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Seeking any information available on Captain Alexander ALLAN, a fur and ivory trader in Nome but based in Seattle from 1905 to 1930. The Seattle 1912 street directory has him married to a Verne? I have been unable to find marriage certifcate or death certificate, place of burial or any information on this marriage. Thank you for any help or leads. Allan Troy, 8/97


Looking for infromation of Wilder Ernest Andrews, b.1891, Seattle; d.1920, Lynn, MA; parents: Josiah D. Andrews, b. Canada and Margaret S. McLean of Canada. Wilder was a ships carpenter; m. Theresa Kelley O'Donnell of Lynn, MA. Beth Knittle, 8/97


Am seeking information on Edward Franklin Ash(e) and his family; youngest dau., Helen Margaret Ash(e) Lambert(s) lived in Seattle all her life; b. March 22,1907; d. July 19, 1988; m.1st Lockert, one son, Lee. Lockert; who took off for Alaska and she never saw him again; m.2nd Lambert(s). Helen taught school in the Kent district for more than forty years. I need someone to do some research for me in the Seattle area. Robert & Helen Ashe, 9/97


Seek descendants of William Bair and wife Huldah Young. Resided in Sac Co., IA and Brazoria Co., TX. Wm. d. before 1912. Huldah and children resided in Seattle after 1910. Where and when did Huldah die? Last listed in Seattle CityDir. in 1942. Children: Dean L.; Ivan; Marjorie Speidel; Julian. Any help appreciated. Patricia Morrison, 10/97


I am looking for info on Louisa Belle DAVIDSON, m. John W. BARRETT. Sons: Clyde and Ray, m. Ame, worked as a waiter, lived in Seattle. Louisa and John buried in Valverde, TX, but I have little info, please help. Don Davidson, 3/98


Looking for information on Mary Spencer Bateman, 1849-1921, d. in Burmingham?; buried in Seattle, King Co. Children: Willie; Ernest, 1881-1958, m. Alma Wendell, 1891-1970; had 6 children; Homer A., d. 1915, Seattle, leaving two children.
Looking for informaton on Ernest Bateman and wife, Alma Louise Wendell buried Snohomish Co. His mother d. Stanwood, Snohomish co. 1925. Ernest, b.1881, MI. Children: Ernest S. Jr.; Wayne S.; Louise Constance; Mary Belle; Leo Kenneth; Jerome Windell. Leo was killed in WWII, buried Warshalli's Cememtey, King Co., WA. Ernest had two brothers, Williem and Homer. Homer, d.Seattle, King Co, 1915. Ron Sykes, 2/97


Charles Stanley Moore Bates, b. 31 Oct 1871, Luton, Bedford,England, d. 13 Jul 1930, Los Angeles, CA, son of James Frederic Bates and Sarah Elizabeth Moore. Charles, m. Mary Adeline Louise Smits, 5 Apr 1890 in Lambeth, Surrey, England. Children: Charles b. ?, England ; MaudEthel, b. 29 Jan 1898, Islington, Middlesex, England; m. Rodger Wells Benson,20 Apr 1923 in Seattle, King, WA ; Victor Moore, b. 26 Mar 1900, Calgary, Canada or England, d. 21 Sep 1968, Seattle, King, WA; m. Esther C. ? ; William Alexander, b. 5 Jul 1902, Calgary, Canada, d. 31 May 1975, Concord, CA; m. Doddie ? ; Thomas William, b. 11 Aug 1904 Calgary, Canada, d. ?. Charles Stanley Moore m.2nd Ella V. ? Charles Sr. in the Seattle City directory in 1911 but could not find him in the 1910 Census for Seattle. According to family tradition, Mary left the family with Thomas but no one knows where they went. I would appreciate any information these families. Stacey Benson, 9/97


I would like to obtain obituaries on any or all of the following perople: Josephine Cathrina Behne Wilkinson, d. 30 May 1929, a seamstress; William Theordore Behne, never married, d. 3 July 1949, a banker; Louis Gerhard Behne died 23 Dec 1922; Anna Caroline Behne, never married, d. 17 July 1915. Also looking for some record of their father Johan Joseph Behne, a widower, d. 10 June 1908. This family was strict Catholic . There was also a granddaughter, Mary Gertrude Wilkinson, dau ofJosephine, dau. d June 20, 1957; she was a long-time postal employee. All of this family lived in Auburn. Thank you so much! Gwen Behne Paschall, 7/97


I am looking for information leading me to descendents of Samuel Lawson Bell, went to Canal, WA from PA in 1915. ; killed in an explosion on Dec 15, 1915. Widow and children stayed in WA, last known place was Seattle; wife was Cora LeVier Bell; Children: Alice; Charles, b. 1892; Mary, b. 1896; Roy, b. 1908; Grace, b. 1912. If anyone can help me findinformation on this family it would be appreciated. Linda Hanna, 3/97


Seeking information on this family.Franklin Bennett, b. 6 Oct 1868, Miami Co. IN, son of Samuel and Mary Catherine Kunkle Bennett; m. 14 Dec 1894, Howard co. IN to Ida May Jackson. Children Homer E. b.28 May 1895, d. 28 May 1963, ND, m. Clara Parks, 23 Dec, 1916 Howard co. IN; Maude, b. Oct 1896, IN; Jolly Lee, b. Dec 1897, IN, d. Sept 1973, Kent, WA; Mabel, b. March 1899, IN; Madge, b. @1903, IN; Wilbur b. May-16-1908, ND, d. Feb 1976,WA, possibly Kent; Harold b. Jan 3, 1911, ND d. April 1963, WA also possiby Kent. The 1920 census shows this family in Cass Cc. ND living with them is Franklin's dau-in-law, Mabel, age 18, b. ND. This is probably Jolly Bennett's wife. Nancy Nelson, 2/97


Looking for childern of May Bickford, b. Livingston MT, d. Seattle, WA?, had 8 children; I only have the names of two, Joe and Jim; husband M.M. Bickford. ??


Looking for information on following: Rolland Bline b. 7 Sep 1914; d. Jan 1983 in Seattle, King, WA. Betty McCord Bline. 15 Jan 1920, d. 24 Dec 1985 in Seattle, King, WA. Charles Cassatt b. 21 Feb 1913, d. 9 Jun 1979 in Bellevue, King, WA. Bertha McCord Cassatt; no other information available. Betty and Bertha, dau. of Guy R. and Frances V. Day McCord. Anxious to coorespond with anyone who may have information. Thanks in advance! Cindy, 10/97


Looking for Catherine Bob, b.1960, Tacoma, WA to Priscilla andAlphonse Bob; lived at 1327 Fawcett Ave. Priscilla died Dec.April 1966; Alphonse died April 9, 1969; members of St. Leos Catholic church. Siblings: Larry; Ronald; Gary; Marie; Marlene; Marina; Lois; Caroline;uncle, Victory Johnny in Seattle Wa. She was an American Canadian Indian. Charlotte Bradshaw, 10/97


I would appreciate any information on my grandparents, Delbert and Terrah BONNEY. Ten children, 3 of whom: Estella, d. 1983; Archie; Edlain. Robert Bullwinkel, 3/98


Looking for information on Great Grandfather. Alos and wife Natalie Brooks. He was a doctor in Seattle area and at one time lived on Queen Ann Hill. They also owned a hotel in Auburn, WA, on Main St at the time of his death 21 Oct 1920.Would any information anyone have or find!! Thank you. Melinda, 9/97


