 39193823 PVT KIA
Chase, George P. 0-012882 CAPT DNB
Chew, Lee H. 39474264 PFC KIA
Childs, Joseph W. 39197202 PFC KIA
Chin, Bok H. 39472588 PVT KIA
Chinn, John 39202767 TEC5 DOW
Christensen, Albert A. 0-772939 2 LT KIA
Christensen, Harold N. 39211716 SGT DNB
Christopherson, R. O. 39185635 PVT DNB
Christy, Kenneth L. 19017300 S SG DNB
Church, Clarence C. 39476675 PVT DOW
Cinkovich, Mark J. 39480134 PVT KIA
Clark, Clarence L. 39310852 T SG KIA
Clark, King 19017860 PVT KIA
Clark, Lawrence D. 0-727176 1 LT FOD
Clark, Leonard B. 6534548 CPL DNB
Clark, Roland M. 39479884 PVT KIA
Clarke, Milton D. 39207148 PFC KIA
Cleaver, James E. 39185569 PVT KIA
Clinkscales, Jack B. 01325738 2 LT KIA
Cloutier, Raymond E. 39480399 PVT KIA
Coble, Guy E. 39194228 PFC KIA
Coffey, Joe B. 20944072 PVT KIA
Cogswell, Harold L. 0-890068 MAJ DNB
Cole, Robert A. 39204877 PFC KIA
Coleman, Donald A. 39208775 PFC KIA
Collins, James T. 39201984 PFC DOW
Columbus, Ernest H. 39207317 PFC DOW
Connealy, George C. 01019057 2 LT KIA
Connor, Jack S. 0-729317 2 LT KIA
Conrad, Francis 39204142 PVT KIA
Conover, Paul E. 3938121 T SG KIA
Conway, Woodrow C. 39475365 PVT DOW
Conwell, Raymond O. 39182928 S SG DNB
Cook, Morris B. T-000164 FL O KIA
Cooper, Clifford A. 36839405 PFC KIA
Cornell, Richard P. 6581905 CPL KIA
Courville, Chester 39184046 PVT KIA
Covey, Donald G. 33656655 PVT KIA
Cox, Allen H., Jr. 0-922085 CAPT KIA
Coyle, Thomas J. 39209401 PFC KIA
Crabb, Raymond L. 39467482 PFC KIA
Cranston, Frank H. 19017554 SGT DNB
Craven, Hugh E. 39213827 PFC KIA
Craven, Thomas M. 39181578 CPL DNB
Crawford, Robert A. 38479607 SGT KIA
Creety, Edmond P. 39211552 PVT KIA
Crockett, Lester 39171213 PFC KIA
Crotts, Lawrence L. 19016953 TEC5 KIA
Crouse, Harold P. 6655174 S SG KIA
Crowther, John K. 20949412 T SG DNB
Cull, Cecil R. C. 0-339011 LT C DNB
Cullinane, David E. W2120768 WOJG DNB
Cummings, Eugene L., Jr. 39206045 PVT DOW
Curran, Thomas J. 19148454 S SG KIA
Currin, Clifford C. 19075200 PVT KIA
Curtis, Homer A. 0-859803 CAPT DNB
Curtis, John E. 39193767 PVT DNB
Cyphers, John C. 39178031 SGT DNB