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Divorces - 1899 (Newspaper Extractions)

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April 1, 1899, The Seattle Star


A Divorce Case With Some Unpleasant Details.

A divorce suit has been commenced before Special Judge Geo. M. Emery, in the Superior Court, which is creating a stir. Archibald Sinclair, a well-known sea-faring man, is suing for a divorce from his pretty wife, Margaret J. P. Sinclair, whom he alleges loves W. P. Campbell better than she does him.

A novel feature in the case is the voluntary swearing away of his sister's reputation by the brother, John G. Willis. W. H. Michael, proprietor of the Brooklyn House in Tacoma, testified that he recognized Mrs. Sinclair as the woman who stayed at his hotel a short time ago with Mr. Campbell, both registering as Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Foster.