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Charles Webb, J. W. Wooden
and F. W. Graham

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Seattle Daily Times, February 26, 1900


Two Daring Jobs are Pulled Off on Downtown Streets

Highway robbery is becoming as common in Seattle as petty larceny. Half a dozen cases, some of them showing the robbers to be both daring and experienced, were reported to the police last week. The police have, however, usually done excellent work in the speedy capture of the criminals. Charles Webb of 618 Jackson Street is one of the latest victims of the highwayman. He reported to the police yesterday that he was, while in the tenderloin district, struck on the head with a pistol and robbed of $180 in gold.

J. W. Wooden, a man whom Webb claims led him to the tenderloin district, was yesterday arrested on suspicion of being implicated in the robbery. Webb says he was intoxicated at the time of the hold-up. He was knocked senseless, and when he recovered consciousness, both Wooden and the robber had disappeared.

Wooden says he had nothing to do with the robbery and that he was relieved of $2.50 by the robber.

A still more daring case of "hold-up" was reported last night. F. W. Graham, an employee of Lowman and Hanford, says that he was knocked down and robbed by two men on Seneca Street between Fourth and Fifth Avenues about 9 o'clock on Sunday evening. He was on his way home from church at the time. One of the robbers, he says, nearly throttled him, while the other rifled his pockets, taking $14.50 in cash, a gold watch and his gold eye glasses.

Too Many Hold-Ups

Chief of Police Reed, speaking of the recent daring hold-ups in Seattle, said this morning that an effort will be made to round up all the suspicious characters in the city. A number of policemen in plain clothes will be sent out tonight to patrol the streets usually infested by the highwayman.


Wooden Has a Record That Will Get Him Into Trouble

The police think they have, in the person of J. W. Wooden, who is charged with being implicated in the robbery of Webb on Saturday evening, a very bad man. Webb was in the company of Wooden when he was struck on the head with a pistol and relieved of $180.

Chief of Police Reed has ascertained that Wooden served time in Folsom penitentiary, California, for shooting a man, and that he also attempted to rob a bank in St. Helena, Cal. Wooden's record in the South has been telegraphed for.