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King County Births, N Surnames

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Surname Given
DOB Gender Location Dad's
Naylor Elizabeth Jane 08/28/1913 Female King Clenrick Henry Naylor Irene Stover
Naylor Frank 01/20/1914 Male King Jesse R. Naylor Martha Lessin
Naylor Evelyn Elwood Naylor 11/27/1909 Female King Elwood Naylor Emma Laughrum
Naylor Lucille Louise Naylor 05/12/1916 Female Seattle Jesse R. Naylor Martha Lessin
Naylor Clenrick Crosby 09/14/1916 Male King Clenrick Henry Naylor Irene Stover
Naylor Elizabeth Jons 08/28/1913 Female Seattle Clenrick Henry Naylor Irene Stover
Naylor Frances Hope 02/24/1916 Female Seattle James Guy Naylor Evangeline A. Zinck
Nelson Donna Mary 05/14/1918 Female Seattle Stanley Andrew Nelson Edna May Valentine
Nelson Dorothea Marie 09/23/1918 Female Seattle Axel Nelson Augusta E. Markstrom
Nelson Frances L. 09/11/1918 Female Seattle Louis Nelson Elizabeth Homer
Nelson Judith Ann 07/06/1918 Female Seattle John Peter Nelson Cynthia Opal Jarvis
Nelson Laurine 02/25/1918 Female Seattle Cecil Nelson Elsa Frey
Nelson Lillian Elizabeth 09/14/1918 Female Seattle Odin Nelson Hilda Olson
Nelson Marguerite Genevieve 09/27/1918 Female Seattle Oscar John Nelson Josephine Weyland
Nelson Myrtle 09/05/1918 Female Seattle Nels Nelson Marie Blehan?
Nelson Myrtla Adelaide 08/06/1918 Female Seattle Albert M. Nelson Adelaide Rouchlan
Nelson Virginia 05/24/1918 Female Seattle Maurice Nelson Jessie Gagnon
Nelson Earl Oxain 03/20/1918 Male Seattle S. Nelson Olga Olson
Nelson Donald James 03/08/1918 Male Seattle Frank C. Nelson Florence Kay
Nelson Dew 01/23/1918 Male Seattle Albert Nelson May Faigh Dew
Nelson Unnamed 11/25/1918 Female Seattle Nels Christian Nelson Mina Elvina Nell
Nelson Unnamed 06/04/1918 Female Seattle Lewis Nelson Margarette Erickson
Nelson Unnamed 06/08/1918 Female Seattle Paul Nelson Thyria Burch
Nelson Edward 03/10/1918 Male Seattle William Nelson Lucy Revette
Nelson Maynard Johan 09/01/1918 Male Seattle Martin J. Nelson Karen Severson
Nelson Norman Eugene 06/28/1918 Male Seattle N. A. Nelson Coleen Flack
Nelson Robert Leroy 11/22/1918 or 11/23/1918 Male Seattle Oscar R. Nelson Orpha Fern Martin
Nelson Bernice Loraine 12/23/1919 Female King Victor Nelson Amanda B. Brone
Nelson Agnes Christina 11/27/1919 Female Seattle Christ Nelson Karen Nelson
Nelson Betty Charlotte 10/16/1919 Female King Gustaf T. Nelson Mable Patterson
Nelson Clara Eleanor 02/28/1919 Female Seattle John Edwin Chas Nelson Helmi Kantola