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Casualties of WWII - A Surnames

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DNB - died noncombat related
DOW - died of wounds
DOI - died of injuries
FOD - finding of death (explanation requested)
KIA - killed in action
MIA - missing in action

Name ID Number Rank Status
Aasen, Erling A. 39200856 TEC5 KIA
Abel, Edward F. 37544855 PFC KIA
Abercromie, James L. 39212242 S SG KIA
Adams, William P. 0-431726 1 LT KIA
Agren, Harold E. 0-381592 2 LT DNB
Albert, William A. Jr. 0-759157 2 LT KIA
Albohaire, Harry 19030237 PFC KIA
Albright, Sidney J. 19071847 PVT KIA
Alderson, Penny 39181627 T SG DNB
Alderman, Richard 39194857 SGT KIA
Alexander, Raymond C. 0-155704 CAPT DNB
Allard, Lavern L. 39199482 PFC KIA
Allen, John E., JR. 3274683 PFC KIA
Allen, Victor S. 39202124 PFC DNB
Ambrose,Paul A. 39204496 PVT DOW
Ames, Clyde 0-764580 2 LT KIA
Amidon, William F. 19193492 PVT KIA
Andersen, Harry E. 39337931 PFC KIA
Anderson, Clarence I. 19059691 PVT FOD
Anderson, France H. 39217485 PVT DOW
Anderson, Harold E. 39210287 PFC KIA
Anderson, Richard H. 6581638 PFC KIA
Anderson, Roy W. 39475636 PVT DNB
Aprill, Elwyn D. 39203978 TEC5 DNB
Ardeune, Vance M. 39092914 CPL KIA
Arndt, Howard R. 39197922 TEC5 DNB
Aronson, Robert L. 39197264 TEC5 DOW
Ashby, Hugh R. 0-735499 1 LT DNB
Ashmore, Robert A. 39217974 PFC DOW
Atchison, Brooks U. 20941465 S SG KIA
Atkinson, Hugh H. 39214204 SGT KIA
Attebery, Edgar R., Jr. 39206910 SGT KIA
Attebery, Edgar R. 0-289643 LT C DNB
Avery, Roxy A. 39215792 PFC KIA