Looking for descendants of Calvin Brown, b. 1821, Nashville, TN; foughtin Mexican America War of 1846; lived in Bond co. IL untill he led a wagon train from there to Whitman co. WA. Children: Martha Evelina, Carey; Mary Frances Mace; Quendet(?), d. 18 Feb. 1931, Bellingham, WA; Amanda Miller Wolfe, and my grandfather Theodore Augustus Brown came west with him. Calvin d. 1882, Clinton area near present day Pullman of Whitman co. His wife, Nancy Spratt, lived till 1910. In1974, Louise Bowman Maxwell, of Maple Valley, WA and Rose E. Rowe, of Seattle, were also researching Calvin and his father Wilson Brown, who married at least four times. Neal Brown, 3/97


Looking for descendants of Catherine Byrnes; lived at 4703 Beach Drive SW, Seattle, WA in the 1920's-1930's; d. late l940's or early 1950's Diane Hillaire, 9/97


I am looking for information on my grandfather Jack Burns,b. 12 Sept 1892; d. 20 Aug 1971, living in Everett at the time of his death. Would like to get copy of obituary. He had worked for the Seattle Star; had lived in Seattle earlier in his life. Dwight Aussieker,9/97


Charmane Sally Carlton, b. Aug.10,1932, Seattle,WA at Harborview Hospital. Parents: James Carlton, b. IL; logger in 1932 and Edna Mina Fletcher, b. MI; 9th child b. Auburn as residence. The physician at birth was A.C.JORDAN, M.D. If anyone has any information, please e-mail me. Thank you, Amber, 8/97


William John Carmoody, b. @1874, Toronto, Canada; m. Elizabeth Bertha Shaw, 31 Mar 1896, Toronto. Child: Florence, b. 13 Oct 1897, Toronto. William's parents: Byron Carmoody and Matilda Larbalestier. William emigrated to Seattle sometime between 1930-1954. He is buried in Washelli Evergreen Cemetery, but they will not impart any details. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Sheila Simipson, 1/98


I am attempting to locate a person on the 1910 Census who lived in West Seattle on the corner Vashon Ave and Cedar. I would like to know the enumeration district for that area. It does not corresponded with the 1900 district. Any direction for this problem will be appreciated. Doris Crawford, 1/98

Note: As you know the 1910 Census for Washington State was not soundexed. However, the good news is that the Washington State Genealogy Society is in the process of doing an index for that census. I will work on your precise question to see if I can answer it before the index is available. DO NOT hold your breath, WSGS is just getting started, but volunteers are welcome.


Looking for the place where Christian Clymer, Jr is buried; d. iKing co. in the White River area. What happened to his family? He is on the 1870 King CO census for White River Twp.. He died after a tree fell on him. Please Help! Kathryn L Garcia, 4/97


The Cody's have been in WA since 1895 ; Daniel Heath Cody, b. to John William and Minta Abbott Cody. Minnie O. Collins Weaver, d. 1909, Seattle, husband, David Henry Weaver; parents: John and Eunice Collins moved to Seattle, 1894. Any help anyone can provide would be appreciated. Terri Cody, 2/97


Looking for James Conley, d. @June 23, 1921; Wife, Arminia (Emma) Tetreault. Children : James Arthur; Neeva. Would appreciate any help from anyone. Jim Martin, 1/97


Seeking information about the family of Francis Conway; emigrated to Seattle, WA between 1886 and 1900. Family in the 1900 census, but not 1920 census. *Francis Conway, b.1862; m *Catherine Hickey, b. 1844. Francis James, b.1863, Canada. *Michael, 1865, Canada. Sarah Emily, b. 1867, Canada. Louis Patrick, 1870, Canada. Mary Margaret, 1872, Canada. Rose Ann, b.1874, Canada. Hannah Elizabeth, b. 1876, Canada, m. T/Freen. John, b. 1880, Canada. *Marie, b. 1882, MI. Cicily, b.1886, Michigan. Only the *'d persons were listed in the 1900 Seattle census. John Hartmann, 8/97


In my fathers papers I came across a note saying that The COOPER family Bible was in the hands of Ronald Eugene Cooper, of Renton, King County,WA. I would love to have the info in the Bible. If anyone has any information on Ronald Eugene Cooper, or the where abouts of any one related to him, I would like that info. My line is as follows.
#1 S.V. Cooper - Emily Chamness
#2 William Oscar Cooper - Francis Minerva Robinson
#3 Hershel Cooper - Esther
#4 Shirley Cooper Allen. Shirley Allen, 9/97


Looking for descendants of Wival Crosier formerly of Brownville, ME. Were children Howard and June? He left Maine in late 1800's. I believe family once lived on Vashon Island. Kaye, 3/97


Wyvil CROSIER d. Vashon Island, WA, 31 Aug 1938. Wife, Nora, d. Seattle, 10 June 1940. Dau, June, m. Edwin ODION. Son, Howard. I'd like to hear from anyone with knowledge of the family so we can exchange family history. Crosier originally from Brownville, ME. Thanks for any leads. Kaye Sakahara, 3/98


Looking for the family of Otto Crowhurst, and especially his wife, Annie E., b 1867. Attended fathers funeral in 1914 in Calaveras co., CA; father, Albert Grismore, and lived in Oakland. Any information about Annie would be appreciated. Mary Mc Alister, 9/97


Samuel E. Custer d. Renton twp., King co., WA, 25 May 1898, buried in Renton twp. cemetery. Left widow, Mary Ann Varnes CusterWilliams. Norma Custer Rice, 8/97


Donald A. Daugharty, d. King County 30 June1965. Would like to get a copyof obituary showing survivors. Most of his family lived in Pierce County.Anyone else researching this surname? I believe a sister, Marilyn, m. James M. Fitzpatrick of Tacoma. In Tacoma during the mid-1970's,he was president of Fitzpatrick & McIntyre, a construction company. Parents were William and Rhoda Valley Daugherty/Daugharty. Merla Clark, 1/97


Searching for a D.N. or C.W. DAVIS, lived in Seattle in 1925. Parents: Luther H. DAVIS and Nancy H. BLISS; siblings: Emmerson, Edwin, Elizabeth, Mary C. Any info appreciated. Tammy Wild, 3/98


Looking for descendants of Francis F. DAVIS, b. 19 May 1897, Mason City, IA to Francis W. DAVIS and Olive FINNEY. Francis F. d. Seattle 1987 and was a cousin of my grandmother, Pearl DAVIS SALMANS. I'd love to correspond with some cousins. Sherri Salmans, 3/98


I am looking for the decendants of the Dillon family. In the 1920 Census for Washington state, Redmond Precint, King County, Clintoe was a plane feeder in a saw mill; it seems thatmost of the people in this town worked at the saw mill. Census: Dillion, Dewitt C.; Head; age,23; wife:Vergie, age 19, b.TX; son: Elwin, age 3-1/2, b. WA. Another child: Virginia Lee, nothing known about her, Social Security Death Records show Dewitt, d. WA, age 78, July, 1974. Jerry Offholter, 8/97


I need information about Zachariah Dunmire; m. Margaret M. Nolf in Josephine Co, OR, 17 Dec 1906. We have postcards from Zack & Maggie in Ballard in 1909, but know nothing more about Zack. Maggie d. in 1918, and familystories say Zack was killed in an underwater accident, possibly before 1912. We don't know if he was in WA at the time, but suspect he was. Can anyone help? Sandra Sheppardson, 2/97

