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Seattle Star Birth Announcements 1909

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Surname Location Date
of Birth
Parent Gender
Claigue 3207 Walnut 01/17/1909 to wife of J. Claigue son
Stiles Rainier Beach 03/04/1909 to wife of J. Stiles son
Trumbell city 03/10/1909 (blurry) to wife of R. Trumbell daughter
Daly 1367 24th S. 03/11/1909 to wife of J. Daly son
Gargan 928 27th 03/11/1909 to wife of L. Gargan son
Hadfield city 03/12/1909 to wife of J. Hadfield daughter
Pugh city 03/12/1909 (blurry) to wife of H. Pugh son
Anderson 1918 24th S. 03/13/1909 (blurry) to wife of Samuel Anderson son
Beckman Seattle General Hospital 03/16/1909 to wife of V. Beckman son
Mole 1601 26th S. (blurry) 03/16?/1909 to wife of James Mole daughter
Molette city 03/16/1909 (blurry) to wife of T. Molette son
Hunter 610 James st. 03/19/1909 to wife of R. Hunter daughter
Smith 221 Second N. 12/12/1909 to wife of J. Smith son
Doughty city 12/16/1909 to wife of F. Doughty daughter
Kiefer 554 Porspect 12/18/1909 to wife of E. Kiefer son
Lord 308 Roy 12/23/1909 to wife of H. Lord son