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Death Notices & Obituary Listings 1908

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Name Newspaper
& Date
Age Date of Death Location Additional
L. M. Thompson Seattle Star
74 01/02/1908 317 Coryell place
J. F. Jackson Seattle Star
52 01/26/1908 546 22nd S.
A. W. Taylor Seattle Star
83 01/30/1908 615 70th N. E.
C. Kennedy Seattle Star
35 02/02/1908 603 Boylston
C. C. Smith Seattle Star
3 02/08/1908 3rd and Berton
I. A. Mattison Seattle Star
39 02/09/1908 16th and N. E. 66th
Infant Anderson Seattle Star
Infant 02/10/1908 928 8th S.
C. Vader Seattle Star
71 02/12/1908 foot of 22nd W.
Annie Ross Seattle Star
41 06/17/1908 Seattle The funeral of Annie Ross was held at the parlors of the Bonney-Watson company this morning at 10 o'clock. The burial was held in the Lakeview cemetery.
Harry Lee McKinstry Seattle Star
20 06/17/1908 Seattle
Mrs. E. S. Putnam Seattle Star
71 06/19/1908 Seattle The funeral services of Mrs. E. S. Putnam will be held at the family residence Tuesday afernoon at 2 o'clock. The burial will be held at the Lakeview cemetery.
Abbey Hurd Brintnall Seattle Star
78 06/20/1908 Seattle The remains of Abbey Hurd Brintnall were buried at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, following the funeral services, which took place at the chapel of Butterworth & Sons, this afternoon at 1:30.
Ellen Buckman Seattle Star
31 06/20/1908 Seattle The body is at the reception room of Butterworth & Sons.
Pauline Johnson Seattle Star
28 06/20/1908 Seattle The funeral services of Pauline Johnson will take place at the parlors of the Seattle undertaking company Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The burial will be held at the Lakeview cemetery.
Hazel Sargent Seattle Star
24 06/20/1908 Seattle
Mrs. Linda Leither Seattle Star
28 06/21/1908 Seattle Died yesterday at the family residence, 730 N 80th st. The remains were removed to Carton's undertaking parlors in Fremont.
W. J. Maloney Seattle Star
?? 06/??/1908 4246 Pasadena place The remains of W. J. Maloney, who died last week at the home of his brother-in-law, Dr. Hollinsworth, 4246 Pasadena place, were shipped today to Minga Manitoba.
R. S. Heard Seattle Star
?? 06/??/1908 Seattle? The remains of R. S. Heard will be shipped to Vancouver, B.C., this evening for interment.