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Seattle Star Birth Announcements 1908

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Surname Location Date
of Birth
Parent Gender
Heaton Seattle 01/23/1908 to wife of G. H. Heaton daughter
Barnes 2431 7th W. 01/31/1908 to wife of J. Barnes son
English Seattle General Hospital 02/01/1908 to wife of J. English son
Thompson Seattle 02/02/1908 to wife of F. T. Thompson son
Johnson 604-1/2 Pike st. 02/02/1908 to wife of J. W. Johnson daughter
Gilbert 821 30th av. 02/03/1908 to wife of T. Gilbert daughter
Thomas 7233 13th N. E. 02/03/1908 to wife of C. A. Thomas daughter
Erickson Not Listed 02/05/1908 to wife of C. Erickson daughter
Anderson 5850 Wallingford av. 02/05/1908 to wife of G. Anderson son
Anderson Seattle 02/08/1908 to wife of F. Anderson daughter
Charlton Seattle 02/09/1908 to wife of F. C. Charlton son
Hank 1910 5th W. 02/10/1908 to wife of E. R. Hank daughter
Richmond 3717 Jefferson 02/11/1908 to wife of W. W. Richmond son
Caffiere 4044 39th S. 02/13/1908 to wife of E. W. Caffiere son