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King County Births, S Surnames

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Surname Given
DOB Gender Location Dad's
Sabey Amanda Marsellia 10/20/1918 Female King Arthur Sabey Opeal Irene Mathew
Schlave Amelita 09/25/191? Female King John Schlave Giovanna Pollingvial (very blurry)
Schow Not Listed 05/27/1919 Female King William P. Schow Harriet Andrews
Seapp Mabel 05/15/1913 or 1915 Female King Edmund Lord Swapp Sarah Alice Thompson
Shaby Kale 05/17/1916? (very blurry) Female Seattle Jack Shaby Eliza Cordova
Shaw Elisabeth Isabel 10/02/1912 Female King William Henry Shaw Lillian D. Robinson
Shaw William Sobert 01/15/1912 Male King William Shaw Olive Sobert
Shaw Wilmer Charles 07/10/1912 Male King Wilmer Cleo Shaw Mary T. O'Donnell
Shobe Myrtle Lela 11/10/1913 Female King George K. Shobe Marrie L. Lowry
Sief Elinor 11/13/1915 Female King Edward Sief Elinor Price
Sipp John Joseph 01/19/1915 Male Seattle John Sipp Bertha Schlink
Skov Hams Martin 04/30/1914 Male King Ara Skov Hansine Peterson
Souffay Leon Frank 07/28/1915 Male Seattle Frank Souffay Genne Vaillot
Souffay Susie 12/11/1913 Female Seattle Frank Souffay Jeannie Vaillot
Soup Not Listed 05/14/1912 Female Seattle Franklin L. Soup Effie Willoughby
Sobey Margaret Jean? (blurry) 01/29/1913 Female Seattle James Sobey Tess? Thompson
Swapp Not Listed 07/25/1914 Male King El Swapp Margaret Crichton
Swapp Robert Hector 10/17/1912 Male King Edmund Lord Swapp Sarah A. Thompson