Duwamish Cemetery

Does anyone have information regarding burials at Duwamish? I have reason to believe this was Seattle's 'Potter's Field' in the early part of this century, particularly 1901-1902. I have found numerous burials in the King County records, but no one has any information regarding these burials. I am also looking for information on the Wayside Mission located in Ward 1 at this same time. I have 2 people who died in this mission and were buried in Duwamish. Now I know they weren't chucking folks into the river, so there must have been a cemetery. Kathleen Hunt, 12/97


Seeking the decendents of Frank Emmitt, b. to James Rufus Emmitr and May Dixon, 14 May 1879, Pike co, OH. Frank was living in Seattle, WA. in 1908. He may have moved to Alaska at a later date. I have lots of information to share. Thanks for any help. John Emmitt, 4/97


Is anyone researching families in Enumclaw? If so, let me know which names. Pat, 1/98


Looking for any information on Eddie Erickson, b. Minneapolis, MN, 1899. Lived in Seattle, WA from approx. 1930 to at least 1945. D. in OR, 1966. Mother's name, Carrie. Kim Scott, 4/97


I am interested in finding anything on Emma Bissegger Ernst, b. June 27, 1857, Philadelphia PA. Her father was killed during the Civil War and the family moved to Nebraska. It is unknown to me why she moved to Seattle awhile the rest of her family stayed in NE. Children: Christian, b. NE/KS. 1878, possibly m. a Rose, lived in Alaska at some point; Louise, b. NE/KS, 1880; Anna, b. 1882, m.? Benjamin Heinrich, 2 sons: Gilbert & ?; Theodosia, b. 1884; Emma, c. 1886; Christina, b. 1888, m.? Walter Barowski, son, Robert; In 1900 they lived at 504 Aloha St, Seattle. In 1920, She lived at 1819 Warren Ave, Seattle. Kerry Johnson, 8/97


Looking for birth and death information about Edwin D. (David?) Evans, b. Seattle, 1882. Brother Vance Evans? Sisters, Jane and Elizabeth. Last known address 1737 Manhatten apts, Seattle David Evans, 4/97

Fall City, King co. Cemeteries

Need to find cemeteries near Fall City. My ancestors James William Pulliam and Sarah Elizabeth Hall in a cemetery near Fall City. James was buried Jan 1900,Sarah, Sep 1924. We have a picture of the tombstone. We want to find the name of the cemetery and its location. Does anyone know of cemeteries in this area? Thanks. Charles Stowe, 8/97


Looking for family ties with Ray Felton who was newspapermanwith Seattle Times during the 1920's/30's. His sons: James; Edward; Frederick; William. I am a son of Frederick. Thank you. Denton Ray Felton, 4/97


I am researching Walter Eugene Fogg, d. May 20, 1922; Wife, Emma Frances Stevens. Children: Laurence Eugene, d. April 16, 1959; Clarabel Eugenia Doris, d. July 1982. Would appreciate any help from anyone. Jim Martin, 1/97


Seek contact with descendants of Harold L. Ford who lived in 1976in Seattle, King County, WA; b. 1902, ND, probably son of Lafayette N. Ford, 1877, IA-1964, WA &Minnie ?. H. Andrew BROWN, 2/97


Mahala B. Craft Freeland, dau. of Benjamin Freeland, Jr. and Mary Ann >Clark, b. 1828, Owen co, IN; d. Seattle WA; m. 26 Sept 1848, Coles co., IL,James H. Payne, b. 5 May 1823, Shelby Co., KY; d. 3 Aug 1906, Seattle WA; hewas a cabinetmaker. Children : Emma Arabella, b. 13 April1850 near Grandview, Edgar Co., IL, d. Seattle, WA; m. 20 May 1874, James G. Thomas. Mary Elizabeth, b. 25 Aug 1852 near Grandview, Edgar Co., IL, d. Seattle, WA;Julia Arianna, b. 14 Nov 1854, Linn Co., OR; m. 25 Dec 1876, Charles H.Stadelman: Children: Perlita; Fannie; Harry. Flora Elvens, b. 18 Jan 1857, Linn Co., OR; m. 26 Sept 1878, William H. Hughs; Child: Charles Payne Hughs, b. 23 July 1879-17 May 1899, Dawson, NW Territory; Jessie Elizabeth Hughs b. 21 Sept 1884. Quinn Emory Payne b. 28 Jan 1860. Laura Jane Hebb Freeland, dau. of Benjamin Freeland, Jr. and Mary AnnCLARK, b. Spencer, Owen co., IN; d. after 1910, Seattle WA; m. John Rowland, d. 18 Dec 1874, Ukiah, CA, a furniture dealer. Children: William Benjamin; Clarence Malcom; Ettie J. m. 2nd William Carrol Phagan and Rev. N.S. McAlister.

Mary Ann Clark Freeland, dau. of Benjamin Freeland, Jr., d. 1880 Seattle, WA, buried Albany, OR; m 18 Aug 1863 Seattle, WA to Thomas FORD. No children? I have the Freeland ancestory back to mid 1600s and would like to contact these families to learn their family history and share what I know. William H. Adams, 2/97


Anne Freeman, b. 31 Dec 1865, Orsta, Norway. Her maiden name was Anne Petrine Rasmusdatter Hovden; m. Norwegian Edward R. Freeman. 1910 census lists parents and children: Edward R. Freeman, age 50, b. Norway, steamfitter in a plumbing shop. Anne, age 44, mother of 9 children/8 living, b. Norway; Ivar, age 14, b. OR; Helen, age 12, b. MT; Clara, age 9, b. WA; Harold, age 7, b. WA; Edward O. Jr., age 5, b. WA. All living at 326 W. 39th St. From a letter written in 1907 to Norway, Anne says they are living in poor conditions, and her husband is golddigging in South America. Would like to know more. Thor Ostgaard, 2/98


Looking for information on Gallaghers: John, Henry T. or Frank P., in 1931, living in Seattle Washington. I don't know if they died there, or left descendants. Children of Bill J. Gallagher and Lizzie Sweeney r of Hyde Park, MA. Jan Fortado, 8/97


Looking for any information or descendants of Joseph Louis Gilsoul, b. 26 Sept 1877, Beligum, son of Joseph Gilsoul and Sarah Beniot. All of these people lived in Raymond, Pacific co. WA, until @1920. Joseph m.1st. Esther Stella Williams, dau of Thomas B. Williams and Ella DoLittle in Raymond. Child: Anona G., b. 25 July 1910; 2nd child, a boy b. 11 Aug 1911 was placed for adoption. Joseph and Esther div. Joseph m.2nd Lambert T. Hendrix. Children: unnamed, b. 29 Jan 1916; Mary Theodosia, b. 21 Jan 1917, and Charles Albert, b. 27 Oct 1919, all in Raymond, Pacific, WA. Lambert and Jospeh moved to Seattle and he d.30 Dec 1942. Is this your family? I have lots of information to share. Thank you. Shirley Penna-Oakes, 1/98


