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For the most part, the following books should be available through your local library or the ILL - InterLibrary Loan. Also search books.google and/or World Cat.

Berner, Richard C. Seattle 1900-1920: From Boomtown, Urban Turbulence, to Restoration. Seattle, WA: Charles Press, 1991. Includes index, but not all personal names, just principal participants. Detailed endnotes; extensive bibliography including journal articles; maps and charts of city growth and development. Part of series: Seattle in the 20th century, vol. I. ISBN:0-9629889-0-1 LCCN: 91-74159

Bagley, Calrence B. Pioneer Seattle and Its Pioneers. Seattle, WA: Argus Print, 1926. 17p. + b/w portraits. Portraits and short biographies of several people listed here by surname only: Denny, Terry, Maynard, Yesler, Plummer, Hanford, Frye, Boren, Bell.

Crowley, Walt, Seattle University: A Century of Jesuit Education. Seattle, WA: Seattle University, 1991. Photos, mostly b/w, several color. ISBN: 0-9630691-0-1 History of the University of Seattle. Lists of past-presidents; board of trustees and regents, and university service.

Cullen, Thomas J. and Kathryn Sutton, The Obituaries of University of Washington Presidents, 1861-1958. Seattle, WA: NW Center for Studies in Education, Ballard Printing, 1989. ISBN: 0-9623702-0-7 LCCN: 89-62216. Includes index and b/w portraits. Presidents by surname: Mercer, Barnard, Whitworth, Hall, Hill, Thayer, Anderson, Powell, Gatch, Harrington, Edwards, Reeves, Graves Kane, Landes, Suzzallo, Thomson, Spencer, Winkenwerder, Sieg, Allen, Everest, Schmitz.

Ely, Arline. Our foundering fathers the story of Kirkland. Kirkland, Wash. : Kirkland Public Library, 1975.

Fowler, Chuck and Capt. Mark Freeman. Tugboats on Puget Sound. Charleston, SC : Arcadia Publishing, 2009. illus.

Kreisman, Lawrence, West Queen Anne School: Renaissance of a Landmark. Seattle, WA: West Queen Anne Associeates, @1984. 30p. b/w photos & illustrations. Short bibliography.

Jenson, Eva Beck, compiler/editor, A Century of Transition in School and Community: Lawton Park, Magnolia Bluff, Seattle, Washington. Seattle, WA: Administrative & Service Center, Seattle Public Schools, 1987. b/w photos. History of Lawton Park, formerly known as Salmon Bay School, among others. Lots of statements of early history of school and district by local citizens.

Miller, Carrie Lowry, The History of Education in Seattle. University of Washington: Masters Thesis, 1929. 109p. Typed. Bibliography by primary and secondary sources. Roster of School Directors, Secretaries and Superintendents.

A Volume of Memoirs and Genealogy of Representative Citizens of the City of Seattle and County of King, Washington. Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1903.