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Marriage Licenses - 1903

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Additionally, the "LA" in the chart stands for "legal age." Additionally, the original newspaper used state abbreviations such as Cali. for California and Wash. for Washington. For space reasons, those were converted to the modern two-letter abbreviations used by the Post Office. Also, the chart is arranged by newspaper date only.

Note: This is a partial list taken from newspapers (Seattle Star and Seattle Daily Times) and is not complete. The two dash marks mean that no info was provided.

Date Groom Age Residence Bride Age Residence
11/12/1903 Geo. W. Taylor 36 North Yakima Belle M. Parker 26 North Yakima, WA
11/12/1903 Frank H. Foster 25 Seattle Claire Frazier 25 Seattle, WA
11/12/1903 Byron J. Parker 34 Anacortes, WA Jennie M. Neal 30 Gaylord, KS
11/12/1903 James Smith 23 Newcastle Mamie W. Thompson 19 Seattle, WA
11/12/1903 Ole Thompson 24 Marysville I. J. Leland 22 Seattle, WA
11/12/1903 Fredk. W. Freeke -- Seattle May Robinson -- Seattle, WA
11/12/1903 Harry F. Wilson 22 Seattle Maude E. Johnson 21 Seattle, WA
11/12/1903 Frank S. Mifferd 34 Seattle Linnie A. Smith 25 Seattle, WA
11/20/1903 Philip McManus -- Seattle Anna Showers -- Port Orchard, WA
11/20/1903 Evan P. Bolting 29 Black Diamond, WA Mamie Abraham 22 Black Diamond, WA
11/20/1903 William I. Bright 26 Seattle Bessie E. Ross 20 Seattle
12/01/1903 Charlie Marlow 24 Kent, WA Maria Paulsson 21 Kent, WA
12/01/1903 H. S. Cameron 41 Seattle Mattie Moe 38 St. Paul, MN
12/01/1903 John P. Oliver 28 Seattle M. M. Coombs 19 Seattle
12/15/1903 Mathew Murphy 55 Seattle Mrs. M. M. Erwing 46 Seattle
12/15/1903 Byron Lanphear 29 Everett, WA Hilda Van Buren 35 Seattle
12/15/1903 Alfred Hoke 25 Seattle Mrs. Winifred D. Delanater 22 Everett, WA
12/15/1903 Andrew Nybeck 43 Seattle Edla Skog [blurry] 32 Seattle
12/15/1903 Jno. W. McLean 23 Seattle Mamie Cowley 18 Seattle
12/15/1903 Christ Olsen 26 Seattle Emma Olson 22 Seattle
12/15/1903 Herman Seefeldt 34 Seattle Louise Muntaer 36 Seattle