Looking for information on the Alvin Mead Goff family. They had a homestead in the Northup/Kirkland area in the early 1900's. Alvin Mead Goff, b.10 Mar.1827, NY; d. 28 Apr1892, Northup,WA; m. Mary Green, b. 15 Oct 1847; d. 9 Feb 1939, Mariposa, CA, on 20 May 1865. Children: Alice, b. 27 Sept 1866; d.13 Apr 1949, m. James R. Wilson, 1 Feb 1898; Ella, b. 6 Jan 1869, d. 21 Mar 1941, m. Thomas R. Hopkins,6 Feb 1899; Amos, b. 9 Apr 1871, d. 4 Apr 1934, m. Mary Downer, 26 Aug 1915. Mary, b. 30 Jul 1873, d. 2 Nov 1961, m. John C. Dutcher, 1 Jan 1896; Lois, b. 3 Jun 1876, d. 22 Jan 1962; Forest Mead, b. 13 Aug 1878, d. Nov 1879. Helen, b. 16 Jan 1881, d. 2 Sep 1961, m. Herbert Welton, 31 Dec 1903; Hattie, b. 25 Oct 1883, d. June 1973, m. James W. Norman, 12 June 1907; Irene Grace, b. 16 Oct 1886, d. 15 Feb 1969, m. Ben Stewart Carver, 10 Aug 1908. Kathy, 7/97


Looking for information on Iva Howland Goodwin, b. Jul 29, 1900, d. March1981, Seattle. Also looking for info on Bruce Goodwin, b. Jul 16, 1896 d.Sept. 1982. Rachael Petek Bender, 4/97


Looking for info on George Caleb Green, b. Sep 15, 1851 in Searletown, PEI, Canada; m. Ellen M. Castain, Oct 26 1881; d. Seattle, Aug 26 1907 ; parents: Joseph and Eliza Green. Any info would be welcome. Muriel Reynolds, 9/97


I have reason to believe that a Griffiths family member may have theAndrew Carnaham Montgomery Family Bible and I need some information fromit. Ella M. Montgomery, m. Austin E. Griffiths and lived in the Seattlearea. Ella died May 13, 1944. Austin, m.2nd Igerna Montgomeryin 1945/46. Their address in 1942 was 301 22nd Avenue North, Seattle, WA. Children: Thomas; Ted; Burke; Francis; Margaret, m. Calmar McCune, Jr. I believe I haveyouthful pictures of three of the boys. My research includes Harriet, Grace and Ella Montgomery. Page, McCune and Griffiths were theirhusbands, respectively and all were believed to have lived in the Seattle area. Ron Montgomery, 10/97


Looking for information on Herman & Rose Haack, b. Germany and m. 1844. Came to Seattle, 1890. 7 chldren all lived in Seattle area. Karen Clinton, 1/98


Looking for information on Helen Hale, b. 1905, Seattle, King, WA; m. Othel Breedlove; son, Othel, b. 3 Mar 1926, Bisbee, Az. Helen deserted the family when the child was 2 years old and hasn't been heard of since. Susan Breedlove, 4/97


In search of turn of century Hanna family. My grandfather, James Hanna, b. Croydon, England, Aug.24, 1875; came to America. Children: John, b. 1869; Charles; Albert; Frank Septmus.. Last word, 1910, Albert & Charles workedfor the railroad in Seattle.. Any leads, greatly appreciated. Dr. Greg Pierce, 4/97


Will H. Hargrove m.13 Mar 1886, Arra Elizabeth Cole in Giles Co., TN.They left for Seattle, WA soon after their marriage with his father J. F.Hargrove. W.H. Hargrove and his father returned to Giles Co., TN on a visitin 1907 after being away for two decades. On their return to Seattle another sonof J. F. Hargrove returned with them. Will Hargrove was a contractor. Willand Arra Hargrove's children: Mamie' Bennie; Bessie; Ollie Loyd and a 5month old son who died in 1905. Mamie m. 17 June 1906 at Ft. Lawton, Seattle, WA William Patrick Quinn. Mamie kept a diary from 1905-1909. TheQuinns died young. Any information about any of these people would bewelcomed. The 1900 Census of King County, WA would help locate these people.Would appreciate sharing this record with me. Who were the parents ofWilliam Patrick Quinn who I presume was Irish Catholic. Any church records? Frank Tate, 10/97


Looking for burial site of August HEGLEN, d. Kirkland, WA, date unknown; b. Sweden, 1866, arrived in WA @1890-91, death after 1925? Thank you for any help. Robert Wilson, 3/98


Looking for descendants of my g-g-aunt: Hilda Maria Henry (earlier surname Nupula Siltaoja), b. 15 Nov1869, in Willamo, Isojoki, Lapfjard, Kristiina, Wasa Laani, Finland. Husband's info not available. Parents, remained in Finland, father, Matti TanelinpoikaSiltaoja (earlier Nupula), b. 29 Nov1843, d. 8 May1901, mother Albertina Karlsdottir Junttila (nee Mannila), b. 1 Dec 1839, d. 7 Sept 1912; note, at that time Finland was part of Russia.Hilda received passport in 1899, next saved document is letter from 9 Dec1933 from Butte, MT, stating also girls, who were working at that time (age ?), Hilda, Julia and Emma, in anotherletter a Meimi was mentioned, this last letter sent by g-g-aunt was from Seattle, WA, there's no info saved on why, when and who else moved. Letter was sent from 500 Boylston, N., Apt 201, Seattle 2, WA, USA. Would really appreciate if anybody could lead me the way in searching her children and grand-children. Are there any volunteers doing research on basis of above facts??? Thanks for your time. Luomaniemi Paivi, 4/97


Looking for any information on Clarise Lillian Rhodes Pitchford Heusner Hart Brown and her daughter Margaret Lillian Heusner Ploe. Clarise, b. 1860 possibly in OH; later moved with her family to Portland, Oregon. After her first husband deserted her she moved to Seattle and then to Port Townsend where she gave birth to Margaret @1889. Clarise may have been buried in Island co, 1923. Margaret m. James William Ploe in Bremerton 1909; d. Seattle, 24 Aug 1952. I am having trouble finding information in regards to Margaret's father, possibly George Henry Heusner, b. @1853-59, St. Louis, Mo. Marcia Stedman, 8/97


Looking for information and descendants of Homer Hillman, 1874, MI and wife E. Pearl Kline, 1879, MI.. They were in Seattle, King Co, area during the 1920 Census. Children: R. Kline, 1901, IL; Pearl Belle, 1909, WA. Vsykes, 2/97


Looking for Mahala May Higgins Holden, 91 years of age in 1949 living inSeattle; m.1st Mr. FULMER; children: Fred & Lila. Fred was a football coach in Seattle and Lila was a nurse in CA. Would appreciate any & all help. Believe the husbands to have worked for the railroad. Have lots of info on HIGGINSof WV to share. Thanks. Nancy E. Gates, 9/97


I am seeking information on grandfather, Arthur Lee Hopper, d. Seattle, @1958. No other info known. Can anyone help? Need help locating death certificate. Nancy Hopper, 7/97


I am looking for any info on Edmond Howes, b. 1829, NY. 2ndwife, Louisa Todd, b 4 Aug 1841, MO, m. 4 Jun 1863, Iola, Kansas; Children: William; Augustus (later called Charles); Zua; Kate; Nellie. They moved to Seattle by 1875 where Nellie was born. Zua m. Edwin Clark. Augustus, m. Lucy Kenny from Ireland. Any information on the family or individuals would be greatly appreciated. Bruce & Peggy Royce, 7/97


Desire death & internment information about my grandmother, Mary Ann Nicholson Hoye, b: May 15, 1860, Shoughlen, England, d: Aug 19, 1905, Franklin or Black Diamond, WA & the birth place and verification of the place of internment of dau, Mary Ann Hoye, b: Jan 13, 1902; d: Apr 28, 1904, Black Diamond, WA.

