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Mr. and Mrs. Herman F. Burkheart's Tiniest Baby

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The Tacoma Times, December 23, 1911 image of newborn

(By United Press Leased Wire.)

SEATTLE, Dec. 23.--Here's the tiniest, cutest baby in all Seattle, probably in the world. She weighed only 1-1/2 pounds at birth, and while most babies born so small never open their little eyes, this mite of humanity opened her eyes and her mouth, too. She can cry just like any baby, and now, at 10 weeks of age, she appears normal in every way, although still weighing a little more than two pounds.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman F. Burkheart, Twelfth avenue north, are the parents of the tiny baby, and they have lavished on it the most tender parental care and the most expert medical attention.

The baby's arm is no larger than its mother's finger, and at birth Mrs. Burkheart could slip her ring over the baby's hand and arm to the elbow.

Mr. and Mrs. Burkheart are the parents of two other children, both healthy and strong, one at 15 months weighing nearly 40 pounds.