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King County Births, H Surnames

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Surname Given
DOB Gender Location Dad's
Hale Phillis Gladys 12/20/1914 Female King Neal Hale Pearl N. Petersen
Haliker Not Listed 11/16/1908 Male King Clifford Barton Haliker Margaret L. Jury
Hall Marion 08/22/1918 Male Seattle Melvin F. Hall Bertha Judy
Hall Not Listed 03/24/1913 Male Seattle Milton Doddrich Hall Celia Laddrich
Hall Not Listed 11/09/1912 Male Seattle Myron Hall Eveline Nixson?
Halladay Not Listed 07/04/1908 Male King Ernest Halladay Fenn Huff
Halleson Ida Lenora 11/17/1908 Female King Otto H. Halleson Anna Samuelson
Hallett Marjorie Cleopetra 03/21/1909 Female King Leonard Hallett Cleopetra Rule
Hallett Not Listed 08/04/1904 Male King R. Sylveste Hallett Clettis B. Lawrence
Hawley Unnamed 09/09/1917 Female Seattle Neal Hawley Edna Tibbits
Hawley Catherine Cynthia 08/31/1914 Female Seattle Neal C. Hawley Edna Tibbits
Hawley (Howley?) Not listed 06/03/1911 Male Seattle Ned Hawley Gertrude Parks
Hawley Not Listed 09/19/1911 Male Seattle Michael Ed. Hawley Effie M. Hotchkiss
Heald Roger Qwynne 04/13/1908 Male King Sam Heald Winifred Ingles
Healey Charles Louie 04/06/1916? Male Seattle Michael O. Healey Clara Binding
Helgren Louise 10/04/1907 Female King Oscar C. Helgren Sandra Holn
Hill Not Listed 01/18/1916 Male Seattle Matt Hill Mary Matson
Hill Not Listed 05/30/1917 Male Seattle Matt Hill Lena Koski
Hill Shedrik George 10/19/1916 Male Seattle Matt Hill Hanna Peyttari
Hill Signe Lydia 04/23/1911 Male Seattle Matt Hill Hanna Peyttari
Hill Stanley Erik 03/30/1913 Male Seattle Matt Hill Hanna Peyttari
Hill Leland George 07/17/1910 Male Seattle Milford Charles Della Pearl Williams
Hilt Not Listed 04/12/1908 Female King Fred Hilt Mary Toung
Hold Not Listed 01/12/1908 Male King L. B. Hold Elizabeth Starkwether
Holeger Not Listed 04/24/1909 Male King C. Holeger Pauline Mortenson
Holgers Marie Alice 07/12/1907 Female King John Anderson Holgers Marie Palo
Holgers Anderson 09/21/1908 or 09/21/1909 Male King John Anderson Holgers Marie Palo
Holliday William 03/24/1904 Male King Aldred Holliday Elisa Yorton
Holloway William Howard 06/26/1913 Male Seattle Matthew Holloway Erma Jenkinson
Holt J. Holt 11/30/1908 Female King John R. Holt Gladys Matheus
Holt Lillie Carolina 06/06/1908 Female King A. Holt Not Listed
Howell Not Listed 04/23/1912 Male Seattle Not Listed Myrtle Howell
Howlett Dorothy 04/30/1904 Female King George G. Howlett Mallie J. Braniger
Howlett Not Listed 11/21/1908 Male King Ralph Howlett Ida Bernard
Hulliger Marguerite Emma Hulliger 06/03/1907 Female King Jacob Hulliger Marie Ebert
Hult Not Listed 06/23/1907 Female King Fritz Hult Eva Madan
Hult Not Listed 08/03/1908 or 06/21/1908 Female King Fritz Hult Eva Madin