Information about Bert Hoye, b: May 8, 1886, Braidwood, IL and BlanceBecker Hoye, m: Sep 13, 1910, Issaquah, WA. I believe he was employed by the WA State Dept of Trans. David J. Wilson, 2/97


Seeking information about Orvis Edwin Hubbell, d. King County, 1994.Can you help to find where he is buried. If he had a will,survivors,friends.Or prehaps point me in the right direction? I would greatly appreciate any help.He was b. Aug.10,1925 d. Nov 29, 1994. Thank you for your help. David H., 3/97


Looking for information on F.E. Huey who was living around Seattle, WA in1942, believe he d. in Seattle. His son was, Edison Cecil, b.9 Oct 1914, Buffalo NY,d. 22 June 1942, New Orleans, LA. Edison's son Patrick Edgar (or Edger) HUEY who lived with his grandparents for awhile. He was with his grandparents at the time his father was killed in New Orleans. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Tom Chuderski, 8/97


Looking for information regarding my biological father Melton D. Johns and Audrey Anne Johns:.divorces, marriages, deaths..since the 1940's. Children atteneded school in the Seattle area. He owned a business back in 1953...A service station north of ? Donna Johns, 8/97


I am researching my mother's, Eunice, side of my family tree. Her father, Willis E. Johnson, son of Benjamin W. Johnson, d. 11 May 1920 in Bellingham; and, Avis May Smith, d. 12 May 1909 in Bellingham. Her mother, Edna Glendora Hardan, dau of Samuel W. Hardan, d. 14 May 1939 in Bellingham, and Floretta Louisa Markwood, d. 1949, Bellingham. Any genealogy information or family history would be greatly appreciated. I would like to obtain copies of vital records pertaining to family members and find out if there are current family members in that area. David Boyd, 8/97


Researching family of Sarah Jane Lytle Johnson;. moved from MI @1907 with daus: Merrill Johnson Cooper Updike; Martha Johnson Trumbell Fletcher; Nellie Johnson Cooper. Lived mostly in the Ballard area. Sarah Jane's husband Ransford JohnsonLevine & Geneveve Trumbell. Jack Hawker, 8/97


I am looking for information on my great grandmother. Her name is Laura Mathilda Ericksen Shutler Jones, b. Mar 16, 1878, Willard, Utah. I would like to get a copy of her death certificate, and anything of value in her cemetery file. Any help would be appreciated. Rose Adams, 4/97


Looking for information on families of James Emmett Kelley, 1906-1990; wife, Phyllis. Also looking for Joseph B. Kelley, 1901-Dec 23 1961; wife, Ethyl. Men b.MN, moved to Seattle during 1930s. Kevin Kelley, 1/97


Need someone to do an obituary lookup in a Seattle, WA. newspaper for a John Key, b. 24 Feb 1908, d. June 1972 . Need a copy of the obituary. Thanks. Lyndon Key, 9/97


Looking for info concerning family name Klavon, Charles & Della, should be in the Rentonarea. Thank you. Aaron Wright, 8/97


Would like any information about my Grandfather Otto John Klawitter who lived in Seattle in the early 1900's. All I know is he owned 3 large theatres in downtown Seattle. My Father, Paul Beacon Klawitter worked as a projectionist in one of these theatres when I was b. April 7, 1935 at King County Hospital. At that time my parents lived at 2116 East Pine. Thanks, Gordon L. Klawitter, 1/97


Looking for a divorce record, and a death record for a Luara Belle Spencer Kline. She was divorced by 1910 and living in Seattle, King Co during the Federal Census. She died between 1910 and 1920. Any help appreciated. Ron Sykes, 3/97


I am looking for information about George and Lydia Krueger. They weremarried in King County during WWII. I am looking for George's parents. Thank you! Donna Vesper, 2/97


There is a book that lists deaths in King County for the years 1891-1907. I don't have access to the book here in California. I wonder if someone who has the book would look up one entry for me. The name is Joseph Kurth who died in King County on Jan 6, 1898. I especially want the microfilm source for the information. Thanks, Ben, 3/97


Looking for death notice for Anna E. Kyes who died in Renton on 7 June 1967. Will reimburse costs related to this search! Ronald L. Kyes, 7/97


I am trying to find information about my grandmother, Lillian Leah Lloyd, d. Mar 1922, Seattle, WA, buried Butte, MT. Can someone find an obituary? Trying to identify 6/7 children. M.1st Grady, m.2nd Foster. Thanks for any help. Sharon, 2/98


I'm looking for information on Francis B. LaFond and his wife,Julia. Francis d. somewhere in King county, he, on December 14, 1936. His wife, February 27, 1934. I feel that they are buried in the same cemetery. I will be happy to get anyinformation on the LaFond's. Thanks. Edmond Reschner, 2/97


Looking for information about descendants of Carl Peter Larson, b. 1 September 1850 in Morlunda Parish of Sweden. He came to the US in 1870; living in Seattle area in 1928. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Gary K. Jacobson, 10/97


I am looking for any information on my mother, Bettie Whitney Limon, who married, and maybe divorced my father in Washington State. I was born in Seattle 13 Oct 1943. I don't know if she is still alive, but would appreciate any information that can be obtained. Gabriel Limon, 7/97


I am searching for anyone who is related to the following families-all from the Seattle, King co area. All were born in Canada:. Bridget Macaulay Keenan, d. 7 July 1923; Adelaide Keenan Macaulay, m. Alexander Macaulay; Mary Macaulay, m. Arthur Hein. All possibly related to a Peabody family. Elise Lonnee, 8/97


Looking for an obit. for W. F. Marberry, d. in logging accident 24 Aug 1924. Also information about his spouse Wilma Heath Marberry. Wilma may have married a John D.Smith, of Snoqualmie. Also searching for information onRobert Franklin Marberry, b. 3 Feb 1925, King co., or any other Heath families from that area. Susan Ure, 4/97


Looking for the desendants of Carl Margell who immigrated to the USin 1871. In the Snohomish County area, the desendant family was Helen Matilda Margell, b. March 31, 1877, OH, but grew up in Chase, WI; m. Godfrey Kolf, they were on a farm near Snohomish @1903. Children: Edith Gertrude, b. 1904; Roy Godfrey, b. 1905; Margaret Helen, b. 1907; Katherine Marie, b. 1909; Hazel Beatrice, b. 1911. Would like to get the Margell Family History as it applies to Johann Schwartz; Caroline Hammer; Gottleib/Gottfried Friedrick Regal; Elizabeth Warner families of Town of Chase. Paul Beauregard, 9/97


Looking for an obituary or any information on Guy Markham, b. Jun 21 1892, WV; d. East Union, King Co., WA, Nov 1973. Brenda Marble, 8/97


I'd like to correspond with you, if you have clues about this family: George Martin, b. 1895 WA; m. 1916-17 Mable N_____, b. 1898, WA. Child: may be "Francis E., b. 1917-1918, WA. In 1920, they were living at 118 Driscoll St, Auburn, King co. WA. Bill Martin, 12/97


Birth certificate for Laurence Benjamin Maxon, b.at Virginia MasonHospital, 03 November 1954. Ben Maxon, 2/97


Looking for information on Mcaney, Windmiller, and Pregel, families. They lived in the Seattle area during the late 1800's to mid 1900's. Mark O'Neill, 1/97


