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King County Births, P Surnames

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Surname Given
DOB Gender Location Dad's
Pepo Gineeppe 01/28/1915 Male Seattle Cesaro Pepo Pricita Cammarda
Pihlman Toivo Walter 11/26/1917 Male King Toivo J. Pihlman Elisabeth Mayer
Palmer Unnamed 05/06/1910 Female Seattle A. B. Palmer Mabel Nelson
Palmer Dorothea 12/07/1915 Female Seattle Arthur B. Palmer Mabel F. Nilson
Palmer John Octave 01/08/1918 Male Seattle John Weston Palmer Zoe May Perrizo
Palmer Not Listed 12/03/1912 Male Seattle Archie F. Palmer Effie Blanche Beach
Palmer Charles Frederick 10/01/1915 Male Seattle Archie Francis Palmer Effie Blanch Beach
Palmer Unnamed 03/06/1919 Male Seattle Archie F. Palmer Effie B. Beach
Palmer Alberta 12/19/1910 Female Seattle Arthur Palmer Mary Brown
Palmer Francis Baron 07/12/1910 Female Seattle Asher F. Palmer Francis B. Baron
Palmer Unnamed 05/06/1918 Male Bellingham Asher Foster Palmer Bertha F. Baron
Palmer Unnamed 10/06/1919 Female Seattle B. Karl Palmer Ruth LaPorte
Palmer Daisy May 04/16/1911 Female King Freddie Palmer? Clara Ethel Sheldon
Palmer Wilbur 09/14/1914? Male Seattle Burton Palmer Petra ?adsen
Palmer Jos. Mason? 01/26/1911 Male Seattle C. M. Palmer Margaret May Dallinger
Palmer Unnamed 07/28/1916? Male Seattle Edmund F. Palmer Mary A. Christe
Palmer E. Harold 04/02/1912 Male Seattle K. N. Palmer Marie T. Hudson
Palmer Mary Angeline 05/29/1917 Female Seattle Charles A. Palmer Nellie Williams
Plummer Not Listed 04/22/1912 Female Seattle U. P. Plummer? Kideth Caley?
Plummer Unnamed 10/29/191? Male Seattle Edward Changler Plummer Violet N. Lask?
Polman Charles Randolph 01/08/1919 Male Seattle William Polman Anna Kolitech
Pulmer Edward William 11/20/1914/td> Male Seattle Carl Pulmer Elizabeth Erikson