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Birth Announcements 1900

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Surname Newspaper Date
of Birth
Parents Gender
Holland Seattle Daily Times 02/12/1900 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Holland of 328 Fourth Avenue daughter
Von Norman Seattle Daily Times 02/21/1900 Mr. and Mrs. E. Von Norman son
Olson Ballard News 03/10/1900 Mr. and Mrs. N. Olson son
Johnson Ballard News 03/12/1900 Mr. and Mrs. B. Johnson daughter
Jones Seattle Daily Times 03/12/1900 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Jones daughter
Braid Seattle Daily Times 05/08/1900 To wife of J. F. Braid, in Seattle daughter
Lancaster Seattle Daily Times 08/03/1900 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lancaster daughter
Preece Seattle Daily Times 09/05/1900 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Preece daughter