Iam trying ro Nancy McBride, father was James Patrick McBride, b 1900?, Moline, IL, served as a Merchant Marine, stationed in Seattle. During WWII, was a policedog handler for the Seattle Police Dept. or possibly King Co. Sheriffs Dept. Nancy b. @1938 in the Edmonds, Wa area. Any information would be appreciated. Carmen Schoenmaker, 2/98


Seek descendants of Anna B. Strehl McCall, b. 1856, Detroit, MI; d. Nov. 30, 1921, Seattle, King Co., WA; m. 1881, in Corunna, Shiawassee co., MI. to William Byerly McCall, b. 1859, MI. Children: Nellie M., b. 1883; Myrtle May, b. 1886; Glenn Ellsworth, b. 1888. Mary Gillett, 3/97


Desperately seeking information on children/descendants of Guy R. McCord, (1877-1931) and Frances V. DAY, (1889-1966). Guy McCord b. WI, son of Myron Hawley McCordSpace. Frances V. b. OH, dau.Edward & Anna B. Day.Children of Guy & Frances: Blanche, m. Oscar F. Martin; Bonnie Jean, m. Wm. Patrick Broom;Betty, m. Rolland E. Bline; Beryl, m. Donal Morton. Obituary states Frances moved to Yakima in 1906.. Betty Bline died in 1985 in Seattle, King, WA. Beryl Morton d. 1971, Tacoma, Pierce, WA. I'm eager to exchange information and will appreciate any assistance! CJ Scherwinski, 9/97


Looking for any information on my grandfather, Carl LUcas McDANIEL, b. June 11, 1895, Scotland co. MO; lived in Seattle; d. NW Hospital, Seattle, 9 Nov 1968. Would like to find several of his marriage records. My grandmother was Mary or Marion Francis FINNEMORE. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Maxine Bender, 3/98


Am looking for the death and burial place for Alice Gibson McKeane who d.1957 and supposedly buried in a cemetery on Queen Anne Hill. Nancy Robinson, 8/97


I am trying to find information about Alice Eliza Meadows. Apparently she moved to Seattle by herself. Married name was Hodson. Information I have says she d. 1 Jan 1940. Thank you. Eric Hodson 1/98


Frank Sylvester Misho, b. @1865, moved into the Seattle area 1900He was a Shriner and Mason Occidental Lodge #72 1906, d. July 13, 1915Wife Lillian Gertrude Misho, d. @ 1930, Founder Daughters of the Nile.Son Frank Merton Misho, b. May 8, 1894 IL Any info on Frank S. Misho & wife will be eternally appreciated. We are at a stand still.I know he owned a construction company Grant/ Misho. Thanks. Carol Winter Anderson, 10/97


Hi! I am helping a friend find out about her father and his family. His name is Manuel Alonzo Moore, b. 10 Aug 1929, Seattle; lived in Issaquah for 2.5 yrs. Iinjured in the KoreanWar; worked as a bookeeper; d. 12 Oct 1966; buried on Woodlawn Abby cemetery, Sumner, WA. Would like to find out about any children he had and about his parents as well. Would like to know a medical history. He worked for Washington Asphalt Co. Thanks! If you can help with any other info it will be greatly appreciated. Lisa, 4/97


Looking for descendents of Robert J. Neal and Grace Bundy. They lived in Columbia co. in 1900, but they moved to the King County area. JoDee McClelland, 7/97


Nickell brothers, Harvey, George, and Isaac came from TX to WA beforestatehood; married into Rader family. My family was Raders, husband is a Nickell. Was Jesse Nickell, b. TX; d. 1973, Seattle any relation? Nikki Nickell, 2/97


I am looking for information about my grandmother, Mary Ann Nicholson Hoye,b.May 15, 1860, Braidwood, IL; d. Aug 19, 1905, Franklin, WA; m.Jan 1, 1882 to James Hoye in Braidwood, IL. MaryAnn's parents were Edward and Jane Wennep Nicholson. Children: were Ella; Edmund; Edward; Bertern (Bert); Rose Etta (Etta); Bertha; Florence Mae; Mary Ann, b. Jan13, 1902; d. Apr 28, 1904 in Black Diamond, WA. I would specifically like to locate the burial sites of both the mother, Mary Ann and daughter, Mary Ann. David Wilson, 10/97


Looking for information on maternal grandparents. Jozef Nowacki and Jadwiga (Ludwiga) Walczak. Immigrated from Posen, Poland. 1sr child b. NY,last child b. Enumclaw, WA. early 1900s. Some of Jadwiga's family came with them. Vicki Glock, 8/97


Would like any information on Toralf "Tom" Numme, b. 1900, who lost his life aboard the S.S. George Thatcher in 1943/44. He was likely a resident of Seattle. Thank you. Bob Hawks, 2/98

Note: This information may be in a Seattle of the time period if the death was in the Seattle area or the ship was local. Borrow the microfilm copies of the newspaper and do some browsing.


Would like information on John Andreason NYSETH and wife Oleana/Olianna Lilesaether, b. July 7, 1879, d. Jan 1969, Kent, King co. WA. Johan and Olianna emigrated from Norway, 1903. 10 children?? Johan's parents: Andreas Nyseth and Kari Eriksd. Johan's brother = Mikel Andreasen Nyseth, b. June 28, 1877, m. Inga Johannsd, 5 children: Clara, Mathilde, Jenny, +2 more. Johan's sister = Emma Andreasd. Nyseth, b. Oct 26, 1886, d. Sept 2, 1968, m. Ole John Moen, lived in Rothsay, MN; children: Agnes; Mable; Albert; Myrtle; Calmer. Interested in descendents of Nyseth families; willing to share information. Marilyn Gronseth Moen, 2/98


Seek contact with descendants of Matilda Mae GRAHAM, b.21 JAN 1908, m. Avery Martin PRATHER; son, Harold Martin PRATHER, lived Seattle, King co., WA; m Anna ?; m.2nd?, Rose ?, Lived Lake Forest, WA. H. Andrew Brown, 2/97


OLIVER W. Pratt, b. Oct 1860 in ?Wabash, IN; m. Carrie E. West, Aug 25 1887, Wabash Co, IN b. Mar 1866. In 1900 Census, theylived in Jonesboro, Grant co, IN, with 2 living children. In 1909, they are living in Seattle, King County, WA, with children: Stella E; Esta E; and an infant PRATT. Come home to me!. There's more than corn in Indiana. Waiting!Lois Norwood Pratt, 8/97


I am looking for any information on Roslie Pugliese or Frances. Roslie past away in the late 70's or early 80's in Seattle. E Thomas, 10/97


Looking for a Ruth Aline Pulsifer, b. 1918, possibly in Newport area; m. Clarence A. Hall, div. 1939.; may have remarried. Dau, Jean Aline HALL, b. 1938, Kirkland at that time, may have moved back to Newport area. Ron Sykes, 1/97


I am searching for information on Samuel H. Pyle, Jr. According to familyoral history, Mr. Pyle was a Senator from the State of Washington. He does not, appear on the list of US Senators or representatives. Was he a State Senator, Representative or some other government official? The family lived in Seattle in the late 1800s. Marilyn Graham, 3/97


Seek information on descendants of Henry Stucker Redenbaugh and wife Rebecca Williams. Henry, b. 26 Dec 1828, Jefferson Co., IN; m. Rebecca, 11 Jul 1850, Fountain Co. IN; moved to Seattle, King Co, WA around 1900.Henry d. 1 Jul 1910 and Rebecca d. 27 Feb 1915; both are buried in Crown Hill Cemetery. Children: Harriett; George,; Henry; Frederick; John; Lydia; William; Nathanial; Joseph; Charity; Charles; Bertie. Nathanial, Joseph came with parents toSeattle. Any information on these people would be appreciated. Joyce Fagerness, 9/97


