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King County Births, A Surnames

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Surname Given
DOB Gender Location Dad's
Ames Not Listed 03/30/1910 Female Seattle John C. Ames Marguerite Stich
Ames Jr. George Walcott 01/20/1910 Male Seattle G. Walcott Ames Henrietta Geddes
Ames Amus 03/17/1915 Male Seattle Arthur A. Ames Elsie Kenne
Ames Unnamed 07/12/1916 Male Seattle Ralph Waldo Ames Ida Saxton
Andrews Elizabeth Mary 08/13/1912 Female King Mike Andrews Mary Mogho
Andrews Jack 07/10/1912 Male King James George Andrews Lola Gertrude Graham
Andrews Lawrence Irwing 06/05/1912 Male King Lawrence Edgar Andrews Frances Ione Burns
Andrews Elizabeth Mary 08/13/1912 Female Seattle Mike Andrews Mary Moghe
Andrews Michael George 11/19/1907 Male King Mike Babik Susan Milnicho
Andrews Unnamed 05/16/1911 Female King A. K. Andrews Isabel Whalen
Andrews Dorothy Amelia Emma 12/09/1910 Female King Emil Andrews Henrietta Thomssen
Andrews Dorothy Janet 05//05/1910 Female King Samuel C. Andrews Margaret Young Wilson
Andrews John David 01/10/1914 Male Seattle Samuel C. Andrews Margaret Y. Wilson
Adams Grace Olive 11/02/1913 Female Seattle Nathan Herbert Adams Grace Edith Carr