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Fred B. Cavanaugh Sues Father

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The Seattle Daily Times
Friday Evening, December 10, 1920
Page 19, Column 4

Asks Share In Estate

Fred B. Cavanaugh Sues His Aged Father

Brothers and Sisters Also Involved in Suit Arising Out of Old Agreement

Suit was filed in the Superior Court yesterday by Fred B. Cavanaugh against Martin L. Cavanaugh, his father, 96 years old, five brothers and sisters and the Seattle Title Trust Company for three-fifteenths of his father’s estate, which is believed to be a considerable sum. According to the son, he managed a San Francisco hotel for his father for eight and a half months, worked for him for years, drilling oil wells and was not paid.

An agreement was made, Fred alleges, whereby he was to get three-fifteenths of the estate in lieu of cash in hand for the work. This is 50 per cent more, he states, than the other children were to receive.

The mother of the family died in April 1912, whereupon, it is alleged the father went to New York and married Catherine Cantrell. They toured the world. His second wife was 45 and the father 76 at the time. There was a disagreement and suit for divorce, following a dispute between the father and the second wife in Shanghai. Fred was delegated by the others to approach his father on matters connected with his second marriage.

As a result, it is alleged, the father cut Fred off from all participation in his estate. The son alleges that in his will the father has provided for all the other children. He now seeks to have the money paid to him at the present time. The father’s still in good health, it is said, despite his 96 years.

Brothers and sisters named in the suit are Frank P. Cavanaugh, Elvira C. Roberts, Emma J. Tulford, Tabitha A. Card and Rose M. Newell. The son, who is plaintiff in the action, claims that the brothers and sisters agreed that he is to have the portion of the estate delegated to him in the original agreement which he alleges was consummated with the father.