Looking for obituary notice for Frances Ribeiro, who, we believe, died inSeattle area in April, 1980. Carole Fisher, 2/97


I am looking for the family of Joe Lawrence ROSS. He had 3 sons: Don, Jerry, Lloyd. Don and Jerry have died. Would like to find children of Don or Lloyd or any of the 3 wives of Joe. Don m. 1955, King co. to Joann. David Temby, 3/98


Clarence Malcom Rowland, son of John Rowland and Laura Jane Hebb Freeland, b. 11 Mar 1865, Albany, Linn Co. OR, d. 24 Feb 1891, Seattle WA. William Benjamin Rowland, son of John Rowland; m. 1889 Santa Rosa, CA, Flora Cleveland. Children: Mary, b. 9 Dec 1889, Portland, OR; m. Dr. Charles Haggard; Harved William, b. 13 Jan 1894, Seattle, WA; Paul C, b. 31 Jan 1897I have the Freeland ancestory back to mid 1600s and would like to contact the descendants of these men to learn their family history and share what I know. William H. Adams, 2/97


I would like to find out the death date for my Grand Uncle, Harry L. Sanford. Harry attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa and then started a practice in Seattle. Seattle City directories list him as a Chiropractor. In 1935, he is still listed as a Chiropractor, but no office was given. Since he would have been 72 that year, I assume he was retired. The collection of City Directories that I was referencing had no Seattle directories after 1935. Is there a local index you could check that might show his date of death? Thank you in advance. Richard Keister, 2/97

School Records?

Where would I send or email for Seattle school records for children attending in the early part of this century? Does anyone know if those records would give the place of birth of parents (including town and country) and the maiden name of the mother? Many thanks. Dorothy Kohanski, 7/97


Looking for background on grandmother, Vivian Scott, b. 4 Feb 1897, d. Mar 1970 in Morra Bay, CA; m. 9 Oct 1915, to Russell L. Palmer, Seattle, WA. I understand her family was from WA, Seattle or near by. Any pieces of the puzzle will help, please e-mail. Thank you. Ann Palmer, 4/97


I am seeking information about Frank Harold Shannon and wife GertrudeHillary Shannon. I believe they came from Chicago and lived in Renton in the 40's - owned a flower or bulb farm. Children: Charles and Frank Edward. I think Frank H. Shannon died in the 40's and would like to get his death certificate or obituary and any info about Mrs. Shannon. Julie VanderMeer, 4/97


Looking for any family of Olin Edward Shafer. b. Jun. 1885/89, MI; m. Lena Bell Fitch Ross, April 22, 1914, divorced within 9 years. Worked as a Seattle Fireman at the Volenteer Fire Dept. Would like to know what happened to him. Lenella Rhodes, 1/97


William Shaw, son of Norman Fredrick Shaw, b. 25 June 1850, and Ellen V. Swain, b.@1859, both in New Brunswick. Ellen, d. Aug 25, 1932, in Snohomis. William's last residence believed to be Seattle [Grandmother, Ida Helen Shaw 's obit in Longview Daily News. Finding information on William will help to fill in grandma Ida's life. Patrick Audinet, 1/98, Web Page


I am a senior in high school; my senior project is genealogy. I would like to know if anyone is researching the SHAW family. Vie SHAW, b. King co, June 1930; 13 siblings; 3 d. young. Any help would be appreciated. Nicole Everson, 2/98


I am seeking information on A. H. Shay, d. Seattle, 29 May 1913. Shay, b. somewhere in VA, 29 August 1839 and fought with the Louisiana Regiment in the Civil War. I have no other data on him. I would appreciate a look up of obituary information. Thanks in advance. Chuck Johnson, 3/97


My grandmother, Mary Agnes Smith Roberts Longnecker, was the youngest of16 children. She had an older brother, Martin Demalder Smith, b. 8 Sep 1861, m. Lucy, dau. Bertha, m. Olin, lived in Seattle, 1925. We are constructing a family history of the Smith's and would like to be in touch with any descendants still living in the area. Thanks for any help you can give me. Harry Hesidence, 8/97


Looking for info on George Smith, b. Oct 31, 1871; lived 9046 1/2 10th Ave, Seattle, WA 1948; wife, Maude. Children: Annie; Cecil; Henry; Mary; Walter. Family in Abbotsford, Britich Columbia in 1930's. George had a sister, Veina. Thanks for your help. Sandy Denny, 2/98


I am looking for information on Thomas W. Snipes. According to my familyhistory, his father, Thomas fought in the Civil War in Texas and later entered the Confederate Home in Austin. His sons moved to Seattle and became prominent in banking . I think they must have moved up here after 1910. ??


I am trying to find Sarah J. Snyder and Lewis Jacobus who lived in Bothell sometime during the first thirty years of this century. I am also looking for Sarah's brother George M. Snyder and wife Eva who moved around a lot and lived in Washington. I am also looking for Sarah and George's sister family: Eda May Snyder and Albert Orson Loghry. Thank you. Wendy Bergerud, 1/97


Mary Elizabeth Sparling disappeared from Seattle in early 1920's. Never heard from again; b. @1903. Father, Francis Ira Sparling; mother, Jennie Mae Adams. Any information would be appreciated by her family. She had 2 brothers, Ira B. & Robert S. Roberta Longmire, 9/97


Looking for any information or descendants of Watson & Amelia Spencer, and sons, Walter & Robert; all lived in Seattle as late as 1910. Watson came from MI originally, then KS, and then WA. He was a Civil War veteran and is listed on the 1890 WA Civil War Veteran census in Seattle. N. Spencer, 4/97


I am searching for any information on Fredrick (Fred) Steward, b. 4 Sept 1876, McHenry co. IL. In 1922 his mother's, Caroline Elizabeth Dyer, probate record listed him as living in Auburn, WA. In 1924, his sister's, Mary Steward, probate listed him as living in Seattle, WA. In 1927, his brother's, Henry Erving Steward, obituary listed him in Hoquin (Hoquiam), WA. Is there anyone out there who can give me any information on Frederick? As you can see I don't know much, so any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Janice Taylor, 2/98


I am looking for family members of J. R. Stewart and Victoria Evans or anyone with information. They lived in Seattle, King Co, WA, in 1955. Parents of Victoria were Reese Evans and Mary Ann Langford. Her sister, Nealie Mae Evans Riney (my gr-grandmother), b. 13 Oct 1871. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Jean Glick, 8/97


Looking for Harry George Storey, m. Mildred Guptil, Seattle, 1933; he was a dentist in Auburn; Myles Darlton, m. Blanche Taylor, Seattle, 1911; Ruth Helen, m. Newell Reeder Jeffs, 1942, Everett, WA; Jesse Ralphn, m. Jane Leona DeWinter, Renton, 1911; George C., m. Emma Jane Hewitt, 1882; Myles Darnton, m. Harriet Hurd,1865, resided in Renton with children: Sheridan Phil, b. 1865; Jesse Frazier, b. 1866, m. Margaret Ramsay, resided in Franklin, Ravensdale, and Renton. Their children: Thoma Frazier, b. 1896; Margaret (Winnie), b. 1898; Sheridan Jesse, b. 1901; Mary Jessie b. 1905, centered in Renton, Auburn and Tukwila. All data appreciated on any related family and will exchange data. Lyle S Storey, 4/97


