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King County Births, QR Surnames

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Surname Given
DOB Gender Location Dad's
Qualheim Arling 08/13/1918 Male Seattle Henry Qualheim Jakobine
Quackenbush Robert Niles 04/06/1912 Male Seattle Harry Niles Quackenbush Tryphena Irma Delong
Quigley Russel 07/07/1912 Male Seattle T. J. Quigley Susie Emsfield
Quisenberg Not Listed 12/15/1912 Female Seattle James Quisenberg Stella Chapin Place
Rapp Not Listed 06/18/1914 Male Seattle Chas Rapp Cathrine Fisher
Rapp Frances Anna 07/23/1915 Female Seattle Frank A. Rapp Ida Roth
Rapp Lenora 07/23/1915 Female Seattle Frank A. Rapp Ida Roth
Rappe Not Listed 04/24/1914 Female Seattle Rappe, Ever Gushelda? Gilbertson
Raub Not Listed 09/12/1912 Male Seattle Jeremiah C. Raub May Harris
Raub Ruth 05/02/1910 Female Seattle Archibald Raub Anna Dolbee
Ravo Not Listed 09/28/1919 Male Seattle Ewald Ravo Kathelien Ort
Ray Edward 06/12/1910 Male King Wilson Lee Ray Mary J. Barns
Ray Wm. L., Jr. 07/22/1917 Male King W. L. Ray Mary Barnes
Rippe Not Listed 01/23/1911 Male Seattle Chas L. Rippe Cathyrine Whipple
Rippe Charles Edward 05/25/1912 Male Seattle Charles Ernest Rippe Lyda Bostic
Robb Katherine Evelyn 04/06/1911 Female King Earl E.? Robb Bessie Renshaw
Robey David Frederick 06/02/1917 Male Seattle Bertram Robey Bessie Zwickley
Robey John Bertram 08/09/1918 Male Island Bertram T. Robey Bessie Zwickey
Roby Not Listed 10/02/1912 Female Seattle Eugene H. Roby Jessie Tippes
Roby Unnamed 02/15/1918 Female Seattle Harold Eugene Roby Blanche? Irene Walsh
Roffe Judah 07/23/1913 Female Seattle Roffe, I. Ida Kjelsney?
Roffe Maria? (blurry) 02/20/1911 Female Seattle Isaac Roffe Ada Eleanor?
Roffe Bertha 06/25/1919 Female Seattle Isaac Roffe Ida Eleanor?
Rolfe Grace Dorothy 04/29/1912 Female Seattle Frederick A. Rolfe Ida Woodman Robb
Roppo Philip 02/20/1915 Male Seattle George Roppo Mary Capp
Rouff Unnamed 05/13/1916 Female Seattle George Tilton Rouff Lillian Williams
Rouff Ellethea Jane 11/10/1919 Female Seattle George Tilton Rouff Lillian Williams
Rowe Merna? Gladys 05?/25/1917 Female Seattle Thomas Richard Rowe Helen Gladys Hopkins
Rowe Unnamed 03/03/1914 Female Seattle W. L. Rowe Stella Miller
Rowe ??ney Jane 11/30/1916? Female Seattle William Lee Rowe Mary Wiggins
Rubey? Not Listed 04/25/1915 Female Seattle Harry Kelley Rybey? Maud Marlen
Ruoff Theodore Marten 03/14/1917 Male Seattle Carl Ruoff Lena Kobel
Ruoff Clyde Wallace 12/26/1919 Male Seattle C. A. Ruoff Lena M. Kobell
Rupp Thelma 05/09/1916 Female King Arthur R. Rupp Poula Pendergrast?
Rupp Not Listed 09/16/1910 Female Seattle Cyrus E. Rupp Nora Arnett
Rupp Not Listed 10/21/1912 Female Seattle Cyrus E. Rupp Nora Arnett
Rupp John Jacob 09/05/1918 Male Seattle Ferdinand A. Rupp Alma Emilie Nelson