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King County Births, XYZ Surnames

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Surname Given
DOB Gender Location Dad's
Yates Beatrice 12/22/1907 Female Seattle Virgil W. Yates Cleo Albine
Yates Douglas Jerome 03/27/1907 Male King William Yates Carrie Patch
Yates Ruth Amelia 03/23/1909 Male King William Maurice Yates Carrie Estelle Patch
Yeager Helen Ruth 05/04/1919? Female Seattle Charles William Yeager Sadie May Jensen
Yeager Evylin Geraldine 10/19/1919 Female King Chas. Wm Yeager Edith Johnson
Yeager David Claude 11/13/1917 Male Seattle Claude L. Yeager Jennie Leonard
Yeager Walter Victor 03/15/1914? (difficult to read) Male Seattle Frederick Yeager Ada Mary Wade
Yeager Not Listed 05/12/1913 Male Seattle Fred Yeager Ada Wade
Yocum Not Listed 11/22/1908 Female King Arthur Berry Yocum Eva Belle Bissell
Yoder Albert 02/21/1908? Male Seattle Albert Henry Yoder Susan Norton Griggs
Yost Magdalena 10/03/1907 Female King Casper Yost Lizzie Stiener
Young Nelson 05/12/1911 Female King Mathew A. Young Lulu Nelson
Young Kenneth 01/25/1910? Male Seattle Peter J. Young Lois Barrett
Young Edith Dorothy 08/31/1907 Female Seattle Andrew Young Louella Kelly
Youngs Daniel? 09/02/1911 Male Seattle Omer W. Youngs Selma
Youngs Russell John 04/08/1919 Male Seattle Omer W. Youngs Selma Burquest
Youngs Ronald Nelson? 04/08/1919 Male Seattle Omer W. Youngs Selma Burquest
Zetterberg Unnamed ??/??/17 Female Seattle Earl? Thos. Zetterberg ??? Danson
Zant Not Listed 10/27/190? Male Seattle John Zant Lottie David
Zandt (or Zant) Not Listed 12/27/1909 Male Seattle John Zandt Lottie Davis
Zinthre Not Listed 10/15/1907? ? Seattle C. J. Zinthre Lena M. Hunson