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GNIS List of Cemeteries in King County, WA

Thirty-six feature records have been selected from GNIS. The location of each cemetery can be determined by using Google Maps. Search by entering latitude and longitude in the format as follows: 47 44 20 N 122 17 38 W (not 474420N 1221738W).

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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map Elevation in feet
Acacia Memorial Park 474420N 1221738W Seattle North 276
Auburn Cemetery 471822N 1221530W Poverty Bay 302
Black Diamond Cemetery 471839N 1220101W Black Diamond 551
Calvary Cemetery 473959N 1221734W Seattle North 177
Crown Hill Cemetery 474136N 1222211W Seattle North 341
Eastside Memorial Park 474011N 1220554W Redmond 59
Enumclaw Municipal Cemetery 471339N 1220128W Buckley 656
Everest Memorial Park 474013N 1221127W Kirkland 239
Evergreen Park Cemetery 474251N 1222048W Seattle North 384
Fall City Cemetery 473339N 1215328W Fall City 197
Forest Lawn Cemetery 473231N 1222204W Seattle South 358
Fort Lawton Military Cemetery 473937N 1222421W Shilshole Bay 217
Gar Cemetery 473811N 1221857W Seattle North 361
Georges Cemetery 471541N 1221942W Poverty Bay 52
Gethsemane Cemetery 471554N 1222003W Poverty Bay 85
Greenwood Cemetery 472916N 1221017W Renton 348
Highview Recreational Cemetery 472836N 1221818W Des Moines 374
Hillside Cemetery 473147N 1220244W Issaquah 230
Holy Cross Cemetery 471334N 1220128W Buckley 656
Holyrood Cemetery 474625N 1221939W Edmonds East 400
Krain Cemetery 471435N 1220005W Buckley 705
Lake View Cemetery 473802N 1221856W Seattle North 417
Machzikay Hadath Cemetery 474505N 1222037W Edmonds East 456
Maple Valley Hobart Cemetery 472455N 1220020W Maple Valley 525
Mount Olivet Cemetery 472859N 1221115W Renton 302
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 473837N 1222154W Seattle North 315
Penbrock Cemetery 472227N 1222530W Tacoma North 377
Ravensdale Cemetery 472127N 1215910W Cumberland 623
Riverton Crest Cemetery 472844N 1221725W Des Moines 344
Saar Pioneer Cemetery 472446N 1221310W Renton 62
Saint Patricks Cemetery 472506N 1221649W Des Moines 82
Suise Creek Cemetery 472221N 1220948W Auburn 436
Sunset Hills Memorial Park 473550N 1220908W Mercer Island 315
Washelli Cemetery 474241N 1222026W Seattle North 377
Washington Memorial Park 472717N 1221745W Des Moines 423
White Lake Cemetery 471749N 1221129W Auburn 256
Woodinville Memorial Park 474517N 1220949W Bothell 43