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Phillip Masculin

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The Seattle Star, January 1, 1908


Grabbing hold of a live wire, ignorant of what would be the result, Phillip Masculin, an Italian, about 25 years of age, received a charge of 3,500 volts of electricity in his body this morning, and lies in a serious condition at the Wayside Emergency Hospital. The first finger of his left hand was burned entirely through by the wire, and the whole hand is in such shape that it may have to be amputated. Masculin resides at 16th av. S. and Norman St.

The wire was dangling from a pole on King st., between Seventh av. and Maynard av., evidently having been broken some time in the night. Masculin was passing by and unthinkingly grabbed hold of the wire with his left hand. Although he became unconscious and his hand dropped away almost instantly, his hold had been long enough continued to frightfully burn his hand.

It was five minutes before the Italian could be restored to consciousness. The police were notified, an ambulance called and the man was taken to the Wayside Emergency Hospital, where he now lies in great pain. The Independent Telephone company, to which the wire belonged, was immediately notified to remove the menace to public safety, and policemen kept anyone from approaching the wire until this was done.