Seek descendants of Andrew M. Strehl, b. 1873, Owosso, Shiawassee co.,MI; d. 1962, Seattle, King co, WA; wife, Mildred, had daughter Patricia, granddaughter Mary Jo. Mary Gillett, 3/97


Need information brothers Herman, b 1864 Germany and August Swantusch, b 1869 Germany Moved from Chicago, to WA state. IN the 1920, Union Precinct, Lewis Co. census, but family story says they died in Seattle, WA having owned alot of property and store there. Paula, 3/97


Family name listed as living in Seattle or Maple Valley, WA 1910-1914. Henry N. Swartwood m. Frances Clark. They moved from Winnebago, Faribault Co, MN after 1900. Children: Frances; Mary Margaret; Henry/Harry. Jan White, 9/97


Looking for information on Harry Morton Taylor who came to King co,Seattle from Canton, OH after 1912 and the death of his wife, Vonnie Wingard. He had a four year old son, Paul Wingard left in Canton, OH. His father was Richard Lewis Taylor of OH and mother Ella Barnes of NE. He is believed to have a brother who settled in Los Angeles, CA. Also believed that he started a new family in WA and d. Seattle, 1946. Monette Taylor Sutherland, 8/97


The 1900 Census for King County, Seattle, 4th Pct of 5th Ward names: George Arthur Tripp, b. Jan 1868, MN; parents birth placeNY OH and Laura D., b. Oct 1877, OR; parents bp: OH OH Her parents were William and Ella McFarland. Seeking information on this family. Did they have children? Where did they go after 1900? Please let me know. Valerie Barneson, 7/97


I am researching any information about teh Tullis or Hale families who lived in Seattle during the 1930's. I can provide more information. Christian Young, 1/98


Need info on where to write for news articles on grandfather, Ballard White Turner 's death, b. 1897, KY; killed 29 Sep 1932 in Seattle. He was a Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent at the time. 1st m.- wife and children are unknown; m.2nd Bertha Esther Reeder, dau, b. 4 Nov 1928, who was put in a foundling home in Zanesville, OH and later adopted. Any help appreciated. Steve Starcher, 8/97


I am looking for any information about the family of Marion Umsott, b. 1857, Guernsey Co. OH; wife, Anna Belle Gaskill; moved to the Snohomish area about 1903. Would particularly like to know anything about thier first son, John, supposedly in the Spanish American War; d.of Malaria in his twenties. Would also like to find the daughter of George Umsott. Any Obituaries of any of this familywould be appreciated. They lived in Skagit, Pierce, and King cos. Elizabeth Periman, 10/97


Looking for death and burial of Robert A. Vaughn living in King co. during the 1920 census; b. OH @1852; and a mining engineer. Will exchange information. Alva Van Houten, 1/98


I am looking for descendants of Tilton James Walker, b. 27 Jan 1897, MS, son of Frank William Walker and Mary Elizebeth Howell; m. Wilma ?, children: Becky Jo & Jimmy. Tilton was in John Day, OR, Nov 1969, according his sister's obit; also in OR at his mother's death, Dec 1942; in Seattle, Oct 1975 at death of another sister. He probably died between Dec 1976 & July 1977. I am dau. of his brother, Doyle Beecher Walker and would like to share the genealogy I have for the MS family. Thanks. Linda Mason, 2/98


Looking for my father, Albert Wilson Ward, b. Seattle, 1913. Any help would really be appreciated. His parents were b. British Canada and Alberta in the mid-1800's. Thank you. Phyllis F. Cobb, 7/97


Would like a death record for John Hampton Watkins, d. 26Jun 1905, I believe in Seattle; m. Hattie Abbott. Children: Geo, b. 20 Sep 1890; Elaine, b. @1893; Harry, b @1896. Bro-in-law, Joseph Abbott, d. Seattle, 28 Jun 1905; Bonney-Watson Morgue handled his body. Contacted them, they are unableto locate their book for 1905. Found John in th 1903 thru 1906 City Directory working as a bartender in downtown Seattle, also lived in downtown Seattle. Would like to locate children. Marie Winburn, 1/97


Jennings Wells, b. 4 Oct 1896; d. Nov, 1964; last known residence, Indianola, WA; wife, Adelade, d. @1936; son: Clyde Jennings Wells, b. 4 Aug 1924, state of WA; last known address was on W. Dakota St, Seattle, WA, home of Ann C. & H. Barstow. R Olachea, 12/97


Looking for descendants of Francis P. West, b. 12 Mar 1842 in Erie co., PA, d. 6 June 1914, Port Orchard, WA. Wife, Ilura Larned West was in Seattle area in 1918. He was son of Mathew and Sarah Phillips West, originally from NY but lived in Crawford co, PA all of their adult life. Pat Vedner, 2/97


Hello, I'm looking for rhe decendants of o Britha Kristine Wiig. She emmigrated from Norway on July 7, 1911 going to Seattle, WA, she was to join her husband there. She was born 1886 in Fjeld parish. I know from relatives back here in Norway that she stayed in the Seattle region. Her maiden name was Brita Olsdatter Solsvik. John, 4/97


Looking for any descendants of Robert Lee Williams, b. Sept 1, 1888, Buncombe co. NC, d. Seattle, Feb 25, 1946. At time of death, he lived at 728 N. 46th St, Seattle. Wife, Irene; children: Robert C. Mrs. Colman Nelson. Robert was also past President of Meatcutters Union Local 81 and worked at Osterloh Grocery. Ted Richard, 3/97


Looking for an obit for Jennie Williams, d. Seattle, July 16,1958. Ted Richard, 2/97


Looking for information on the Williams family who lived in Seattle, WA from the mid 1800's to mid 1900's. Specifically: Williams Houston, b. 5 Dec1834, d. 19 Jan1907, Seattle, buried in Lakeview Cemetery? wife, Mary Jane White, b. 17 June 1844, d. 30 Mar1920, Seattle, buried in Lakeview Cemetery?, m. March 4, 1875 son, Ralph Houston, b. 7 Jan 1876. Floyd Haworth, b. 22 June 1880, d. 3 Mar 1949, Miami, FL, buried in Flagler Memorial Park? m. Florence Merrill Polley, 25 Jan 1911 in Seattle. I am intrested in any information avaliable including birth, marriage,and death certificates, wills, census records, or military service records. Any information would be helpful. Thank you for your time. Mary Hastings Williams, 1/97


Looking for information about Joseph Williamson, d. around Aug. 7, 1875, Seattle, buried in Masonic Cemetery, b. KY, owned property in Tippecanoe co. IN, lived in Carroll co. IN, then went to CA and finally Seattle. Left all of his property to 2 dau. in IN: Rebecca Williamson Clymer and Mrs. Mikesell. Thanks for any help. LuAnn Nagel, 2/98


Searching for descendents of William A. Wilson and Georgia Ann Stotts. They were living in Duval in 1916, according to an old picture postcard. They had at least 2 dau, Lotta and Icie. Lotta, m. Radar and had a son named "Johnnie". Believe William is a great uncle. Thanks for your help. Gearldean McCrary, 1/98


Any information on William G. Young and Frank M. "F.M." Young. Brothers and pioneers of WA. Any info on the business Young and Co. in Des Moines, King, WA. and/or T acoma, Pierce, WA. See obituary, Jan, 11/97